We recently completed the build for

Fitch and Ferrule are a small family run signwriting shop in our home town of Auckland, New Zealand, specializing in artisan, handcrafted signage.

The client is himself a talented designer so he put together the layout and we built the theme. I think it came out really well…very simple with a real emphasis on the images of their work. I especially like the home page image of their logo, which is itself a photo of a sign they hand painted. Love that old school look.

The other thing I really like about this site is the photo galleries. If you check out the galleries on any of their service pages you’ll see they open in a typical lightbox effect, though these galleries have a couple of really nice features. First, the inclusion of share buttons on all images is a nice touch, but even more impressive is the responsive design of the gallery. Doesn’t matter what resolution the view, the gallery will resize appropriately.

This gallery feature was enabled by the use of the Foobox plugin which has immediately become my favorite gallery plugin. The share features and responsive design is all handled by the plugin, so it really couldn’t be easier to implement. Absolutely worth the money.

We also made them a nice video to showcase some of their work.

Charles has been building and promoting websites and services in New Zealand, Australia, the United States and China for nearly 20 years.

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