Cool Gaming Website Design Choices

Cool Gaming Website Design Choices

Going through countless gaming websites can be a tiresome experience, especially since so many of them look alike, and have in some manner become derivative of other website designs and ideas. 

However, most of the top gaming websites or websites related to videogames have their own idiosyncrasies and unique elements either visually or as interfaces for users, some of them are completely about specific video games, for example, there are a lot of World of Warcraft dedicated websites, especially when new expansions come through, people are often chatting up about TBC Gold.

Here are some examples of good design, they are not ranked in any specific order.


Destructoid is a very famous gaming website and much like every other website it has its own carousels and widgets, but one of the nicest features is how every single review released from the latest title is already laid out for you with their scores.

This means there is no clickbait or need to extensively read something just to find out what their opinion on a game is. Also, their integrated video players are one of the best and most seamless experiences in gaming websites I have encountered.

Minimalist designs and a very friendly and direct user interface are where this design and layout shine brightest.

The option to be redirected straight towards all reviews or all news and updates is an awesome feature for someone like me, who is very interested in reviews and not so much on every single update from the industry.

Game Informer

Game Informer

The massive header, with the clean yet obvious sections displayed on top, is always welcoming. Visitors can immediately acknowledge what is in the spotlight or trending at any given time.

The very clean and intricate menu carefully placed on the upper right side offers amazing sections to anyone looking for something specific. And finally, the lower part of the home page has an Instagram-like feed that just looks good to the social media trained eyes.

And bonus points for not having any instantly loaded videos playing, since this helps most users that read listening to music and those with limited internet connection.

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Possibly the website that is the least visually appealing, Metacritic compensates with some of the best content on the internet.

The gaming page is very easy to use and understand as it works as a ranking or list of the best-reviewed title at the moment, but what makes this unique is the way they display scores from critics and users in the same place.

This helps players identify what their peers have to say about any given title, this makes Metacritic peers review more approachable – and more valuable in my opinion – since it isn’t uncommon for critics to wildly disagree with their audience’s opinion.

Here, you get the best of both worlds which makes their content, and short descriptions some of the most valuable insight for reviews and purchases.



IGN is one of – if not the most prominent gaming websites in recent memory. While their visuals could certainly be improved, especially in their use of negative space, which would make for a better formatted and aligned visual experience, IGN’s website displays some of the best banners.

A quick glance at their clean header and their centerpiece of four banners gives this website a very distinguished and professional look. The simple category buttons and directories above are also great and practical for those on the go.

To be fair their mobile version is probably the adaptation of any website on this list.



A personal favorite Gamespot might not have the same abundance of content as some of the others in this list, or allow for community input, but Gamespot’s website is one of the most beautiful, and though designs.

From the banners to the checkered feed, to the top upcoming game, review interface, and even the font size and colors everything seems very well thought out.

The website UI is very friendly, the only thing that would make it better would be a dark mode option, since the plain white is extremely harsh on the eyes during the night (which is where we gamers live and breathe most of the time)



Polygon’s website seems extremely convoluted and the new design catered to ads is really a drawback for visitors.

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The website also seems way better optimized towards mobile users than its desktop counterpart, and all the negative space doesn’t do justice to the amazing mosaics they have at the top of their page.

The different shapes and images of banners that fit nicely in distinct ways are a breath of fresh air in comparison to the listicle blocks of image text that are so common, or even the perfectly aligned banners that are common. 



Giantbomb’s website is your ordinary gaming website, images, banners listicles all placed in alignment in a checkered manner. But, one of the best design options they have is the widgets at the bottom of the page that highlight their forums, community highlighted content, and staff tweets.

Personally, I feel like showcasing the communities contributions and creating a connection between consumers, and the staff is a great way to keep your community engaged.

Overall, Giantbomb has great content, but the social aspect is something relatively uncommon, which distinguishes enough from other websites.

Nothing New Under The Sun

Gaming websites are honestly similar and have evolved to mainly deliver the same repeated experience to anyone looking for information. With rare exceptions, layouts aren’t unique or extraordinary enough from a design layout, they are standard and safe choices that mimic each other.

These seven design layouts have their own peculiarities, but the content should speak for itself.

I genuinely enjoy the websites that dare to innovate or take a more social approach as two-way conversations are always more interesting than no dialogues whatsoever.

Going forward websites such as Metacritic, and Reddit which aren’t exclusively game-centric might take the spotlight and win the hearts of gamers.

They provide plenty of content provided by the community, developers, and companies. The direct sources and social environment are extremely attractive, especially since they can impact games.

A myriad of titles have had updates and changes made to them via community feedback, which is why website designers should look for ways to incorporate social aspects as well as more creative designs, maybe even inspired by videogames, and less like tabloids or journals.

Charlie has been building WordPress themes, reviewing web hosts and utilizing social media since their respective inceptions.

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