Facebook Remarketing Campaign: Easy Steps to Grow Your Business

Facebook Remarketing Campaign: Easy Steps to Grow Your Business

What Is Facebook Remarketing?

The term Facebook remarketing describes the action of running ads that target previous visitors of a website.

This is a powerful tool that is used by marketers to reel in visitors that were close to being converted to customers.

Using Facebook’s tracking pixel, you can identify visitors who performed certain actions when on  ads that will increase the chances of them completing a certain action, like making a purchase, or signing up for a membership.

Why Should You Run A Facebook Remarketing Campaign?

There are numerous benefits to running a Facebook remarketing campaign, these are the reasons why marketers can’t get enough of using this type of advertisement campaign instead of all the others.

Facebook remarketing campaign benefits include:

  • Marketers can target specific demographics easily using all the information that they have because of Facebook ads.
  • Ad blockers don’t stop Facebook ads as they do other types of advertisements.
  • Your ads will appear directly in the visitor’s Facebook feed.
  • Raise awareness for your business and attract more visitors to your website.
  • Facebook ads can be shared, so you can receive more traffic to your website through your Facebook ads being shared by users.
  • You can find audiences that are similar to your current audience and expand your reach.

Facebook has billions of ad clicks every year, and this means that there is ample opportunity to attract new customers to your business using Facebook ads and a Facebook remarketing campaign.

Remarketing ads on Facebook receive more engagement from users too, and this is why marketers can’t stop using Facebook to advertise.

Types of Facebook Remarketing

When planning on running a Facebook remarketing campaign, you need to know about the different types of Facebook remarketing methods that are available.

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You don’t need to use all of them in your campaign but choosing the correct one to run will help increase your chances of success.

Web Traffic Remarketing

This is one of the most common types of Facebook remarketing that is used by marketers all around the world.

Using this method, ads will be shown to people who have visited a website within a specific amount of time.

You can show different visitors ads for different products or services that they may be interested in.

For example, you can show ads about a specific product to people who visit pages within the website that have the product’s name in the URL.

App Activity Remarketing 

If you have an app, and you want to show ads to users of your app, then this is the method that you will likely want to choose.

You have several methods that you can use to show ads to the app’s users based on their behavior while they are using the app.

If a user was about to make a purchase using your app, but they ended up abandoning the cart, then you can use ads to remind them of the products, or even give them a discount code.

The ads can be tailored based on what the user does, and this will make the ads more effective and more likely to convert users.

Customer List Remarketing

This type of remarketing lets you show personalized ads to the list of customers that you already have.

You can use email addresses, phone numbers, Facebook IDs, or more to contact your customers and send them targeted ads that are relevant to them and what they are interested in.

This is highly converting as it can be used to help people make decisions that they are unsure about, like making a purchase or signing up for a membership.

Offline Activity Remarketing

There are going to be people who interact with your brand offline, this can include various channels like in-store and by phone. You need to use these interactions to your benefit just like any other type of customer interaction.

How To Create A Facebook Remarketing Campaign

If you want to set up your Facebook remarketing campaign, then you need to follow the steps that will be given to you in this section.

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Before you begin following these steps, you need to have a Facebook account for business ads. If you don’t already have one, create one now before following these steps.

1. You Need to Log in To Your Facebook Ads Manager and Select the Audiences Option

The Audiences option can be found in the dropdown menu under Advertise. This will be located at the top left side of the screen you are using.

2. Click Create Audience And Then Select Custom Audiences

This will let you set up a Facebook remarketing campaign that will help you reach the people who have visited your website or are yet to visit your website.

3. Select The Website Traffic Option

You will have the option to choose from various sources, this includes Website, App activity, Customer list, and Offline activity, but for this guide, we will choose Website traffic as the source for the custom audience. Choosing Website will target the people who are visiting your website.

4. Choose Your Target Audience

You will need to choose who you want your Facebook remarketing campaign to target. You will be given different options, using these, create the custom audience that will be seeing the Facebook ads.

The options you can choose from will include targeting all visitors of your website, people who visited specific pages only, and people who visited your website for a certain amount of time. These options will help you target the correct people and increase your conversion rate.


Using a Facebook remarketing campaign will benefit your business, whether you are a large established business or a small start-up.

Facebook Ads are what marketers use today because they are powerful, and their return on investment is high. 

If you want to convert your website’s visitors into customers, then Facebook remarketing is what you need.

Targeting specific people with ads based on their behavior when they visited your website will help you create a highly converting website.

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