How to Buy Twitter Followers That Are Real and Active (2021)

Buy Twitter Followers

It’s definitely no secret that you can buy Twitter followers for your Twitter profile. In fact, people have been doing it for a long time now, as they see it as a way to streamline the engagement side of things, so that they can put more effort into making tweets that their community is going to love.

However, what is a secret is how to do it the right way. In this article today we’re going to talk about why you shouldn’t buy fake Twitter followers, and how to buy real Twitter followers using tools like Twesocial, Tweeteev, and Task Ant.

When it comes to being online through social media networks, there’s really nothing like using Twitter.

This is because Twitter was definitely one of the original social media networks, like Instagram and Facebook, which means that it caters to its own audience, and doesn’t abide by anyone else’s rules. It is also one of the most popular platforms, even now, which is why it can be hard to grow a following.

What you might not know about Twitter is that it requires a lot more commitment than TikTok or Instagram to grow, and you need to put a decent amount of time aside to build up authority so that people want to follow you and engage with your tweets.

Being successful on Twitter is all about engaging with the current hashtags and trends. This means that you can’t leave that challenge or trend until tomorrow to respond to; you’ve got to do it right now. The more consistent you are with your engagement on Twitter, the easier it is going to be to build up your authority.

From liking other people’s tweets to retweeting them, you need to make sure that you are able to engage with your audience in a meaningful way, which is why Twitter can be a lot more challenging to grow than other networks out there.

Social media is always feeding into our fundamental needs to be validated, which is why it is so easy to fall into the trap of thinking that having a lot of followers on Twitter is going to bring us more social proof.

It is easy to think that the more followers or friends we have on social media networks in general, the better we look to others, which can be the biggest reason why you might be tempted to buy Twitter followers.

However, if you have ever bought follows for your Twitter account before, then you will know that the happiness is short lived. Initially, you will get to see your follower count go up, which will do a lot for your endorphins and will look really great to your existing audience.

However, not long after this, you will notice that they start to drop off again, and you end up where you started, only worse.

You can blame this on the kind of followers that you are buying. If you are buying low-quality, cheap followers for your Twitter profile, then these are no more than empty accounts that only serve to make your follower count go up, and that’s it.

Beyond this, they don’t do anything. This means that they don’t help with your engagement rate, and they certainly don’t set your Twitter profile up for future success.

There will be a small percentage of people out there that don’t think this is a big deal, but below we’re going to talk about why it is an issue. We’re also going to talk about how you can gain meaningful growth for your Twitter profile, which is going to sustain it for a long time.

How Do You Buy Twitter Followers Safely?

When it comes to buying Twitter followers that are real and active, there is a lot more to it than simply entering your credit card details. If you want to buy authentic, real followers, then you need to be technically buying a strategy that is going to help grow your account.

This strategy is going to cost more than those empty accounts, but the success that you get from it in the long run is going to make it really worth it.

A completely managed Twitter growth service is going to be able to help you come up with a comprehensive, cohesive growth strategy that will help your account organically grow.

If you plan on taking your Twitter profile a lot more seriously in the future, then this is definitely the direction that we recommend you take things.

Best Sites to Buy Twitter Followers

Best sites to buy twitter followers

Twesocial – Buy Real Twitter Followers

Twesocial - Buy Real Twitter Followers
Buy Real Twitter Followers with Twesocial

When it comes to the expansive range of Twitter growth services in the market right now, we believe that one of the best ones out there to buy Twitter followers is Twesocial.

Why? Because they give the option to set and forget your features, so that it completely runs by itself in the background, helping your account get noticed and reaching new followers without you having to do anything.

However, it’s important that before you sign up for Twesocial, you have a really good idea of what your target audience looks like, and who you are trying to reach with your content on Twitter.

From here, you can make the most of their advanced targeting system, which is going to get your profile and tweets in front of the best people for it. They are actually going to be interested in it and will want to engage.


In relation to security, we know for sure that Twesocial takes it really seriously.

This is why they put a limit on how many actions you can perform on Twitter in a single day, and they also make sure that the technology they use to grow your Twitter profile imitates human behavior as close as it possibly can.

It is replication like this that is going to keep your account safe, as the more a growth service imitates human behavior, the less likely it is to get on an algorithm’s radar. Another thing that we love about this Twitter growth company is that it makes sure your data is well stored, and it is encrypted.

This means that nobody can break in and steal it. They also ensure that different logins from different locations don’t occur, so that your account can never get suspended or banned.

What to Expect When Using Twesocial

When you first get set up with Twesocial, they will talk to you about what kind of Twitter accounts you’ve got, and what your overall goals are for it. They will also talk to you about who you think your target audience is.

From this information, they will help you develop a comprehensive strategy that is going to increase your account’s reach by commenting, liking, retweeting, and following other users out there.

All of these interactions are going to work towards growing your account organically, so while you might not see overnight results, they will compound to equal success over time.

The key here is to make sure you’ve got your target market sorted before you sign up for Twesocial, because you want to make sure you’re only targeting people within your niche and industry who are going to be genuinely interested in checking out your tweets.

Why Use Twesocial?

There will still be a lot of people out there that are wondering why they can’t just buy Twitter followers instead of using a growth service like Twesocial.

The easiest way to set this straight is to tell you that if you want real, high-quality Twitter users to interact with your account and boost its credibility, then you need to use a company like Twesocial.

If you just want your follower count to go up, and your engagement rate to stay the same, but your reputation to potentially be ruined, then you should buy Twitter followers.

Yes, an organic growth strategy is going to take longer to work, but you can rest assured that the results are completely worth it, because you won’t see them disappear overnight when Twitter decides that it wants to rid your niche of all fake accounts.

Tweeteev – Buy Active Twitter Followers

Buy Active Twitter Followers with Tweeteev

If you still aren’t convinced by Twesocial, then we think that you might like the sound of Tweeteev.

Tweeteev is a Twitter followers service that can give its clients incredible account management as well as a stable platform that is going to help them reach the right audience.

We’ve already talked about how Twitter is a fast-moving social network, which is why it can be challenging to grow it by yourself. However, if you decide to use a company like Tweeteev, you will quickly realize how much easier your life can be.


Tweeteev, just like Twesocial, cares immensely about the security of their client’s information and existing Twitter profiles. This is why they have never had an account removed by Twitter and this is why they make sure that their technology imitates human behavior as closely as possible.

They will also make sure that you won’t go over the daily limit of actions, and they always recommend that their clients stay under this as well.

Tweeteev is proactive when it comes to Twitter’s terms of service and algorithms, which means that it puts preventive measures in place before anything bad happens, as opposed to asking for forgiveness after the fact.

It is this kind of proactive approach that keeps them at the top of the list, and one of the best in the industry when it comes to your Twitter growth.


When you sign up for Tweeteev, you might expect to see instantaneous results. However, if this is the expectation you’ve got, then you might need to go and buy your followers right off the bat from a company that is offering low-quality engagement.

This is because you cannot have this kind of expectation if you’re going to use a growth service like this. Remember, when you pay for a company like Tweeteev, you are paying for a strategy, not followers.

This means that Tweeteev’s strategy is organic, where they engage with other users for you, who will return the favor and check out your tweets. When your Twitter profile starts to gain traction, others will want to get involved and start following you as well.

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It is this approach that is going to build your Twitter profile up over time, and help you get the results that you want from real, active Twitter accounts. Just remember that you need to continue to put out high-quality tweets.

As we have mentioned multiple times already, purchasing followers for your Twitter profile is detrimental to your account, as well as your brand, so we highly recommend that you invest in a service like this that can actually help you achieve your growth goals without having to compromise anything.

Task Ant

Task Ant

If you love the idea of using Twesocial or Tweeteev for your Twitter growth and want to stick with growth services to make sure that your Twitter profile always does well, then we recommend leveling up, and combining Twesocial with Task Ant for optimal success.

Task Ant is the perfect company to complement Twesocial because it is a hashtag generator. Task Ant can not only help you find the best Twitter hashtags for your niche and industry, but they can help you stay organized by sorting them out into sets.

This way, you are always using different hashtags on your tweets, and everything is coming across as authentic and genuine. The thing about Twitter is that if you want to do really well, you cannot abandon your hashtag game.

Hashtags originated on Twitter, and they’re still just as important today as they were then. This means that if you don’t have the right set of hashtags to use when you upload your content, then you are going to end up falling behind.

Our recommendation is that you combine the power of Task Ant with Twesocial. This way, you can get Twesocial to handle the growth service side of things, and you can get Task Ant to handle the hashtag side of things.

If you aren’t prepared at this point to cover everything when it comes to your Twitter growth, then your competition will get ahead of you, and you won’t do as well as you would like.

Buying Cheap Twitter Followers is Going to Damage Your Brand

When you use social media networks online, you need to think about yourself as a brand. It doesn’t matter whether you are actually a company or an aspiring influencer, you’ve got to think about it from a business point of view.

The more consistent you are with your content and messaging, the more followers you will attract who are going to be interested in you, your brand, and what you’re putting out there on the Internet.

When you use social media for this, you are putting forward a perfected image of yourself that you want people to buy into and get a lot out of. You want them to retweet your content on Twitter, like it, and engage with it in general, so it is really important that you have a stable following.



Authenticity is one of the most important aspects of being on Twitter. Building authenticity by supporting a particular community and being active in dialogue surrounding it is really important as well. This is why if you are trying to build genuine authority, buying followers isn’t the right approach.

If someone is naturally curious, they will be inspired to check out your follower list, and the problem lies in if they discover that most of your followers on Twitter are fake. You might not realize it, but it’s pretty easy to spot when Twitter followers are fake.

A lot of the time, they don’t even have a profile picture, they have a long username that doesn’t really make a lot of sense, and if you click through to their profile, they don’t have a lot of people following them, but they follow thousands of accounts.

When people using Twitter out there discover that you have bought followers for your Twitter profile, they are quickly going to be put off your vibe, and they will look elsewhere for someone who has spent the time to grow their Twitter profile organically.

Social Proof

Social Proof

Social proof is a relatively new phrase that is being used by marketers and the social media marketing industry. It basically means that people will copy the actions of people that they look up to and admire.

If you have had built a successful, consistent yet small following on Twitter that is actively engaging in your content, this is going to go a long way for helping you build social proof, as people will want to be like you and the community that you’ve got, therefore buying into what you’re putting out there.

However, if you buy followers, you completely ruin your chances of building social proof like this, as others will see that you are only interested in increasing your follower count and not relationships online.


Social Engagement

You might be able to get away with a high follower count and low engagement rate on Instagram, but we don’t think there is a high chance of getting away with it on Twitter.

Why? Because Twitter is a platform based around community, where other users support people that are authentic and genuine with the people they interact with.

This means that if you have a lot of fake followers on your account, you are going to lose your community’s trust, and you’re also going to lose their valuable engagement.

The more people that engage with your content, the higher a chance you’ve got of other people seeing it, whether it is commenting, likes, or retweets.

However, when you buy fake Twitter followers, you run the risk of not having your tweets shared with others, which is going to decrease the chances of increasing your reach as well as your audience.

We also mentioned briefly before that Twitter has gone on a rampage every now and then, trying to eradicate fake bot accounts.

This means that if you get the timing wrong and buy Twitter followers just before Twitter has decided to do a purge, then you might wake up the next day to see that all of your followers have gone.

What Brands Think About Fake Followers

If you are attempting to grow your brand or be an influencer who can collaborate with brands, then something you don’t want to do is buy fake Twitter followers.

This is because brands are no longer looking at how many followers you’ve got on your Twitter profile; they are looking at your engagement rate. This is because anyone can have a large following on Twitter, but not many people can have a really good engagement rate.

If you are putting out really good quality content regularly, and people are engaging with it actively, then businesses and brands are going to start looking.

This is why it is important to not only use a growth strategy instead of buying followers but to find one that is going to be sustainable. Going for overnight success on social media is never a good idea if you are trying to be taken seriously by the brands you love.


Another huge issue around buying fake followers is security. If you have found a service that sells followers and requests your login details, then you know that it can’t be trusted.

Fake followers will put your online safety at risk, as bots too often steal sensitive information from clients, or give them a virus. This means that even if the followers didn’t cost a lot of money upfront, you will end up paying for it in other ways.

What is Organic Growth?

Organic Growth

Organic growth is a social media strategy where the results are slowly built up over time. It focuses on engaging with other users in the same niche and industry through likes, followers, retweets, and comments, with the idea that the more times you do this, the more likely people are to return the favor.

As a result, people will engage your content, which will help it reach more people, which is going to result in success.

Remember, before you sign up with a growth service, you need to be thinking about who your target audience is especially if you have just started in the industry, and haven’t yet established your reputation. Think about where your target audience is located, who they are, how old they are, and what their interests are.

Once you have done this, then you can start working on that growth strategy. A good growth service will offer its clients a multi-layer strategy, where you can apply more than one feature to the process, including tweeting, retweeting, liking, following, and commenting.

A good growth service will also find users based on age, hashtags, location, and usernames. If you find a growth service that is only finding users for you through following big accounts and copying their follower list, then this isn’t good enough and you need to look elsewhere.

We also recommend opting for growth services that can connect you with a personal account manager.

Other Ways to Grow Your Twitter Account

There are a number of different ways to grow your Twitter account without having to buy followers. One of the most effective ways is to use a post scheduler, where you can set up software that can upload your tweets at a later date, so that you don’t think about them anymore.

This is a great feature to use if you’re short on time, and still want to reach your target audience.

Find a Community


Finding the right community for your tweets is a bit more challenging that it is on TikTok and Instagram, but once you have found them, you won’t know what you did without them.

The best part is that there are Twitter communities out there for a variety of different interests, movements and topics, and they have set meeting times where they will come online and discuss what they are interested in.

However, we recommend being cautious of jumping straight into a community like this, as you will need to research them for a little while to learn their etiquette before you make any comments.

Once you have established yourself in a community like this, you will find that people start to follow you as you increase in social proof.

Final Thoughts

So, we think it is pretty easy to understand why people fall into the trap of buying Twitter followers, as the concept of being able to spend next to nothing to grow your follower counts almost overnight is really appealing.

However, it is too good to be true, and no sustainable growth strategy for any social network out there can be achieved overnight.

Before you part with your hard-earned cash to try and buy Twitter followers for your profile, find a completely managed growth service that is going to help you achieve the same goals. Make sure you buy real Twitter followers only. Good luck!

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