Features of Using Spotify

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Spotify was founded as a startup by two friends. And at the first stage, they did not have a clear understanding of what kind of business they would be engaged in. It was clear that it would be some kind of Internet resource. By the way, connoisseurs of good music can play through betwinner apk, where there is a good musical accompaniment.

Now Spotify is a big streaming music service. Founded in 2006 in Sweden. It is currently available in almost 120 countries around the world. Its catalog contains more than 50 million songs and 4 billion playlists with tracks from popular international artists. In it, you can legally listen to music tracks, audiobooks, etc. And for this you do not need to download them to your device.

The service is available in the web version on PC, mobile devices, tablets and even game consoles. Today, the service is one of the most popular music platforms and the number of downloads of the Spotify music service application only for Android devices has exceeded 1 billion.

Why Is Spotify So Popular?

The site gives a legal opportunity to listen to your favorite tracks online. But this is not the main advantage of the service.

The main thing that Spotify stands out from its competitors is its modern music selection algorithms, which adjust to the user’s preferences with almost 100% accuracy. If you turn on the “Non-stop music” function in the settings, then at the end of your playlist, similar tracks will automatically play. Often there you can find something new and interesting for yourself.

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There are thematic playlists compiled by the musicians themselves or other users that are available to everyone. Weekly selections, “Mixes of the day” and for special music connoisseurs – annual selections are available.

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Subscription Cost

After registration, you can use the site for free. However, you can become a paid subscriber and get rid of:

  • advertising inserts
  • you can arrange the tracks in the playlist on a mobile device (this is not possible in the free version)
  • you can download music
  • it will be possible to listen to tracks in maximum quality
  • it will be possible to skip any number of tracks.

How to Register on Spotify

Everything is quite simple and standard! Go to the Spotify website and register using your email. You can also log in to the site through your Facebook page. Fill in your details and you’re done!

For iPhone owners, authorization is available through the “Sign in with Apple” function.

Popular Questions From the User

What if I Haven’t Paid for a Paid Subscription?

If the payment for using the service for some reason has not passed, your tariff will be automatically changed to free. You will be able to enjoy the benefits of a paid subscription again as soon as you pay for the next period.

Is It Possible To Listen to Music on Spotify Without Internet?

Yes, there is such an opportunity, but offline access to music is available only for users of a paid Premium subscription. Paid subscription rates are listed on the official Spotify website.

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How To Make a Family Account on Spotify?

To get started, you need to sign up for a Premium Family Plan. Log in to your Spotify account or register if you are a new user. Through the application, send an invitation to your family to join the subscription. In order for access to be opened, all users must accept the invitation and confirm the address.

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How Many People Can Be in a Spotify Family?

You can add up to 5 people + the creator of the group to the family subscription.

What Listener and Subscriber Data Spotify Shows?

Spotify for Artists shows statistics by listeners (including monthly) and subscribers. General statistics on the performer profile can be viewed in the Audience section. Statistics for individual songs and releases can be found in the Music section. You can set a time period or view daily statistics by hovering over the timeline chart.

How To Improve Personalized Recommendations?

The more you use Spotify, the more accurately we select music for playlists in the For You categorize. You can also mark which tracks you like and which you don’t. Like the songs you like, add “favorite tracks” to your library and playlist. 

Also use the ability to delete a track, click on the corresponding icon on the panel and the service will remember that you do not like this track.

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