Client Area Plugins for Your WordPress Website

client area wordpress plugins

If you’re a freelance creative or working within a development agency environment and looking for an integrated tool for project management, collaboration or support, these four free and premium plugin options are a great place to start.


WP Customer Area

WP Customer Area is a free client area solution focused on managing private content and file sharing. Current features include:

  • Secure customer area, with user access via log in
  • Private pages and files that can be assigned to particular users, and are only listed in the customer area
  • Private file grouping by category and year
  • Comments on private files and pages
  • Plugin appearance customization using your own themes and templates

WP Customer Area is available free via the WordPress Theme Directory, though premium plugin extensions and bundles are available via the website. Add-ons include:

  • Protect post types, to make external content private
  • Advanced custom fields integration to harness the power of ACF
  • Owner restrictions for enhanced publishing permissions and control
  • Conversations for private messaging
  • Managed groups for user groups run by managers

WHMCS Client Area for WordPress

Integrate orders, billing, support and and all other client management operations into WordPress with the WHMCS Client Area plugin via CodeCanyon. This integration is designed to provide your clients with a user-friendly and consistent customer experience, while offering full control over what you want to display.

Available for a regular license fee of just $28, WHMCS Client Area for WordPress works with any WP theme, is SEO friendly, and offers single sign ons for ease of use.

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WordPress Hide Admin Menu

Offering a user-friendly interface, WordPress Hide Admin Menu offers an easy way to create a simplified menu for your clients and users while hiding important information you don’t want to give them access to. Customizable by user role, all you need do is select from the checkboxes corresponding to menu items. Simple!

WordPress Hide Admin Menu is available for a regular license fee of just $29 from Code Canyon and is compatible with WordPress MultiSite.

Client Dash

Want to take control of your WordPress dashboard and improve the user experience for your clients? Client Dash is designed to do just that – offering a number of powerful features to simplify and customize your WP dashboard:

  • Customize the WordPress admin menu using the built in drag and drop menu system
  • Create new dashboard widgets with large buttons to direct users to these new pages
  • Restrict access to content on Client Dash pages for specific roles

Client Dash is available FREE via the WordPress Plugins Directory.

Nikki is a professional freelance writer and story teller with a passion for the web and technology. She writes for WP Dev Shed and amongst a roster of other clients.

479 thoughts on “Client Area Plugins for Your WordPress Website

  1. Arpit Sharma says:

    Yeah, I’m looking for that kind of plugins for my client area. Thanks, buddy to share this us.

  2. Joy says:

    Greetings. I want to create forms and have the forms themselves as well as the content people fill in, directed to their own private section only they can log into. They must also be able to download their own docs, files and photos. Which form builder programme and client portal plug-in can you advise please – everything must be able to be 100% secure

    1. Hi Joy, the best options for any given project will depend alot on the specific details which is hard to understand from your short description. That said I would take a look at a combination of WP Client Area and Ninja Forms. Security wise I would recommend you work with a developer who is skilled in this area. Security is not only about the plugins, but your entire hosting, web server and WordPress application stack. If you are detailing with sensitive personal information you are right to be concerned about this and shouldn’t assume that only the plugins represent some risk of security holes.

  3. Adam says:

    I run a small agency and i’m building a dashboard for clients to keep an eye on ad stats, analytics, etc.

    What’s a good WP plugin for creating client member areas with multiple users for each client and the ability to redirect to the proper client dashboard i’m hosting after login?

    1. Hi Adam, I’m a big fan of WP Customer Area which can handle the user administration and access control to the relevant dashboards. They also have a few extensions to add handy features like chat, notifications and tasks/projects etc if that is relevant.

  4. Mark says:

    I need login system for my clients with separate financial report status for each client after login and some profile data about client
    ( balance sheet table about credit card for example, number of credit card etc…, for each client separate page with few report fields after successfull login…) And a few admins would work in background on editing data.
    Could you suggest me easiest and secure way to do it, some plugin ?

    1. Hi Mark, a plugin like WP Customer Area could work to provide the basic account management and access features, but you might need to get some custom development done to display the data you want to depending on your requirements. I’m not aware of any plugins intended exactly for the type of use case you describe.

      The security part is really the main issue here and again it would pay to work with a good developer on this too. WordPress can be made secure, but it isn’t a bullet proof platform really intended for managing access to sensitive financial data. I would be very cautious about using a simple WordPress site in such an application unless you have some serious security expertise helping you set it all up. Just my two cents.

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