5 Amazing Facebook Hacks to Go Viral

5 Amazing Hacks to Go Viral on Facebook (2021)

Facebook is more crowded than ever.

It has become difficult to generate awareness and rank in the organic results.

Many things have changed, people have become specific about their choice of content, and you no longer have the liberty to expect instant results.

But, with 2.7 billion active users Facebook still remains one of the best social platforms to grow your presence.

Today, we’ll discuss 5 amazing hacks to help you go viral on Facebook.

Create valuable content


The truth: Mediocre content that doesn’t provide any value gets crushed in the competition.

Why is this happening?

The feed space is limited to display every post people upload on the platform.

There’re hundreds of factors that affect the organic ranking. Engagement is one of them.

This is where valuable content comes into play. The reality: Content that provides value attracts engagement.

What is valuable content?

In a layperson’s terms: Content that educates, entertains and creates a connection is valuable.

Let’s discuss some tips to help you create valuable content:

Use lots of images

Images are attention grabbers.

Would you rather stop scrolling to like a high-quality image or a long block of text?

In fact: Content with images gets twice the shares than those without images.

Push the videos

Take YouTube as an example.

It’s the second largest search engine after Google and runs completely on video content.

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People don’t want to read 10 paragraphs of text or decode the charts.

Videos solve this problem by using motion graphics and audio to explain concepts more interestingly than images or texts.

Infographics work best

Infographics are by far the best content you can upload to any platform, including Facebook.

They combine the power of eye-catching illustrations and text to educate the audience and pass the message.

Post consistently

social media post

It’s okay to take the time to create quality content, but posting consistently is equally important.

It generates brand awareness and creates opportunities to engage with your fans. Here are some tips you should consider:

Create a content calendar

The best way to organise and schedule your content is to create a content calendar.

What is a content calendar?

It’s a spreadsheet that you can use to plan your content.

A typical content calendar contains data on:

  • The type of content you want to post.
  • Targeted goals for each content.
  • Name of the person or team who is in charge of the content.
  • Date and time of posting.

You can create your calendars and specify attributes important to your business.

Schedule your posts

Scheduling your posts ahead of time gives you ample time to engage with your audience and saves you from the last-minute hustles.

You can even manage multiple accounts/pages easily.

Facebook ads :

Facebook ads

This is simple: Spend some money to get your content out there.

You can drive brand awareness and build a loyal fan base by targeting the right people at the right time.

Facebook’s analytics gives you all the information about your audience, how they interact with your content, and which content is working.

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You can then use Facebook ads to narrow down your target audience by location, age, gender, lifestyle, and more.

Finally, run ads on your best-performing content.

Facebook likes

Facebook likes

Likes are huge on Facebook. They make you popular, increase your visibility, and create engagement. Fun fact: People share posts with more likes than posts with few or no likes at all.

The truth: Competition is ruthless when you’re just starting out.

The solution: You can buy Facebook likes.

But you’ve to be cautious.

The idea is to nurture a healthy fan following, but you can take advantage of bought likes when you’re new to the platform to impose early impressions.

Outreach marketing


What is outreach marketing?

It’s when you reach out to influencers, niche though leaders and content creators to earn links back to your content.

How can you use it?

  • Build relations with influencers by engaging with their content.
  • Tag them in relevant posts.
  • You can end emails to tell how much you appreciate their content.
  • Promote them at relevant conversations.

After building a solid relation, you can send them your content or ask them for collaborations.

This’ll help you reach new audiences and create brand awareness.


There you go, 5 hacks to go viral on Facebook. While the trends have changed, the idea remains the same:

Content that stands out steals the show. Hence, create valuable content and promote it to the right audience.

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