4 Expert Tips To Perfect Your Web Developer Resume


If you are looking for a job, you probably already know that you need to have a resume. Some jobs even ask you for a cover letter so that they can assess your intentions and get to know your professional goals and personality.

The competition is fierce nowadays, especially in the IT domain. You want a web developer job and you might have already found some opportunities you would like to apply to, but how do you craft a resume that catches the attention of the recruiters? 

They get hundreds, if not thousands of resumes daily and they all follow the same format. So, you need to stand out from the crowd and convince them that you would be a good fit for their company. What would be the things to include in your resume? What are some helpful tips to perfect your web developer resume? Continue reading to find out. 

  • Preparing to write – research 
  • Choose a simple, yet professional template
  • Focus on achievements, not tasks
  • Use keywords

Preparing To Write 

One of the first things you need to do when you craft your web developer resume is to gather all the information you want to include. You could think about your accomplishments from your past jobs.

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Or, if you did not have any previous job, about the accomplishments at your internships or the relevant projects you completed while you were a student. Think about your skills, volunteering work, and any awards you may have won. But, one of the most important parts is to research the company you apply for. 

See what they are looking for, which are their goals, and what they expect from their employees. This way, you know how to customize your web developer resume so that you can highlight exactly the qualities and achievements you have and that they are looking for.

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This is a valuable piece of advice anyone can apply, no matter the domain they want to apply for, according to IT resume service. Even though it may feel challenging and a burden to customize your resume for every job, this actually increases your chances of being considered for the job. 

Choose A Simple, Yet Professional Template 

Besides taking care of the information you want to add to your resume, you should pay attention to the template too. Here are included the design of your resume, but also the order and format you want to present your experience.

For example, you can choose to use the chronological order of your previous jobs and experiences, or you can list them starting with the most recent one. When it comes to resume design, you can find plenty of templates online.

However, make sure you choose one that is simple, yet professional and different from the usual templates you find. This way, you will stand out from the crowd and the recruiter will notice your resume, as they get dozens daily, according to Revenue Per Mille Visits. 

Focus On Achievements, Not Tasks 

Many candidates, when they list their previous work experiences, choose to focus on the tasks they had. But listing these is easy and you can easily copy them from the job description. However, talking about what you managed to achieve at your previous job is more important than your tasks.

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Maybe you have contributed to developing a website that was awarded for its functionalities and user experience. Maybe you have solved some bugs that simply improved the user experience.

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Focusing on achievements will catch the attention of the recruiter, as you choose to present your previous experience as a web developer differently than other candidates. Recruiters usually spend less than 10 seconds skimming resumes, so you need to build a powerful one that catches their attention and makes them spend more time on your resume. 

Use Keywords 

Another valuable tip from experts when it comes to building a perfect web developer resume is that you need to use keywords. There are specific hot words in the web development domain and including them in your resume will show that you have the experience and knowledge to help the company achieve its goals. This will also help you get the attention of the recruiter that will surely consider asking you for an interview. 

Final Thoughts 

The competition in the IT world is quite high during this time, as it is a domain that is rewarding and comes with the flexibility many people yearn for. But to get a job, you need to craft a powerful resume. 

This might feel overwhelming at times, as you want to stand out from the crowd but you might not know how. Well, it is important to choose a template that is simple, yet professional.

Think about the information you want to include that is relevant to the job you apply to. Focus on your previous achievements, not tasks, and use keywords in your resume.