Earning With Honeygain: Is It Really as Effortless as Promised?

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If you’ve looked into passive income opportunities that don’t require any specific skill or experience in these last few years, you’ve probably heard of Honeygain.

It’s a passive income app that lets you share your excess internet bandwidth in exchange for a monetary reward.

While Honeygain doesn’t seem to share exact user stats, they certainly have a massive following on social networks, plus active user communities on Reddit and Discord.

This month, Honeygain hit the news headlines again by announcing its new partnership with an online microtask marketplace JumpTask. We thought we might check out the updated app ourselves and see what’s new!

Honeygain: Earning Effortlessly

If you’ve never heard of Honeygain before, here’s a quick rundown.

It’s a free app available on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS, that lets you make money online by sharing your extra internet bandwidth with a crowdsourced web intelligence network.

All you need to do is create a profile (which takes seconds since you only need to input your email and think of a password), download the app, sign in and leave the app running on your device. 

You can even continue to use your device as usual with Honeygain working in the background.

The iOS version is the only exception since Apple doesn’t allow apps that don’t play music or use GPS to run in the background.

This means you need to leave Honeygain running on your screen, which is less than ideal, but they do offer an energy-saving mode that darkens the screen, so you can at least leave the app running while you sleep.

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Is it safe?

With so many scams permeating the online space, it’s only natural to be wary of applications that promise free money.

However, from what we’ve seen, Honeygain is pretty transparent with how they operate, and it constantly adopts new safety measures to ensure both their users and network are protected.

Honeygain’s business model is pretty straightforward: it rents out the access to its crowdsourced web intelligence network to companies and shares a part of its profits with its users to compensate them for participating and sharing their bandwidth.

With the help of Honeygain, these businesses can quickly and safely gather publicly available data from the web that they need for stuff like brand protection campaigns or ad verification.

Each of these partners and their business cases is not only reviewed and verified individually but also monitored constantly.

In addition to this, Honeygain asks you to provide the absolute minimum of personal information.

We already mentioned you only need an email address to sign up, but there was another thing that pleasantly surprised us: the app asks for absolutely no permissions, which means it has no access to the information stored on your device.

Multi-factor authentication is required for all payouts, and the Help page mentions a special Anti-Cheat system the team uses to automatically identify suspicious activities on the network.

Earnings and Payouts


When you sign in to Honeygain, you can select one of two modes: Honeygain or JumpTask.

With the first one, the app operates in the same fashion as it did for more than two years: you earn Honeygain credits and request a payout once you reach 20,000 credits ($20).

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The rate is 1,000 credits for every 10GB shared (you can earn 6 credits/hours on top of that using the Content Delivery feature).

There are three payout options available: PayPal, Bitcoin, and JumpToken (introduced upon the partnership with JumpTask).

With JumpTask mode, you need to connect a Binance Smart Chain network-supporting wallet so you can earn in JumpTokens and transfer them to your wallet at any time (no thresholds apply).

We used MetaMask for this, which worked like a charm and took minutes to set up.

Switching to JumpTask mode is a no-brainer at this time since it offers a limited-time deal that adds 50% to your earnings.

So… What’s the verdict?

We have Honeygain a try for a week only so far, but for now, our impressions are pretty positive.

The app really doesn’t require you to add any effort – unless you want to, in which case, you can get into the referral program and boost your earnings via bonuses or play the daily Lucky Pot lottery.

The earnings are somewhat modest: we had 3 devices connected (2 IP addresses), and we made the equivalent of $6.88 in JumpTokens (this includes the 50% bonus) in our first week – which we wouldn’t say is bad for literally doing nothing.

We can also see this being a nice introduction to the crypto world since having some effortless earnings allow you to start investing without risking your fiat savings.

All in all, it’s a nice way to get a quick extra buck without adding too much work – why not treat yourself to an extra pizza every fortnight?

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