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If you’re looking for a unique, handcrafted gift for one of your fellow bloggers, Etsy is a great place to start. Not only will you find some truly special treasures among the thousands of online shops available, but by purchasing from the Etsy community you’ll also be supporting other creatives to pursue their passions.

Make Your Mark Engraved Pencils

$4.00, by thecarboncrusader

If your blogger friend always keeps a notebook handy to scribble ideas for their next post, these fun and inspirational pencils will be right up their alley. Available in traditional yellow with red eraser ends, they would make a fantastic gift for a blogger looking to leave a legacy through their words.

I’m Kind of a Big Deal on My Blog Art Print

$11.00, by ParadaCreations

Featuring sweet illustrations and a tongue-in-cheek declaration bound to make your favourite blogger smile, this art print poster looks fantastic framed or hung on the wall poster-style. Check out ParadaCreations’ shop for more examples of cute and quirky art prints and posters.

Let Your Mind Wander Print

$15.00, by AmandaCatherineDes

This sweet and simple Tory Burch-inspired print in pink and navy is a gorgeous gift for fashion bloggers and those writers who love to daydream. If their blog has a real head-in-the-clouds air of whimsy, they’ll love hanging this piece of inspirational art in their favourite writing spot.

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Punctuation Greeting Cards

$22.00, by GrammaticalArt

Know a grammar geek who laments semi colon misuse and corrects the their/there/they’re abuse of their Facebook friends? These punctuation greeting cards are designed to delight, and are available in a range of rainbow colours. Browse GrammaticalArt’s shop for more grammar and punctuation-themed cards, prints and tees.

Talk Nerdery To Me Necklace

$59.99, by StephieMC

Crafted from sterling silver and hand stamped, this cute-as-a-button necklace makes a great gift for blogger girls who wear their nerdy hearts on their sleeves. Featuring an eye glasses charm and 18” sterling silver chain, this geek-themed handcrafted jewellery is a fun piece for self-professed and proud word nerds.

GEEK wide neck sweater

$26.99, by LuxeBrands

This style of sweater might have been made popular by boy bands and teen heartthrobs of late, but it will still prove a hit with legit geeks who wear consider their nerdiness a badge of honour.

Custom Rubber Logo Stamp

$30.00, by BigSkyStamps

If their blog is all they talk about, let them promote their obsession with a custom-made stamp featuring their blog’s logo or header. An especially cool gift for craft bloggers who love unique handmade touches.


Handmade Leather DSLR Camera Bag in Red Brown

$41.00 by RockCowStudio

If your blogger buddy fancies themselves a sharp shooter with a DSLR and always has their camera at the ready, this handmade, quality leather camera will knock their socks off. An ideal for guys and gals who frequently feature their own photography on their blog, and appreciate quality.

iPad Sleeve Grey & White Stripe with Pink Bow

$46.99, by NipponEki

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Designed to be the perfect fit for all full-sized iPad models and tablet devices, this cute and chic grey and white striped tablet sleeve with pink bow would make a gorgeous gift for girly-girls who like to blog from their portable device of choice on the go. Featuring an outer pocket and fleece padding to further protect their iPad or tablet, this sleeve is custom made for the right fit.


USB Typewriter Keyboard

$699.00, by usbtypewriter

If you know a blogger with a fondness of antique and vintage treasures, this retro keyboard will blow their mind. Featured on Gizmodo, WIRED, Vanity Fair and the New York Times, this genuine vintage typewriter has been modified to work as a USB keyboard for their favorite device, and makes an excellent gift for writers and literati bloggers alike.

All prices in USD and correct at the time of publishing.

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