12 Best Crypto Grid Trading Bots for 2024 (Free & Paid)

Best Crypto Grid Trading Bots

Are you looking for a reputable crypto grid trading bot to maximize profits in the bear market?

As you are probably well aware, the world of cryptocurrency trading has taken off, and it is showing no signs of slowing down.

Just like any of the investment world, the world of cryptocurrency has many different ways of approaching your investments, and some are easier to understand than others.

Some are so technical that you need years of coding experience under your belt to know where to even start, while there are others that are tailored for those that are just in the beginning stages.

One such approach to your cryptocurrency trades is grid trading.

It is a relatively established trading strategy that has been used in other markets, like traditional trading markets, but for one reason or another, it has translated really well to the world of cryptocurrency.

If you want to dive into this exciting method of cryptocurrency, and you want to automate things so you don’t have to be sitting at your computer all day and all night, then we highly suggest that you make the most of a crypto grid trading bot.

Let’s review the top crypto grid trading bots in the market, so that you are able to put your best foot forward.

Top Crypto Grid Trading Bots 2024

1. Pionex – Best Grid Bot


Pionex definitely takes the cake when it comes to being the top crypto grid trading bot service in the market right now, and apart from the fact that it is incredibly versatile and really cares about security, it is also free of charge.

You might roll your eyes at this, because there are probably a lot of other platforms out there that claim to be free, when they really aren’t, but trust us when we say that these guys are legitimately free.

Get Pionex FREE

They were one of the world’s first cryptocurrency exchanges, and right now, they offer 16 trading bots that have been built into their system.

Not all of these trading bots are going to be able to assist you with grid trading, because they have been optimized for different trading strategies, but there are definitely more than enough that can assist you with grid trading so that you are able to get to where you want to be with your trades a lot faster.

These guys going to make it easy for you to automate your trades 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and you don’t even have to check the markets yourself.

They also have one of the lowest minimums when it comes to beginning your trades, meaning that you don’t have to have any cryptocurrency assets in order to get started with them.

We think it’s pretty evident at this point that these guys are one of your best bets when it comes to being a crypto grid trading bot, and we don’t think that you’re going to have to go anywhere else in order to capitalize on this cryptocurrency trading strategy.

2. Bitsgap


Bitsgap is a really good option as a grid bot if you want to be able to connect to your favorite crypto exchange, because they have connections with more than 25 of them.

They also come with a free trial for 14 days, which isn’t something that every crypto grid trading bot is going to offer you.

Obviously, we recommend that you make the most of this, so that you are able to learn how they work, and how they are going to serve you best.

Being able to try out a crypto grid trading bot before you implement it into the live market is definitely to your advantage.

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of this Bitcoin trading bot is that they can assist you with multiple crypto strategies and trading efforts across multiple cryptocurrency exchanges.

They offer backtesting to their clients, so that you are able to make the most of preconfigured trading bots, and they also assist you with portfolio tracking and management, so that you don’t have to do everything on your own.

Perhaps the only disadvantage to these guys is that they are only based on the web, so again, if you’re someone who likes to do all of your cryptocurrency trades on your mobile, then you aren’t really going to be able to capitalize on these guys too much.

3. Quadency


Quadency is a really helpful crypto grid trading bot if you want to be able to implement this type of cryptocurrency training, but you don’t know too much about it yet.

It’s definitely one of the most popular cryptocurrency trading strategies in the industry right now, and it’s really good that platforms and bots like this are specified for it, so that you can implement it into your trading strategy portfolio with the ease, and you don’t have to worry about missing opportunities to make a lot of money.

All you need to do with these guys is sign up for an account, which is free, and then you can make the most of all of their trading features, to the point where you are not going to need to go anywhere else.

They say that they can help you not only trade more efficiently but you can also trade safer, and they are constantly working on improving and updating their features, so you never have to worry about whether you are capitalizing on the best in the industry or not.

4. Coinrule


If you are somebody who wants to be able to find a grid bot, and you have a feeling that you are going to be doing the majority of your cryptocurrency trades through your mobile, then the next crypto bot on our list is going to be your best bet.

They were founded back in 2017, and these guys are a cloud-based trading bot that is operated by a team of developers based in the UK.

You can connect this crypto grid trading bot to a multitude of cryptocurrency exchanges, and the best part is that they aren’t going to charge you a fee for trading.

As well as helping you with grid trading, they can also help you capitalize on more than 7000 other cryptocurrency trading strategies.

If you want to just get started with these guys it isn’t going to cost you anything, but of course, you are going to have to deal with limited features.

They have a basic version, which is going to set you back $30 a month, which will set you back $359 a year.

Their trader level will set you back $60 a month, and the professional service is going to set you back $450 a month.

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5. Binance


The next grid bot that you might be interested to learn is also actually an exchange where you can exchange your cryptocurrency, so at the end of the day, you can do everything that you want through these guys , and you don’t have to go anywhere else ever again.

They have more than 600 cryptocurrencies on their books, and they say that if you sign up with them straight away, you can start building your own portfolio for free.

They’re going to make it really easy for you to build your cryptocurrency portfolio, and you can start your first trade with just a few simple steps.

All you will need to do is verify your identity and fund your account.

As far as we can tell from Binance’s website, they have a lot of information about how you can trade, and how their platform can work for you, so we definitely suggest that you jump on this bandwagon and make the most of a cryptocurrency exchange platform that wants to incorporate their Binance trading bots at the same time.

6. KuCoin


KuCoin is again a crypto grid trading bot that is actually a cryptocurrency exchange based in China, and it was founded back in 2017.

It offers a really good variety of trading pairings, and it also offers its clients advanced API, so that you are able to come up with automated and secure trading strategies.

As far as their fees go, it’s going to be 0.1% for maker and taker, but if you are just trying to make the most of their trading bot, they aren’t going to charge you a subscription fee.

Obviously, this is your best-case scenario, especially if you are someone who just wants to get to know a service before you commit long term to them, and you don’t want to lose too much in the process.

7. 3Commas


3Commas is again a really good choice if you’re trying to find a crypto grid trading bot that can assist you with all your crypto grip trading bot needs, and even help you boost your earnings, while decreasing things like risk and losses.

As a result, these guys can help you benefit with little to no effort, and they can also help you build a strategy that is based on over 20 trading indicators.

When it comes to their pricing, this starts from $14.50 a month, and their most expensive price point is $49.50 a month.

They have a free trial as well, so that you are able to get to know them personally before you sign up for anything long term.

8. CryptoHopper


CryptoHopper has a lot going for it as a crypto grid trading bot, because they’re based on the cloud, which means you don’t need to download anything onto your desktop in order to be able to use them.

They can help you connect with nine different cryptocurrency exchanges, and you will be pleased to know that a lot of these are some of the biggest ones, so there is a good chance that you were going to match up your exchange with your cryptocurrency grid trading bot.

They are based in the Netherlands, and they help you make the most of more than 30 trading indicators.

Something that we also love about them is that they work around the clock, and can help you trade multiple cryptocurrencies, if you ever get to this point.

They offer a free trial, so that you are able to get to know them before committing, and when it comes to their plans, we think that they’re priced pretty well, starting at $19 a month, and going up to $99 a month.

9. CoinSmart


CoinSmart is a crypto grid trading bot that can assist you with connecting your account to an external trading bot through API.

This means that they don’t technically have their own trading bot that you can use, but they can definitely be the foundation that you work on when it comes to your grid trading plot.

They also support manual exchanging and buying on more than a dozen cryptocurrency tokens, and you can make the most of advanced orders including stop loss, limit orders, and real-time charting.

One thing that we do have to say about these guys is that you probably have to have a bit of experience in the world of cryptocurrency trading in order to use them, but if you do, they are going to be a good choice.

10. Coinmama


Coinmama is again a crypto grid trading bot that doesn’t host their own native bot, but you can connect them to an external trading bot, which again is helpful if you are wanting to just find a platform that can host your crypto bot.

As far as we can tell, their pricing is nonexistent, which means that they’re free of charge, which is going to be a good option if you have a limited budget right now, and you want to be able to keep most of the profit that you make from your cryptocurrency grid trades.

11. Napbots


Napbots has a lot going for it as a crypto grid trading bot and platform, because they can help you improve your success rate, no matter what the market is currently doing.

They can help you with crypto trading bots for every type of investment preference, which means that you can either stick to grid trading right now, or you can expand your strategy portfolio, if you want to incorporate other strategies at the same time.

They also make sure that all of your assets stay on their exchange account, and are safe and secure, and protected from third parties.

If you are worried about customer support, you don’t have to with these guys, because they offer cryptocurrency education guides, as well as detailed tutorials.

They even have one-on-one support.

12. Trality


Trality is a really good choice if you’re hoping to find a grid trading bot that is going to take care of all of your needs, and considering they have more than 80,000 verified users at this point, we believe that they are a really good choice.

They can keep all of your funds safe on their exchange, because they’re never going to directly touch them, and only use official exchange APIs.

What’s more, they are based in the cloud, which means that you can run a reliable algorithm around the clock, and never have to worry about missing out on a trade.

They eliminate the need for you to set up your own trading service as well.

What’s more, everything about these guys is completely encrypted, which means that even they can’t see what you’re doing on their end.


What are the Top Cryptocurrency Grid Trading Bots?

These days, you can use cryptocurrency grid trading bots for more than just trading cryptocurrency.

Because they are based on machine learning, and artificial intelligence, they can gather big data cryptocurrency market information, using APIs.

Then, they are going to analyze this information for you, so that they can assist you with coming up with predefined trading strategies, which can translate into trading signals.

They create this analysis with the aim of being able to predict future cryptocurrency prices, and the closer the price is to the prediction, the better the bot is at cryptocurrency bot trading, which of course is going to increase your chances of making a profit.

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Once the crypto trading bot has predicted the future price, then it is going to place a trading buy and sell order in the actual cryptocurrency market.

The top crypto grid trading bots are going to pull information from multiple sources, which is why they employ machine learning to figure out which news is going to make an impact when it comes to the future of price predictions.

However, the reality is that there is no perfect crypto grid trading bot, but there are some amazing options in the market. We have covered them all here today.

How Do You Define a Grid Trading Bot?

A grid trading bot is a bot that is going to assist you with carrying out a grid trading method.

This means that it’s going to assist you with placing a number of purchase and sell orders, within a specified price range.

When your sell order is fully executed, the bot is going to place another purchase order at a lower grade level.

What is Grid Trading?

Grid trading is a trading method that involves placing a number of buy and sell orders, at specified intervals around a set value.

In this manner, it is going to develop a grid that is specified to your needs. It works really well in a market that is competitive, that has consistent price fluctuations.

It is going to guarantee profitability every time the selling price goes above the purchase price, during a lateral price movement, by automatically implementing low purchase orders that result in high sell orders.

This eliminates the need to predict the market.

A few things need to be thought about in order to increase your earnings when using a grid trading bot.

A strong choice when it comes to grid trading is choosing a pair with frequent and large ups and downs, that has constant average pricing over the long term.

What are the Advantages of a Grid Trading Bot?

Reliable Strategy

The thing about grid trading is that it has been around for a long time, and as a result, it is a well-established, tried and tested trading approach that is definitely profitable.

There are a quite a few examples of traders that have been successful in employing this approach, and they have done so for decades, and not just in the cryptocurrency market.

What’s really interesting about the cryptocurrency market however is that grid trading has shown to be one of the most reliable methods, as a result of the cryptocurrency market being extremely volatile.

Ease of Use

The thing about grid trading is that it is really easy to understand, because it doesn’t take any advanced calculations, measurements, or market indicators to implement.

It’s going to be really simple and easy for you to set it up because you won’t need any past experience in the cryptocurrency trading market.


As far as a grid trading strategy goes, this applies the most fundamental trading concept, which is buy low, sell high and earn the difference in between.

As a result, this approach can be applied to almost any market out there, and in theory generates you a profit, which is going to be independent of market or trained behavior.

As a result, you are going to be able to determine the period and frequency of your strategy, by choosing the price range, as well as the amount of grids.

You can set up your grids for the short term, which means that you are going to implement hundreds of trades every hour and make micro profits.

Or you can set up your grids for the long term, by choosing a large range, and then leaving this to run for months, so that you are able to earn a profit every time a larger trend shift occurs.

Increase Risk Management

Being able to choose your grid strategy lets you control your risk reward level more than other kinds of trading.

You can make the most of a crypto grid trading lot to generate a modest, yet consistent profit, with almost no risk.
You can take a slightly higher risk and have the potential to earn huge rewards as well.

Automated Trading

The reason why grid trading is such a good option when it comes to a crypto bot is because it is one of those trading strategies that is particularly adaptable to automation, because all of its actions are predefined, and irrelevant of market behavior.

When you implement grid trading with a trading bot such as the Pionex trading bot, it is more efficient and easier than trying to follow the strategy when manually trading.

Is one of the greatest methods for traders that are trying to take baby steps when it comes to automation, because you can implement it into almost any market, in any condition, around the clock, and you can set it for almost any time frame.

What Can Go Wrong with A Crypto Grid Trading Bot?

Of course, just like any other crypto trading method out there, a grid trading bot isn’t foolproof, and there are a couple of scenarios that could occur with your grid trading bot that you might not necessarily get excited about.

The first is if the pricing goes above your range.

In this scenario, the grid bot would have sold all the position, and as a result, you aren’t going to be able to benefit from the increasing price.

In this scenario, it would have been better to just buy and hold.

The other scenario is if prices go below your range, the grid trading bot is going to use all your funds to purchase the coin, and it is going to generate a loss as the price goes below your range.

Is Using a Grid Trading Bot Legal?

The good news is that there is nothing illegal about using a crypto grid trading bot, you’ve just got to check in with local regulations.

At the end of the day, trading cryptocurrency in general has different regulations based on where you are located in the world, so it isn’t necessarily down to the fact that you are using a bot to automate your trades, but more to do with your country’s legislation around cryptocurrency trading in general.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, there are a lot of people in the world of cryptocurrency that love the idea of using a crypto grid trading bot, because it takes the emotion out of cryptocurrency trading.

Because all of their trades are completely determined by code, they don’t have to worry about letting their emotions get in the way of their trades, and they are also able to trade with as little risk as possible.

Grid trading can assist you with creating orders that progressively increase and drop prices to profit from the volatility of the cryptocurrency market, by understanding the dynamics of the market.

As a result, you can profit from price disparities in the market.

It is definitely one of the best approaches, especially if you are just starting up in the world of cryptocurrency trading, and you aren’t exactly an expert yet.

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