Eye Care Tips For Avid Smartphone Users

Eye Care Tips for Avid Smartphone Users

Nowadays, we use our smartphones for just about any daily activity, from texting to looking up word definitions.

We stream music, watch movies despite the smaller screens, and carry out work tasks and important purchases like airplane tickets on the phone.

Understandably, this has strained our phone usage and, subsequently, screen time statistics.

The average American spends six hours every day on their phone, and 11% of the entire American population uses their phones in their downtime.

Of course, this shouldn’t be surprising, considering the smartphone penetration rate in the country (75%, close to Japan’s 75.20%). In 2022, 300 million Americans own and use smartphones.

By now, the smartphone has become a constant presence in our daily lives. 85% of Americans use their phones as alarms, while 80% immediately turn to their phone within ten minutes of waking up.

With so much screen time dedicated to smartphone use, it’s important to consider the implications it may have on our eyes.

This is especially important because many people use their smartphones in less-than-ideal situations, which can negatively impact vision and eye comfort over time.

Using your phone lying down, too close to your face, or in dimly lit rooms, for example, has been known to cause discomfort, dizziness, and eye strain.

Whether you’re glued to your phone screen for entertainment or necessary work tasks, it’s important to take appropriate measures to care for your vision and eye health.

Below, we’ll be sharing some eye-care tips for avid smartphone users:

Get Regular Eye Checkups

As mentioned above, long-time smartphone use can cause various problems for your eyes. Digital eye strain is especially common due to exposure to blue light that is emitted from screens.

Get Regular Eye Checkups

Scheduling regular eye checkups will allow you to update your prescription for your glasses and even find new frames or lens styles to wear if you’re looking for a change of pace. 

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Nowadays, you can easily order and purchase glasses from various brands’ physical and online stores.

This includes progressive lenses, sunglasses, blue-light glasses, and other special lens coatings.

The unique Vinyl frames, for example, can be upgraded to blue-light filtering, anti-reflective, or Transition lenses, depending on your needs and preferences.

Getting eye checkups can also help your eye doctor give advice or prescribe medications for any eye problems you may experience as a result of smartphone use.

Use Eye-friendly Smartphone Features

Aside from getting glasses, you can also reduce the harms of long-time screen use by turning on dark mode. Nowadays, most modern smartphones have this feature built-in.

App developers have also caught up to the trend, allowing varying types of dark modes for their users to toggle on and off depending on preference.

Some, like Google’s suite of apps or language learning app Duolingo, adapt their interface based on your system’s dark mode settings.

By having dark mode on, you reduce the bright contrast that tends to cause eye strain or squinting. This is especially helpful if you use your phone to read or view things in detail.

Using dark mode has also been associated with saving smartphone battery life, although different manufacturers will share varying results for this.

Anti blue light Screen Protectors

Try Anti-blue-light Screen Protectors

Finally, another key accessory you may want in your arsenal is a blue-light-filtering screen protector for your phone.

Nowadays, you can find different kinds of protectors depending on your needs, from mirrored ones to anti-spy protectors.

In a study with digital wellness company EyeJust, users reported that using the company’s blue light screen protector helped improve sleep quality, allowing people to get healthier sleep at bedtime, during the night, and in the morning.

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EyeJust’s blue light screen protector helps filter the highest amount of harmful blue light without distorting the colors depicted by your phone screen.

This is important if you need the highest color accuracy on your phone, whether for mobile photography, viewing content, or editing images and videos.

Reducing exposure to blue light will also help mitigate eye strain and fatigue if you’re used to being on your phone for long periods.

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