How to Embed PowerPoint Into a WordPress Page or Post

How to Embed PowerPoint Into a WordPress Page or Post

One of the easiest ways to give your content some structure and visual appeal is to present it as a PowerPoint on your website. And as an added benefit, PowerPoint presentations are good for search engine optimization and help improve your site’s readability.

The good news is that WordPress makes it incredibly easy for users to embed presentations into their websites – both manually and by using a plugin solution.

With this in mind, in this post, we’ll show you how to embed three different kinds of PowerPoint presentations – from your drive, Google Slides, and SlideShare – into a WordPress page (or post) and publish them for your site’s viewership.

How to Embed a PowerPoint in WordPress

how to embed Powerpoint presentation on wordpress site

Before you move on to embedding presentations on your website it’s important to decide where you’d like to host them. Those of you who upload presentations once in a while might want to host them directly on your website. On the other hand, if you have a ton of presentations that need to be embedded on your site then it may be a better idea to host them on a third-party server (such as Google Slides or SlideShare).

In this section, we’ll step through three different ways you can go about embedding PowerPoint presentations into your WordPress website. We’ll demonstrate by embedding the presentations in WordPress pages though you can follow the same steps to embed them into WordPress posts, as well.

Option #1: Embedding Presentations From Your Drive

One of the best things about WordPress is that you can install a plugin to do just about anything. And although you could embed PowerPoint presentations in WordPress pages (or posts) manually, using a plugin will help you keep track of uploads and customizations better.

Here’s how you can embed PowerPoint presentations from your drive to your WordPress website:

1 embed any document

Login to your website’s admin panel and navigate to Plugins > Add New. Next, search for the Embed Any Document plugin and install and activate it to your site.

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2 install plugin

Once the plugin is activated, head over to the page (or post) where you’d like to embed the PowerPoint presentation. In the Edit Page screen, you should see an Add Document button right above the text editor.

3 add document

Click on the Add Document button to begin uploading your PowerPoint presentation from your computer’s drive using the Media Library.

4 upload document

After the PowerPoint file is done uploading you’ll see some Advanced Options on the pop-up screen prompting you to customize the presentation’s display settings. Once you’ve configured the settings, click the Insert button to continue.

5 advanced options

You’ll notice that a shortcode for the PowerPoint presentation is added to your text editor. Here’s what it should look like on the front-end:

6 powerpoint preview

This method is best for website owners who intend on uploading PowerPoint presentations once every so often since the presentations will be hosted on your website’s server.

Option #2: Embedding Presentations From Google Slides

If you’d like to host your presentation on Google Slides and embed it to your website from there then here’s how you can get started:

Start off by logging into your Google Drive account and locating the presentation you want to embed. Once you have it opened up, navigate to File > Publish to the web….

7 publish web

Next, click on the Embed tab in the pop-up screen and set your presentation’s Slide size and Auto-advance slides settings. Click on the Publish button to proceed.

8 embed settings

Copy the code snippet that appears in the text box to your clipboard; we’ll add this to our site’s HTML text editor to embed the Google Slides presentation.

9 code snippet

Finally, log in to your WordPress website’s admin panel and open up the page (or post) where you’d like to embed the presentation. From the Edit Page screen, navigate to the page’s HTML text editor and paste the Google Slides’ code snippet in it. It should look something like this on your website’s front-end:

10 google slides preview

If you find yourself creating PowerPoint presentations in your Google Drive then this method is ideal for you. In addition to this, the presentation will be hosted on your Google Drive account which means it won’t take up your site’s server space.

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Option #3: Embedding Presentations From SlideShare

For those of you who don’t already know, SlideShare is a third-party slide hosting service that allows users to embed presentations on other websites.

11 slideshare

To begin embedding your SlideShare-hosted presentation on your WordPress website, log in to your SlideShare account and open up the PowerPoint presentation you want to embed.

Once you have it open, copy its URL to your clipboard – we’ll use the presentation’s URL to embed it to our WordPress website.

12 slideshare url

Next, log in to your WordPress website’s admin panel and open up the page (or post) where you’d like to embed the presentation. Finally, from the Edit Page screen, toggle to the page’s HTML text editor and paste the SlideShare presentation’s URL link in it. If all things go well, it should look something like this on the front-end:

13 slideshare preview

Regardless of which tool you use to create your PowerPoint presentations, SlideShare allows you to host them through their servers. And for this reason, going with this method is ideal for users who need to upload presentations regularly to their website.


Embedding PowerPoint presentations into your WordPress website allows you to deliver great user experience while allowing you to retain traffic (and maybe even get some more page views!). We encourage you to try it out on your own and see which method works best for you.

Let’s go over the different ways you can embed PowerPoint presentations into your WordPress website’s pages (or posts):

  • If you have a handful of presentations that you need to upload then you’re better off embedding them directly into your site using the Embed Any Document
  • Those of you who will be embedding tons of presentations into your WordPress website should consider opting for a third-party slide hosting service such as Google Slides or SlideShare instead of embedding them directly through the Media Library.

Do you have any questions about how to embed PowerPoint into a WordPress page or post? Let us know by commenting below!

Charlie has been building WordPress themes, reviewing web hosts and utilizing social media since their respective inceptions.

35 thoughts on “How to Embed PowerPoint Into a WordPress Page or Post

  1. Caroline says:

    Thank you Charles, for this post.
    My PowerPoint presentation has animations and users can only progress from slide to slide after doing all the activities on the slide. It is designed for children. Will those animations and navigations stay if it is embedded in a WordPress site?
    Can I incorporate my PP into a WordPress LMS? Can I add other quizzes from a WP LMS to the PP?

  2. Tim says:

    Hi, Charles.
    With a Powerpoint slideshow (ppsx) saved to SharePoint 365, I’m trying to open and get the embed code for adding it to a SharePoint site page. The goal is the presentation is embedded and the “click to advance” is disabled so that the viewer must click the hotspots on the slides to advance. (as mentioned above by another user)
    In my method, I open the PPSX file “in browser” window to get access to the Embed code, and then paste that into the HTML editor of my SharePoint page.
    The display is perfect, but you can click anywhere on the slide to advance. I have the option Advance Slide “On Mouse Click” disabled in the Transitions tab. So I don’t understand why it still does. Do you have any ideas?

    1. Hi Tim, I’m afraid I don’t have any good tips for this. We generally only deal with WordPress so I don’t know anything at all about Sharepoint.

  3. Robin Smith says:

    Thanks for all the advice, Charles. I’m having trouble with option one. After following all the steps, everything appears successful…but at the very end, instead of an embedded PowerPoint, I see lines of code. Any idea on what might be going wrong?

    1. Hi Robin, are you using the latest version of WordPress? Also are you embedding the shortcode generated into the post or page editor in wysiwyg mode or in the HTML edit mode? If you are not sure it would help if you can take a screenshot of the edit screen and share it online somewhere (maybe so I can take a look. Cheers.

  4. Supriya says:

    Can we export web page to PPT in wordpress??
    is thr any plugin available.

    1. charles Charles Coxhead says:

      Hi Supriya, if I understand your question correctly, you want to turn web pages into PowerPoint slides. Is that correct?

      I’m not aware of any plugin that would do that, and it would be a difficult thing to do reliably. There are plugins that will turn pages into PDF documents which might meet your requirements?

  5. Brian says:

    Is there anyway to prevent users from printing the presentations with any of these options? Thanks.

    1. charles Charles Coxhead says:

      Hi Brian, I’m not familiar with such a feature on any of these tools so I don’t think so. If you find I’m wrong about that please let us know! I would add that even if you disable right mouse clicks a user can always screenshot a slide so in any event I don’t think there are any sure fire ways to stop anyone printing or saving a slide if they really want to.

  6. Adestro says:

    Thanks Charles, i’m a newbie, can i embed powerpoint for email ?

    1. Hi Adestro, you can attached a powerpoint to an email of course, but no you can’t embed a powerpoint presentation in an email.

  7. Fabulist says:

    Thanks Charles . Quiet a useful post .

    i have tried all the three solutions and yes they work out of the box. However my problem is that i need to show the powerpoint presentation along with the notes in slides and embed them in wordpress. I am not sure if there is any solution for that or plugin which allows to provide navigation as Slide share along with showing the notes for each slide ? have you come across this or have any ideas?

    1. Hi Fabulist, no I havn’t seen a plugin or hosted solution that allows for the notes as well. Could you add the notes as part of a post?

  8. Manasa says:

    Thank you , you saved my time lot .
    I integrate the ppt template by following your tutorial.

    nice information

  9. Bo Cheatham says:

    I’m trying to do something like this on my WordPress site but taking it a step more and need some advice. Im curently using powerpoint but having to stop it and and slides several times a day, and then go back into WordPress and start it running again. Is there a easy way to point WordPress to something that would update itself after I change it? Like if I log in and and two png files they would automatic be into rotation and word press would never have to be changed? Sorry if this is confusing, I just recently have been put over keeping this up.

    1. Hi Bo, thanks for reaching out. I’m not quite sure what you mean by “having to stop it [PPT] and slides several times a day, and then go back into WordPress and start it running again.” – can you expand on this?

      Based on what I do understand of your use case it sounds like you could try using Google Slides. You can then embed your Google Slide deck and then any time you made updates to that slide deck it will automatically be reflected on your site. This would be a departure from using Powerpoint which you are probably familiar with, but Google Slides isn’t too different and you can create a Google Slide Deck by uploading your PPT file as a starting point so you wouldn’t have to start from scratch.

  10. kevin cawley says:

    did embed plug in.
    at upload the message came back that the file
    of slides was too big for my site. will not load.
    please help.

    1. Hi Kevin, seems like the upload limit for your installation is too small for your slide deck. Check out this video tutorial on how to increase the upload size

  11. Ron says:

    I’ve use this plugin but I get an error on the embed piece, is there something I’m missing?

    1. Hi Ron, what is the error you are getting?

  12. Shari says:

    Hi! I’m so stumped! I’m trying to embed a simple, small PowerPoint presentation into my WP site but I only want viewers to navigate through it using the action buttons on the slides so they see the slides in order, as it’s information pages followed by quizzes. How do I embed but disable all navigation but my buttons? Thank you!

    1. Hi Shari, what method are you using to embed your presentation? It is hard to comment without knowing more specifics. Your description of what you want to achieve does also make me think that you could look at the various WordPress learning management system (LMS) plugins which have these kind of features, wherein you can provide training materials and quizzes which have to be progressed through in a specific order. Here’s a short list of popular LMS plugins I commented on another post, might be worth a look.

  13. Thanks – converting from Powerpoint to Google Slides used to work. However, many of the images were not loading into Google Slides. I will try your Embed Anything plug-in.

    1. Hi Susan, thanks for the heads up. Are you having trouble converting all PPT to Google Slides now?

  14. Ali says:

    Hello, I have created a page in power point that has several pictures with descriptions that link to a website. how can I upload them in a word press page.
    Also, I have not upgraded mu wordpress yet. should I upgrade it to be able to use pluggins.

    1. Hi Ali, did you try the methods above to embed your PPT in your WordPress site?

      And yes, you should always make sure that your installation of WordPress is up to date along with all your plugins. Updates often include security improvements so you want to make sure you update as soon as possible.

  15. Jehan says:

    Hi Charles
    Thanks for this helpful post.
    Is it possible to embed a powerpoint presentation in a WordPress site that users can then click to navigate through?

    I had same issues with Embed any Document plug in saying that my file was too large. Then on google drive there is no option for the user to click on the powerpoint to advance..

    Finally, will video in the powerpoint play through google slides?

    1. Hi Jehan, have you tried Slideshare? They can host your large PPT and provide an embed code with navigation to advance through the deck.

  16. Faith says:

    I just embeded a presentation on my site with Googleslides. thanks so much for this post. It was a really simple process. Can I make it downloadable and how?

    1. charles Charles says:

      Hi Faith, I don’t think this is possible with Google Slides. You may need to upload a PDF version of your deck and click to that to download.

  17. Janet says:

    Is there a file size limit to the powerpoint file? I tried your first method using the plug-in and I get the error as file too large. Or is this a wordpress limitation?

    1. charles Charles says:

      Hi Janet, I think this will be a limitation of your particular installation of WordPress. You can check the limitations by going to your media manager in the WP Admin, clicking on add-new and then seeing what is the file size limitation displayed on that page. You may be able to fix this by adding the following to the functions file…

      @ini_set( 'upload_max_size' , '64M' );
      @ini_set( 'post_max_size', '64M');
      @ini_set( 'max_execution_time', '300' );

      If you are not familiar with the functions file though it is probably best not to mess around with it. In this case you can try a plugin like this one:

      I hope this helps.

  18. Rai says:

    Are slideshows downloadable from slide Share??

    1. charles Charles says:

      Yes, generally they are though the uploader can choose whether to make the slides downloadable.

  19. Deepanker says:

    I use slideshare way to embed the presentation. Now I am thinking to try Embed Any Document plugin as well.

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