Client Area Plugins for Your WordPress Website

client area wordpress plugins

If you’re a freelance creative or working within a development agency environment and looking for an integrated tool for project management, collaboration or support, these four free and premium plugin options are a great place to start.


WP Customer Area

WP Customer Area is a free client area solution focused on managing private content and file sharing. Current features include:

  • Secure customer area, with user access via log in
  • Private pages and files that can be assigned to particular users, and are only listed in the customer area
  • Private file grouping by category and year
  • Comments on private files and pages
  • Plugin appearance customization using your own themes and templates

WP Customer Area is available free via the WordPress Theme Directory, though premium plugin extensions and bundles are available via the website. Add-ons include:

  • Protect post types, to make external content private
  • Advanced custom fields integration to harness the power of ACF
  • Owner restrictions for enhanced publishing permissions and control
  • Conversations for private messaging
  • Managed groups for user groups run by managers

WHMCS Client Area for WordPress

Integrate orders, billing, support and and all other client management operations into WordPress with the WHMCS Client Area plugin via CodeCanyon. This integration is designed to provide your clients with a user-friendly and consistent customer experience, while offering full control over what you want to display.

Available for a regular license fee of just $28, WHMCS Client Area for WordPress works with any WP theme, is SEO friendly, and offers single sign ons for ease of use.

WordPress Hide Admin Menu

Offering a user-friendly interface, WordPress Hide Admin Menu offers an easy way to create a simplified menu for your clients and users while hiding important information you don’t want to give them access to. Customizable by user role, all you need do is select from the checkboxes corresponding to menu items. Simple!

WordPress Hide Admin Menu is available for a regular license fee of just $29 from Code Canyon and is compatible with WordPress MultiSite.

Client Dash

Want to take control of your WordPress dashboard and improve the user experience for your clients? Client Dash is designed to do just that – offering a number of powerful features to simplify and customize your WP dashboard:

  • Customize the WordPress admin menu using the built in drag and drop menu system
  • Create new dashboard widgets with large buttons to direct users to these new pages
  • Restrict access to content on Client Dash pages for specific roles

Client Dash is available FREE via the WordPress Plugins Directory.

Nikki is a professional freelance writer and story teller with a passion for the web and technology. She writes for WP Dev Shed and amongst a roster of other clients.

479 thoughts on “Client Area Plugins for Your WordPress Website

  1. Avatar steven says:

    I am looking for a solution not necessarily for clients, but for an event. I’d like to create a page that can be accessed by a password and email, but cannot be accessed by that email for more than one user. Is that possible?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Steven, I think what you want is one of these membership plugins(?).

      1. Avatar Ibrahim says:


        I am creating a website for a student recruitment firm. They want a place where there clients can sign up and are provided with a username and password. Clients can upload their documents there and admin can post their admission status their. Clients do not need to call again and again but just check the website for the status. Do guide me please.

        1. Charles Charles says:

          Hi @ibrahim, I suggest you try the WP Customer Area plugin. The basic plugin is free, but they also offer loads of premium extensions and based on the use case your describe I think it would be very capable of doing this.

      2. Avatar Fred says:

        I am building a web site on wp and i need a plugin that has a user portal where my cliant can register and and will be provided with a user name and password which they can use to log in any time and i the web administrator can have access to there profile to edit any content on there profile and can block or delete them and they can also upload media of any size too. Thank u

        1. Charles Charles says:

          Hi Fred, can you elaborate on the use case a bit more? Is the content uploaded by users private or should it be made public? Is it just images, or videos too? Should there be gallery functionality?

          1. Avatar Billy Fuller says:

            Hi Charles, in the same boat as Fred and hoping you can help. The client will complete a form and upload photos, submit to the admin (private to all others). The admin will need to download the content submitted by the client. Is this my solution?

          2. Charles Charles says:

            Hi Billy, I’d use Gravity Forms for this purpose…makes it dead easy to create a form including upload functionality. You could have the form on a “secret” URL that is publicly accessible for in-the-know clients but isn’t linked on your site (and Google is blocked from). Or you could use one of the client management plugins above to manage user access to the form which is only accessible once they login.

          3. Avatar fred says:

            Hi charles. i need a plugin that can allow a client to register or fill out a form which will be used to create a profile for them and they can have access to edit some of their details if at all they need to and there profile can b viewed by anyone who comes to the site and i the administrator can have full access to edit anything from there profile

          4. Charles Charles says:

            Hi Fred, have you looked at plugins like Profile Builder or User Profile? Based on the requirements you describe I think they might suffice. I’d start with Profile Builder. If you want more social network like features you should look at BuddyPress.

          5. Avatar fred says:

            they can make it private or public depends on their choice no galary fuctionality but can have videos pdf and images

          6. Charles Charles says:

            Hi Fred, did you check out my suggestions here?

      3. Avatar sani says:

        hi charles thank you for your good work,

        my plain is to build a new website which will be a market place or market platform for both used and new thing, all will be selling on it, in practically every thing on it is for people who visit my web or other users or client, there can create their account and post things to sale but i as the administrator must review it before publishing it online, in addition some of these things also can be market with three different colour to show the type of membership the publisher have on that particular things.

        so please i really need your suggestion on what to use, after answering me on public if you can send private mail i will appreciate more,

        1. Charles Charles says:

          Hi Sani, I’m not very experienced with marketplaces, but I would suggest you take a look at Marketica and Marketify. They are both popular marketplace themes. If you want a more classified ad type of experience then something like ClassiPress might work better.

          1. Avatar Javin says:

            Hi Charles,

            I am looking for a plug-in that will do the following:

            – allow users (Doctors/medical professionals in this case) to pay for a membership and create a profile
            -registered users will have access to exclusive content
            – will need a searchable database of registered members (Doctors) where front facing users can see the selected fields they wish to show (business info + specialty)

            Thank you for your help in advance.

          2. Charles Charles says:

            Hi Javin, I think what you want is one of these WordPress membership plugins. They will cover most of the requirements. What I’m not sure about off the top of my head is the public view of registered members. I’m sure they could do this with a little custom development, but I’d reach out to the developers of those plugins you like the look of and ask if they can do the public view of registered memebers. You might find some can do it more easily than others.

      4. Avatar donn trent says:

        Hello Charles

        Do you know of a plugin that allows me to create a user, who can then access private area whre they can ADD, DELETE, EDIT USERS

        essentially for instructors to manage a group of students

        1. Charles Charles says:

          Hi Donn, sorry for the slow response on this, I’ve been trying to think of a solution to the use case you describe and I think the closest I can get is WP Client. They have a feature which let’s you assign a client manager (coach) to manage the users associated with a particular client (group of students). Check out more about the WP Client features here. I’m not sure if this will meet your needs 100%, but it is the best suggestion I have!

      5. Avatar Michael says:

        Hi Charles,

        I’ve been searching high and low, then cane across this article, your expertise and signifant number of replies.

        Im building a member site where I will be selling subscriptions to the site. Each member will be able to log in to take various educational courses (will be using an eLMS which will connect with WO using SSO), I plan to add code where from their log in dashboard they can select their courses etc which will then call the eLMS. In addition to courses, I will provide other paid for content to the client area. Each member will have the ability to add their own sub users however, to add users would need to incur a recurring charge so long as that user(s) remains active. Of course there is much more to the story but, wondering if you can make a recommendation.

        1. Charles Charles says:

          Hi Michael, you talk about connecting WP with your eLMS using SSO, which makes me think you’ve already chosen some external (non-WP based) LMS, yes? Have you considered building with one of the excellent WordPress based LMS’, such as LearnPress or LearnDash? The possible wrinkle in this is your requirement that paying users can add their own sub-users. I’m not sure about this so you may want to reach out to the developers to see if this is a feature they support.

  2. Avatar Ashish says:

    I am developing a ecommerce site in wordpress.
    I need a client are where the client get a professional details of his purchase, support ticket, membership details.
    The layout should not slow my website nor the client will have a feeling of wordpress site.

    Please help

    1. Charles Charles says:

      H, are you selling memberships or products? If you are selling memberships then you should check out these plugins If you are selling products I guess you are using WooCommerce? WooCommerce has some great plugins to extnd the functionality of the site, including and others.

      1. Avatar Lovely Kumar says:

        Hey Charles,

        I am selling consulting service like registering private company etc. services and particular services has many milestone/order status .I want to create a customer are where he can see past order,past invoices, upload & download documents and current order status which would be customizable like DIn has been applied and DSC has been applied etc.Please suggest something.

        1. Charles Charles says:

          Hi, it isn’t a WordPress solution, but I can’t help but wonder if you would be better off with a workflow management tool like WorkflowMax. WFM makes it easy to do everything you describe including sharing the status of tasks you are managing for your clients who can also have access to the system. It is a very robust solution and might be easier than building your own system.

          1. Avatar Lovely says:

            Thank you very much for Suggestion…

  3. Avatar Terry says:

    Hi, I am looking for a plugin that is for a membership site that has a dashboard/control panel that my customers can use. They would use a template that I can set up (Simply forms), they would log in and go to these forms all access through there (my account)(my Dashboard) area of the membership site, these forms would then be filled out by my member and saved to their my account, they would be able to add content like photos and pdf files as well. No one else would be able to see their information as its only their info. Could you please suggest a plugin for this
    Regards Terry

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Terry, it’s hard to make a recommendation without knowing alot more about the requirements. It may be that you need some custom development on top of one of the plugins listed above, or you could take a look at these membership plugins which provide lots of access controls:

  4. Avatar vicky says:

    Hi. I am looking for a plug -in for a photographer site. We want to have a client area where they can log in and view their photos.We may a three or for clients at a time. Would the WP Customer Area work OK? I am looking for a free or fairly cheap one!

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Vicky, I think WP Customer Area would be a good choice. The basic plugin is free so no cost to try it out.

  5. Avatar Joshua says:

    Hi I am looking for a pluggin where clients can communicate with me (upload files, receive quotations, invoice) and also where I can allocate work to the freelancers that work for me. Thanks.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Joshua, those are really two different things and I don’t think you will find a single plugin that does both those things well. I’d suggest using one of the Client Area plugins we cover above for customers and perhaps a 3rd party tool like Basecamp to manage projects with Freelancers.

  6. Avatar Adam says:

    Hi Charles
    I am looking for a plugin that will allow my customers to log in to my site and build a customer list (name, address, contact details etc)

    None of my customers can see communicate with each other.

    If there was any way to include the ability to add invoices that would be a massive win

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Adam, I’m not sure quite what you mean by “build a customer list”…does that just mean they can enter details of there customers? Like some kind of CRM system?

  7. Avatar Jamie says:

    Hi, I’m looking for a plugin that allows customers to access certain areas of a portal type system based on a banding system, where the higher banded a customer is, the greater the amount of files etc they can access.

    It would be great if it was mostly hands off with customers registering themselves, selecting and paying for the ‘band level’ themselves.

    Thank you in advance

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Jamie, I think these membership plugins will achieve what you are looking for:

  8. Avatar Scott says:

    Hi Charles. Thanks for your article. I’m creating a site for a group of psycho therapists who need a client portal to manage things like payments, access to secure pages, access to other plugins (scheduling plugin, BirchPress) and the ability for them to manage their profile. Any suggestions?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Scott, any of these plugins will allow you to limit access to specific pages for customers only, but none of them have invoicing and payment processing of the kind I think you need. I’ve not used BirchPress before but I can’t see why it wouldn’t work together with any of these and from what I can tell BirchPress can handle scheduling and payments while the client user plugin can control access to other pages as you might require. Another solution maybe to combine one of the client user plugins with the WP PRO Invoicing plugin. This will let you link user accounts to invoices that can be browsed and paid online (with PayPal), but doesn’t cover the scheduling side of things. My inclination would be to start with BirchPress and WP Customer Area and see how far you can get.

  9. Avatar kenneth says:

    Hey Charles,

    Am working on a shipping wordpress site, I want a registration and login page and then separate client areas for each person that login. Any idea on how to go about this?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Kenneth, what you describe sounds like it could be enabled with one of the plugins we cover here. Maybe try one of the free options like WP Customer Area and see if that does what you need.

  10. Avatar Cassie says:

    A lot of good info in this article, thanks.

    I’ve been trying out a few of these recommended plugins over the last few months, and I have to say that I think WP-Client is definitely the most powerful. Between file sharing, messaging system, private client portals, all built-in, it just does so much! And I like that the developers offer other features (like project managment) that you can sorta “tack-on” to your existing plugin. Love it!

  11. Avatar morne says:

    Hi there
    I am looking for a plugin where a client will be able to see his current services like hosting. like a clientzone with all his info, services, add new services etc

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hmm, I’m not familiar with any plugins that do this. seems to be the most widely used solution for running a hosting business.

  12. Avatar Benard says:

    please if I want to create a school website where students can check their results online using WordPress, which plugin is the best… thanks in anticipation

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Benard, I think any of the free client area plugins above would work to control access. Probably the harder thing is how to manage the presentation of results. You might also investigate what plugins are out there specifically designed for School management, eg. the WordPress School Management Plugin.

  13. Avatar Dave says:

    Hi Bernard. I am wishing to build a membership site where members can categorise tools and upload certification documents to that area and only they have access to them. Is this possible?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Dave, anything is possible of course, but this might take some custom development. The membership part of the equation is easy and could be handled by any of these membership plugins, but the part where members can categorize tools and upload docs isn’t something that these plugins will do natively. I recommend you get very clear about the exact requirements and then approach a local WordPress developer to help put that together for you.

  14. Avatar Emeric says:

    Hello, I want to create a website as for a local market, where users can be categorised as jobs seekers and job providers. Can somebody help me with plugins that can be used for managing these two types of users? And also plugins that can help manage the website as a whole. Thanks in advance

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Emeric, I think the best solution for this type of use case would be one of the App Themes here, either the Hirebee, Taskerr or Jobroller themes look like they might suit your needs.

  15. Avatar Mai says:

    Hello sir

    Thanks for this article. Now sure if u can guide me from ur experince?

    I am looking for a soultion but not pretty sure how to search for it so i said let me Ask.

    I need to make a website where clients will register, then will fill a concept form (for investment projects) then we the managment will see that form and comment on it, we = different users and we each will have different comments that r for internal use only. Then there is a replay to customer for his paper. So customer can follow up his paper through the site and see its status.
    After that concept paper there are other files but it will be same step. Customer send or secure upload, we see comment and discuss, then we replay him.

    Different users (fron our team) are needed. Security is a must. Every client only see his application of course.

    So there is front end where customer upload his files and follow up which step he reached in the complete Application Submition.


    There is internal use between us the team to see these files comments and maybe request other papers from the customer.

    Hope some one can help

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Mai, any of these plugins can handle the client login/account management, but after that I’m not sure you’ll find something off-the-shelf that will support all those requirements. I also wonder if you actually need a WordPress plugin to handle the internal comment/discussion part of the process? Perhaps you could use something like Gravity Forms to create a “concept form” for your clients to submit, and have that send an email to your team to share internally before someone replies to the customer via the website. If you have an existing platform for managing such discussions internally then Gravity Forms could be programmed to send the client form to that system. If you don’t have such a system perhaps you could use something like Slack to handle your internal discussions. Gravity Forms could easily be set up to send form submissions to a Slack channel using this add-on.

      If you do want WordPress to host the internal discussion as well then I think you’d have to look at some custom coding.

  16. Avatar Mathaios says:

    Hey,i need a plugin for a photo editing website that will support the following needs:

    a)The visitor who would like to place an order ,should have to create an account and be able to upload photos in bulk

    b)within each customer account will be available both to the customer and admin, all data from the activity,including orders,date,how many photos are uploaded,status of order

    c)Able to edit invoice

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Mathaios, based on your description I think this would require a fair bit of custom coding.

      The client account management could be handled by any one of these client area plugins, but I’m not aware of any plugins that will handle all your requirements for image and customer order management out of the box. My advice would be to find a local WP developer who can help you put all this together. They might be able to make it work with one or more off the shelf plugins but I’d still expect some custom code needs to be written. Sorry that isn’t very specific.

  17. Avatar Joseph says:

    hello Sir, with your expertise and experience i would love you to help me out with a plugin that can only allow users access result based on pin provided to them.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Joseph, I’m not sure about the use case you have in mind. Do you want to set unique pin numbers for each member? Also, why a pin and not a password? And what type of content do you wish to protect in this way, the whole site or just certain pages?

  18. Avatar Carl says:

    Great article, a lot of good recommendations here! I would like to second the comment from “Cassie” above, I have been using WP-Client ( for quite some time now, and it’s been a great fit for my needs. I use it to provide online music lessons for my students, and the ability to manage clients, share files, send private messages, and even invoice (!) all from one plugin is incredible. Their development team has been top-notch in my experience as well, even adding my specifically requested features in updates! Big thumbs up for WP-Client!

  19. Avatar chris says:

    I am looking to run a research website to feed about 100 managers some Business Intelligence, probably in a graphical format (Power BI or Google Graphs) I want a plugin (ideally freemium) with allows a custom WP page per user depending on login credentials. Any feedback appreciated.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Chris, I’d try WP Customer Area. It will allow you to create user specific pages.

  20. Avatar Wizfreelancer says:

    I am looking for a WP plugin for printing press business. It should allow website owner to create account for his clients. His client will upload some printing files. His client should be able to create accounts for their sub-client. These sub-client should be able to order print of these uploaded files.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi @Wizfreelancer, any of the plugins mentioned above would work for the first level, but I don’t think any of them allow clients to be able to create accounts for their clients (sub-accounts). I am not aware of any plugins which offer this functionality. I think this would require some significant custom coding. Finding a good local developer to help you put this together might be the best option.

  21. Avatar Sophie says:

    Hi, I’ve been asked to set up a Parents Portal on a wordpress site for 10 different schools. Each school will have pages exclusive to them eg discounted prices on products and possibly ability to make these purchases (not sure if I’ll need to integrated with woocommerce here) I want a plugin that allows each parent to login in with username and password (possibly one for each school) but to then type in their parent/student id individual to them. Once logged in with school username, password and student id they will be directed to their schools page with discounts on products. So will any of these plugins allow me to do this?!

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Sophie, I would try any of the free client management plugins to see if it will work for you. In principle I think it should…for each parent login you can set access to the school page for one or more schools. Each parent would have they own username and login. I suppose you could also set a single user for each school which gets used be all parent at that school, though that might open up some security issues. You might also check out the membership plugins we covered…there are some cool advanced features in some of the premium plugins (such as integration with WooCommerce) which might help.

  22. Avatar Festus says:

    Hi Charles,
    What would you recommend for a graphic design startup like me to make use?
    My startup is taking after Undullify and Design Pickle. But I want to build my platform on wordpress.


    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Festus, sorry for the slow reply…I had to think about this one for a while. I *think* what you are after is more a client job management system rather than a simple client content management system. You could try Advanced Client Manager, but I don’t know if that will have the flexibility you really need. It’s only $20 so not expensive to try.

      The challenge is that I don’t think there is anything (afaik) that will do all you need off the shelf. You need a system to manage subscriptions to your service and then will also help you manage jobs/tasks for each of your subscribers. One of the premium membership plugins would be a good option to handle the subscriptions, and then you could use any of the popular help desk plugins like WP Support Plus or SupportEzzy.

      1. Avatar Festus says:

        Thanks for your response Charles.
        I will try them out and give feedback.

  23. Avatar Will says:


    I’m wondering if you can help me with something. I installed today the wp customer area plugin but now any images or media above a certain size won’t upload. It shows an error message.

    If I deactivate the plugin, the media uploader goes back to normal.

    I was really hoping to use this wonderful plugin, but with this problem I’m guessing it won’t be possible.

    Do you know anything about this bug?

    Thank you.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Will, no I havn’t heard of this issue before. Have you tried the support forum? I’d give that a shot, you might find others who’ve solved this problem before:

  24. Avatar Julie says:

    Hi Charles,

    I’ve been reading through the comments an need some help with my site also but I’m not sure the best way to go about it. I’m looking for a plugin that allows 2 types of clients (job seeker & job provider) to log into an account and set up their profile (name, status, phone etc) with the ability to go to a dashboard.

    Within the account, each user has the ability to search for the other (job seeker & job provider) and connect on a topic that one create (i.e. looking for a job in x field).

    Once they connect, they can share files and also comment on each others work/progress.

    What do you recommend here?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Julie, I think what you want is one of the popular app themes like HireBee or Taskerr. Based on your description I think HireBee might be closest to what you are after.

  25. Avatar Michele says:

    Hello, Charles

    I am designing a website for a natural pet food company, and I need an area where retailers can sign up and log into their account to place purchase orders. What is your advice regarding my best options?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Michele, I think any of these plugins will do the job of managing retailer access to place orders. The harder part is putting together the order management system. I presume you are using WooCommerce to power this?

  26. Avatar Katrina says:

    Hi Charles. Thanks for your article.

    What do you think will work for Company Web Portal with options to:
    – allow customers to upload video/pdf/images, product description content to website (dedicated page per manufacturer).
    – And a chat/message support for customer

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Katrina, based on your simple description of requirements I would be inclined to go with WP Customer Area. The basic plugin is free, but they also have some great premium extensions if you need to add more sophisticated functionality. I don’t think however that they have anything to provide chat support. For that you might want t o add something simple like the Chat plugin. There are also a bunch of others to choose from. Hope that helps.

  27. Avatar Toon says:

    Great article Charles, and I’ve looked at some of the mentioned plugins.
    But what I want to achieve is the following:

    I want to create a website (e.g. where my clients (A) buy an account on a per month or per year basis.
    With this account they must be able to create support forms (based on a provided template) for their clients (B) with a unique user-ID & password. So client B also gets an account on, provided to them by client A.
    So client (B) of my client (A) logs in to this website ( and only has access to the support form that was created by my client (A).
    All activity is done within the same website/domain I provide ( and where my client (A) initially signed up.
    Administration, registration and editing of these clients (B) must be done at the front-end by my client A.
    I’ve looked at WP-Client to get this working, but that required a so called ‘Manager’ role for my client (A) that gives access to the WordPress Back-End, something I definitely don’t want. I want everything done and managed at the front-end.
    Is there a way to create such a site with existing plug-ins (and if so, which one) or must this be custom build.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Toon, if I understand your description I think you want to create a hosted support platform for others to use in their own business, is that right? If so I can’t think of any of the shelf plugins that will support this model, and I think it would require some substantial custom coding.

  28. Avatar Trishen says:

    Hi Charles. I want to launch a tutoring website. There needs to be login for tutors and students. Which plugin will be best suited for this task? Only the students will buy tutoring hour packages. The tutors will need to be able to submit their scanned logged hours of tutoring to get paid (tutor payment will not be done via the website). Please advise?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Trishen, how do you expect the students and tutors to interact? Does that happen through the site? Is it chat based or do they just need a space to upload and download documents?

  29. Avatar marc says:

    looking for free member area plugin- mainly for users upload of images and video links.

    i tried some of the popular ones (ultimate member, WP customer area)- but they seem to miss what i really want..

    Any suggestions?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Maybe you need to combine a user management plugin to control access, with a form plugin like Gravity Forms to manage the upload/submission process.

  30. Avatar Marc says:

    Hi Charles, thank you for your quick reply 🙂

    What i basically want is for each user to have a dedicated page where he can upload pics and videos.
    For this i need a plugin that has user registration and upload capabilities..

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Marc, have you considered combining plugins? WP Customer Area can give you a dedicated user page on which you can include upload forms built using Gravity Forms.

  31. Avatar Jounter says:

    Hello Charles, great post thank you !
    we are looking to create a sharing files website with membership system :

    Membres who upload and share their files get a premium access and can download files uploaded by other membres. By default they get one month access, if they continue to share they will get another month, etc. Else they loose access.

    On another side, we will manually add those files and members permissions to an owncloud server to let them synchronize/download files, we believe thats cant be automated.

    Hope its clear?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Jounter, I’ve been thinking about your requirements and I can’t think of any way to achieve this with off the shelf plugins. The memerbship/account management process which is tied to a users uploads I think is a custom coding job. I suggest posting your requirements to Codeable and seeing what kind of quotes they come back with…keep in mind the more detailed you can describe your requirements the better the quote will be.

  32. Avatar Sparkle says:

    Hi im the owner of a dance fitness. And i want to licence it out. Im thinkn of a portal that loads my music and choreography where they get to access one at a time once a month once their monthy fee to me has been paid. But a system that can automatically tell if they have paid so i dont have to keep tabs. I want to be able to upload a few years worth say 60 . But they can only access one a month. It has to be where it doesnt have of users that can log on, snd maybe that each month has a new user or log on

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Sparkle, I would look at one of the premium options we cover in this article on membership plugins:

  33. Avatar Dia says:

    Hi Charles,

    What do you recommend for a doctor who would like patients to be able to join his site to schedule appointments and be able to keep track of their info from a “member’s area”? Thank you so much!

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Dia, I would combine one of the client area plugins listed above (say WP Customer Area or WP Client) with an appointments plugin like the excellent Appointments Plus. The appointment setting feature can be public, while you can then set up private login area for each client after their first appointment.

  34. Avatar Amir says:

    Thanks for the article and patiently answering all the questions.

    Actually I am trying to find a plugin by with manage a mechanic shop.

    For that I need to be able to set the clients profile as their name, contact, car model, VIN# and …

    and on the list of the clients I need to be able to search by each of those.

    Also I need to be able to save the services have been done on each visit for them , create invoice and save the invoice and client’s history.

    something like whmcs which you have told before, but being able to customize it for a mechanic shop.

    Also I need to have a Form like system, by searching a car model/year, having a list of different areas of the car ( i.e. the width of the brake shoes), filled with some standard info, and be able to change them if needed manually. When it completed I want to print that and also save it on customer profile.

    Any recommendation for these?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Amir, sorry for the slow reply, I’ve been thinking about this one and I do think that you are going to need to do some customization to achieve what you want. Elements of your requirements can be handled by WP Customer Area, including invoicing and I think also service history. But the “Form like system” in which clients can search areas of the car to find specific information (parts info I guess) and then print this and save to their profile…that seems like a custom solution. I can’t think of an off-the-shelf plugin that would enable that. You could try Codeable and see if they can give you a quote for something like this. You’ll want to define the requirements for the custom features very carefully in great detail so they can give you a good quote.

  35. Avatar Jason says:

    Hi Charles,
    I run a title company where we do title, escrow, and closings for real estate transactions.
    I would like a client portal where real estate agents and loan officers could log in, view any active files with our company, and see a progress meter or checklist to know what has been done on their file, and what else needs to be completed.

    Do you recommend anything in particular?


    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Jason, any of these plugins could be used to manage the client portal part of your requirement (I’m a fan of WP Customer Area), but the progress meter/checklist functionality to track progress sounds like custom development to me. I’m not aware of any plugins that would do that specifically.

  36. Avatar John says:

    Hi! Which plugins are available that are used for banking? Clients can view their profile, the services they are using, etc..

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi John, I don’t think there are any plugins designed for Banking, and I can’t imagine any banks would rely on WordPress for an online banking application…that requires a whole other level of security that WordPress doesn’t cater for.

  37. Avatar Eddie says:

    Hi Charles

    A great article! Thanks.

    I wonder if you could advise me on something? I have built a WordPress website using the Massive Dynamic theme, but now need to implement the following features:
    – Members only area with member specific pages
    – PDF/Word documents that can be seen only by that specific user (as they will contain company sensitive information)

    Also, do you know if it is possible to auto populate Word/PDF documents using such a service? As this would save me countless man hours!!

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Eddie, the free version of WP Customer Area will meet the needs of specific customer/member only pages to deliver unique content to each. Auto-populating Word and PDF docs though is a whole other level of sophistication which I don’t think any of these plugins can handle. They are all about user access and content control. Dynamically generating docs based on membership/user information would likely require some fairly serious custom development. You could start by submitting a project quote request to a service like Codeable who offer ad-hoc developer support.

  38. Avatar Lynn says:

    Hi Charles. I need a plugin for my real estate photography site that will allow my agents to download pictures (both large and small image files). Also, I want to be able to make it private and somehow I can control who can access these files. Hope that makes sense. Thanks for any help!

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Lynn, I’d definitely start by trying WP Customer Area. I think that the basic free version will meet your needs, but they also have a range of premium add-ons that might be useful too.

  39. Avatar Naomi Byrne says:

    Hi, thank you for this post.
    Could you please recommend a plugin or theme that will allow the following:
    Existing clients can log in to a client area on the website where they can search through and download a database of 2000+ images and pdfs.
    1) Clients log in. 2) Searchable Image database
    Thanks, Naomi

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Naomi, based on your requirements I think you probably want to look at one of these membership plugins. One of the free options will let you control member access, but if you wanted to charge for access the premium versions will let you manage paid subscription access. The harder part is probably providing the searchable database of images and PDFs. I would start by looking at Search WP which can be configured to index PDFs in your media library which the native WP search function doesn’t do.

  40. Avatar Kristen says:

    Your patience in answering all of these questions is amazing.

    I run a marketing services company. I’d like to add a client side to my site that allows my clients to login in to a private page (ie: individual logins for each client) and have access to the files we’ve done for them. For example, we offer real estate photography. I would like for a client to login and see each of their folders (we arrange by address) so that they can access files for that address (ie: photos, flyers, etc). It would build with each file that we add so that if in 6 months an agent needed that flyer again, they could just login and download it from the client portal. Any suggestions?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Kristen, based on your requirements I’d be inclined to try WP Customer Area. The base plugin is free so it is a great place to start, and you might find that this is all you need (enables private files by customer), but they also offer a range of great add-ons which I feel sure will let you do all you need.

  41. Avatar Mike says:

    Hello Charles, We need a customer portal to integrate into our Internet Telephone Service new freeside billing system. It uses XML-RPC API

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Mike, I can’t say I’ve got any experience doing that kind of integration with any of these plugins. My gut feel would be to reach out to the developers of WP Customer Area and WP Client and ask their advice.

  42. Avatar Kim Rosendahl says:

    Hi Charles,

    Fantastic article. It is really enlightening!
    Maybe you can help me with what kind of plugin I can use. I am still a bit confused about what to search for exactly.
    I would like to make a portal, where you can sign up, and fill in your ‘expertise/service’, whereas you can be found by normal visitors who are looking for your expertise/service. normal visitors can search without logging in. And it would be able to make a transaction online. Would that be possible?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Kim, have you checked out the AppThemes Tasker and Hirebee? They are online marketplace themes which I think offer the kind of functionality you are after.

  43. Avatar rohit says:

    Dear Charles,
    I want to make a daily deal site where local merchants like restaurants,bar owners can post their daily discounts and also share it on social networks…
    Customers visiting my site can see their posts and get the deals,
    I want merchants can login and personally post the deals with pictures.
    Could you please help me out In this.

    And also if customer want to get more than one deal with same or from different merchants I want to give them additional discounts.
    How could I make this work on WordPress.
    I have no knowledge of coding.
    Please help me,I’ll be really grateful to you.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Rohit, have you looked at themes like CouponXL, Couponize and Kupon? These all offer features and function very close to what you are looking for.

  44. Hey Folks!
    I am designing a website offering custom tutorials based on uploaded docs from the client. So I need a solution for membership (I’m starting with PaidMembershipsPro) with document upload limits according to the service level chosen.
    Each member would need their password -protected member’s area with upload/download ability, and no access to other users data.
    I would like to be able to add files for download only for that particular customer.
    I’d like to also be able to delete the older files after a few months.
    Should I just use good ol’ email addresses? Or is there a more professional-looking, secure solution? I am building with a view to scale the customer base, which means other staff would also need access

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Logan, membership sites are about delivering the same content to memberships (often at various levels), but it sounds more like you want to enable upload and download of custom content for each client. I’d try using WP Customer Area rather than PaidMembershipsPro. The basic plugin is free but they also have some neat premium extensions.

  45. Avatar Rohit says:

    Dear Charles,
    The themes you suggested me are really nice and will solve most of my problem.
    But at this point of time when I’m just starting up I cannot afford a Paid theme,
    I will be really honoured if you review my problem again and suggest me something like any plugin I can use to make it done.
    Thanks and regards,

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Rohit, based on your description of requirements I think you will struggle to build this by cobbling together free plugins, and even if you can then the cost in time and effort will be much greater than the cost of these premium themes. That said, perhaps you could use a free business directory theme (like this, or search for others), and extend this so local businesses can add details of their deals. Using a Custom Fields Plugin you might be able to add special deals field information to the business listing pages, but like I say this is going to be difficult and time consuming. If you can scrape together the money for one of those premium themes it will save you lots of time and effort and the end result will probably be better too.

  46. Avatar Rohit says:

    Dear Charles,
    Thanks for the reply.
    Can I use woocommerce plugin to do the same?
    Anyways as you suggest I’ll try to get one of those themes,It will cost a lot in India,But I’ll try to borrow from some friend.
    I really appreciate your time and patient for answering all the queries
    Thanks and regards,

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Rohit, WooCommerce is a plugin to enable ecommerce, ie. for selling things on your site, not for listing deals by local merchants. It also has no features for enabling local businesses to list their own deals. You could conceivably use it as a framework for custom building something like your requirements, but it would be more expensive and time consuming. I know that the premium themes are not cheap, but they really will be the easiest route to achieve the features you are after…just be sure to research each option to make sure you get the best one for your specific requirements.

  47. Avatar Kevin says:

    Hi Charles,
    Am looking to create a student’s portal page. Where each student can log in and access individual documents such as exam results, without having access to other students’ files.

    Additionally, the student should only have to capability to view and download the information in his/her account without having the ability to delete it. A capability only an administrator should have.

    What free or paid plugins can help me do this?


    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Kevin, any of these plugins should do it. They allow you to create client specific pages (or student specific in your case), which only they can see. You can post information and downloads there which they can access but can’t remove or change. Probably the bigger problem is how to effectively administer a large number of user/student accounts. I’d look carefully at the options above (contacting the developer if necessary) to look at the specifics of their user management and see which one fits your needs the best.

  48. Avatar steve says:

    Hi Charles,

    Looking for a very secure way (hard to hack) for clients to login a portal and be able to private message me, with email alerts and securely access FAQ’s page privately.

    What would be best way to do this?


    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Steve, I can’t comment on the strength of the security protocols for any of these plugins specifically (I’ve never tested this), but I’d guess they all use pretty standard best practices to protect user accounts. On top of this you ought to force https for all visitors if you are especially concerned with security.

      I’d also say that the secureness of a user account often comes down to the users own practices…if they use an easy to guess or brute force password then it doesn’t matter what you do.

  49. Avatar Rohit says:

    Dear Charles,
    I’ve made my prototype website for local restaurants and bars to give their deals,as per now they have to mail me all the details like photos,daily deal descriptions,their store specifications etc.
    Please visit and go to any restaurants or bars page that I’ve made….
    Now I want my clients to self upload their photos and details in the same format as my pages are(please visit the website as it’ll give you the clear idea).
    Also I want their pictures to zoom in when clicked by a customer and let him see more images of the same restaurant,Like we scroll images in facebook.
    Also how can I provide my clients creative poster templates to advertise and share it on social media.
    Will payment gateway help me without using woocommerce as I want customers to book their seat in desired restaurant from there only

    Your advices are really valuable for me.
    I really appreciate your patience and dedication to your work…

    Have a good day Charles,

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Rohit, for establishments to be able to upload their own details/images you could set up a form which saves the entered details as a draft post for you to review and publish. The easiest way to do this would be to use something like Gravity Forms which makes it easy to create custom front end forms and save the inputs as a draft post. Gravity Forms is a premium plugin but the cost is much less than the cost of hiring a developer to build this functionality for you which is the other option.

      You could experiment with some of these free and paid WordPress photo gallery plugins to find one that delivers the experience you are after for images.

      The booking engine is complicated…how do you know if a table or seat is available at a given restaurant at a given time? How will you send the booking details to the restaurant or bar? What if you accept a booking and the establishment has no room? This a complex process to enable. Gravity Forms could also be used to build a booking form with integrated payments (they support many payment gateways), but that still wouldn’t solve the other issues…or maybe they don’t matter?

      I know you want to do this on the cheap with little budget available, but I have to say, what you describe in non-trivial and I think you need to expect to spend some money to get this working.

  50. Avatar Rohit says:

    Dear Charles,

    I’m really thankful for your reply,I had words with few establishments,they are ready to put their deals on my website in return of online marketing of their stores,
    I’ll be upgrading my website after few days,just I need a prototype to let people know what I’m doing…I’ll standardize the services of the lesser known establishments and will help them attract more customers.
    There are few other things I’ll be doing rather than deals as creative marketing of my clients etc.
    I just want to make this prototype working for few days.Later I’ll hire someone to take care of all the web developments,
    Right now I cannot afford it,but anyhow I need to have this prototype working.
    Your suggestions really help me moving forward in this journey.
    Really thank you charles

  51. Avatar Jeremy says:

    Hi Charles,

    There is so much great information in these comments! Thanks so much. Maybe you can help me as well.

    We are looking for a plugin which will allow us to define “Agencies”, (or companies, or clients, whatever you want to call them) and Agency Users. Agency users should only see documents/posts from their own agency. Also, we can give an Agency User admin status. An Agency Admin can e-sign documents.

    I have used WP-Client before, but am thinking there are simpler options out there. Do you have any thoughts?

    Thanks again.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Jeremy, I’d take a look at WP Customer Area. Their extensions provide some really smart grouping functionality which I think will achieve your concept of Agency groups, and you can indeed assign group admins. The only piece missing I think is the e-signing. Honestly I don’t know much about this, but I wonder if you could use the ApproveMe plugin to enable this in conjunction with something like WP Customer Area to handle the group management?

  52. Avatar Patrick says:

    Hi charles,

    I am working on a project whereby users will fill the form and we will register them manually after registering them we will create their group. we will set the group administrator and he will add members in his groups through the group dashboard not the back-end dashboard. as we want to group our users in groups we want to create their private dashboard where they will be able to view the package we sent them and be able to download them, they will be able to trace also the previous package we sent them. note that the groups are private, users of the website can’t see other group except the one he belongs to and he can’t see other users within the same group.

    I was wondering if there is a plugin i can use for this?
    I appreciate any help

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Patrick, I think that WP Customer Area may be able to achieve what you are trying to do. With their Managed Groups extension I think you have pretty much everything you need. I’m not sure though what you mean by “view packages” and “trace packages”, can you elaborate?

  53. Avatar CN says:

    Will this plugin allow me to create the following for example:

    Client A
    project > A
    project > B
    (Team collaboration set 1)

    Client B
    project > X
    project >Y
    (Team collaboration set 2)


    And in each space comments and documents can be securely shared (uploaded and downloaded).

    Thank you

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Chris, I think your best bet is WP Customer Area – check out their extensions for advanced collaboration and document sharing functions.

  54. Avatar joe says:

    Hi great jobs, please am about to develop an online sport betting website, i need a plugin that can manage user logins where users will be able to view their balance, place a bet based on their account balance and see their winning. i also need a wordpress plugin to manage sports news feed, and a plugin to enable all visitors see the statistic of live match. something like . help me on every tools i need to put up an online sport betting site like bet365 and others. Thanks

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Joe, I’m afraid I can’t be of much help on this one. What your describe is not trivial…indeed it is pretty advanced stuff which you would need to get custom coded. You certainly can’t replicate Bet365 with WordPress and a few plugins. You can certainly find plugins for displaying a newsfeed from another source, and any of the plugins listed above can manage user accounts, but the whole sports betting thing is complex and not served by any off the shelf plugins that I know of.

  55. Avatar Kenny says:

    Hi! Which plugins are available that are used for banking? Clients can view their profile, their current transaction and account balance

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Kenny, I’m not aware of any banking plugins and honestly I can’t imagine any financial institute using WordPress to power their customer facing websites. For that kind of use case you need some seriously heavy duty application security protocols which WordPress is not suitable for.

  56. Avatar Pace says:

    Hey great article, I was hoping you could recommend something for me.

    Im not looking for anything too complicated, which is why i think the Wp client area is over kill.

    I have a photography site where I would like defined clients, have the ability to see protected portfolios.

    The portfolios are all the same, but access to them would be through a username and login.

    Any help appreciated…

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Pace, if the protected content is all the same, does the login need to be unique to all clients? I ask because the simplest solution could be to use WordPresses baked in password protection for posts. You can share a common password with any client you want to access specific posts/galleries.

      If you want unique usernames/passwords then you will want to use something like WP Client, through I wonder if your use case wouldn’t be better suited to one of the free membership plugins we wrote about here. Like the client management plugins they control access to specific content on the site.

      1. Avatar Pace says:

        Thanks Charles,

        Im going to test a few of your recommendations. Im trying to build a client area as well as the protected portfolios, so maybe i need a combination of tools.

        1. Charles Charles says:

          You’re welcome. I’d be interested to hear back when you’ve found the solution that suits your specific requirements. All the best.

  57. Avatar Sue says:

    I am looking for a plug in for my small dog rescue group. Each of our dogs have medical records of their own, and I would like to be able to make a page for each dog and update as things get done for the dog. I would like to be able to assign a user name and password to that dogs information at the time the page is created and then when the dog is adopted be able to give the adopter that user name and password so they can access and download the medical records for that dog.

    Would also need to be able to update the pages without knowing each pages username and password.

    What do you suggest?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Sue, WordPress actually has a password protection feature for posts which allows you to set a password for any post. This is probably the easiest possible way to achieve your goal. It doesn’t require any plugins and doesn’t allow you to set a username, just a single password which can be unique for each post/dog record and allows only the people with the password to access the content.

  58. Avatar Debbie says:

    Hi Charles

    I’ve been looking for a plug-in which will allow clients to log (maintenance) job requests and enable me to manage them all in one place. Having read this article and comments I decided that WP-Client would be the best way forward, so have purchased WP-client with the Project Management extension. The problem is I am now struggling with setting it up. I was hoping there would be step-by-step video tutorials, but there are only two to get you started with the basics – and then all you have is the support desk.

    I still believe this is the best product for my needs. Can you offer any advice?

    Many thanks.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Debbie, it is true that WP Client is powerful, but that does make it non-trivial to set up. I’m not aware of any other detailed configuration and set up guides. I’d ask the developer if they know of any guides/tutorials developed by users. Sometimes popular plugins like WP Client have passionate users who create their own guides and tutorials to augment the official documentation. Sorry I can’t be more helpful on this.

  59. Avatar Nassy says:


    Really hope you can help us with an advice.

    We need a plugin that will allow clients to book service plan and pay for it however we need to store the information so that member of staff can verify at any point,etc. Basically they will be signing up for monthly contracts choosing from different available plans so company employees should login to check status of payment and the customer can login and update their contract too.

    Please advise if you are aware of anything similar that may work.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Nassy, there are a few ways I can imagine tacking this use case. You could try any of the premium membership plugins we cover here. They all enable recurring billing options (like a service plan) and allow the user to manage their profile online. Alternatively you could use the WooCommerce plugin and this subscription payment extension to enable recurring billing of the monthly service contracts. Hope that helps.

  60. Avatar Shone says:

    Hello Charles,

    I am into building a website that offers photo editing services. I would like my clients to be able to create accounts, place orders and attach photos for editing along with the instructions in them, pay for the service and download the files once they’re finished (on my side). Is it possible with wp-client or I should look for some other solutions?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Shone, yes I think WP Client would be a good option. It can handle the user account management as well as invoicing and online payments. If the core WP Client features don’t deliver exactly what you need, you could also use Gravity Forms to create a custom order form with integrated payment options (using WP client just for the user account management).

  61. Avatar Gabriel says:

    I need to build a very simple website.
    Clients need to register and then login. Each client has it is on board where they can upload daily pictures with their meal. The moderator can see all boards but clients can only see their own.
    Like a forum thread, but private for each user with the ability to attach pictures to their posts.
    I was thinking at forum site with some member ship plugin that will hide the rest of the forums for the other users.
    Any idea will be appreciated

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Gabriel, this one has me a bit stumped. Do you need a paid subscription management capability as well? I presume users are paying for this service? If so you could look at one of these membership plugins which will handle all that, but I’m not sure if they can handle the private content, typically they are used for one (you) to many (subscribers) type communications rather than one to one. You could reach out to the plugin developers to find out if they could be used in this use case.

  62. I have a wordpress site I need to make more user friendly. I would like a web visitor to be able to sign up to become a member (creating a login and password). From there I would like the new member/existing member to be able to login to a private page (only visible to me and the client) where they can place an order, track the order and upload material. I would like to be able to put material out there periodically for them to download too. Thank you for your help!!

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Kristina, I think that WP Client would cover this, and you could use Gravity Forms to build order forms (including upload functionality).

  63. Avatar Hamza says:

    Hey there , i’m creating some website to sell art , i want users to log in and just edit their names , passwords , and I WANT THEM TO SEE THEIR PREVIOUS ORDERS , is there anyway to do that ? please i need help

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Hamza, what you describe is a standard feature of WooCommerce or pretty much any ecommerce plugin for WordPress. I presume if you are selling art you are using one of the popular ecommerce plugins, yes?

  64. Avatar Janine says:

    Hi Charles,
    Thanks for all your information and help.
    On my website I need a single login page which gives access to specific information (downloadable PDF’s, forms and pages with text) only for clients.
    At this stage one login for all clients is enough, but at a later stage I may need different logins for different clients.
    Which plugin would you advice?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Janine, if you want to start with a single password to a specific page then you don’t need any plugins. WordPress has a core feature which allows you to set a password for a specific page or post. Use this feature to protect the content on that page and share the password with your client. If you do need to manage access for multiple clients then I’d look at WP Custom Area which I tend to use myself.

  65. Avatar Ambrish Nigam says:

    Hello Charles,

    I am working on a site where I would be distributing video lectures to students through my website. So I need solution to following problems

    1) The head of the institution can see how many number of students is using the service and what is the avg time spent and other analytics.

    2) Students can login the website and see the lectures.

    3) There would be multiple institutions who would be using our service so multiple institution heads would be using our service. So there should separate monitor for them to visualize their respective institution.

    4) Also multiple teachers would be posting their videos so multiple seller accounts. As teachers here would act as a seller as they would be selling their lectures.

    5) And students would just be paying for a monthly subscription fees to visualize all the lectures at one place.

    Can you suggest me plugin for them. It would be of great help.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Ambrish, that sounds like an interesting and ambitious project. You may not find a plugin which does everything you need out of the box. I think you should expect to need some degree of customization. That said…

      I would think the best way to build this site would be to use one of the off the shelf courseware/LMS plugins available for WordPress. These would certainly be a lot faster and cheaper to build on that trying to develop from scratch. There are a few options out there…

      • WP Courseware – Based on my (limited) understanding of your project this is where I would start. Integrates with all the big membership plugins as well which will be useful for controlling access and subscriptions (assuming you are selling access to your course). Also works with Buddypress which would be useful if you want to enable some social features for students.
      • Learnpress
      • Learndash
      • Sensei

      Hope that helps.

  66. Avatar Rob says:

    Hello I am trying to create a portal for freelance carers in my hometown exactly like this using wordpress:

    – Create member profile
    – Clients can find freelancer
    – Message inbox for each member
    – Scheduled job log

    Any suggestion really appreciated

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Rob, have you looked at the Hirebee theme? It is a freelance marketplace theme for WordPress.

  67. Avatar Remedy Borngreat says:

    Hello Charles ,
    Thank you for the good work, for give me my English is very bad,
    i want to add new product as Variable product in woo-commence and i the Variation to be base on the what you choose , example let say i have Food | drink as the attributes now when some one choose Food i want the next option he see is all about thing that has to do with food , and when he choose drink the same he or she should only see product that have to do with drink , like coke , tea, coffee and so on. please what plugin can really do this for me , i have add ons from woo-commence but still not helping.
    Thank you in advance

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Remedy, you should direct this question to the support team at WooCommerce. They are the best people to help with this.

  68. Avatar Tim says:

    We would like to do the following? What would you recommend?

    We would like to give usernames/passwords to our clients, they would then sign in and be presented with an order form, they would fill in the required fields and hit send. This would then email someone with there information. But I would also like to have a history of recent orders so that if they want to order the same thing they could see history of what they have ordered in the past and place another order.

    I’m thinking it could be as simple as a contact form that remembers what they sent last time and shows the history.


    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Tim, I’d look at WP Customer Area for your client management and Gravity Forms to power your order submission form. There is another plugin GF Data Persistence Add-on which saves form entry data and would make re-order very simple if customers typically order the same thing on a regular basis. Alternatively you might be able to use Gravity Forms with Gravity View to display the details of previously submitted orders, though I’ve not actually used this before and can’t tell you if it would be smart enough to display a given customers specific orders. Did you need to have online payment processing as well?

  69. Avatar Gem says:

    Hi Charles

    Do you know of a plug in that will allow user to request a quote for services, the request gets sent to (conditional logic) vendors (minus user contact details) and the venodor resonse is sent to user direct or to an admin?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Gem, interestingly we’ve just finished building a site very similar to what you describe. We used Gravity Forms to power the request form functionality. GF has conditional logic built in so it can do that part of the requirements, though in the end we didn’t enable that feature because we found that we need manual review of requests before sending them on to vendors (it’s the internet so people submit junk sometimes). You could also use GF to enable a response form functionality where you pass the request ID to a link which Vendors click on and then submit their response. This request id can be submitted with the form so you know which request it relates to. It would require some custom coding to automate the response through to users, or you could manually process these too…in which case you could use Gravity Forms right off the shelf to handle these requirements. I hope that helps.

  70. Avatar Bella Owen says:

    How do I create a portal for my partner companies where they can log in and manage leads that are assigned to their individual portal pages off either Gravity or Formidable forms? Once the leads are in the company’s portals, sales managers need to be able to assign those leads to their individual sales people (who can only see their own leads). Admin also needs to be able to upload documents to companies’ portals.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Bella, if you are using Gravity Forms to collect leads online you might be able to use Gravity View to display collected leads to your partners, using something like WP Customer Area to manage partner login and access. But the requirements you describe sound more complicated than that, with the ability to assign leads to sales people etc. If you want to do all that inside a WordPress powered site I expect you’d need to do a whole lot of custom development.

      That said, it occurs to me that your partner companies might have their own pipeline/CRM systems for managing leads. Perhaps you can use Gravity Forms with Zapier to send leads directly into their systems?

  71. Avatar Douglas says:


    First I have to say thank you for taking the time to answer all of these questions.

    I now have some of my own, please help.

    I have two clients, client A (multiple clients and are the buyer of products) and client B (who are multipal unlimited providers of products)

    Client A and B are able to register an account.

    The buyer can view all the providers wares and then choose which product he will purchase.

    The actual purchase does not happen on the site, the site will only be used to enable the seller a platform to show off his product to the buyer, when the buyer has decided to buy they communicate via e-mail and set up a time to meet in person.

    So I need a theme or plugin that can display the products/video of multiple providers so that it can be viewed by multiple potential buyers.

    If you know of something please let me know. If it requires custom work could you please recommend someone who is able to code it for me.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Douglas, I’m not sure I understand your use case exactly. You want to be able to present product information from multiple vendors so that buyers can browse these. If they want to buy they will communicate directly with the vedor via email. Is that correct? It sounds like a fairly simple classified ads type use case, in which case there are many plugins and themes which enable this type of site, eg. Classipress (searching around will reveal many more options).

      Or maybe I havn’t understood the use case properly? If you have more information to help me understand I’m happy to try and help.

      For custom development I always suggest looking for a local developer you can work with. You can certainly offshore development, but in most cases it is easier and less risky to work with someone locally.

  72. Avatar David says:

    Hello Charles!

    Im creating a website mainly for food delivery service and will partnering with various kind of restaurant in my area. Im looking for a plugin where I can personally interact with my registered member and restaurant. Registered member (customer) will have a simple profile to check their delivery point whereas restaurant will have a profile to monitor their sales and chat or comment column to interact with the admin.

    Thank you so much and appreciate.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi David, will food orders also be placed on your site or are they made directly with the restaurant and your site is just to manage the delivery? You mention the restaurant will be able to monitor sales so I am guessing the same is made on your website? Based on my understanding of your use case I don’t think this is an off the shelf plugin, or even a combination of ready made plugins. It sounds like a fairly decent sized custom development job. My recommendation would be to connect with a local developer with whom you can spend some time unpacking the requirements and developing a solution. Some elements may be served by existing plugins but it does sound like a fair bit of custom dev work as well.

      1. Avatar David says:

        Thanks Charles!

        Food menus and orders are placed on my site. I’ll do the delivery but at the same time I want the restaurant aware of the incoming orders so I can just pick up and do the delivery.

  73. Avatar yann says:

    Hi Charles i’m totally new to this. But I would like this to work. I’m creating a Webportal… Where I want to be able to have a client login acces they can register trough a form then have a profile that they can upload documents, and or edit the profile… also it needs a staff login where different staff can have a profile and acces clients data and add them to their profile… in the end the client also needs 2 fill a form that they will send the details to another companies mailadress… So I need a clients login&register and a staff login&register and both acces to profile their profile when the clients can uploaded their documents they fill in another form that will autosend mail to that 2nd companie

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Yann, I’m not sure I understand your requirements exactly, but it sounds like you could probably achieve most of what you need with WP Customer Area and something like Gravity Forms to power the form you mentioned and handle the conditional logic to send the inputs to the address you need to. The part I’m least clear on is where you mention that staff can add clients to their profile. I’m not sure what you mean there, but I presume you want certain staff to look after their own clients, and WP Custom Area I think will cover this.

  74. Avatar Micah J. Turner says:

    Hi im looking to build a site for my portrait photography business that has customer created user accounts. Within the customer area i need;
    A proof gallery that disables right click download and screen captures, but will display high resolution images.
    A cart based system where users can select a portrait to add to the cart with options for print size, paper type and framing options. Additionally, i need a digital rights option that will provide access to the file after purchase.

    Is there a plugin, or group of plugins that can do this? Or do i need to work with code/hire a developer to make this happen?

    Hmmm… also, is there a way to have a shared schedule, such that a customer can use a calender to select available openings and have a confirmation email sent when the time is scheduled? Can this happen in real time, so customers cannot double book?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Micah, I recommend you checkout Nextgen Gallery Pro which has ecommerce features specifically designed for photographers to sell their work. It has download protection features, but honestly I don’t think there is anyway you can technically stop screen captures. The best solution is watermark your proofs and Nextgen does offer this feature too.

      In terms of a plugin to manage bookings/appointments I would take a look at Birchpress, Booking Calendar, Appointment Calendar, Simple Booking Calendar or Appointments+.

  75. Avatar Chris says:

    Hi Charles,

    Looking to build out a financial services site, where clients can register and then communicate with mortgage and real estate professionals- fill out loan applications and upload/download all necessary documents for property closing.

    Something that I can customize and build or have built relatively quickly. Would you recommend WP Client for that?


    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Chris, as long as you take the necessary steps to make sure the site is very secure (personal financial info etc) then you could use WP Client to manage user access etc, and something like Gravity Forms to build forms etc. Your requirements sound simple enough. I think the security issues are probably the bigger challenge. For this kind of application you can’t afford to be compromised at any point.

      1. Avatar Christopher says:

        Great, thanks Charles.

        Do you have a good recommendation for security software?

        1. Charles Charles says:

          Hi Chris, take a look at Wordfence, Sucuri, BulletProof, iTHemes Security, SecurityScan and 6Scan. We’ve also written a bit about WordPress security here.

          That said, I think in a financial services use case the importance of this is too great to just rely on some free plugins. They are good to be sure, but I would also recommend you find a good local developer with whom to discuss your particular requirements and make sure that you do absolutely everything necessary to secure the site.

  76. Avatar Elsie says:

    Hi Charles,
    I wonder if you could help me please?

    I have built a website using the Divi template for a school. Now the governors want a private area just for them (plus the one school admin who has access to the wp site back end). They want to be able to share information between themselves in this area securely. Upload documents etc. But this area must not be public, so they each have to log-in to it to gain access I suppose.

    I’ve read up on how to make private pages that one person can access, but would love your thoughts on how to create this private sharing space – (I don’t want to make each governor wp admin in case they screw up the site by accident).

    Many thanks for your time.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Elsie, there are a number of intranet plugins to provide intranet like functionality using WordPress. To keep things simple I would be inclined to set up a separate subdomain (e.g. and use one of these plugins or perhaps Simple Intranet for this purpose. You could even lock the subdomain down with a password so only staff and stakeholders with the password can see the intranet.

  77. Avatar Yusuf says:

    Hi Charles. Incredible work you’re doing here. Keep it up.

    I run an accounting firm and would like my clients to access their archived documents in their personal login area. Any recommendations for this? Also, will wordpress be able to handle that much data?

    Im a complete noob at this stuff so I do apologise if my questioning is vacuous. Thanks in advance.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Yusuf, you can certainly use one of the plugins above to manage client access to a special area where they can access and download archived documents. The thing is you will have to manually upload and maintain these archives. These plugins won’t integrate with any backend systems you might have without a great deal of custom development. I’d also think very carefully about security. When you are talking about personal finance and accounting information it is very sensitive so you simply can’t afford to have it compromised in any way. WordPress is brilliant as a simple publishing tool, and using plugins it can be extended in many clever ways very easily. But it certainly wasn’t designed for applications that require heavy security. It can be secured, but again you’d want to engage with an experienced developer to make sure your installation was bullet proof. I have a feeling there are probably other specialist solutions for your specific use case that would probably be more appropriate.

  78. Avatar Bryon Severns says:

    Is there a plugin to enable customers to make reservations and pay for RV parking?
    They need to search calendar for availability and then select dates and pay by credit card.
    We need a way to verify that visitors at RV park have a valid registration and paid.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Bryon, I’m not aware of any plugins specifically for this purpose. But there are a number of plugins available for managing bookings generally and one of these will probably suit your needs. I’d take a look at Bookly, Appointment Booking Calendar, WP Simple Booking Calendar or Birchpress..

  79. Avatar Simon A. says:

    Hi Charles,
    great post.
    Iam right now working on a site with the following requirements:
    – user can submit a form and a video
    – admin has overview about all forms and videos in one dashboard
    – admin can move the form and video to a client-group.
    – there are many different client-groups based on location and other factors.
    – clients then see the user form and video in their own dashboard, and can reply with a quote.
    – the quote is only seen by the admin in a dashboard for the specific request.

    Can you suggest a plugin for this use-case or a site where I can find more information regarding my requirements?

    Thanks a lot!

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Simon, there is alot about your requirements that I don’t understand, but from what you describe I think that this might require some custom development. As I understand it you have The site admin, and then you have users and clients…where users get quotes from clients. I gather from this that you are managing some kind of marketplace. There are some ‘marketplace’ style app themes out there like Hirebee and Taskerr, but I’ve a feeling these are not for your specific use case(?). If you are determined to build on WordPress I’d seek out a local developer you can have coffee with to discuss the requirements and see what it would take, but keep in mind that as good as WordPress is, it isn’t always the right answer.

  80. Avatar Etienne Brochu says:

    I need some help to put it all together. I have a project to do for a summer camp. Here are the process:
    1) The client fill a register form with all his need and details to register for a camp. At the end of the form, he will see an estimations with calculations based on his input in the form.

    2) The client have a profile page where he can upload his medical form and other files to complet his registration for the camp.

    3) After verification by the administrator, the client receive a final price and pay using Paypal.

    4) The client must be able to see his command history and change his profile details.


    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Etienne, I’ll try to provide some guidance as far as I can…

      • You could build an estimator with something like Calculated Fields Form. If the client is happy with the estimation then you can direct them to create an account…
      • I’d try WP Customer Area to manage client accounts. Each client will have a private page where you can place a form to capture all the other registration details, including medical form and file upload. I’d use Gravity Forms for this.
      • Once verified you can post an invoice to the customer area using this invoicing extension for WP Customer Area for the client to pay however you like.
      • I don’t know what a command history is, but the user will be able to manage their profile settings with WP Custom Area.

      Hope that helps.

  81. Avatar Astrid says:

    Is there anything I can add to my site that will allow me to do as follows: have a login for each client, store their basic info and recent history of services requested, and allow them to pay for services requested.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Astrid, I’d look into WP Customer Area. I think it will be able to handle those requirements…they have some great extensions for managing client invoicing and some other advanced features you might like too.

  82. Avatar Ahmed Faraz says:

    Hi I am trying to display customers account number and account balance on hub-page can you tell me ho it is possible

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Ahmed, that depends on how you are managing account numbers and balances. I presume you are using some kind of plugin for this? This question might be best directed to the plugin developer.

      1. Avatar Ahmed Faraz says:

        Thanks Charles, what if I have to take these values from user like account number or account balance how can i setup a custom form with some more fields to fill in from user? Can I use contact form or any other form plugins like that?

        1. Charles Charles says:

          Hi Ahmed, I always use Gravity Forms for applications like this. If you need help with this I would recommend Codeable or WP Fixit.

  83. Avatar Aaron says:

    Hey Charles great read. I am a freelance web developer and graphic designer i work with a team of graphic designers. We are rebuilding our company website and would like to be able to take a clients deposit and payment through the website and also be able to accept documents from the client and show the client the progress of their work. out of the mentioned plugins in your article which one do you feel would best help me achieve this.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Aaron, I’d go with WP Customer Area. It is built precisely for the type of use case you describe and has some great extensions for handling invoicing and payments online.

  84. Avatar Yorck says:

    Hi Charles.
    Thanks for this awesome support site. I am looking for a plugin where users (clients) can sign up and from there they can purchase credits. After done so they can return to their client account where it shows that they have purchased credits. The client account should have conversation feature as well as upload/download files.
    I have looked at so many plugins mentioned in your advise column but couldn’t find one that provides a payment gateway (PayPal i.e.) from within the client’s account. Maybe Woocommerce does it?
    Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Yorck, based on your description it sounds like the big challenge you have here is the purchase and management of credits, rather than actual membership management. But I’m not sure about the context. It would help if you can explain how the credits are to be consumed and managed.

      1. Avatar Yorck says:

        Hi Charles, thanks so much for your fast response. My client gives advice on how to repair old clocks. The idea is that a customer subscribes to his site via a portal. Within that portal the customer is able to have a conversation with my client to describe the issue. Depending on time needed to explain to the customer how to fix his clock my client wants to charge him a fee. Since it’s different from customer to customer charging credits would be a good idea. Let’s say the explanation would take 5 min. The customer would purchase 1 credit which equals 5 min. My client then sees that a credit was purchased (and paid) by looking at the customer’s account.
        Setting up the portal and the credits separately is no problem but implementing the purchase process into the portal is my challenge.

        1. Charles Charles says:

          Hi Yorck, I’m still not clear on how the purchase process will work with the credit management, but assuming that isn’t a problem then you could use on of the popular payments plugins for PayPal, Stripe or Braintree. Or have I missed the point?

          1. Avatar Yorck says:

            Hi Charles, you didn’t miss the point at all. Meanwhile I found a solution. It’s the SlicedInvoices plugin with the Client Area Extention. That does exactly what my client needs. Thank you again for your help and expertise!

          2. Charles Charles says:

            Great, glad you found a good solution 🙂

  85. Avatar Marc Lapierre says:

    Hi Charles,
    I’m looking for a way to create a website where:

    1. When clients join, they have their own dedicated/secure area.
    2. That area would have fill-able forms for a considerable amount of personal data.
    3. The client would fill the form out online and then the form would be saved and stored online in their area.
    4. They should be able to login and update the form as circumstances change.

    Can you point me in the right direction for something like that?\

    Mny thaks and great article.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Marc, I think the best way to achieve this would be to choose the client management plugin that suits your needs from the list above (I err towards WP Customer Area myself), this will handle the user/account management and permissions to limit access to the client specific page(s). Then you can use Gravity Forms to manage the forms. Gravity Forms is hands down the best forms plugins and while it isn’t free is a small price to pay for the excellent features and support. It also offers advanced features like integration with many mailing list plugins and CRM systems either directly or via Zapier so it is very flexible. Then, on top of gravity forms you can use GravityView to enable users to edit their own form inputs on the front end.

  86. Avatar Rohit says:

    Dear charles,
    few months ago we had words about it.
    My deal providing website,i am still not able to figure out how will my customer book a table at some bar listed in my website.
    how will me,my client(bar owner will get notified on booking)
    and bill also be mailed to all three parties.
    could you please suggest me someting about it?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Rohit, as I said when we first chatted about this, it is a non-trivial use case that I think will require some real development. There are many appointment/booking plugins that can be used for a single restaurant to accept online bookings, but I am not aware of any plugins that enable a management system for multiple restaurants. A quick search did turn up this software which doesn’t work with WordPress but does look like a fairly complete Opentable clone.

  87. Avatar Lucian says:

    Good day

    I hope someone can help.

    I need an accounting type of plugin for a unique hub page I created with the WP-Client plugin.

    I want to add royalties that clients earned to the plugin and it should be able to automatically calculate the amounts that i add and show an account balance plus a dated description of royalties that has been deposited by me on a specific date, and have the client put it a withdrawal request whenever they want.

    Once withdrawed it should then show up in the account history of the withdrawal that took place and subtract it from the account balance ect.

    Is there any plugin available that could do this? That can have me upload sales from the back-end to each individual client and have there monies posted to their respective accounts.

    Also if this could all be achieved by me importing the sales excel sheet it would be a big bonus.

    Please assist.

    Thanks a mil

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Lucian, I’m not aware of a plugin that does exactly as you describe. It might need some custom development. The issue I see if it sounds like your sales process is all offline(?) and you need to manually update the backend. I doubt there is a plugin designed to suit your use case specifically so you are probably best to build something to suit…unless I’m wrong an actually your sales are all online inwhich case are you using some kind of affiliate program to track sales and commissions (royalties)?

  88. Avatar Lucian says:

    Hi Charles

    Thanks for your response.

    Yes, I’m getting reports from the digital music stores (in Excel) and I need to pay my clients royalties accordingly.

    Basically i have everything setup already except for this aspect. I would like to have this done automatically as much as possible. If there could be some shortcode i can put in a certain section of my page to do these calculations for me, i would be stoked.

    If there’s no plugin for this then I’ll need to get it done custom it seems.

    Any company that would like to assist can happily contact me with a quote.


    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Lucian, sorry for the slow response. I’ve been pondering this and I have come to the conclusion that it will require some custom development. My recommendation is to find a local WP developer who you can sit down with to work through the specific requirements. It is easy to describe, but the devil will be in the details and I just can’t think of any plugins that will handle this kind of thing off the shelf…I’m not even sure this needs to be a plugin? Would you be better off creating Google Sheets that the stores update and then and develop some scripts which pull in this info and report royalties for your clients in another sheet? These sheets might then be embeded in your WordPress site using something like the Google Spreadsheets Inline Viewer.

      1. Avatar Lucian says:

        Hi Charles

        Great, I think this spreadsheet might be what i need.

        I will try and do research on how to use it but i read the plugin info and it sounds like it will work as i also need graphs created automatically based on the spreadsheet data.

        If you know anyone who specializes in this feel free to drop me a mail.

        Thanks a mill.

  89. Avatar Crystal says:

    Hi Charles,

    Is there currently a plugin that allows for clients to access content from sites like Qwilr or Quotientapp? (Or similarly subscription based sites)

    Example: client visits my website > clicks menu item “Clients” > types in their access credentials > then upon entering they can view their proposal from Qwilr or Quotient?

    I feel like I’m overthinking this or just not looking at this the right way. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for any assistance you’d be willing to provide!

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Crystal, I’m not aware of any plugins that work with these tools specifically, and I’m not really familiar with them myself either. I’m guessing that they offer the option to brand you quote pages with a custom subdomain, eg. or something similar so maybe it is as simple as providing links to such pages rather than trying to embed the content into your WP site?

  90. Avatar Ben says:

    Hi Charles,
    Firstly thank-you for your time. All this information is invaluable. I am building a website for clients to be able to create a page to go in a book. So they must be able to edit copy, upload pictures etc and arrange the page to their requirements easily. I will be the only one able to see the pages apart from themselves and can then send a copy to the printers. The clients a paying a fee for this, so a paid membership site is ,I think, the way to go but am unsure how to go about creating the structure for them to work on their page… any help would be appreciated… thanx in advance Ben

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Ben, on the face of it this sounds reasonably straight forward. You can use any of the membership plugins to manage access and payments, and then use Gravity Forms to enable the submission of content. Gravity Forms can be used to capture draft pages (only visible to the admin, you) from users submitted using the regular WYSIWYG editor, so they can upload content and images and use all the regular page edit features of the editor. Does that work?

  91. Avatar Laura says:

    Hi Charles,

    First…wow…you’re a trooper for responding to all these questions!! And since you’re such a trooper, I’ll ask your advice as well. 🙂

    I work for a boutique consulting firm, and we’re getting ready to have our website revamped. High on our list of priorities is to include a branded, seamlessly integrated client portal that is a secure, private space our clients can log into to access documents about our engagement with them, pre-work or homework docs for various classes we hold (some client-based w/ people in their organization, some public), and we definitely want the ability to chat with clients, create threaded conversations w/in a client or class space, etc.

    Our ideal portal will enable us to create many “sub-spaces” over time. (e.g., I start a new engagement w/ a client organization and create a main portal for their Leadership Team to access. A few months later, I lead a class for 50 people w/in that org, and I can create another log in for members of that class only. This might happen a few times within that company. Plus, I simultaneously create the same portal experience with my four other client engagements, and my teammates are also all able to do this with all of their clients. Our ideal portal can handle all that.)

    I looked into Clinked, but it seems more focused on providing organization for the work team vs. the client engagement. (Similar to Basecamp, looks like.) Do you know of any great plug-ins we could check out based on the above?

    Thank you!

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Laura, I would definitely look at WP Customer Area, along with the Smart Groups and Enhanced Files extensions I think you can pretty much do everything you need. They also have extensions for self-managed groups, private messaging, notifications (good for driving engagement) and projects, all of which might be useful.

      1. Avatar Laura says:

        Thanks very much, Charles! I had scanned this possibility but the link you provided gave me much more info than I’d found before. I really appreciate your time/thoughts!

  92. Avatar Huzzy Jason says:

    Hi Charles

    I have been asked to create a wordpress site for a interior (housing) designing company.

    They want their clients to be able to sign up on their site and log in and view the designs that have been made for them.

    This company do not want their customers to come back and visit their office to see their design, but want the the rest of the work to be done online to save their time. So basically the designers will upload the work to users (clients) portal then the customers will log in and see work and give feedback and perhaps use pen tool or highlight the areas that they wish to change as per their requirements.

    Please help me out, which plugin is best for such project?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Huzzy, the client access management is the easy part. I suggest WP Customer Area for handling this. With that in place you can upload designs for clients and they can login to download and view these. You might also use something like PDF Embedder to display the designs on the site itself (assuming they are in PDF format). You could also use the Conversations extension for WP Customer Area to enable private chat with clients as a mechanism to capture their feedback, and the Notifications extension which will alert both sides when updates are made.

      You mention a “pen tool” for clients to highlight areas they with to change, and by this I gather you mean they could add notes and feedback directly to the design document online, right? I’ve not done anything like this before but I did find this paid plugin and service, Annotate, which looks like it might achieve what you want (again, assuming the designs are in PDF format). You may be able to combine that with WP Customer Area to achieve the desired feature set.

      1. Avatar Huzzy says:

        Thanks Charles, I appreciate your quick and helpful reply!

        I forgot to mention that they want to protect the content (the designs) on the client area (only) from being copied, downloaded, screen capturing etc. They want to block their clients from all this. Do you have any idea what plugin can be used for such purpose?

        1. Charles Charles says:

          Hi Huzzy, of course it is essentially impossible to completely protect digital files (you can’t stop a user taking a screenshot for instance), but if you went the route of the PDF Embedder plugin they do have some security protections to make it difficult for users to download the document so it is only viewable online.

  93. Avatar kirosai says:

    hi nice looking for two plugins and your help or suggestions would be highly appreciated..
    im building a website that deals on auto repairs..i need a plugin that will enable clients to register on the site, have a basic profile and most importantly have a private chat with the site admin where they can request for particular information and also track the progress of their pending services…the second plugin is for a freelancing website..freelancers should sign up and have a page with a portfolio that can be displayed on the front end of the website..also buyers can sign up and have buyer profiles where they can communicate with freelancers would be a nice addition if i could control the signing up process of the freelancers using my own custom forms (formcraft )then sign up each freelancer manually after going through his details and they meet our specs..thanks in advance

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Kirosai, have you thought about something like Hirebee? It might not be exactly what you had in mind but is a fully functional freelancer marketplace theme which might save you a lot of time and hassle getting set up.

      1. Avatar kirosaikiro says:

        theme looks just saved me moths of coding..thanks thanks thanks

  94. Avatar Mário says:

    Hi mark

    I am a reader / follower of your videos in YT, I come to ask for your help,
    Entered to develop a site where I need to have a reserved customer area,
    Because it would be in this area that you could have some more customer data, invoices,
    As it is an ad site, it would be ideal to have a TOP of hits to the ad, as well as
    Choose the photos to put in the ad (but never upload).
    With all this what counsels me to see and to test.
    Greetings here from Portugal

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Mario, the customer account management and access is the easy part. I would use WP Customer Area for this. Yo ucan then upload invoices and docs specific to each client and accessible only by them. You can also provide an upload form for clients to upload the banner images for you to use (use Gravity Forms for this). That is all easy. The hard part is sharing the advertising reporting (impressions, total clicks, unique clicks etc)…how you do this depends on how you are recording all that information. Are you using some kind of banner management service or plugin which captures all that information. If so you need to talk to the person providing that tool and see how you can make the information available for your advertising clients. One super simple option might be to simply use a link shortener like for all the banner links and then just provide the advertiser with a link to view the stats on the website. That way you don’t have to record all the data.

  95. Avatar PK says:

    Hi Charles.
    my client need access of website for change header content every time, and also edit and upload media content on website. is any plugin ??help me plz

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi PK, is there any reason you can’t give your client access to the admin where they can upload media in the usual way, and use the customizer to change the header image in your theme? Most themes support this functionality.

  96. Avatar Yoshi says:

    Hi, great article,
    I am looking for a plug in where clients log into a dashboard, they will fill out a form that leads to payment. Paying will unlock forms they will need to fill out and e-sign.
    May need multiple plug ins.
    Any ideas?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Yoshi, I think all you need is WP Customer Area and Gravity Forms. WP Customer Area can handle the user access and GF connects with many payment processors to handle payment.

  97. Avatar margie says:

    Hi Charles,
    I am setting up a website selling accounting services and products and I would appreciate a plugin(s) that will allow people to securely register at my website, create monthly invoices, take payments, securely upload documents, view videos to selected and paid customers, download ebooks to paid customers, have online webinars to free and paying customers and flexibility for other products and services. Any information is much appreciated.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Margie, I would be inclined to go with WP Customer Area for the management of user access, invoicing, document management and protection of certain posts for sharing content like eBooks and videos. WP Customer Area can’t handle webinars, but you could combine it with WP Webinar System to enable this functionality.

      1. Avatar Margie Otero-Sanchez says:

        Thank you!

  98. Avatar Kabor says:


    I am setting up a web development agency and would like to know which plugin would work best.

    I can’t really choose between wp-customer area or CQPIM plugin. I’d like to have a client dashboard and responsive on small screen. I’ll be accepting payments and be supporting the client.

    Thank You.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Kabor, I am a big fan of WP Customer Area and with some of their extensions I am sure you can do all you need. I havn’t used CQPIM though so I can’t really comment on it’s suitability. If you do decide to use CQPIM I would be very interested to know what you think of it.

  99. Avatar Catalin says:

    I make web sites with wp and woocommerce.
    The problem: the clients has problems with the wp interface when they want to add new products. The wp interface is too complicated. Do you know any client panel or plugin to add products easly with woocomerce?


    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Catalin, the only one I can think of is the WooCommerce Frontend Product Manager.

  100. Avatar oghene says:

    hi , thank u so far for all your support.

    I want to work on a site were client login after registering to the site. they get there user name and password. pledge a particular amount in dollars and see their money increase on their dashboard

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Oghene, have you looked at the WPMU Dev Fundraising plugin?

  101. Avatar Sandansan says:

    Hi there. I am looking to manage karate students (clients) training and grading progress. Need to have certain info available to the student, and certain info on same student available to the instructor team. Also to build a history of performance notes that can be formatted into an assessment form for reference at gradings. Almost like doctor/patient records.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Sandansan, you could use WP Custom Area for something like this, but I can’t help but think one of the purpose built solutions might be a better option, e.g. Martialytics. Lots more options listed here.

  102. Avatar drake says:

    I just like the discussion,thanks @charles for replying every one but I have also failed on something which i need your suggestion.

    I want clients to register at free and paid levels.after the client logins with a password and designs his survey form with limitation of forms according to the level.he then assigns the form too my phone app and does interviews.after the client sends the interviewed answers back to his account in form of excel.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Drake, that sounds like an interesting application, but I am not aware of any off the shelf plugin for WordPress that would enable this kind of use case. There are plugins of course that can manage client access at different levels and then survey form building, but nothing (that I know of) that can tie these two things together and integrate with a phone app. This feels like quite a lot of custom development. I recommend you find a local developer and talk to them about what this would take.

  103. Avatar Charles says:

    Good day Charles,
    I have to say this has been an amazingly informative read. I am currently working on a few sites for myself I am not a developer at all. I would like to know what wordpress plugins you would suggest for the following please:

    I would like to create a client login portal that works as a digital client file for each client it needs to:
    have a form (that I can create and customize) that collects clients data.
    A place where we can label document like a checklist that they then have to upload, ie copy of passport, copy of proof of address, copy birth certificate,ect.
    Also is it possible for this to then on a weekly cycle send a report to client saying the following on your checklist are still short. and then any place where no file is it will request on the email?

    Also I would like to have another link where we can show the client what stage their application is in. This obviously we would have to update manually but this would fine.

    Thanks again and I hope this sort of makes sense to you.

    Kind regards,


    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Charles, sounds like an interesting project. A couple of thoughts occur to me reading your description of requirements:

      1. Collecting copies of passports and birth certificates is a very big security responsibility. I’m not sure that WordPress would be the best platform for this. Not to say WordPress can’t be made secure, but you just need to make sure that the security of the site is absolutely bullet proof as the site would become a target for hackers.
      2. That said, if you want to use WordPress then I think the WP Customer Area plugin with the Tasks and Notifications extensions, and combined with Gravity Forms for form creation could cover much of what you want to achieve. You may want to find a friendly local developer to help you string all this together, but it seems quite doable.

      I hope that helps, and please think very carefully about security.

  104. Avatar Derya says:

    Hello, I’m developing a small corporate website for a client and they want the ability to create client areas where users (clients) can download private documents meant only for them and upload documents they wish to submit to the company for various uses (PDF, powerpoint, excel, images, videos, etc.). No user self registration is required. However the company wants the ability to create users and assign passwords and distribute as needed. Think of it as a web based drop box that’s private to each client. No other extra features are required but ok if there but unused. Any plugin recommendations are greatly appreciated! Thanks.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Derya, I’d go with WP Customer Area and maybe add the Enhanced Files and Notifications add-ons.

  105. Avatar Andrew says:

    Hi Charles.
    I’m looking for a plugin for my site that a customer can register an account, order and pay for a service and have invoices sent to them after ordering a service. Also come back to their account at a later date to view past invoices and services. Something that can be integrated with PayPal and other payment methods. Recommendations are greatly appreciated.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Andrew, WP Customer Area can handle all of that. Checkout their invoicing add-ons too.

  106. Avatar Dan says:


    I’m planning to make a transcription website where I would like each of my team members to have their own private account as they register themselves in my website. I want to assign each individual worker with individual assignment (audio file or video files) in their private account separately. As each individual accepts their assignments, they will be required to submit their work within the deadline or their assignment gets expired automatically. I want all their work records to automatically upload in their work sheets. I also want their payment records, as per their work, to be automatically uploaded and managed side by side for each individual’s private work-sheeet. I know this might be a bit confusing so please have a look at these images to understand what I am looking for ?

    Sample image for work sheet for each individual worker

    Sample image for individual work assigned to individual worker

    I tried finding a theme for a transcription website but I don’t seem to be having any luck so far. Instead, I keep finding these website themes where people can upload their resumes and bid on projects.

    So basically, what it all boils down to is that I want a theme where workers can register privately, I can then assign them work sepeately, as each individual submits their work, their work as well as payment records are managed privately which only the workers themsleves or the admin (that’s me) can have access to. However,if there aren’t any themes to do all of that, I want to know what are the plugins/widegts that does the job and which theme is the best to use it with?

    Any help would be a life saver so thanks in advance ?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Dan, this is no small set of requirements. Honestly I’m not aware of any plugin or app theme that can do all that. You can certainly achieve parts of these requirements with off the shelf plugins, eg. WP Customer Area can be used to handle the distribution of work material to specific user account, but that is only a small part of what you need. I think your best bet is to find a local WordPress developer and scope out a custom build.

  107. Avatar Sammy says:

    Dear Charles,

    Let me join the ranks of many folks here who really appreciate your efforts and advise — many thanks!

    This might be related to some prior posts, but let me try to briefly describe what we’ve been looking for — have done some search about it but not sure if we’ve found [what we need] exactly.

    We’ve been looking for a powerful WP plugin with which we’d like to do the following:

    1) Manually create accounts for any customer/client/affiliate with login credentials (for them to login to out website). For ease of reference, let me just refer to a customer/client/affiliate simply as a ‘user’.

    2) We also would like to allow users to self-create accounts (with login credentials) if they’ve met certain criteria (e.g. making some prior payments).

    3) We’d be assigning privileges (if any) to any user; e.g. an affiliate user should be able to see a subset of information from some set of users (e.g. those falling in his/her territory).

    4) We need to handle/manage all interactions with any user through their accounts/portals. Some aspects of these interactions include, for instance, the following:

    a) Creating specific projects for users. Projects, for example, may be related to installation of equipment, construction projects, consulting services, business projects, etc.

    b) Doing invoicing, receiving or making payments, and some accounting.

    c) Interacting with users (e.g. receiving comments/questions, feedback, cancellation requests for orders/services, setting up appointments, etc.).

    d) Sending/receiving messages (emails mainly) to/from users.

    e) Having document exchanges with users (to and from).

    f) Updating user with some info (e.g. task updates, status of orders/services, etc.) about their projects. For full-fledged project management (PM), we won’t be actually using this plugin [that we’ve been searching for] but instead we’d be using a more advanced/professional tool outside the WP realm.

    Your suggestions are greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Sammy, have you looked at WP Customer Area? In combination with their Projects, Invoicing, Notifications and Conversations add-ons I think you could do pretty much everything you describe here.

  108. Avatar Jake says:

    Hi, thanks for the post, i am currently looking for a plug in for vendors to log in with a email and password, and submit orders. We are a 502 recreational marijuana growers, and i want to give the recreational shops the ability to submit new orders when they run out of product, thank you!

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hey Jake, sorry for the slow reply. Christmas and end of year chaos just got in the way. I’d go with WP Customer Area and Gravity Forms which makes it easy to build really sophisticated order forms.

  109. Avatar Ayobami says:

    Hi Charles. I have read your post and read almost all the comment and reply on this thread. You are doing a good job. Keep it up. Meanwhile, can you please help me with this:
    I have a WordPress plugin, hospital management system which is meant for the hospital staff, bought from codecanyon and everything was working fine except the admin module that is absent. I have contacted the codecanyon admin but there seem to be no solution at the moment. Can you point me in the right direction.
    We want:
    1. Separate login page for this plugin different from WordPress admin page
    2. We also want this login system to be role base or have some sort of access privilege that will direct the users to separate page of this said plugin

    I have tried several plugins but they failed as they are designed to provide security for WordPress page or post and not another plugin

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Ayobami, have you tried something like Redirect after login plugin to direct users to specific pages based on role after login? Of course I don’t know how well it will play with your hospital management system, possibly require some custom development.

  110. Avatar david says:

    nice porta. Please by God grace I am building a portal, i need a free plugin for this: I want my client be able to send their project request includes uploading files and project descriptions and for them to be able see the progress of their jobs at anytime.. Thanks

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi David, I’d definitely go with WP Customer Area in combination with their Projects add-on which will provide the project management features.

  111. Avatar Girish says:

    Hi Charles, Merry X’Mas.
    I am looking to make a site with members area, where members are able to make photo posts under their login. On the back end, the administrator needs to approve of the photo which was submitted by a registered member. On the frontend, once the photo is approved by the admin, the same goes into a gallery (which is chosen at the time of uploading the photo by the registered member) or the admin can publish into a correct gallery if the member has chosen a wrong gallery. The home page is essentially a photo gallery showcasing members photos. Thanks in advance, hoping you will be able to assist.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Girish, there are a few plugins you could check out for this purpose. The two I think are probably best for this purpose are:

      You might also check out this excellent tutorial series from Pippins Plugins.

  112. Avatar Jennifer says:

    Hi, hoping you can help. We have a small business where we offer physical training courses. We have a website using the Athena theme (which we are looking to switch themes). We have a registration form (using captainform) where all our classes and their prices are for the user to register) but we are still needing the following and I can’t figure out how to integrate it all, hoping you can help:
    A type of booking or appointment calendar where we can put the course name and availability with the option to register and pay.
    A way to keep track of those who registered and the amount they paid.
    Or if you know of a theme that already has those components. Lastly, free or cheap options are preferable. Thank you in advance!

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Jennifer, sorry for the slow response. We are downunder so Christmas and summer vacation has seen me a bit busy with non-WordPress life recently.

      For your project I would suggest checking out the following plugins:

  113. Avatar Leigh Ann says:

    Hi Charles. Thanks for doing such a great job. I am building a website on WordPress where I have two main sets of users – providers of services and clients who use providers of services. I want clients to be able to send requests to multiple providers anonymously and also be able to communicate 1:1 with a single provider. They need to be able to email, message, and share files. This is a niche service-type industry, not something like TaskRabbit or Thumbtack. Would features of Customer Area help me? I am using Gravity Forms and also can restrict access to certain pages for different groups.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Leigh Ann, I don’t think that WP Customer Area will help in this case as it is intended for a 1 to many use case, ie. one supplier and many customers. It doesn’t natively facilitate the many to many model you describe including the marketplace functions such as requesting quotes anonymously, selecting a provider and then communicating with them. Customer Area is really about making it easy for an agency or business to communicate with it;s own customers.

      What you describe sounds like a niche market oDesk or, is that right? Perhaps you could use something like the Hirebee theme?

  114. Avatar Gus says:

    What I’m looking for is to allow visitors to create a profile (that admin has to aprove) and they will have a “backend page” that allows them to edit it for a “frontend page”. Frontend page Link will be customized by admin for each user. For example
    Is it possible by only using plugins?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Gus, what is the content of the page that the user can edit, and do they need to be able to edit it regularly going forward or is it a case of creating the page once and then it doesn’t need editing again?

  115. Avatar Duncan McAdams says:

    What a great thread!! I’m looking for the most appropriate plugin that a user needs to register then login where they can fill in a food diary. The admin is notified every time a user adds to their diary. Each member can see what they have added.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Duncan, I’m not aware of any specialist food diary plugins, though you might be able to achieve much of what you describe with Gravity Forms. It can be used to capture food diary entries as posts, though I’m not sure how you would then keep these private to just each individual user. I suspect some custom development would be required for this. Totally doable, but not with purely off the shelf plugins.

  116. Avatar Gil says:

    Hi Charles

    I am looking for a plugin that will allow me to have a student portal/page

    The page would contain an introduction Video and them lessons pdf are added as each is completed.

    Each student would need their own portal as progress will be diffrent speeds

    can you suggest anything?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Gil, I think the best way to build a site of this sort would be to use one of the off the shelf courseware/LMS plugins available for WordPress. These would certainly be a lot faster and cheaper to build on that trying to develop from scratch. There are a few options out there…

      • WP Courseware – Based on my (limited) understanding of your project this is where I would start. Integrates with all the big membership plugins as well which will be useful for controlling access and subscriptions (assuming you are selling access to your course).
      • Learnpress
      • Learndash
      • Sensei
  117. Avatar Gill says:

    Hello Charles,

    I am working on a website where people can add ideas. But I want to have 2 views of the site, one view accessible by employees only and other view accessible by public. Public should not be able to see what the employees have submitted. I am currently using CM Answers Pro plugin.

    Is it possible to do that with the current plugin or I have to use a different one.

    Thank you!

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Gill, I am not aware of a plugin that does exactly as you describe. I’ve not used CM Answers Pro before but it looks pretty powerful. Could you use this in conjunction with BuddyPress to enable private online discussion amongst employees?

  118. Hi Charles,
    I’m building a training Institute Website for my client, in which I need a functionality such as students those who have registered on a particular course by paying the fee will be provided a userID and Password from the institute, through which they will login to the website and can change their credentials then and will have access to their test results, and other things private to them only. The whole website is in wordpress. For eg if a Person say Alex first registers in the Institute, he will then be getting a userID & password from the institute and then he will put those in the login area of the site to be logged in, and then can change the credentials as per their own use, and can access his own test results etc in his account. Please help.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Divesh, it is hard to say what would be best for you as I am not entirely sure about the use case and requirements. I do suggest you look at the popular learning management plugins I covered here which I think would cover many of the needs.

  119. Avatar Anky says:


    I need a wordpress plugin which can does

    1. Client fills up Order Form, Attach Files & select Price Package & Add that into Cart
    2. Similary Client can add multiple orer form submissions into Cart
    3. Client Finally Check out & place Order
    4. Client can track his order in member’s area, Once Client Order is processed, he log into member’s area & can see his orders & download the output files in that order & can order new version for that order.
    5. My freelancers whom I invite collaborate on that order to finish that order. So a easy project management.

    Can you suggest some plugin to achieve this?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Anky,

      Those are some fairly complex requirements. I’m not aware of any one plugin that will do all of that. If you want the ability for users to add multiple orders to their cart, where each order involves capturing a variety of fields and doc uploads I think you should start by looking at Woo Commerce with the Gravity Forms add-on (which requires you also have a license for Gravity Forms). You might also look at the Order Status add-on to manage custom status messages etc.

      You could then look at something like WP Customer Area with the Projects add-on to manage the workflow with freelancers and clients. The big question is how well you can get all these parts to work together in a simple manner.

  120. Avatar Goody says:

    Hi, I am looking for a solution for this “problem”:

    I am building a webshop with woocommerce and my customers have to see different product when they login;
    e.g. customer A only sees product 1 to 5 and customer B sees products 5,8,9 and 10. Is this possible?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Goody, have you looked at the WooCommerce Memberships extension? Does that do what you need?

  121. Avatar sunny precious says:

    I am building a site like, i want a situation where members can donate money to each other without a central person.

    1. Charles Charles says: redirects to – I don’t think that is the site your meant. Based on your brief description I think that you should look at the WP Charitable plugin for WordPress, along with their Ambassadors extension which enables peer to peer donations.

  122. Avatar Greyson says:

    Hey charles!

    I am building a site for a lawn business, I would like clients to be able to:

    1: Create User/pass
    2: View Invoice
    3: Pay Invoice
    4: Leave feedback
    5: View schedule/request service

    Viewing and paying invoices is the most important feature for me.


    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Greyson, I’d go with WP Customer Area for sure. That will handle those requirements nicely.

  123. Avatar Conrad says:

    thanks for great post. Searching for some information about the developer of wp-client. Nothing found in web. Do you have more information in the mean time?
    Also there is no information about performance. I have tested homepage of and got horrible speed results. Did you check a site with wp-client integration? In this context do you suggest to implement plugin in special customer-area-subdomain?

    Thanks for reply,

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Conrad, I don’t know the developers of WP Client myself. Have your contacted them directly? Regarding performance I wouldn’t judge the plugin based on the performance of their home page. Performance is based in large part on the hosting of a site and it could be that they just have a poor web host.

  124. Avatar Erik says:

    Hi Charles,
    I have a website where individual clients follow a 27-lesson e-learning course. We use Wishlist for membership rules and permissions. After each lesson, we ask the student to answer questions or reflect on the content. At this moment, they have to download a word document or writeable PDF and open this same document after every lesson. After finishing the course, the student then has one document with all his/her reflections. Do you know a plugin which allows us to put a button on each of our webpages/lessons that brings students to their one personal file after every lesson, even if the have logged out or use another computer?
    (We found out that for many students it is difficult/distracting/irritating to leave the website environment and open a separate document)
    Kind greetings from Amsterdam, Erik

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Erik, I’m not aware of a plugin that does this exactly. I know with Gravity Forms you can turn on real time field capture and persistence so that the form can remember input without having the form submitted. It does this with cookies so it wouldn’t matter if the user was logged in or not. Perhaps you could build a feedback form using Gravity Forms and persistent field capture so it will remember entered data. You could create a form for each lesson or one form that captures all inputs.

    2. Hi Charles,
      Thanks for your quick response. I think we will give it a try. Another option we discussed yesterday was to use WATU PRO, a quiz plugin, and have clients return to the same quiz-form until they have finished the total course.

  125. Avatar sanjay gupta says:

    Hey charles!

    I am Sanjay gupta, I am making a website, where there are two roles of login, one is company and another is volunteer, volunteer will be able to see all list of companies, and each companies will be having different 5 to 6 menu pages which will be edited by each company user login and front end pages will be view-able by volunteers, when company registers in our website it should create a folders by their company name and copy all 5 to 6 default pages and company login can make changes of their web pages, is it possible please suggest me a solution.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Sanjay, I’m not aware of a plugin that does exactly what you describe, but there are some volunteer management plugins which might get close, eg. Volunteer Management, and Volunteer Form.

  126. Avatar Deana says:

    I am looking to create a website where the people who work a fundraising event with us to raise money for themselves can log into a portal and see how much money they have raised after each event.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Deana, you could build your website on WordPress and use the WP Charitable plugin and Ambassadors extension to add the fundraising functionality you require.

  127. Avatar Jose says:

    Hi, great post!
    Look, i hope you can help me out: i’m building a site for a psychiatrist. He wants patients to register to the site and then consul via private messaging. Of course he needs to be able to answer back. I guess a members area is required but the most important part is for members to be able to consult privately.

    Do you think any of this plugins would do the trick?
    thanks for your time!

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Jose, I’d go with WP Customer Area and add the Private Messaging add-on.

  128. Avatar ramu says:

    hai, I need a plugin for user registration and login. and after user login he can be able to see content that was post by admin. ex pages,photos, notice to that user only

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Ramu, WP Client Area will do that.

      1. Avatar ramu says:

        thank you charles

  129. Avatar ramu says:

    hai Charles, I need manual user registration by customer and customer area both in single there any available

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hey Ramu, when I said WP Client Area, I meant WP Customer Area…my bad 🙁 When you say manual user registration by customer you mean you want the customers to register themselves yes? You can do this with WP Customer Are and their Authentication add-on.

  130. Avatar kiran says:

    hai I need plugin sign up by client and after login he able to see posts which was post by admin

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Kiran I’d use WP Customer Area for this myself, but any of these plugins should do the job.

  131. Avatar dee says:

    Hi Charles,
    Ive looked at a few comments here, but getting a little confused with the options

    Im trying to find a plugin for a teenagers website:

    – users can register and login and change basic details like their profile/username
    – users can then on one specific sharing page:
    post photos of their work or videos or just questions or tips to others and their profilepic + name shows next to their post
    – other users can comment on these initial media posts and they get alerted by email
    – initial posts can be monitored ie approved before shown on the live site so no spam/safe posts
    – a page for admin to login to see all users that have registered and amount of posts / links to their posts

    Can you help?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Dee, I don’t think any of these client area/client management plugins are what you need. Have you checked out BuddyPress?

  132. Avatar Fredricka says:

    You are definitely the best when it comes to engaging with your audience, thank you for the support you provide. I wish I was able to outright contact you for building my website, I am confident in you.
    My challenge at the moment is a very very small budget so I may need to build myself to start and improve in a few weeks as I already have a few clients who are willing to use my services.
    I would like a very secure website (can be outside of wp). I want to receive and send highly confidential information, so a client portal that is encrypted is necessary. clients need to be able to complete fill able forms, e-sign documents and schedule appointments, I would like clients to be notified when I message them and vice versa.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Fredricka, thanks for your kind words.

      If the documents that your clients will be uploading are seriously confidential (such as financial or medical records) then I would not use WordPress to handle this. I am obviously a big WordPress guy, but I also think it is important to be realistic.

      WordPress can be made secure, but unless you have real experience in web and network security, or can hire someone who does, I would not trust a simple installation of WordPress to secure highly confidential information. Any website needs to be maintained and consistently updated and patched to ensure sound security, and this is especially true when you use a CMS that is regularly targeted by hackers.

      You could use WordPress to power the public pages on your site, but I would suggest looking at providers of secure document exchange and e-sign services (e.g. Mimecast) to handle that part of the project. You might find a way to integrate those services with your site, or maybe they can provide a hosted extranet to use with your customers (something like ‘’). I am not an expert on these things, but I think you’ll find there are a number of providers in this space.

      These kinds of services will cost of course, but I think that might be a ‘cost of doing business’ when you are handling sensitive information.

      Hope this helps.

  133. Avatar Ali says:

    Hi Chales!
    My client wants me to develop a full fletch real estate website. After completion of the website, he wants me to make a simple form for him. In which he could add a new property (house or land for rent or sale) information or he could edit information of any property already entered.
    He doesn’t want to work on wordpress cms.
    Will you kindly help me, what will be the best solution in this case
    Thanks in advance

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Ali, I gather the problem is that your client finds the WordPress admin too confusing and wants to avoid having to deal with this yes?

      I think that adding a separate form to try and manage listings is the wrong way to solve this problem. Instead I suggest you try and simplify the admin so that the client doesn’t have to see all those other parts of the admin that are too confusing and not relevant to him. I think that is a better way to simplify rather than creating another separate way to administrate listings. Creating something separate might simplify for the client but adds complexity on the backend and maintenance problems in the future.

      I presume you are going to use one of the excellent real estate themes as the basis of this site yes? Assuming so you can then also use one of the admin control plugins designed to simplify the admin section for novice users, e.g. WP Admin UI Customize, User Admin Simplifier or Client Dash.

      You might even choose to brand the admin UI for your client with the Ultimate Branding plugin.

      Hope this helps.

  134. Avatar andrew says:

    Im not sure if im in the right place.

    I am looking for a customer login portal area.

    So wanting to add a login section to our website with username and password where clients are diverted to their own personal client portal area where they can see their account details with us, info they put when registering an account with us. Able to upload documents (Proof of ID and Proof of Address), we have merchant services allowing deposits via ewallets, credit / debit card, bank wire details etc. Also ability to request withdraw and show deposit and withdraw history of requests etc.

    Is this sort of portal provided by your organisation.

    if yes please let me know price and process to apply

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Andrew, we don’t provide this kind of thing ourselves. Above we’ve blogged about some of the best customer portal plugins you can use to create client areas on your WordPress powered site. But I don’t think these are right for you if you need to enable the sharing of sensitive financial information and secure payments etc. I think you are probably need to talk to a local development company to explore the right options here.

  135. Avatar Harmony says:

    Hi Charles, I love what you’re doing here, and I know it’s not easy to reply to all these comments.. kudos to you.
    I have a problem, I’m working on a site that does something very simple but I can’t seem to find a plugin for it.
    The admin will upload some custom data for each user every month, and this data is financial data. So when the user logs in in the front-end, the user can check his / her financial data for that month, as well as for past months (Archive sort of). The fields are not much, just about 6 fields, and no calculation is needed, everything is done before upload. So what plugin would you recommend please?

    Please note that the financial data will be cumulative for each user, and will be uploaded from an Excel file every month.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Harmony,

      I’m always a bit nervous when people talk about sharing financial data online, even if it is behind a login. I presume your site will be all https for starters, but that you will also have a professional security expert ensure the site is fully secure. I don’t know how sensitive the information is, but when dealing with ‘financial’ information security must be paramount.

      In terms of sharing user specific data I would be inclined to use WP Customer Area as a way to manage user access. For embedding the information for each user, perhaps you could use Google Doc Embedder or Embed and Document plugins? Of course both these require you host the doc on Google Docs or MS Office Online. The other option maybe to just upload an Excel doc for each user and provide a download link. In either case you’ll want to work through the relevant security issues.

      1. Avatar Harmony says:

        Thanks Charles for your response and recommendations. Given that the security of the site has been taken care of, we don’t want clients to download any file or be redirected to any external site to view their data. When importing the financial data, we want the data on the file to be read into the database, so that when a client logs in, he/she will view his/her data on the My Account page. Then somewhere on the page will be a filter to select the year and month, or the sidebar can carry all the years for the user to click on, just as wordpress does natively.
        Please help.

        1. Avatar Harmony says:

          The reason for the file import is that we want to update multiple user records at a time. So the file will contain multiple user records and as such cannot be displayed for each user to see, because we don’t want them to have access to others’ records.

          1. Charles Charles says:

            Hi Harmony, I see. I didn’t understand that you want to import a single data sheet with all user data which is then saved to a database, with each user able to see just their data on the front end. This infers that the database is connected to your user database too. I’m also not aware of a plugin that will do this for you. I think this is going to require some custom development. My advice is to find a good back end WordPress developer to work with you to define all the details and implement a custom solution. It’s totally doable, I just can’t think of anything off the shelf that will achieve this.

  136. Avatar Harmony says:

    Thanks so much Charles.

  137. Avatar Danny Cruz says:

    I’m building a portal for a client. The section of the site needs to have a login so that content there can only be seen by those with the username and password. Within that section there will be pages that each had a “Click to next page” to be a series of training pages for a product. Then at the end, the client needs to click a box to confirm he has read every one of the pages.
    I feel I’ll need 2 different plugins for this (one for the login section and one for the sequential pages.) I’m trying to find recommendations of what plugins would be the best for this. Thanks.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Danny, your description of requirements makes me think that one of the popular LMS plugins might work for you. For example LearnPress or LearnDash will handle the registration and user access and has features to record completion of training materials. What do you think?

  138. Avatar kasey wright says:

    Hi Charles, Sorry to keep adding to your year long reply. I am going to create a wordpress website for an organizations that will need both a “member only” area where they login and have access to special pages and features, but also links to a database to update personal information, etc.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Kasey, I’d go with WP Customer Area and the Advanced Custom Fields plugin which will allow you to add additional fields to the user profile form.

  139. Avatar Blythe says:

    I’m looking to set up a directory website for my town where clients can search for a product e.g. clothing and a list of all the shops will come up.

    The idea is that the page they decide to look at leeds them to a landing page. This landing page is administered by the shop themselves meaning it needs to have a portal for them to log in.

    Is there anything like this available?


    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Blythe, what you describe sounds like a local business directory, yes? There are a few business directory themes and/or plugins around. I like the Vantage Theme which gives business owners the ability to easily control their own information and it also has some great features to manage different levels etc so you can monetize your directory too.

  140. Avatar Carlos says:

    Hey Charles,
    I’m leaving this here because you seem so helpful. I will definitely keep you in mind for projects and recommend you to others I work with.
    What I am looking for is setting up a customer area on my site to embed a live stream video in there and gather viewer information from the viewers for my clients. Information like name and email address, so they know who is logged in and viewing the stream. I don’t necessarily need to make it entirely private, except for being able to give them a single unpublished Url to go to and log into to see their specific stream. All they would need to do is enter name and email and entering that would dump them to the stream page. I’d also, if possible, like to provide them with a community chat box on the same page as the stream. That page would have my client’s logo, the embedded live video stream and a chat box for them to cross talk. I’d also need to duplicate these pages over and over for each client and they should all be self contained, as in chat is only for that stream and log in and stream page are different for each client event.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Carlos, have you looked at WP WebinarSystem or WP Webinar. I know you are not doing webinars, rather livestreaming, but these plugins do I think offer many of the features you are looking for. They might be a good starting point even if you need to make some customizations.

      1. Avatar Carlos says:

        Thank you Charles. I appreciate you taking the time to respond. Take care!

  141. Avatar Abhishek says:

    Hey Charles,

    I am creating a real estate listing website for our own organisation using word press Sydney theme and Opel estate real estate plugin, without any coding knowledge. I have created sell Property option where customer would upload details of his/her property to be listed publicly in my website. And before publishing, I should suppose to review it. Request your suggestion on this

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Abhishek, I am not familiar with the Opel Real Estate plugin so I don’t know how that works. I do know that you can use Gravity Forms to create front end forms that will save the inputs as a draft post, and I suppose you may be able to configure this to save as an Opel listing. I presume you intend to charge people for listings so you might also use Gravity Forms to handle the payments (it has payment processing capabilities). If you need users to register as members first to access the non-public form then you could use one of the free membership plugins listed here.

  142. Avatar Nataly says:

    Hi guys. I’m very interest to know if there is anyway to create a logo design contest site were clients can launch their logo contest according to their needs and designers can participate the contest by uploading their logo designs proposals. Client can rate the designs and in the end of the contest they can anoounce their winner.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Nataly, if you google around I’m sure you can find an off the shelf script which (more of less) clones the functionality of 99 Designs. There is a whole industry around selling scripts which clone popular websites and services. I”m not familiar though with any plugins or app themes for WordPress that do this.

  143. Avatar Basma says:

    Hi Charles, I want to make a link in my website to a portal & landing page as the one for “”, so that the user can access their applications from there, can you help me in that?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Basma, what do you mean by applications? Do you mean you literally want to link to or do mean you want to provide a login on your site for users to access some other application(s) that you provide via your website? If it is the former I’m not sure why you need my help adding a link, if the latter then some more information would help me understand what you are trying to achieve. Cheers 🙂

  144. Avatar James L Douglas says:

    I am needing to setup a website for a property management company. Clients can log in to their account, see their account information, payments made,etc. and also make a payment on their account

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi James, I’d go with WP Customer Area for an application like this.

  145. Hi Charles,

    I am the designer and co-developper from WP Customer Area. Just wanted a message to thank you for talking about our product and recommending it.

    It’s really appreciated.

    Best regards.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hey Thomas, you are welcome. As you can see this post gets a lot of questions, so if you see any questions that you think you can help with please feel free to jump in 🙂

  146. Avatar Iram says:

    Hi I have an e-commerce and I want to have a vendor to manage their clients or the admin assign clients to a vendor, I’ve been looking for plugins to help me with that but I seem to be unnable to find them or I’m not looking in the right place, I’ve heard about wp-client but I kind of need one free because at the moment I can’t pay for a plugin like that, can you help me please, I’ve been reading for a while and you’ve been helpful with others and I wish you good luck. Thank you for your help

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Iram, are you using WooCommerce for your website? If so you could try the Product Vendors extension to turn your site into a multi-vendor marketplace.

  147. Avatar Gareth Pickering says:

    Hi Charles. You seem to have all the answers about users and restricted content.

    We’re building a membership site using learn dash for our course material. (We were thinking about MemberMouse to control membership)

    Currently, we have our users registering and going through the coursework but thought it would be a good option to be able to give parents visibility of their kids, and perhaps email them progress or concerns.

    Is there something that you can suggest to achieve this?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Gareth, that sounds like a great idea and something that would be potentially useful for many communities. Learn Dash does of course have the extension which is intended to make Learn Dash handy in a traditional school environment and your idea to provide parental visibility on progress would be a natural extension to this.

      MemberMouse might be a good way to achieve this, but honestly I’ve not use Learn Dash and MemberMouse together myself so I’m not sure if it will achieve exactly what you need. If you havn’t already I would suggest reaching out to the Learn Dash team and asking their advice. You might find that there is simple way to achieve this.

  148. Avatar Jason says:

    Hey Charles

    I have a niche I am doing for affiliate marketing and I would like to add a local company to my website. What plugin would I use or how would I go about showing my client that the customer made purchases on his page because they went through mine? Thanks

    1. Avatar Jason says:

      Also have kind of a part 2 to this question but it is about client SEO not affiliate SEO. My Dentist friend already has a website and is not high on rankings. He would like me to take it over to switch around keywords, optimize it, etc. Another payment question and that is how do I charge him? I am sure he gets some action from the website for new customers but he would get a lot more with a higher ranking of course. Do I just charge a flat rate? Or for how many clients go through the site? And again how do I know they went through the site to become a client of my dentist friend. Thanks!

      1. Charles Charles says:

        Hi Jason, all good questions and I have to say I don’t really have a clear cut answer for you. In principle performance based billing is the most appealing to clients, but accurately tracking this can be tough, particularly for a local business like you friends dental practive because many of the conversions will be offline over the phone rather than a booking online. You can do things like call tracking (Google for solutions here) to try and close that loop, but even then it isn’t an entirely closed system. I’d say the simplest approach is probably to have some kind of retainer and a performance based element triggered by an agreed KPI like traffic to the site, e.g. if you increase traffic by X then you get Y on top of the basic retainer. That way you share the risk with the client. I’m not expert on this so that’s just a suggestion 🙂

    2. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Jason, so you mean you will be sending traffic to your client and the purchase will be made on their website? If that is the case then they’ll need to have some kind of click and conversion tracking set up so that traffic and ultimately conversions can be attributed back to you. There are plenty of click tracking plugins for WordPress (I use ThirstyAffiliates), but I don’t know of any that can do conversion tracking on 3rd party sites. For that you may need to use something like Clickmeter.

  149. Avatar Mob says:

    Hello Charles-

    Advice required please:

    Can I give out a login pin to a user and hyperlink and they are then required to register. And upon registration I will need 4different types of forms as it will be 4 different types of audiences (4 dropdown options) with various registration forms in order to interact within a portal.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Mob, I’m not aware of any user management plugins that work in the way you describe. Question for you, do you know which form each user needs before they register? If so, can you just create four different registration forms and send each user to the appropriate one? You could use the baked in WordPress password protect feature to hide the form pages from the public rather than a unique pin. You could use something like Registration Magic to create the unique forms.

  150. Avatar Sayantan Dasgupta says:

    Hi Charles,

    First of all its great that you are taking the time to help all of us here. A big thanks!

    I am building a WP website to offer content services to my customers. I am trying to find a WP plugin that offers profile management, conversations, order details, invoices, role based user access etc. I would also like to provide access to my writers to this portal so that I can assign them orders from the portal and they can deliver them directly to the client via the portal. I am currently using WP Customer Area, but it looks pretty dry and counter intuitive and blocky. Is there something else that can work?

    Thanks so much for the help

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Sayantan, WP Customer Area is the one I would recommend based on your description of the use case. “Dry” and “Blocky” could be helped with some custom design, though I’m not sure about counter intuitiveness. You might find the plugin authors can provide some insights to improve on the way you have implemented for a better experience. Sorry I cna’t help more on this particular question.

    2. Avatar Brett Drinkwater says:

      Sayantan, did you try WP-Client Management Portal? It’s not listed on the WP plugin repo because they dont have a free version. It doesnt seem to expensive for what it provides. I am about to purchase this and see how it goes.
      They offer a 100% money back guarantee if its not what you are expecting.

  151. Avatar MaWa says:

    Hi Charles,

    Many thanks for this post – very helpful as are all your replies.

    I want to use WordPress to build a website where customers can subscribe to a recurring monthly service (provided by staff) and once subscribed they can login to a ‘portal’ with access to pages – training videos, how-tos, etc. They also need to access their account (billing etc) and buy additional services.

    The actual service will be provided by staff and activities will be reported to the customer using – for example – Zendesk, by embedding a Zendesk portal on a page.

    Ideally this will use Social Login or similar to include Google, Amazon, Facebook etc.

    So my question – is this possible using WP? Which would be the best tool – WHMCS, Woocommerce with Subscriptions, Restrict Content Pro?

    Thanks again for the help!

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi MaWa, so the user will have to subscribe (pay) to access the site to start with and then they can also pay for additional services? I’ve become more and more a fan of Restrict Content Pro and it would certainly handle the first part nicely to manage subscriptions and access to protected content, which could be an iFramed ZenDesk portal using the Zendesk for WordPress plugin. For selling additional services you could use something like Ninja Forms to create order forms with checkout capabilities incorporated.

      You may also be interested in our post on membership sites here.

  152. Avatar MaWa says:

    Hi Charles:

    Thanks for the response – and sorry for my delay; last I looked my post wasn’t live. My bad.

    Theoretically yes, the user has to subscribe (pay) to get initial access – excluding free trials of course.

    I’m checking out Restrict Content Pro. It does allow that ‘portal’ feel I’m looking for. That said I’m thinking Woocommerce/Subscriptions might be more flexible for the ‘My account/shop/cart’ stuff (for the additional subscription services for example) and then use Restrict Content (or Pro) just for portal content – videos, ZenDesk portal etc. The Ninja Forms concept for additional services seems beyond me conceptually – I may just not understand it?

    Thanks for the Zendesk plugin link! Very helpful.

    Any thoughts on the social login need for Google, Facebook, Amazon etc. Does that impact or conflict with any of the above?

    Thanks again – very much appreciated!!

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi MaWa, that sounds like a great plan. I didn’t think of Woo Subscriptions, that’s a good idea and as you’ve probably already seen there is a social login extension for WooCommerce: – This might just give you everything you need?

  153. Avatar Mark Walton says:

    Hi Charles:

    Great idea on the social login and thanks for the feedback. Hopefully I’m all set.

    Thanks again!

  154. Avatar Philipp Schmalhofer says:

    Hi Charles,
    at first I want to thank you for the time you spend to help people with their problems. It’s a great job! ?
    I’d need an advice too. I’m searching for a plugin who’d help me collecting more informations (preferences that fit to my attributes) about the costumers on my WooCommerce Shop. I’d like to integrate these given given informations into a suggestions product page.
    Do you have an idea, what plugin could help me?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Philipp, adding extra fields to user profiles is simple enough. You can use something like Cimy User Extra Fields for this. It’s what you do next to present suggested products which is difficult. You might be able to do something with a plugin like CM Product Recommendations which can do contextual product recommendations based on page or post content. You may be able to get this to work based on preference information captured about the user. It would require some customization though.

      On a related note we are actually in the middle of building an extension for WooCommerce which will let you build guided product selectors where the user answers a number of questions and when they got to the end it recommends the top products in the catalog based on their inputs. It doesn’t store the information about the user in the database, it is just a front end app which stores their choices in a session cookie, but otherwise it may be close to what you want. It isn’t ready for release yet, but it is in the pipeline. At least a month away.

  155. Avatar Marko Krznar says:

    Hi Charles,
    Sorry for bothering you but I really need advice because I’m new at this. I’m making websites only for 2 months and I need help with a plugins. I am looking for 2 plugins.

    For first one I need just something like a content form, but i want when someone writes in them and when they write it down and send it automatically shows something I wrote. So I write something and it shows for everyone who write in that content form and hit send. For example, You write ” I want something” and when You hit enter to send on the screen shows up ” You will get something “.

    And second one. I need plugin which will allow visitors to write down something and when they come back it will show again and of course that they can change content. Something like an note apps but in which only visitor who wrote it can see it. For example, You write “Buy an apple” and that shows only to You and only You can change the content inside.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Marko, I would use Gravity Forms plus Gravity View for this. With GF you can customize the message that appears after the use submits the form so you can put whatever message you want. You can use Gravity View to display the submitted information on the front end.

  156. Avatar Adam says:


    Its probably the best post on what i am looking for and helped me a lot to design my project according to what i am looking to achieve.

    Basically I am looking to develop a website where tradesman meets the consumer and upon their posting a job system automatically allocates the job to subscribed tradesman and in our dashboard keep a data of monthly activity of jobs for monthly invoicing.

    Is there any readymade wordpress solution in the market? or do i need a custom plugin to built for this..

    please advise

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Adam, you description of requirements makes me think of the Taskerr theme. Does that meet your needs? If not then I think you may need to do some custom development.

  157. Avatar Ali says:

    Hi Charles, Thanks for your article.
    I am developing an eCommerce site of a pharmacy. I just want my client access to “Woocommerce” –> “Orders” option in WordPress. So he could manage day to day orders.

    Please help

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Ali, I’d try Capability Manager Enhanced to customize a specific role type for this purpose. Let me know if that works.

      1. Avatar Ali says:

        Thanks Charles,
        I’ll make a combination of WP Admin UI Customize and Capability Manager Enhanced.

  158. Avatar Tori says:

    After searching for days,I stumbled up your blog and wanted to know your input. I am looking for a Saas or even plugin where I can use for my friend’s website. She is doing consulting and credit repair and wants the ability of having a client portal/area. In the client area she wants the clients to have the ability to upload necessary documents, and for her to post updates on each individual clients profile but the membership plugins that I’ve come across doesn’t seem to have that feature. I did find wp-client but are there any alternative to that? A combination of free plugins or free and paid that can accomplish this?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Tori, based on your description of requirements I’d take a close look at WP Customer Area and their collection of extensions. I think that you can achieve pretty much everything you describe there with this.

  159. Avatar Rob M says:

    Hi Charles,

    Just came across this post when looking for solutions to a task I need to do on a wordpress site.

    The site will feature multiple products and each product has numerous PDF data files that can be downloaded.

    The clients existing site has a pop-up asking a user to submit their name and email before they can download the file. I want to do something similar with WordPress, where the files can only be downloaded by subscribers and can also be tracked to let the client know when a particular user has downloaded a particular file. I also need to redirect users to a log-in/register page if they try to download a file and are not registered.

    I’ve been trying WP download manager plugin, but I can’t seem to get this to work they way I need it too.

    Do you have any advice on what would be a good plugin to use (or combination of plugins?)

    Thanks in advance

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Rob, I’d look at the membership plugins we wrote about here. Specifically I’d try Restrict Content Pro in conjunction with the Download Monitor extension which is itself designed to work with the free Download Monitor plugin. Download Monitor is free, but you’ll still need a membership/registration plugin like RCP to control who has access to download in the first place. Hope that helps.

  160. Avatar Danielle says:

    Hello I want to add a house sitting service to our site and that will require 2 parties to register 1. people who are available to house sit and 2. the person who needs the house sitter. Is there a plug in that we can use on our site?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Danielle, the best solution I can think of here is the Ink Themes HouseSitter theme. This theme is intended specifically to connect house sitters with home owners who need a sitter. Perhaps you could run this service on a sub-domain like

  161. Avatar Sj says:

    Hello, thank you for this list, I was wondering if you know some Customer Portal plugins for wordpress that can sync into zoho? Thanks

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi SJ, I’m not sure what features of Zoho you want to integrate with your Customer Portal? I guess you have already looked at all the Zoho related plugins in the WordPress directory?

  162. Avatar James says:

    Hi Charles,

    Thank you so much for this article!

    I’m working in a new project where we need the following functionalities:

    · Join Mailling list page (Mailing list functionality tied in so we can easily sent emails to all members signed up). This would be for members and VIP members.
    · Private ‘VIP Members Area’ login/pass and where they could upload files, pdfs, etc. must be seen/downloaded by everyone (kind of a pool).

    I was wondering if we could kill all birds with one stone. If not, maybe using mailchimp WP plugin plus WP Customer Area?

    Last thing, I’m a bit concerned about security with WP, however, should be okay if all the updates are done in time, right?


    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi James, jumping straight to your security concern…that is a healthy thing to worry about. The question I always ask first is what kind of information are you sharing and do you expect users to upload. If it is sensitive financial or health information for instance (anything that might be valuable to a hacker) you do need to be especially careful. Even if it isn’t so sensitive you do still want to be careful of course and if you think that your site could become a target I would suggest you engage a security expert to review your site and systems, keeping in mind WordPress itself isn’t the only vector a determined hacker could use to try and gain access, e.g. web server software also needs to be carefully maintained.

      In terms of your feature/function requirements it does sound like WP Customer Area would work nicely. You can easily integrate the registration page with something like Mailchimp so user emails are captured when they register for acccess. You’ll find information on howto do this in the WP Customer Area docs and/or forums. Hope that helps.

  163. Avatar Rachelle says:

    Hi thank you for your post! I want to ask what is the best plugin to use for my website.
    -The admin can add, edit and delete the clients account.
    -Then there is a page that restricted only for the clients once they logged in.
    -The page consists of pdf files, those files are added by the admin.
    -All files that have been uploaded by the admin can be viewed by the clients.
    -Once the file is not needed, the admin can delete them.
    Thank you for reading it ! I appreciate your help.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Rachelle, WP Customer Area is the plugin for you. It can handle all those requirements and much more too 🙂

  164. Avatar Asifiwe Banda says:

    I am looking for a solution that is going to help me limit the items that regular users(students) of our website see on their dashboard. Additionally i also want to be able to lock certain fields so that they can’t edit certain information. Please advise.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Asifiwe, I need to answer your question with a question…do you need to share specific information with each individual student, or does the same information get shared with all students? If it is the former scenario then WP Customer Area would be a good solution, but if it is the latter then you could look at one of these membership plugins which limit access to certain content to groups of people.

      You also mention needing to lock certain fields so they can’t edit the information. Can you elaborate on the use case here? Are the students managing profile information or some other info via a web form?

  165. Avatar Dallin says:

    Charles, thank you for your commitment to this thread and continued follow up. I apologize that I haven’t been able to read all of the different scenarios in the other comments to find if my question was answered or not.

    We are looking to create a client section where each company will have siloed information where they will be able to see the page(s) that we have set up specifically for them. Nobody else will have access to this data and different clients will have their own page that will be securely provided to them.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Dallin, based on your description I would look at WP Customer Area. It can certainly do what you describe and has a number of extensions that are worth exploring to see if they can add additional features that might be useful in your use case (such as notifications when content is updated). Hope that helps.

  166. Avatar JOLLY says:

    Hi Charles, thanks for the great work.
    Am working on a WP site and looking for a plugin that will display a scrolling list of client

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Jolly, do you mean you just want to display a scrolling set of client logos? If that is what you have in mind you could try something like GS Logo Slider. There are also some other similar plugins in the WordPress repository. Or did you mean something else?

  167. Avatar Palak Arora says:

    Hey Charles,
    I have a website and I want to create a login inside the website where a client can login and see the content like pdfs and media files and is able to download them. Also, We would like to track their login and provide them with username and password instead of them registering.
    Please suggest me some plugin or a process to achieve the same.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Palak, I would use WP Customer Area for this. It can do all you describe.

  168. Avatar Tayu says:

    Hi Charles,
    I am looking for a plugin that enable online registration (username and password) provision. Where a user is supposed to get the registration activation through email. And then the user can fill in the form in our website and submit. Once submitted, the applicant can login any time again and follow the progress of his application online though private inbox.
    Is there any plugin that does this?
    thank you

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Tayu, I’m not sure of a plugin that does all this off the top of my head. Can you expand on the use case? I’m wondering specifically what you mean by “follow the progress of his application online through private inbox”? Do you mean the site needs to have the ability to send and receive private messages with the client? By “follow the progress”, what does that mean exactly? They will simply get a message when it is done? Or are there multiple steps that they will need to engage in through some kind of application and vetting process?

  169. Avatar Tayu says:

    Hi Charles,
    Thank you for the response. My client needs an ‘online application form’ that is accessible only after preliminary registration with basic information like name, email, nationality, etc. After this first step registration, a activation email will be sent to the user so that he/she can continue completing the ‘Online Application Form’. Once the application form is completed form and submitted, a user should be able to login using the same account anytime and check his/her application status.
    Is there any plugin that does this?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Tayu, you may be able to to make this work with one of these membership plugins. Pretty sure they can all handle the verification step, ie. signup for free account with an email verification step in the flow, and once they’ve verified access you can present an additional form with all the fields you need to capture. Once approved you can upgrade their membership level which you can present as a status. Have you looked at these plugins?

  170. Hi Charles,
    I am building a school website. I want to generate scratch card with which students can use to check their result.
    Is there a plug-in that can do this?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Charles, I’m not sure what you mean by ‘scratch card’? I gather you want to present test results for students online, and that these need to be kept private, correct? You could use WP Customer Area to manage student access and this would enable you to manage content unique to each student, but it would be quite manual and I presume you’ve got lots of students…so may not be practical.

      Have you checked out the following options?

  171. Avatar Kammy says:

    Hi Charles,

    I need to make a private page that only allow login employee to access.

    The page need to have a download file section (share file), area for Q&A and employee can post and share image.

    Is there any plugin that does this?Thanks

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Kammy, you oculd use one of the membership plugins listed here to create a private space on your site just for employees. But I wonder if you have thought about creating a separate installation of WordPress, at say and set it up as an intranet using one of the many intranet plugins like All-in-one Intranet?

  172. Avatar Bruce Langdon says:

    Hi Charles,

    I am after a simple to use 2 level private area on a website that:
    1/ Staff can log into to access some pages and download files that aren’t available to the public
    2/ Board Members can log into to access more secure documents and pages that aren’t available to staff or the public.

    These would have simple links on the website footer saying STAFF LOGIN |BOARD LOGIN taking them to the login page.

    I have looked and looked and cannot find a simple plugin that will do this but maybe I am missing something out there that is pretty basic for what I am wanting. They all seem very involved.

    Thank you for your time

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Bruce, I don’t think any of these client area plugins are the ones for you, they are intended to manage client specific content areas on a site. Instead you might take a look at these plugins designed to manage member areas with the ability to create different member level for groups that have access to different content which is more the use case that you describe. Alternatively, have you looked at any of the plugins designed to build a business intranet? All-in-one Intranet might be a good option.

  173. Avatar Gento says:

    Hello Charles,

    Thank your for your good work. Been reading quite a lot of your suggestions but I’m unable to find what I’m looking for.
    I’m an independent accountant and I need a plugin that : allows me to generate unique ID/Password for my clients. When the clients log in, each of them has its own page (client A does not see the page of client B). The main feature I’m looking for is the possibility for each client to upload files (invoices, tax statements, cash receipts, etc). There’s the WP-Client but I cannot afford their price atm.

    What would you recommend?


    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Gento, WP Customer Area is the one I would recommend. They have paid extensions but do have a free version which might work for you. That said, as I’ve mentioned previously I would approach this very very carefully if you plan to have customers sharing sensitive financial information. In such cases security is of the upmost importance and quite honestly if you can’t afford a plugin I’m not sure you could afford to take the necessary steps to ensure that you site is totally secure. It is not just a matter of adding an SSL certifitcate, you also need to make sure the software and server are totally locked down and protected from malicious attempts to access your site and customer data. Personally I don’t think I would attempt something like this without employing the services of a security professional. Maybe a simpler solution would be something like shared dropbox folders with each customer?

      1. Avatar Gento says:

        Thanks for your answer Charles. Just to make my understanding clearer: when you talk about a secure environment, do you mean that the use of WP Cusomer Area or WP Client extensions (the paid versions) are not secured and need to be secured by a specialist? I thought that the reason why those extensions are “pay 2 use” is beceause they’ve been secure to use. I’m actually using the SSL Encription on my website, it’s a free feature from my provider (I didn’t buy a own certificate though) and my website can be accessed through https… The extension I was talking on my 1st post is this one Does it still need to be secured if I decide to buy the basic version and implement it on my website?

        1. Charles Charles says:

          Hi Gento, good to hear you are using https and have an SSL certificate, but it is important to understand that this simply means the connection between the browser and your server is encrypted, it doesn’t mean your site and server are immune to hacking. Securing a server is much more than simply using https. A server may have many vulnerabilities from the network to the server software and the application you are running. It may not even be the plugin you are using to power the client features it could be another plugin which has vulnerabilities. Security patches are being rolled out for WordPress and plugins all the time (just like any software), so you just need to be very careful, especially when you are dealing with sensitive financial information that may give a hacker incentive to try and access your client file.

          I also need to make it clear that I am not a security professional, I just know enough to know that properly securing a server and application is beyond my skillset and if I was dealing with sensitive client info I would proceed with caution.

          1. Avatar Gento says:

            Hello Charles. Many thanks. I do appreciate your feedback.
            Take care.

  174. Avatar Nicola says:


    I am after some advice please. I am trying to create a website that requires individual client pages which can be controlled by myself but would require the customer to login with a username and password but not email. Is it possible to create private client pages without the need for an email address? Many thanks

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Nicola, can I ask why you don’t want to use email addresses? With something like WP Customer Area the users will have a username and password, but they will need to have an email to create their account and that is so that they can use the automated password reset features when they (inevitably) forget their password.

  175. Avatar Hillary says:

    Please, i am trying to build a website where users can login to a customized page where they can get personalized contents. Thanks

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Hillary, based on your short description of requirements I would try WP Customer Area.

  176. Avatar Henrik says:

    Hi Charles, I’m building a website that will need customers to register a personal account. In creating their account I would like some questions to kind of pop up in dynamic boxes, that the users will then answer about themselves. When logging in to their account afterwards, the will then get personalized content like graphs to monitor their health.

    These graphs will be created using a script of the statistical programming language R which extracts each customer’s personal data from a connected database.

    Any suggestions for plugins greatly appreciated!

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Henrik, sounds like an interesting project, but I think you are going to need to do some custom programming here with no off-the-shelf plugins that I can think of offering all the required features.

      You can use something like WP Customer Area to manage user access, along with their Advanced Custom Fields add-on to add the extra user profile fields required to capture the personal information. How you display all that is really up to the design and front end coding.

      The harder part is displaying the personalized charts which will need to pull data from the WP user database as well as the external database you mentioned. You’ll need some kind of common key between the databases so you know which personal information to display for which logged in user. I’m sure you know all that already, and were hoping there might be an existing plugin which would get you further toward that goal. Unfortunately I can’t think of anything that would achieve all that. On the plus side, custom coding that does mean you’ll have something that is entirely unique and valuable!

  177. Avatar fawad khan says:

    hi CHARLES.hope you will be ok.i am new in wordpress .my client want a tutor website where student and tutor make a registration. and now student select tutor
    through subject and level .the result here will be base on what tutor capable of tutoring.
    is there any plugin thanks..

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Fawad, I’m not aware of a plugin that supports exactly this use case, but you might take a look at these learning management system plugins I mentioned previously. One of those might get close to what you need.

  178. Avatar ANGELA OAKLEY says:

    Hi Charles,

    I need a plug in that works as both an exchange of secure information, as well as a subscription component.

    Tax Preparation business: Offer clients a place to upload and receive documents accept payments

    Also potential franchisee: Can see dashboard attend trainings etc receive up to date information and application packets with form submission.

    Also can you refer someone who can create this for me?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Angela, I would highly recommend you look for a local developer you can actually meet with. What you describe is not a simple off-the-shelf plugin, plus you have very strict security requirements if you are dealing with sensitive financial information. So you really want a developer you can sit down with and work through all your requirements in real detail. Working with a remote developer you have never met is possible, but adds a lot more risk to a project like this.

  179. Avatar leo says:

    hi charles, you’ve been doing a great job. I’m building a wp site, where users can login to their accounts and trade with the administrator (buy or sell). i need users to have a dashboard where they can edit their profile, check history of transactions and also start transactions (buy or sell). Hoping you can help me with a way of achieving this. Thanks

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Leo, I’m not sure I know enough about your requirements to make a truly educated recommendation. I can say that it sounds like some custom development. I’m not aware of any off-the-shelf plugins that will handle what you describe. You could start with one of these membership plugins to manage user access. This will also allow them to manage their profile.

      But the functionality for trading with the admin would need to be developed…are trades only with the admin, so entirely private and not public? With other users? What kind of products/services and what information do they need to share to trade? Does the application need some kind of messaging functionality? How will payments be handled (remembering that these could go both ways)? I know that is way more questions than answers 🙁 I’d start by sketching out exactly what you want and then find an experienced developer you can talk it through with. They’ll be able to tell you what is and isn’t possible, and may be able to suggest alternative approaches to keep things simple. For these kinds of custom dev projects I always suggest looking for a local developer you can actually meet with. Remote developers can work out great, but it also makes it much harder and there is a lot to be said for a face to face discussion.

  180. Avatar Stephen says:

    Hi Charles,

    I am creating a site where users purchase digital items and I want them to have a way to login to view their items and to have communication back and forth with me, securely. What would be my best approach?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Stephen, for digital product use cases my go to is always Easy Digital Downloads. For the messaging requirement perhaps take a look at the free Front End PM (private messaging) plugin. I havn’t actually used this one myself but it looks like it may be a good solution for your requirements. Let me know if that doesn’t help.

      1. Avatar Stephen says:

        Charles, your suggestions are great! However, I think i poorly described my use case. Let me do that better:

        We have a site where we want someone to create an account, login, purchase a psychic reading (where they send us a picture and we give them a reading), we respond back to them with a reading, and there account keeps track of all their previous readings.

        I know this seems strange, but it is the company we run. We already have an iPhone app that does this, but want to bring it to our WordPress site as well.


        1. Charles Charles says:

          Hi Stephen, I see. Yes, Easy Digital Downloads may not be what you’re after! I’m not sure of anything off-the-shelf that could exactly match these requirements, but I do think it would be worth looking at WP Customer Area along with their messaging, authentication and notification extensions. You may find you can achieve most of what you need with this.

  181. Avatar Des says:

    Hi Charles,

    I have built a website for a customer. I would like them to have access only to posts and pages so they can add content and media and upload documents and delete it but no access to anything else to safeguard the website. How do I accomplish this?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Des, this is actually pretty easy. There are a number of plugins which let you control what access different user roles have, the most popular is User Role Editor which is free (though they do have a Pro version). Hope that helps.

  182. Avatar Julia says:

    Hi Charles, I was wondering if you could help with the following.

    I’d like to make a membership site where people login with their details and get a calendar which they populate with their important dates (only the individual and myself would see this calendar). For each important date they input there would also be a pop-out (out of the calendar maybe) for extra comments, etc. I would then (possibly, not necessarily) like to see all of the members’ dates nicely organized in one big calendar for myself (to keep a track of them).

    Wondering how difficult it would be to do this for a professional and whether you could suggest any specific theme or plugin for me to try and tackle it myself?

    Thanking you in advance!

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Julia, is this for clients to book time with you? In which case the calendar for each client would need to be aware of the other bookings so not to double book. Or are all the calendars independent and specific to the user? If it is a booking application then there are a number of booking specific plugins like Checkfront and Booking Calendar. If it is another application then you could try one of the many calendar plugins for WordPress, but you’ll probably need to customize them to support unique calendars for specific users which I’d describe as non-trivial.

  183. Avatar Sam says:

    Hi Charles,

    I am wondering if you can give me some advice.

    I am weighing up purchasing either wp customer area or wp-client. Both has pros and cons but wanted to get your advice on which you think is the best way to go?

    I need to create a service-desk website for the maintenance and facilities management side of my business (shop-fitting). I would like my clients to be able to login to their individual stores with their own private webpage that gives them the following:

    Essentially it needs to provide a space for each store to log in and it bring up their current records for the stores:

    1) Copies of all current certification (stored on the cloud I guess)
    2) Daily/weekly/monthly checks that they can tick/sign to confirm that they have been done
    3) Calendar showing dates of next inspections
    4) Request raising (email) tab and maintenance tracking

    Then we want a management level that we can access all the stores for us to download information and give to the senior team, where we can check on everyone’s status and track what still needs doing.

    Its important the stores can link to stored files/documents so that we can upload their latest reports.

    I would really appreciate your feedback.

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Sam, I am a big fan of WP Customer Area, and I would be inclined to start with WP Customer area, though I think you may need to do some custom development.

      1. Copies of all certification, easily done with built in plugin functionality
      2. I’m not sure exactly what this needs to look like, but it sounds like something you could achieve using Gravity Forms or Ninja Forms to capture confirmations that checks have been completed.
      3. You could embed a Google calendar for each client (they all get their own pages so this is easy). Or you could use something like The Events Calendar plugin.
      4. This is likely to be the hardest part as neither plugin has a built in request raising/tracking feature. You could try incorporating something like WP Helpdesk and making it accessible only to logged in customers.

      I hope that helps in someway. Cheers.

  184. Avatar Nico says:

    Hi Charles, thanks for providing such great support ! Here’s my question: I’m a coach and I would like my customers to be able to fill out a personal online intake form and online evaluation form. It would be great if the forms could placed in a private customer area on my WP website.

    Hope you can give me some good advice…


    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Nico, are your users paying subscribers for your service? If so have you considered using one of these membership solutions which can also handle all the online billing and access etc. Your could configure the signup form to include the specific fields you require, or you could make the signup form very simple, but once signed up and logged in you could present them with a comprehensive evaluation form, using Gravity forms or Ninja Forms to power that easily enough. Make sense?

  185. Avatar Mtepele says:

    Hi Charlie, thank you so much for the tips, you are doing a great job. My question is, can you start by revising this website “”, in which a visitor(student) is able to see what is being offered by a teacher(tutor), but in order to get in touch with the tutor, the student must make a registration as well as payment. After finishing the registration and payment processes, both email and sms are sent to the tutor so that he/she gets in touch with the student. Which plugins should I use. Thanks in advance.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Mtepele, I’m not aware of any plugins that work exactly as you describe, but you might take a look at the Taskerr or Hirebee themes from Appthemes. They might get you closer to the funnctionality you want. I’d also browse Themeforest for app themes designed to support tutoring sites, or Codecanyon for plugins like Minorah.

      1. Avatar Mtepele says:

        Thank you so much Charlie, let me work on your suggestions and will let you know. Stay blessed.

  186. Avatar Andy says:

    Hi Charles, this thread is incredible – good job!

    I would like to wrack your brain if I may.

    I have a site where I need the landing page/home page to be unique to each user (it will display a specific list of woocommerce products for ordering – created via essential grids). The number of users may be quite high so can’t define by role or membership band.

    I can’t seem to find any plugins that allow me to do this without bolting on lots of other unnecessary options. I have tried peters login redirect and that works for the initial login (via a custom login page), but then the users url paths revert back to the standard homepage defined by the theme.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Andy, when you say the list of Woocommerce products needs to be unique for each user, is it literally bespoke for each user or are there groups of users which will see the same list, and how do you plan to manage the list for each user…or do you need a solution that will handle that too?

  187. I love all your responses to your blog. Let me pick your brains a bit.

    I am building a website that requires users to be awarded Points.
    I have been able to do this with Mycred
    Inside this website, Users need to fill a form that the points awarded can be used. I need a plugin that can automatically deduce the points awarded whenever the user is filling the form.
    Also, I need a plugin that can award commission based on the form filled and award referral based on amount up to the fourth generation.


    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Ambali,I’m not aware of any plugins that can do all that out of the box. It really does sound like a custom development job. The good news is that myCred has a comprehensive API so you should be able to build the functions you need to extend myCred to meet your needs.

  188. Avatar Sonja says:

    Iv been building client portal using WP Client however I need to enable enquiries i.e client to submit query and get specific data as result and than depending on permissions to be able to modify/add data. Is there any plug in that could do this?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Sonja, can you be more specific, e.g. what do you mean by “submit query and get specific data as a result”?…do you mean they make some selections from a form and the page returns data from a database on your site or some 3rd party? Or is this data emailed to them? What kind of data, and how is that populated in the first instance?

      I have a feeling that this would be a custom development job, but some more details would help to figure out if there is anything off-the-shelf that might get you some of the way there.

  189. Avatar Jake Taylor says:

    Hey Charles,
    I’ve been searching high and low for wp plugin to use for a membership portal. It’s for a local Merchants Association. I want people to be able to join from a specific form page, where they enter details like “name” “phone number” “e-mail address” “business name” “business type” and “description of business” and then specific info..mainly “business name” and “description of business” is auto generated on specific pages according to their “business type” (, boutique, health & beauty). Then the members will be able to login to a portal where they can update information and possibly upload photos or add social media links. We will also be charging specific membership levels based on benefits of those levels, so if it’s possible to add a drop down input field with levels and payment options included that would be amazing. Any suggestions? Long time front end developer btw, and I’m in awe with your knowledge on this subject. Thanks in advance for any help.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Jake, what you describe sounds like a pretty standard business directory type function which may be supported by one of the popular directory plugins rather than a membership plugin. Have you looked at any of the plugins like the aptly named Business Directory Plugin? There are also many other free and paid options around. If I have missed the point let me know.

  190. Avatar Yomi says:

    Hi Charles,,
    Weldone first of all.

    I am looking for a plugin that will make clients create their profile and also upload pictures.

    Once they have their pictures uploaded, people can view the website and shop for products on their respective sub pages

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Yomi, I’m not clear what you mean. When you say that you want your clients to upload pictures, do you mean products which site visitors can then buy?

  191. Avatar Happy says:

    you are the best

    please if I want to create a school website that i will upload the report-sheet and the students will be able to check their results online using WordPress, which plugin is the best

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Happy, WP Customer Area would work for this, but if you are talking about a school maybe you should look at one of the popular learning management systems for WordPress…they offer a wide range of features to support online learning. I made a comment about these earlier here.

  192. Avatar yomi says:

    Hi Charles,

    Yes, i mean several clients/vendors get subscribed/registered on the website and they have their space to upload their products and people can buy.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Yomi, I think what you want is a multi-vendor version of WooCommerce. WooCommerce themselves offer an extension which adds multi-vender functionality. and the YITH Multi-vender plugin is another popular option. Hope that helps.

  193. Avatar Dwayne says:

    Hi Charles

    I am looking to build a website that has a landing page with a bit of info on it with a login and register form and for visitors to view the rest of the website they will need to login or register.

    Any idea on the best way to achieve this?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Dwayne, I think what you describe is a membership site. Check out our post on how to set up a members site:

  194. Avatar Martijn says:

    Hi! I’m looking for a client login for a custom clothing (prints) company for clients who want to place a new order of an existing product.

    The client needs to be able to:
    – log in
    – access a table with his unique specifications and prices of each product (prices are different for each client)
    – put down the number of items he want to order in this table
    – place the order (with a download/pdf of the order sent to the admin’s e-mailadres and his own e-mailadres)
    – Check his order history (if possible with a field providing the delivery date).

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Martijn, the simplest approach may be to use something like WP Customer Area to manage access to specific parts of the site and then create WooCommerce product categories specific to each customer. The products in these categories then can only be accessed by the specific customer and all the products in the category will be specific to them. Using WooCommerce of course you can also have all the payments online and all the order history etc will be managed in the usual way. With WooCommerce you can of course set any required product specifications and there are many plugins available to extend product data in any conceivable way. Would this work?

      BTW, in thinking about this I was reminded of this plugin for print shops that want to provide their customers with online product design features. Maybe interesting.

  195. Avatar Freed says:

    Hey Charles hope you can help me,

    Im looking to create a website lis like and uber site but for cleaning homes ie:

    Is basically outsourcing services for a niche market (home cleaning)

    I would like to have sign up forms for both customers and workers (cleaning)
    Present the customers with different service packages where he/she can choose from and set-up a one time appointment or recurring.

    I will be contacting worker via email regarding the appointment (or if this can be automacally)

    Worker dashboard will have pending appointments etc.

    As an admin I would like to be able to at least cancel account if terms of services are broken.

    Is there a theme available? can it be done ?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Freed, I’m not aware of a plugin or theme that does exactly what you have described. I am reminded of the Taskerr theme from App Themes which does some of what you are after, though I wouldn’t described it as “Uber” like.

  196. Avatar Samuel says:

    Hi friend
    Please do you any wp plugin that allow me to create platform where my visitors can pay to register for an earning program on my site and make money from downline who buy same package with their referrer link and me the web admin can be able see everybody so I can be able to pay them

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Samuel, I’ve not looked into this type of use case before so I don’t have any specific recommendations sorry. I gather you mean like a multi-level referral marketing program?

  197. Avatar Alex says:

    Hey Charles, I’m impressed of your friendly support to all of us, thx for that!

    I’d like to add a restricted member area to my homepage. For my idea, every member has to be differentiated. That means that customer A sees/ gets different information through a PHP widget then customer B. (So not the classical membership gold, silver, bronze thing)

    The PHP widget grabs the information for every customer from a database on another server.

    What I am searching is a restricted area plugin which gives me the power to differentiate every customer and integrate that into my divi homepage.

    I’d be more than happy if you could help me solve this problem!


    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Alex, If I understand correctly you want a section of your homepage which will display content only to logged in members, and the specific content displayed is unique to the specific member. I also understand that the information about each member comes from a different server, not your local WordPress installation, correct? If I understand the requirements correctly then you are certainly looking at some custom development. I can’t think of any off-the-shelf plugins which enable this kind of functionality, particularly the connection with a remote database of customer information. One thing I’m not clear about is whether the custom access needs to be controlled by the remote server or if access can be managed locally? If it can be done locally then you could use WP Customer Area to manage access and then you’ll just need to develop the component that connects to the remote server to pull in the content required.

      In any event, this sounds like a fairly involved project. My recommendation would be to find a local develop you can sit down with face to face and really dive deep into the exact requirements. If you have experience with development you might be able to do this with a remote developer, but if you don’t have this experience I think it is better to work with someone you can meet with in person. Remote projects add another level of complexity.

  198. Avatar Joe says:

    Hey Charles,

    Is there a plugin to allow my customers to sell my products? I have a woo commerce store and want to allow people to sell my product via drop ship. Kind of like these shops that give you a couple bucks for selling your shirt designs. You create the shirt, with your design, people go into their site and buy it, they print it up and ship it, you get $2. Can I do that same thing, except they sell my products and I give them $2.

    Thank you!!

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Joe, do you mean like an affiliate program, where you can give people (your customers) a unique link and when people click through on that link you can track any sales back to them and reward with a commission? There are a couple of great affiliate extensions for WooCommerce. Or did you mean something else?

  199. Avatar chaz says:

    Hi Charles,

    I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction please…

    My client has a wordpress website and they are now looking to introduce a private customer login area.
    They would like to:
    – give each client a login username and password
    – remove client access when they terminate contract
    – be able to upload and download files as and when required
    – be able to access a library of documents/templates etc.
    – search for a file by keyword

    Please advice thanks

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Chaz, I’d definitely go with the WP Customer Area plugin (linked above). It can do all those things and more (like private chat) with the range of extensions they also offer.

  200. I need a portal that allows a customer to create a profile and be able to track all of the orders that they have placed through the website. This portal would communicate the purchase, track the process of where the order stands, and more importantly, offer a ‘document locker’ where they can view uploads on each order (i.e. copy of a passport or travel visa).

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Aaron, for your use case I would take a look at Easy Digital Downlaods: – combined with the Custom Deliverables extension I think this would achieve what you are looking for: – they also have a few other extensions which might suit your needs.

      One thing I would add is that security will be very important in a business like yours. When you are dealing with passports and visa documentation you must ensure that your server and site is properly secured to keep all your customers documents safe. You may want to find a local developer who can help you ensure everything is right.

  201. Avatar Lonice says:

    Hello, I need a plugin so I can provide courses for students. for example: I have course A and course B. I need a client to access only course A and not course B. That is, I can release which course my student can see. Can you help me?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Lonice, sounds like you need a Learning Management System (LMS). Check out this previous comment for some links.

  202. Avatar Richard Adem says:

    Hello charles.
    iThank you for the good work you are doing here i am looking for a plugin which will enable me build an online banking platform where users have to login to view their bank statements

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Richard, I’m not aware of any plugins designed for this purpose specifically. I can say that I always get nervous when people talk about building sites on top of WordPress that are intended to handle sensitive personal or financial data such as bank records. WordPress is an amazing platform and can be used for a great many things, but I am not sure it is really suitable for situations like this where security is absolutely paramount. Because WordPress is so widely used it is a popular target for hackers, and unless you have a great deal of experience and skill in securing and maintaining the security of a website I think you are asking for trouble building on a platform like WordPress. If you are building a banking platform I really think you should be engaging with a development company that can build something bespoke and with the necessary security measures in place.

  203. Avatar Chris Brown says:

    In advance, thank you for your posts. I am looking for a wordpress plugin that will allow me to share/communicate privately with my clients. Each client page needs to be private and encrypted. There also needs to be a way to add or remove or automatically block users if they cancel their subscription.
    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Thanks, Chris

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Chris, have you looked at WP Customer Area (link above), and all the extensions they offer? I think it would provide what you are looking for.

  204. Avatar Isaac says:

    Hi Charles

    I need a plugin for Member Area where members/clients can have an account, be able to login or register, have a client Dashboard where they can be able to invest through EFT and Paypal. Be able to upload documents (PDF/JEPG format). Admin should be able to see and manage progress of investment.

    Is the any plugin or plugins for this?

    Thanks in Advance

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Isaac, something like WP Customer Area would handle the client access management as well as providing each client their own place to upload docs etc which the admin can access and share information back to the client. The part I’m not sure about is what you mean by “invest through EFT and PayPal” and “manage progress of investment”…what kind of investment are you talking about? Is the client buying something from a catalog of options, or subscribing to make regular deposits, or something else. And what do you mean by the Admin managing progress of investment? Are they uploading docs, or is there some kind of marketplace information that needs to be shared?

      I would also say that if you are talking about financial investments and securities of some kind then you need to take security very very seriously, and should employ a security expert to assess your hosting as well as the application to ensure it is properly secured.

      1. Avatar Isaac says:

        Thanks Charles

        subscribing to make regular deposits and documents upload

        1. Charles Charles says:

          OK, so I would look at WP Customer Area and the plugin extensions they offer to see if they can provide the functionality you need. In particular the Stripe payment gateway extension I think would enable subscription based payments.

  205. Avatar eduthem says:

    Dear Charles,
    Please help me findout a wordpress plugin where I can collect data of an institute from the users (Name, Address……,.,.,, some pictures, links and place them in institute profile.

    The institutes could by seen as directory listing, may be searched with name, place or category and profile is shown to public when asked for the same.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi, does the Connections plugin come close to what you need?

  206. Avatar AppJetty says:

    Thank for this article, it seems to be really useful!

  207. Avatar David says:

    Hi Charles,

    I have a client that runs a home center/hardware store and they want a client area where contractors who have accounts with them can log in and see information like their credit limit, amount they have spent, amount due, job name, and be able to make payments.

    I haven’t had any luck finding a plugin that suits those needs. Do you know of anything?


    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi David, it’s fair to say that most of the client area style plugins cater more to those digital/agency style businesses rather than regular retail stores. You certainly could use something like WP Customer Area to manage client login etc, but then how to manage all that information related to their account etc.

      Presumably the client doesn’t want to manually manage all that in a separate website backend, so the question is can you integrate it with their existing order management and accounting system so it is automatically updated and reflects the business that the contractors are doing with them. This would almost certainly require a lot of custom development.

      One other question, do the contractors order everything online or on site? If they order it all online then what you might be looking for is a WooCommerce plugin that allows for customers to order everything online on credit. This plugin apparently will have this feature in the future:

      Hope that helps in some way.

      1. Avatar David says:

        Thanks Charles.

        The business is strictly a brick and mortar store. No online sales at all.

        I feel like my client wants something more like a credit card or loan account for their customers.

        I had a feeling custom development would be the route.

        Thank again.

  208. Avatar Emma says:

    Hi Charles

    I’m looking into a possible WordPress site/plugin for selling a service. Functionality wise I would need an agent/s login area where a profile would be set up for the available service but also for a customer to be able to see whether that agent is online and available and free to chat.

    For the customer side of things, they would need to be able login and be able to see a balance on their account, transactions and also a payment system to purchase a service.

    Is there anything out there like this or am I looking down the customisation route?


    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Emma, I’m not sure it is exactly what you have in mind, but your description of requirements reminds me of the App Themes Taskerr theme. It is a marketplace theme to connect customers and service providers. Is this close, or have I misunderstood the requirements?

  209. Avatar Olanrewaju Omoyele says:

    Hi Charles, Great job. Please i want to create an investment wordpress website where users can add fund to their account, and on their individual dashboard, they can see the fund and the expected return. Please what theme or plugin can i use. Your help is highly appreciated.

    1. Hi Olanrewaju, based on your description I would think that WP Customer Area might suffice for this. It offers all the client access and management features and they have a Stripe payment gateway extension which would allow you to accept deposits to the user account, though of course the payment gateway charges a transaction fee so you’d need to take this into account.

      I presume however that you would also need a way to share information about actual returns and have a process for paying out to clients etc. Those features you would need to figure out exactly what is required. Also, as I have mentioned many times, security for any kind of application involving money like this is super important. Even large financial institutions are hacked sometimes so ensuring your site is fully secure needs to be a top priority. My recommendation is to find a local developer you can work with to implement your requirements and also to work through all the security issues…making sure the server is secure and properly firewalled, as well as the application running the site. To me this is likely to be the hardest (and most important part) of your site build.

  210. Avatar Kesh says:

    Hi Charles,

    I need to setup a student login portal. On this portal, a student must be able to create their profile, and submit and application online along with dosuments. Thereafter, they must be able to logon and edit info as required, and also be able to see the status of their application (basically application received, processing, accepted, declined, etc)

    1. Hi Kesh, I think you might want to look at something like WP-Members which allows you to create custom registration forms (with whatever fields you need). What it doesn’t do is have the concept of application status, so you might be looking at some customization. This isn’t especially complicated though. I’d recommend finding a local WP developer yo ucan sit down with to map out the user flow and features you need and encapsulate this in your own plugin.

  211. Avatar Mark says:

    I need login system for my clients with separate financial report status for each client after login and some profile data about client
    ( balance sheet table about credit card for example, number of credit card etc…, for each client separate page with few report fields after successfull login…) And a few admins would work in background on editing data.
    Could you suggest me easiest and secure way to do it, some plugin ?

    1. Hi Mark, a plugin like WP Customer Area could work to provide the basic account management and access features, but you might need to get some custom development done to display the data you want to depending on your requirements. I’m not aware of any plugins intended exactly for the type of use case you describe.

      The security part is really the main issue here and again it would pay to work with a good developer on this too. WordPress can be made secure, but it isn’t a bullet proof platform really intended for managing access to sensitive financial data. I would be very cautious about using a simple WordPress site in such an application unless you have some serious security expertise helping you set it all up. Just my two cents.

  212. Avatar Adam says:

    I run a small agency and i’m building a dashboard for clients to keep an eye on ad stats, analytics, etc.

    What’s a good WP plugin for creating client member areas with multiple users for each client and the ability to redirect to the proper client dashboard i’m hosting after login?

    1. Hi Adam, I’m a big fan of WP Customer Area which can handle the user administration and access control to the relevant dashboards. They also have a few extensions to add handy features like chat, notifications and tasks/projects etc if that is relevant.

  213. Avatar Joy says:

    Greetings. I want to create forms and have the forms themselves as well as the content people fill in, directed to their own private section only they can log into. They must also be able to download their own docs, files and photos. Which form builder programme and client portal plug-in can you advise please – everything must be able to be 100% secure

    1. Hi Joy, the best options for any given project will depend alot on the specific details which is hard to understand from your short description. That said I would take a look at a combination of WP Client Area and Ninja Forms. Security wise I would recommend you work with a developer who is skilled in this area. Security is not only about the plugins, but your entire hosting, web server and WordPress application stack. If you are detailing with sensitive personal information you are right to be concerned about this and shouldn’t assume that only the plugins represent some risk of security holes.

  214. Avatar Arpit Sharma says:

    Yeah, I’m looking for that kind of plugins for my client area. Thanks, buddy to share this us.

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