5 Great Google Analytics Alternatives (incl. 2 free options)

Google Analytics may be a well-known option for businesses that are focusing on their online marketing efforts, but it is not the only choice. There are plenty of other opportunities for businesses to analyze their online marketing efforts in a clear, concise manner.

These five Google Analytics alternatives offer interesting features that may make even the most loyal Google fans convert.

Top Google Analytics Alternatives

1. Mixpanel (freemium)

This easy-to-use website offers a feature that allows website owners to get results in real time.

An even more important feature allows users to understand the complex analytic information that they are receiving.

Everything is broken down to give users a better idea of where they are going right when it comes to conversion rates while detailing areas that need improvement.

A basic version of Mixpanel is available free of charge.

2. KISSMetrics

Users who need detailed information about the visitors to their websites in order to better reach their target market can achieve this goal with KISSMetrics.

This web analytic tool allows users to separate each visitor to a website in order to determine how the website was accessed by these individuals.

The activities of each visitor can also be tracked through KISSMetrics, so users are better able to determine whether there are specific areas of the website that cause visitors to end their interaction instead of making a purchase.

Prices range from $49 to $499 per month.

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3. AwStats (free)

This unique, free tool offers one piece of the puzzle when websites owners are trying to get ahead of the competition.

AwStats provides information related to the activity of robots and spiders. Information is pulled from server logs, and users have the option to utilize this data to improve the usability of their website while increasing rankings.

4. Reinvigorate

Reinvigorate is an easy-to-use, cost-effective option for companies that are striving to improve their click-through rates.

Real-time data and heat maps show users exactly how their website is being used.

Information is broken down into monthly, daily and even hourly reports to give users a better idea of how website visitors utilize the site over time.

Quick setup allows users to get started right away, and packages start at a low cost of $10 per month.

5. Open Web Analytics (free)

This is an alternative to Google Analytics that stays close to the original in terms of features.

However, users will have to take the time to install the program on the applicable server in order to benefit from the analytical data that is gathered in this manner.

The data that is gathered through the use of Open Web Analytics remains the property of the user.

This benefit does come with a time cost to the user in relation to the downloading and implementing of the software.

However, one of the key features of Open Web Analytics is the fact that it is free. Donations are accepted, but users are not obligated to pay anything to use the tool.

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  1. Tamas Torok says:

    In case if you use Google Analytics to analyse your performance on social media and decide what content to share, then Momentum (http://www.momentum.ai/) could be a really useful option.

    It tracks how your content is being shared and automatically recommends content for promotion, predicting its future performance (based on real-time engagement). It saves time and makes Facebook post promotion more efficient.

  2. Personally I have used parse.ly Dash in past projects.. It’s leaps and bounds ahead in terms of ease of reporting and gathering analytics from various sources.

    1. charles Charles says:

      Thanks Carl, I have not seen Parse.ly before, looks very interesting.

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