How To Remove Malware From Your Mac? 6 Easy Steps 


People say; that Mac is immune to malware, but sadly it is not correct. Mac was considered immune to malware because of the inbuilt malware scanner, XProtect. Although the built-in software is quite efficient, your Mac can still be a victim of malware.

So, if your device has been acting wired lately or losing efficiency, it is a red flag that your Mac is being attacked by malware. And your device could be the next target for hackers.

Removing the malware from the Mac is crucial to keep it safe from hackers. Here we will tell you; how to remove malware from your Mac. But before removing the malware, it is necessary to study; what malware is and how it could affect your system.

What Is Malware?

Malware is the enemy of your Mac. It is a software that is meant to harm your Mac. It can cause temporary and permanent damage to your device. Malware can occur accidentally, or it is placed intentionally for criminal activities.

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Luckily this malware can be removed by following some simple steps, and other than this manual action malware scanner are also available. These scanners remove the malware and prevent its reoccurrence.

Let’s discuss some of the signs that will help you to know that your device has become a victim of the malware.

Common Signs Of Mac Malware

Malware does its best to remain undercover, especially if it is a part of any criminal act. But in most cases, viruses make the detectable disturbance. In most cases, it is detectable based on the reduced performance.

Following are some signs of malware;

  • Disk space disappears suddenly and mysteriously. Frequent error messages or notifications pop-ups on the screen.

  • Mac slows down considerably, and it happens within no time.

  • Mac frizzes up or restarts without warning.

  • Web browser changes home page or search engine.

  • Files and folders don’t open or take longer to open.

The above-mentioned situations could also occur due to legitimate reasons, sometimes due to background downloads or due to several other background applications. But if it is not the case and you have started facing two or more than two problems together, it is a clear indication of malware.

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After confirming the malware, the next step is to remove the malware.

How To Remove Malware From Mac? 6 Easy Steps

Following are some crucial steps you must follow in order to get rid of malware from your Mac:

1. Disconnect The Internet

The first step to removing the malware is to disconnect the internet. It prevents the spread of malware. So, stay offline as much as possible. And connect back when there isn’t any malware left.

2. Boot Into A Safe Mood

Malware is difficult to remove because it loads instantly once the Mac starts. So, run your device into a safe mood. This boot runs the minimum applications and software. It also deletes some cache and prevents the rapid spread of malware.

How To Enter A Safe Mood?

  • Turn the Mac on, press and hold the Shift key, Apple logo will appear on the screen.

  • Release the Shift key when the logo appears on the window

3. Check Activity Monitor

Sometimes the malware comes with the files and applications that have been install lately. If your Mac has started acting weird after the new install, uninstall it.

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Malware can take up the resources of your system. At activity monitor, check which system or App is running the hardest because it is possibly the system assisting malware. 

If the practical work of that particular App is less than the statistics of the activity log, here is where the problem lies. Close that App from the activity monitor and delete the App via the finder menu;

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Go to Activity Monitor ? Choose Application ? Quit.

4. Malware Scanner 

When you uninstall the problematic program, the progress of malware will stop.

But what to do with the malware that is present in your Mac?

Luckily many robust malware scanners are available. These scanners can remove most standard malware or virus. If your Mac already has a malware scanner, it means that the scanner was not effective against malware, and now you need another antivirus to get rid of the malware.

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It is one of the best methods to remove and prevent malware. So, download the on-demand scanner from a reliable source and run it to fend off the existing and emerging malware threats. 

5. Check The Browser Homepage

Malware often modifies the browser webpage to reinfect your Mac. To avoid this, you need to check the setting of your browser homepage. You need to connect your Mac to the internet to complete this action. To check the browser;

  • Click on the more setting in the top right corner of the chrome browser.

  • In the search engine section, select the drop-down menu.

  • Verify the default homepage.

For Safari

  • Open the safari, go to the top left corner, and select Safari ? Preferences ? General.

  • Select the homepage next to the new tab open with and a new window open with.

  • Verify your default homepage.

6. Clear Your Cache 

After verifying the default homepage, you need to clear the cache. Clearing the cache will delete all the data of the downloads. Clearing the cache removes all the risks of malware reoccurrence.

To remove the cache; click on Chrome ? Go to History ? Clear Browsing Data ? Select Time Range ? Choose All Time ? Clear Cache Data.

How To Prevent Your Mac From Malware 

If you have removed malware once, it does not mean it will not reoccur. But by taking a few steps, you can prevent your Mac from malware. And, of course, prevention is better than cure.

So, the following are some steps that will help to keep malware away from your Mac.

  • Avoid vesting suspected websites.

  • Don’t open email attachments of unknown people.

  • Avoid piracy websites and applications. 

  • Try to buy an app from App Store.

  • Use a unique password and keep your password confidential. 

  • Use a reliable malware scanner.

  • Turn off the automatic download to prevent the download of dangerous files. 

Wrap Up 

If you are careful about your downloads and the sites you visit, you can potentially reduce the risk of malware. However, if viruses have got entry into your Mac, worry not because malware scanners have your back. These scanners are quite efficient in removing malware.

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