Getting That Organic Traffic: SEO Tricks You Need to Know

Getting That Organic Traffic: SEO Tricks You Need to Know

By now, no one can deny the necessity of a strong SEO strategy. Even if you are an ordinary online visitor, you are affected by SEO magic in every turn.

After all, you likely use Google to find information, resources, or online shops. The websites presented on the first page are the ones leading in terms of SEO.

Thus, someone might have the best product on the market, but their site could be deep down in the results you receive. 

For website owners, SEO can be a challenge. It takes time, resources, and patience. Hence, SEO is all about the long game, not the instant results. 

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The SEO Dreams

The best and the only way to optimize your website for achieving the highest ranking in search engine results is to produce top-class content. It will help you rank your website high across the right search queries.

The higher the ranking, the more traffic you drive to your landing page. According to some statistics, approximately 75% of users won’t look past the first page of search results. 

In other words, you’ll need to get your business on the first page of Google and other leading search engines if you want your digital marketing strategy to give the expected results.

You can achieve a higher ranking and drive more traffic to your website by using the following SEO tricks.

Include Primary and Secondary Keywords 

Keyword research is a vital element of every effective SEO strategy. There is no SEO-optimized content without primary and secondary keywords.

Your content needs to be built around these keywords; however, you should avoid overstuffing

Instead, you need to develop the best way to use them strategically to drive more internet users to your website. The main focus of your landing page should be on the primary keyword. 

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Try to create content that provides a strong description of what your business is about to connect readers with your products/services and brand.

Use secondary keywords as support to further get deeper into the details but make sure that you include the supporting words naturally. It should ensure an improved search rank.

Also, while keywords are important, quality content should be your priority. For instance, your blog should contain articles on certain problems or opportunities.

They might have no keywords, but the content you produce will show clients your expertise in the business. 

If you struggle to find topics that are relevant to your audience, you can always dive deep into forums or platforms like Reddit.

Furthermore, if you target clients from specific countries, a Virtual Private Network is excellent for finding your potential customers.

With a VPN, you can change your IP address and find search results generated for users in specific countries.

Thus, you can find what your audience is interested in by jumping into forums that you would have never found otherwise. 

Your URLs Should Be Short and Descriptive

While you should always try to improve your organic reach in every possible way, you should also pay attention to on-site SEO.

You can additionally improve your SEO rankings by adequately structuring the URLs for your content on every web page on your website. 

Keep the following things in mind:

  • Include one or more target keywords in your URLs.
  • Make your URLs simple and easy to understand to allow your visitors to comprehend what your business is about easily.
  • Keep your URLs short and no longer than 60 characters to achieve the highest ranking possible, as longer URLs are hard to process for many search engines.

Provide Many Backlinks to Authoritative Websites

Generating backlinks is an essential element of your SEO strategy as they are a vital ranking factor.

Backlinks refer to the links on other websites that lead to your web pages as a source of information. 

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They are crucial to showing Google and other search engines that your website is an authority in your business niche and beyond to increase your ranking. 

The more top-quality websites link to your web pages, the higher you rank in online searches.

It is why so many authoritative brands work with other businesses, journalists, and bloggers, as it helps them automatically get recognized as an authority in their line of work.

Your Content Should Match the Latest Search Engine Format

While the quality of your on-page content depends on the words you use, the format of your content plays a crucial role as well.

If you want to make your content Google-friendly, easy-to-understand, informative, and comprehensive for your readers, you’ll need to consider the latest search engine formats. 

For example, you can increase your organic reach and improve search rankings if you add headings and subheadings to your content to make it more engine friendly.

Do some research on the best ways to format your content for search engines to get it right.

Loading Time Is the Determining Factor

Your SEO depends on how fast your pages load – the faster the page loads, the more time a prospect spends on it.

Therefore, you need higher bounce rates to make sure your readers make it to your landing page. 


There is no marketing and business success without proper SEO. It is simply integral to ensuring your website and brand receive the traffic necessary for making profits.

These tips are just some essential things to keep in mind when driving more organic traffic to your business. 

You can do many more things to increase traffic and web rankings, and the more you know, the easier it gets to improve your rankings and give your business a real boost for getting ahead of your competitors.

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