Understanding Your Audience: Call Tracking As A Key Tool In Market Research

Call Tracking As A Market Research Key Tool

Successful business development is ensured not only by a properly organized process but also by a well-chosen marketing strategy.

Each entrepreneur puts his meaning into this concept, focusing on the specifics of his activity.

However, whatever the direction, it is necessary to create a portrait of the target audience. It is the key factor affecting the effectiveness of attracting new customers.

Knowing the needs, requests, problems, and other characteristics of the target audience, you can create a personalized approach.

As a result, coverage increases tenfold. Many business owners have already realized this fact.

According to statistics from GetFeedback, about 73% of professionals put their best effort into providing a personalized experience.

In this case, a logical question arises: “How then to get data about the target audience?”. This can be done by various methods, but the most effective is to use a call tracking service from a reliable provider.

How Does Call Tracking Allow You to Research the Target Audience?

To learn the necessary information about your potential customers, you need to analyze their behavior.

For example, how they interact with advertising campaigns, how they respond to calls, and which ads lead to a targeted action for them.

Call tracking software helps to get this information. The essence of the service is that it replaces unique phone numbers.

When the user uses one of these numbers, the system displays accurate information about the channel from which the call came.

At this time, a thorough analysis of the incoming call is performed, which allows you to find out the following information:

  • Duration of conversations
  • Time and exact date of the call
  • Phone number
  • Waiting time

In addition, the call tracking tool allows you to identify another important characteristic – the type of subscriber’s call.

That is, the system shows whether he is calling for the first time or has already contacted the company.

This data allows you to identify exactly which marketing campaigns are producing results, as well as to identify trends in the behavior of potential customers.

Based on the information obtained, points can be formed to create a personalized approach and increase engagement.

How To Set Up A Call Tracking Service And Find Out Data About The Target Audience?

The work of software solutions for tracking calls is based on the binding of active advertising companies to individual numbers. This can be done in two ways: dynamic and static.

Each technology provides the desired result but differs in the specifics of work. Static phone call tracking provides numbers for each channel.

Each of them is unique and unchanging. The specifics of the functioning of the dynamic tracking method are based on the use of variable numbers.

The provider gives the user a pool of phones that may change depending on the advertising campaign.

This means that each customer will see different contact details when opening the running ads. The system will analyze such calls according to the same scheme as in the case of using a static method.

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Both tracking technologies can be used for different advertising channels, including paid ads and websites.

When a call comes in from these sources, the system first analyzes it and then routes it to a sales agent or support representative.

Thanks to this, the employee receives information about the potential client in advance and looks for ways to best solve his request.

Which Advertising Channels Can Be Tracked?

In the era of active digitization of all spheres of life, users are increasingly looking for solutions to their problems on the Internet.

It is not only about the usual search in Google but also about social networks. Users of the latter actively search there for information about brands, as well as learn ways to interact with them.

This necessitates a wide coverage of advertising campaigns. Using the call tracking tool for each of them, you can see the general situation and not individual data. Marketers recommend installing software for the following sources:

  • Advanced advertising (a phone number is attached to a search ad in Microsoft or Google)
  • Google Business (a section that gives the user general data about the company)
  • Contextual ads (short ads that appear at the top of the page)
  • Normal search on Google (the cases when users are looking for something similar to business activities)
  • Website (direct links from Google search)
  • Advertisements on local sites (web resources that collect general data about goods/services in the city)

Each owner can choose a different number of campaigns and run call tracking for them.

Everything depends on the financial capabilities, goals, and features of the marketing strategy.

In any case, the software helps to get a clear idea of which advertising channels attract the target audience and how they respond to them.

What Metrics Does the Call Tracking Program Offer?

All data obtained by analyzing incoming calls can be divided into several categories. They are called call tracking metrics.

These are indicators that give a clear idea of the points of contact of potential customers with advertising campaigns, features of interaction with them, and other important data. Here are some of the most important of them.

Date And Time Of Calls

The system analyzes each incoming call, including recording the date and time when it was made.

This allows you to understand when exactly the target audience contacts the company more often.

Based on the information, it is possible to determine the main trends in the making of calls, in particular, peak hours and the period of decline.

Such a schedule is an important part of the marketing strategy. After all, it can be used to optimize the work of the sales department.

In the expected peak hours, increase the number of agents involved, and in the downturn, on the contrary, reduce this indicator.

Average Indicators Of The Duration Of Conversations

The support call tracking tool also determines how long the conversation took. At first glance, the indicator does not seem very important.

However, it allows you to conclude the quality of potential customers. As a general rule, long conversations eventually turn into conversions.

In this way, it is possible to determine from which channels such calls are received and to draw a conclusion about the effectiveness of the campaigns.

By identifying the advertising channels from which more long-term calls are received, it is possible to conclude the places that are preferred by the target audience.

However, additional aspects should also be considered. For example, the reason for a long conversation is not always the process of placing a purchase/ordering a service. It can be a complaint or a solution to a problem situation.

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In this case, it is important to take into account the information that can be obtained thanks to another call tracking function – conversation recording.

This option opens up wider opportunities for analyzing incoming calls and allows you to more accurately determine which of them turn into conversions.

Keyword Performance

Using the best call tracking service, you can also find out what keywords customers use when searching.

This is an important indicator because they are used in many advertising campaigns. For example, on landing pages, social networks, and paid ads. First, they are selected using special services.

However, these programs use certain algorithms that do not always correspond to real customer requests.

A software solution for tracking calls allows you to find out how well these words are selected and which of them lead to conversion.

These data also characterize the target audience, and more precisely, their needs and requests.

Call Tracking Process

What Are The Call Tracking Methods?

Specialized software solutions provide ample opportunities for researching the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and studying the characteristics of the target audience. To implement them, marketers use 3 main methods.

Attribution Of The Last Contact

This method of analysis links the incoming call to the user’s last point of contact before he called the company.

To better understand the essence of the method, you can consider a simple example. The customer is looking for a washing machine.

He can click on a specific site’s Google ad and view the equipment directly on the site. In this case, the purchase is not made.

A few days later, he sees a targeted ad and decides to go to the website again. After that, he makes a call and buys a washing machine.

In this case, the call will be counted as retargeting advertising, since it was the last point of contact.

Attribution Of First Contact

This call tracking technique allows you to tie an incoming call to the first contact a person made before becoming a customer.

In this case, you can also consider a simple example. A customer sees an ad for cosmetics on Facebook and clicks on the ad link.

He does not make purchases at this stage and continues to look for other options. After some time, the client is shown a Google search advertisement on the same cosmetics website.

He clicks on it, calls the company, and places an order. In this case, the incoming call will be associated with Facebook advertising.

Multi-Sensor Contacts

Another effective technique by which you can use customer service call tracking software is multi-sensory touches. This means that one phone call is tied to several points of interaction at once.

This allows you to better understand the customer’s journey and draw conclusions about the effectiveness of launched advertising campaigns.


Understanding the characteristics of the target audience is a key aspect required for active brand development and increased reach. That is why this point should be given enough attention.

To learn detailed information about potential customers, it is worth using an automated solution – a program for tracking calls.

The service will help to understand what potential customers are interested in, what their needs are, and which interaction channels they prefer. Based on the received data, you can build a successful marketing strategy.