Top Mobile Plugins For WordPress: Enhancing The Mobile User Experience On Your Website


Mobile traffic across the globe has increased tremendously. A growing number of people are surfing the web using mobile devices. In fact, the chances of you reading this article on a mobile phone are also quite high.  

Now WordPress is the biggest CMS (Content Management System) and is home to around 800 million websites around the globe. If your website is one of them, you are on a safe and powerful network.

However, it is important for your website to be optimized if you want to attract the mobile friendly traffic and offer them an exceptional mobile browsing experience.

Stay tuned and discover the list of plugins that can help you do the same. 

Top 5 WordPress Mobile Plugins For Amazing User Experience

Mobile phone users makeup for a substantial portion of the web traffic. They are also more loyal as customers and contribute to better conversion and retention rates.

Make your WordPress website suitable for them and amplify your engagement. 

The top WordPress plugins that you can use to attract mobile-friendly consumers and audience are as follows: 


Accelerated Mobile Pages for WordPress enables the Google AMP functionality on your WordPress website and optimizes the speed and performance of your site for mobile devices.

It has over 100,000 active installations. The plugin is user-friendly and comes with a ton of amazing features.

Some notable features include support for Gutenberg, Divi and Elementor.

In fact, you can integrate it with several extensions and get compatibility with major WordPress page builders. Use it to decrease the load time and enhance the performance of your website.

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Pricing: The plugin is essentially free. Extensions start at USD 19, and memberships cost around USD 150 per year for one site. 


While having a mobile-friendly website is great, you can take a step further and launch an app as powerful as your website.

justin morgan I3jsaLiK sc unsplash

AppMySite is a powerful plugin that lets you create WordPress apps without coding. You can turn your website into an app in minutes on your own.

We are not talking about your run-of-the-mill interfaces but highly efficient and powerful native apps with features like endless customization, push notification, monetization, chat, and so on.

While AppMySite lets you turn any website into an app, it offers a deep integration with WordPress and has over 10,000 active installations. 

Pricing: The plugin comes with a free preview plan. Other than that, there are a range of affordable packages and pricing options to choose from. 

WP Mobile Menu

Half of the battle can be won if you get your website aesthetics and navigation right and menus play a critical role in it.

WP Mobile Menu is an excellent plugin that lets you optimize your website menus for mobile apps and enhance user experience.

It is easy to use and works with all responsive WordPress themes. The plugin has over 100,000 installations and offers support for features like three depth menu level, naked header, image background, branding with logo, customized styling, and more. 

Pricing: The plugin has both free and paid versions. The basic plan starts at around USD 7 per month. 


Jetpack is an all-in-one kind of plugin that helps with security, backup, speed, marketing and the overall growth of your WordPress website.

It has several powerful features that make your website lovable for both users as well as search engines. 

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Users can implement mobile theme with a click and enable features like lazy loading, CDN imaging, enhanced page load speed, ad-free video hosting, social media integration, and more.

Besides a smooth mobile experience, it is also suitable for the performance of your website in general. 

Pricing: The core features of Jetpack are free. Paid pricing bundles are also available for a more premium list of features and experience. 


WPtouch is one of the most popular plugins for turning WordPress sites into mobile interfaces.

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It makes sure that your website passes the Google Mobile Test (a test for mobile-friendliness) and thus, bolsters the performance and SEO-friendliness of your site. 

The plugin makes your website more mobile responsive and elegant while keeping the desktop theme intact.

The plugin has over 100,000 installations and comes with an advanced version ‘WPtouch Pro’ that offers more support, features and control. 

Price: WPtouch is free to download. However, there are several pro and premium bundles that ensure more features and benefits. 

In Conclusion

These were some of the best plugins for making your site mobile ready. Some other plugins that are not included in the list but are worth a try are WP Forms for creating mobile friendly forms, OptinMonster for adding popups, RafflePress for giveaways, Smash Balloon for integrating social media feeds and Smush for image compression and optimization.

Pick the ones that matter for your business and your audience and integrate them with your WordPress website.

Make your WordPress website more mobile friendly and also complement it with an equally powerful app for the true mobile experience. Make the most of both worlds and grow your presence.