How To Drive Phone Calls From Landing Pages & Leverage Inbound Call Analytics

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Turning away a potential customer is the biggest fear of every marketer. But while there are multiple ways to ignite clients’ interest in your business, there are just as many ways to cause their emotional detachment.

The key to nurturing leads effectively, engaging customers, and getting more conversions is identifying the needs of your target audience. So what does your audience need?

One of the basic needs of every client is to have the opportunity to contact a business. Brands equipped with well-crafted customer journey maps, lead management solutions, and call tracking software have nothing to worry about. It basically means that they leverage every touchpoint and call data to increase the possibility of targeted action and conversion.

But how do businesses manage to get more conversions and keep the lines of communication open? Here’s a simple answer – phone calls. 

Let’s examine how brands can leverage landing pages and website forms to drive more inbound calls and ramp up their campaigns for an even higher ROI.

The Power Behind Inbound Calls

Today, multiple businesses still heavily rely on phone calls to drive revenue, including home service companies, insurance carriers, and take-out restaurants. 

These businesses need to stay available at all times and continuously increase the number of inbound calls. In other words, they need to ensure that every marketing effort – online or offline – provides an option to call.

Let’s take a closer look at how brands can turn their landing pages into high-quality leads, calls, and revenue sources.

Remember Mobile Optimization

It’s no secret that mobile-friendly sites rank higher on Google. Every landing page or website needs to render correctly to adapt to every screen size.


Responsive designs are the new normal. So what does it mean for marketers? All the visual elements and texts have to be created with mobile accessibility and mobile user experience (UX) in mind.

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At this point, you might be wondering about the connection between responsive design and phone calls. Well, landing pages should be easy to interact with and navigate. That’s the only way for users to accomplish their goals and find the information they need, like a phone number or a click-to-call option.

Utilize Dynamic Call Tracking

Brands typically implement call tracking technology to identify the campaigns that bring in quality leads. Identifying lead and call sources, tracking calls, and utilizing inbound call analytics allows for assessing the effectiveness of active campaigns, specific ad creatives, forms, keywords, and landing pages.

Let’s say that you’ve implemented the technology offered by Phonexa for incoming calls. Dynamic number insertion (DNI), as part of Phonexa’s all-in-one marketing automation solution for calls, leads, clicks, email, SMS, accounting, and more, allows you to assign phone numbers to specific campaigns and different audiences.

If you’re running a campaign tied to a specific area or event, you can drive traffic to a landing page and track every single call generated on that page. By placing these dynamic phone numbers on your website or a landing page, you can also monitor the performance of individual campaigns and capture valuable call data. 

But what if your prospects navigate away from the landing page? Well, trackable phone numbers have you covered. One of the most significant advantages of using dynamic call tracking is that these phone numbers can be placed throughout your website.

Let’s look at how dynamic call tracking works in more detail: 

  1. A prospective client clicks on the ad and visits your landing page. 
  2. Call tracking software displays a unique trackable phone number on the landing page through DNI.
  3. A prospect decides to make a call and clicks on the number or manually dials it.
  4. Since the number is trackable, call tracking software allows you to analyze the call data and generate a detailed report. 
  5. Phonexa’s call tracking software effortlessly integrates with any CRM and tech stack, which means that you can also view the call data in your CRM.
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In a nutshell, you can see which paid search campaign, ad creative, and keyword led to a phone call.

Add Click-To-Call Option

Making an option to call available to your customers and prospects doesn’t only benefit them. It also benefits your business. 

phone calls

Even if the principal purpose of your landing page is to drive subscriptions, downloads, or registrations, adding a click-to-call option is never a bad idea. This way, you can drive more calls, get more conversions, and turn them into sales.

Leverage Inbound Call Analytics

The principal goals of inbound call analytics are to empower marketers and brands with data-analyzing resources and help them make educated marketing decisions. 

Every marketer knows firsthand that it’s crucial to understand what’s happening during the calls and what triggers them. Call analytics helps to uncover what lies behind every call, including when your campaigns are performing best, active age groups, best-performing keywords, and more.

Ultimately, having insight into the reasons behind phone calls, locations, and other pivotal data can help you identify trends, impact the performance of future campaigns, optimize your landing pages, and yield good results.

Keep Phone Calls Top Of Mind

When crafting new marketing campaigns and designing landing pages, marketers tend to ensure that they provide an opportunity to contact a business. However, in most cases, the contact option they offer is a contact form.

Unlike click-to-call options, forms generally take a lot of space and require extra filling-out time. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you should forget about using forms. After all, each ad campaign and landing page has different goals and performance indicators. But brands need to bear in mind that customers will undoubtedly prefer calling a business over submitting a web form.

Hands down, phone calls remain the preferable and fastest contact option. If you’re a marketer looking to optimize your efforts and drive more conversions from your landing pages, adding a click-to-call option and utilizing call tracking software is your best bet.

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