7 Great Ways To Use LinkedIn To Find A Job

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When you’re looking for a new job, it can be tiring to search for open positions in your area and submit hundreds of CVs with no success.

While it’s easier to find jobs by searching online, many people forget to take advantage of one of the best platforms out there for finding jobs – LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn is probably the best platform out there for people who are looking for jobs. It’s also great for businesses wanting to recruit new people. It allows one to create a professional-looking profile that will tell potential employers more about them.

Unfortunately, many individuals either don’t use LinkedIn or have an account that is not properly optimized. Here is what you can do to boost your chances. 

1. Take Advantage Of the Search Option

One of the best things you can do on LinkedIn when you want to find a job is to use the Advanced Search option. It works just like a search engine, only that it helps you discover available positions for new jobs. 

Therefore, you can use this feature to search for employers in your particular field. You can either search for a particular job or look up a company you want to work for. 

If you want, you can also reach out to individuals who work for these companies and ask them for more details. This will allow you to find out general information regarding the salary, perks, as well as how the company treats its employees. 

Another thing you should do is subscribe to job alerts, so you’re always the first to know when a new listing is made. 

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2. Go For An Impressive Profile Picture

Your profile picture might not seem important. After all, it’s your skills that matter, right? Well, that’s not really the case. When companies are looking to recruit you, they also want to see the person behind the account. Without a picture, you do not stand out in search results, so you’re less likely to be chosen by potential employers. 

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A good profile picture should look more professional. This means it should be a high-quality picture without filters. Also, don’t use any group photos – you’re the job candidate, and having a group picture can be confusing. 

You should be smiling and look like someone pleasant to work with. In other words, you should look like an approachable person. 

3. Focus On Both Past And Future

Some people decide to change their industry or position after a while, and you may be in the same boat. When crafting their LinkedIn accounts, too many individuals focus on their past experiences and give very little consideration to what they want to do in the future. 

Sure, talking about all the knowledge and skills you’ve attained from previous workplaces is tempting and can increase your chances of being hired. But employers also want to see you talking about where you want to go. 

So, you should consider listing skills that are relevant to the job you want and remove those that have no connection with your dream job.

4. Have An Active Account

LinkedIn might not be your Facebook or Twitter account where you share daily updates about your life, but it doesn’t mean it should be left in the dark. A good LinkedIn profile should be updated regularly. 

For instance, you can provide updates related to your particular field, advise on certain things, and so on. Employers want to see you active and willing to find employment. If your account is dead, recruiters might assume they won’t be able to reach you.

5. Participate In Group Activities

LinkedIn users can join groups that are related to their field. This might be useful if you want to work in that industry and want to learn more, but also connect with the right individuals. 

These groups might include people who are popular for their careers, as well as for their special opinions. 

You can message a group you’ve joined to tell the other members who you are, what your skills are, and what you want to do in the future. On top of that, you can also ask other questions when you want to know more about a particular profession or company. Just make sure you do not spam the group.

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6. Ensure You’re Accessible

Being on LinkedIn for new job opportunities will not help you in any way if you are not accessible to those willing to hire you. If you are serious about your career, you should let others know how to reach out. 

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You can let people reach out via phone or email – especially considering the InMail service can be quite limited and won’t let free service users send InMails. 

7. Choose An Attractive Headline

Apart from your profile picture, people will also pay attention to your headline when they search for potential job candidates. The headline shows up below your profile photo and will tell others more about you. 

A good headline will make you stand out. Therefore, it is crucial to go for something attractive since it is the first thing someone sees. 

Headlines should tell the searcher what you have to offer in a new job. You can list your relevant hobbies, your dream job, or a part-time or freelance job. It has to be something that grabs attention.

The Bottom Line

LinkedIn can be an amazing tool to find a new job, but not a lot of people take advantage of it. If you want to change this, you can follow the tips in this article and your LinkedIn profile might provide you with your dream job. 

Make sure you research the company you want to work for. A professional business should treat its employees right without allowing any form of discrimination. For example, in Florida, employers have to comply with state and federal employment discrimination laws.

If you ever feel discriminated against at the new job, you can sue the responsible party with the help of a Florida employment law attorney.