Useful Data Visualization Tools For WordPress Sites

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There are many ways to combine and understand data, but the most effective is by far data visualization plugins. These tools help us create charts, tables, maps, graphs, and everything else that comes to mind.

Given the popularity of these tools in recent years, many developers came up with a solution. And yet, it is only a few handpicked tools that facilitate data the way we want it to be. Each of these plugins can make your life easier.

If you don’t know which plugins we mean, you are in the right place. Keep reading to discover our favorite WP data visualization plugins.


It doesn’t matter how much web experience you have – tables are and will be the most difficult item to display and code. It takes ages to build them right, and only seconds to mess them up. Now think about that with thousands of datasets to combine. 

That’s where wpDataTables comes into play. This WordPress table plugin lets you create not only beautiful but also highly responsive charts and tables.

It is even optimized to use on handheld devices and sizes perfectly to any browser window. If looks matter to you, look no further. You’ve found your solution!

Inline Google Spreadsheet Viewer

Here’s a plugin that deserves the attribute ‘unique’. It is indeed in possession of some awesome functions, a thing contemporary designers would identify as ‘pretty cool. 

For instance, you can pull in data you’ve stored on the cloud, even from Google Sheets. You can then create all sorts of interactive tables which you can also search through.

Thanks to the awesome setup, you can update blog posts on the go, and do so each time your CSV spreadsheet changes.

As expected, you can bring in data from multiple sources. Examples include WordPress databases, MySQL Databases, and simple CSV Scripts.


Not that many designers use Snowball, which is a pity. The plugin is just as powerful as most tools on this list, if not more.

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Its core advantage is versatility. It was developed at Drexel University by a team of open HTML researchers. What they wanted to achieve is a tool that simplifies their lives, and they succeeded. Following the success of their work, they made the tool available to the public for free.

It needs to be mentioned that Snowball is more than a simple visualization tool. It can be used to build pages with combined data sources. This feature is particularly useful to journalists.

The visualization features are not to be discredited, though. Snowball lets you draft maps, charts, graphs, and much more. 

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Visualizer is a must-have for WP site owners. It is amazing how many features and interactive elements it offers. Plus, there is a pretty generous free version with 9 chart types, if you want to try it out.

And yet, the real magic happens in the premium version. You can create all sorts of interactive content for your website, among those pricing tables. The plugin is beginner-friendly and used by some of the best websites powered by WP. 

Easy Charts

Easy Charts has a similar reputation to Snowball. As the name indicates, the primary focus is on creating charts. 

And while no DV plugin can’t do that, the charts here are unique. You can create pie charts, donut charts, line charts, waterfall charts, and much more.

The limitation, though, is that Easy Charts doesn’t integrate with all data sources. Check this in advance before you make a decision.


Graphina belongs to the Elementor plugin kit, which pretty much says it all on quality. Features are very powerful, and a lot of attention is paid to speed and performance. Regardless of how large your visual charts are, the display will not be affected.

With Graphina, the sky is the limit. There are over a thousand chart and graph variations, and each can be adapted to your brand and your style to ensure consistency. 

For instance, if your WP Theme is Divi, Graphina will suggest graphs and charts suitable for Divi. It works seamlessly with all leading WordPress themes. As a result, you can easily integrate all visualizations on any page where you need them. 

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iChart Easy Charts And Graphs

If you’re on a budget, consider this free data visualization plugin. iChart offers more chart variations than any unpaid WP plugin. For example, you can create pie charts, bar charts, line charts, polar area charts, and much more.

If you are a beginner, iChart will guide you through the process until you’ve mastered the craft. It lets you select forms and colors to present data in a more personalized manner.

On top of that, it comes with a handy shortcode generator that allows for all visualizations to be embedded on multiple WP posts. The ‘Preview’ option will let you test charts on different devices and browsers before they are life.

This is a preferred option for straightforward and free charts to be displayed on websites.

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Data Tables Generator

The Data Tables Generator plugin was developed by Supsystic, and specializes in responsive tables. The free version is quite limited, so make sure you go for the Pro package.

Using this plugin, you will recognize the influence of Google’s Chart technology. All the standard charts are there, including even bar charts and donut charts. Standard spreadsheet data is easy to integrate, be that an Excel file, a PDF, or a Google Sheet.

What we like the most about Data Tables Generator is the WooCommerce integration. E-stores use this function to create searchable product tables. 

M Chart 

M Chart not only summarizes data, but it gives scattered data points meaning and sense. You can create all sorts of intelligent charts, and include them in any post you want.

You may find styling a bit limited, though, as the plugin focuses on function rather than form. With some basic CSS knowledge, you can add styling options and include even pie charts and column charts. If you are a beginner, nevertheless, this may not be the right plugin for you.

Last but not least, you will benefit from a functional spreadsheet editor used to rearrange and analyze spreadsheet data. 

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