Where to Find a Freelance WordPress Developer for Theme Customization

freelance wordpress developerOne of the key reasons WordPress is such a popular content management system is its flexibility, allowing website owners to customize their site to meet their exact specifications and requirements.

At WP Dev Shed, we’re frequently asked about theme customization.

Though we no longer offer bespoke customization services ourselves, here’s where we suggest you look for a freelance WordPress developer who can handle the job for you.

Look Locally

The web has made it easier to connect and work with people from all across the globe, but there is still something to be said for sitting down with someone and nutting out the nuts and bolts of your project face to face.

Ask around your existing local networks and see if anyone can recommend a developer who has done great work for them.

You could even just browse the local business directories or online hiring platforms like Dormzi for freelancers or agencies who specialize in WordPress.

Work with A Virtual Word Press Expert

WordPress’ incredible popularity has seen the emergence of a new class of business specializing in services for users of the platform.

If you like the idea of hiring a developer for a one-off project, but you’d feel more comfortable working with a business backed by a team of experts, check out one of the new WordPress support and customization services like WP Fixit or Codeable.

codeableThe key benefit of these two services in particular is that they specialize in small tweaks and customization at fixed prices, meaning you always know the cost of each development up front.

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Utilize the Freelance Marketplaces

An increasing number of people in the creative industries are taking on freelance and contract assignments, which is great news for website owners looking for quality work (who may not necessarily be able to pay typical agency prices).

Head over to freelance marketplaces such as oDesk, Freelancer, XPlace and Elance and search for WordPress designers and developers offering their services.

Alternatively, you can post the scope of your project on these sites and have freelancers pitch you for the job.

If you are looking for well established web design agencies to support larger projects then the list at DesignRush is a good place to start.

Subscribe for Ongoing Assistance

Sometimes your website might need one little tweak, and sometimes you may need ongoing help as your site – and your business’ needs – evolve over time.

Subscription-based services such as WP Curve offer unlimited WordPress support for small jobs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, starting from just $69 (USD) a month.

This is great value for money if you’re a lean startup or hobby blogger looking for agency-level support and a same-day turnaround at a fraction of the cost.

What’s more, there is no minimum time period required and subscriptions are monthly, meaning you only pay for your WP web development for as long as you need it.

Did we miss anything? If you know of an excellent WordPress theme customization service provider not mentioned here, be sure to let us know in the comments below!

Nikki is a professional freelance writer and story teller with a passion for the web and technology. She writes for WP Dev Shed and amongst a roster of other clients.

2 thoughts on “Where to Find a Freelance WordPress Developer for Theme Customization

  1. Srikar says:

    elto is the best place to start, i used them for one of my project, they have done an excellent work

  2. Brad Dalton says:

    No one is an expert in customizing all themes.

    So i think one of the best places to find a theme specific expert is the theme forum which supports your theme.

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