6 Best Sites to Buy Twitch Viewers (2021)

How to Buy Real Twitch Viewers & Where to Find Them: 6 Best Sites

This guide looks at the best sites to buy Twitch viewers from.

Hailed by many as the form of media that will topple conventional TV, Twitch has been exponentially growing, especially with the younger audiences. With such a steep rate of growth, new players on the platform often struggle to reach their niches.

Is it possible to go around this? Yes! You can buy your viewer base from which you can compete more efficiently. In this article, we’ll tell you more about it, so stick around.

Whether as a form of social proof or simply as a way to game the algorithm, having a significantly large viewer count can do wonders for your Twitch exposure, and if you’re new to the whole thing you know how desperately hard it is to get to potential viewers.

What motivates us all, however, is that cozy place at the top of the Twitch industry. After all, Twitch streaming tends to be extremely lucrative for those who establish themselves on the platform. How about a million dollars from Twitch only, donations excluded?

And let’s not throw out gaming passion from the picture, because without earnest love for the job (yes, Twitch streaming indeed can be that) you really can’t expect yourself to reach anywhere. You have to have feelings for the games, for the community, and for the publicity.

Getting Out of Standstill

All of this comes to a standstill when you find yourself in a vicious circle of not reaching more viewers because you don’t have enough viewers. Where’s the fun in that? The algorithm of Twitch favors those who are either large already or suddenly popular. But this doesn’t have to be game over for you.

A whole niche of businesses has sprung up to cover for this unfair difference and level the odds for all. You can opt to buy Twitch viewers to reach a position from which you can actually stream content to users. This sudden influx of new viewers can convince the algorithm to start showing you to others, and this is exactly the stepping stone to popularity that your channel needs.

This is how you rise one morning to Twitch popularity. Literally. 

The other side of the coin exists, sadly. The niche is rife with opportunists who have decided to exploit newcomers and scam them out of their money. This is why we’ve decided to make a list of tried and true sites to buy Twitch viewers from. Without further ado, let’s jump right in the best sites to buy Twitch viewers from!

Best Sites to Buy Twitch Viewers

UseViral – #1 Voted to Buy Twitch Viewers!

UseViral - Buy Twitch Viewers

The big daddy of digital promotion and marketing services, UseViral has such a reputation that you can hardly do business online without ever hearing of them. Being in the niche for such a long time, they’ve gathered enough expertise and experience about all sorts of social media (Twitch included).

This coupled with their extensive network of affiliates, clients, and partners all around the web ensures that they have the resources to deliver on any order you ask of them.

How does this versatility benefit you? For one, you can easily push for cross-platform popularity campaigns with them for maximum utility. After all, maintaining profiles across other social media is how most top-performing Twitch streamers maintain the stability of their community. Learn from the best!

The UseViral crew has earned their fame by delivering, and you can compare this to various reviews left by satisfied clients around the web. In fact, the vast network they’ve established includes their former customers, so it’s of utmost importance for them to impress you with their services.

Besides Twitch viewers, they also offer individual Twitch views and Twitch followers. All of these come in highly customizable packages. You get to decide how much you need, and you pay only for what gets delivered.

Speaking of delivery, UseViral promises that your viewers reach your channel fast, within 1-2 days of the moment you order them. Talk about good service, right?

The most vital thing about UseViral is the fact that they sell high-quality viewers. What does this mean? This means that, when you buy viewers from UseViral, you’re buying real people who will actually view your content. What’s the use of buying Twitch viewers who, well, don’t view your Twitch?

To sum up UseViral, they’re the golden standard of buying Twitch viewers. Active viewers, legal and safe service, reliable orders. It would be silly to ask for more. Thumbs up for them!


SidesMedia Twitch Viewers

Similar in scope to UseViral, SidesMedia also went lengths to craft for themselves a diverse portfolio of social media networks they operate in. From YouTube and TikTok to LinkedIn and Soundcloud, their coverage is big, with their services being adequately diverse. Twitch included, of course!

Their driving goal and their primary objective are one and the same: real viewers, real followers, real interaction. Real people. 

By acknowledging the fact that fake accounts and bot interactions lead you nowhere (except, perhaps, the dustbin of Twitch history and their repository of banned accounts), they prove that they know what they’re doing.

Within 72 hours of your order, real Twitch viewers will reach and interact with your content. This is the core service every Twitch viewers-selling site must respect, and SidesMedia does it in style.

Retention rate makes for yet another thing SidesMedia cares about. What’s the use of your viewers if they watch a stream or two and leave forever? By giving the viewers a portion of the money you’ve paid, SidesMedia ensures they remain loyal to your Twitch channel.

Overall, SidesMedia is pretty transparent about the mechanics of their services. When you buy Twitch viewers from them, you know what you pay for, what viewers you get, and what purpose those viewers serve.

They vouch that they’ll help you in your battle for gaming the Twitch algorithm. This is why we trust them, and this is why you should trust them too.

Kudos to SidesMedia, our honest ally in Twitch popularity campaigns!

Media Mister

Media Mister Twitch

Media Mister represents one of the most comprehensive software growth and digital promotion services we’ve stumbled upon, head-to-head with veterans like UseViral when it comes to the number of social media it covers.

Their team boasts exceptional social media enhancement. What this means is that they’re made of media experts from all around the world, which reflects in the diversity of the Twitch viewers provided to you. When it comes to tricking the algorithm, every little detail counts, and Media Mister people know that very well.

How good are they? Good enough to have a community of 50k+ satisfied clients. And growing. They make their services bullet-proof safe by implementing various guarantees and checks to make us, their customers, feel safe and in good hands.

One of such guarantees is a whopping 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re dissatisfied with your order. Wait a moment until we lift our jaws from the floor. Astounding!

In addition to this, they go out of their way to ensure that their services do not infringe upon Twitch terms of agreement. In other words, the services that you obtain from them won’t get you banned, and that’s the most important aspect of safety that they cover. After all, what’s the use of viewers for a banned account?

Cherry on the top for their reliability is a comprehensive guide on buying Twitch viewers and followers. By displaying formidable knowledge in the domain, they show that they walked in the shoes of Twitch content creators.

Media Mister knows the suffering of fledgling Twitch channels, and offers services that help them in their struggle. Commendable!



How about getting your viewers minutes after you post your order? This lightning-speed delivery can be taken symbolically for the level of commitment Followersup is ready to take for the quality of service for their customers.

Of course, some of the biggest orders might take longer, but the upper limit Followersup team sets upon themselves is 72 hours from the moment the order gets posted.

Followersup doesn’t lag behind the previous entries when it comes to authenticity of their Twitch viewers. Appearances don’t mean everything, but viewers you order from Followersup look real and authentic without exceptions.

They all come with profile pics, other photos, even bios on their profiles. Their activity level being low is out of the question, so you don’t have to worry.

Another thing that’s out of question is your account suffering penalties or getting banned by Twitch. Followersup team claims to be 100% safe and we couldn’t find any reason not to trust them. After all, nobody was ever banned for using them before, and it’s a reason as solid as any.

And the ultimate test for how real someone’s services are is to check for a refund policy. We’ve done that with Followersup and, sure enough, in any case in which you receive less viewers than you ordered, you get a full refund.

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But that won’t happen, of course. What’s more, you can only get more than you ordered! Truly generous.

Twitch Followers

Twitch Followers

Here comes a Twitch exclusive on our list, and it’s Twitch Followers! Disregard its name if all you need is viewers, because they also provide viewers, don’t worry.

What’s new with Twitch Followers? Well, for one, there’s a way for you to get Twitch viewers and followers for free! Twitch Followers team is proud of their clever system through which you can boost other channels, and in turn get credits which you can spend on boosting your own channel!

You can also buy the credits directly, and this way you get viewers and followers without having to invest time.

Not only do you get to see your viewers live, you actually pay them to view your channel over the system that Twitch Followers crew have set up. It’s charmingly similar to how Twitch works: they even share the similar aesthetics!

Check their skill set by going over their blog: not only do they come from an informed place, they also don’t spare anything when it comes to teaching others the way of streaming on Twitch. In fact, they’re perhaps the only service on this list that includes tips & assistance for new content creators on Twitch, free of charge.

It’s worth paying them a visit even if you don’t intend to buy Twitch viewers: go check them out now! 


QQTube Twitch Views

Most people know QQTube for providing quality digital growth services for YouTube. However, it’s perhaps not as known a fact that they provide extreme quality services for Twitch as well!

QQTube experts dabble in Twitch followers and Twitch live stream viewers. Remember the fast delivery talk from before? Well, QQTube delivers Twitch followers within 24 hours, and Twitch live stream viewers within 10 MINUTES of your order! When you see minutes instead of hours, you know it’s the ultimate delivery speed currently out there.

With an all-time available customer support policy, QQTube is pretty user-friendly. Their services also come with a custom-built client that has an approachable UI and easy-to-use design. Their dashboard might as well be recommended to all businesses in the industry as an example!

We love QQTube, and we’re sure you’ll love them as well. 

Why Should You Buy Viewers in the First Place?


We’ve already mentioned a bit in the beginning why buying viewers might be your only chance of leaving Twitch anonymity behind you, but we’ll get to it in detail now.

Streaming on Twitch has never been a more profitable business than it is now in 2021. However, it is much more profitable with big names that have made their accounts in the previous years.

Making a Twitch account now can yield much less profit since all the users already have someone who they follow, and Twitch mechanics tend to promote those that have already gone big.

This leaves you with friends and family as your only audience, which sucks. This is where buying viewers kicks in.

Once you get a steady stream of bought viewers, and all the services from the list above have a turnout of 1-2 days at most, you appear on the Twitch algorithm radar as an account that has managed to become popular, and quickly.

If the stream lasts and the number of viewers surpasses a critical threshold, BAM, you’re in the promotional circle of exponential growth, which earns more promotion, which gets you more viewers… And so on.

The result of this is, well, Twitch popularity. You must have noticed that, if planned well, you don’t need to buy viewers more than once. The initial batch of viewers can be enough to propel you upwards.

What you should NOT do

You might ask yourself, if it’s only a bunch of viewers I need to trick the algorithm, why shouldn’t I just grab a Twitch bot and spare me some money? Because Twitch bots are red-alert dangerous and you should steer clear away from them.

The supposed benefits of extremely quick growth with minimal financial investments sound promising, but you should know that Twitch bots (as well as fake account farms) remain illegal, and Twitch can incur penalties on your account, as well as outright ban you just for using bots or fake accounts.

Even if you don’t immediately get banned, your reputation will suffer if you spam channels of other earnest users. How attractive does a spam bot look to you when you stumble upon it online? Do you get a sudden urge to follow the account behind it? We thought not.

The services on our list have passed all security checks and were never found in breach of Twitch API. A longer but safer way is much better than a shortcut rigged with traps and dangers, keep that in mind.

Focus on Organic Growth

Organic Growth

It’s easy to start relying on purchased viewers, but you have to remember that the purpose of purchasing viewers is just to be able to reach real people and start growing organically. The alternative? You end up being watched by the people you’ve paid to watch only.

That would really be a sad state of affairs, and you’ll end up spending more money on viewers than you’ll earn from Twitch.

Here’s a bunch of tips for keeping your real community in mind and satisfied.

Establish Your Field

Jacks-of-all-trade are masters of none. What brings some people to your channel turns down others. You don’t need a philosophical quote in order to establish that you really need your own niche, especially on a platform like Twitch.

Casual viewers might be impressed by variety, but you ultimately want a dedicated fan core that’ll stick to your specialty. If you don’t know what’s that yet, that’s okay, but establishing your niche should be your number one priority.

Work on Your Act

Twitch streamers are entertainers, first and foremost. Always bear in mind that people should consider you entertaining. Try doing something different than others on Twitch, establish something unique, that single thing you do only, or you do best.

Play games in a specific manner, break down established conventions, or simply do something better than everybody else. Once the word spreads, you’ll be recognized for your act and popularity will follow.

Take Care of Your Community


It’s easy to lose yourself in the content, and thus lose your fans from your perspective. Remember, a Twitch user who feels appreciated turns into your best marketing agent.

Give shoutouts often, turn Twitch usernames into the names of your characters, conduct giveaways, incorporate user-generated content… The ways of appreciation are endless, and can be limited only by your own creativity. A happy fan will stick around, and we guarantee you that.

Stick to a Schedule

Once you grow enough, you should expect that the majority of your fanbase has a timezone far away from yours. A timetable that suits you doesn’t necessarily suit the timetable of your average Twitch viewer.

Give a few trial streams to find out what’s the time when you get most viewers. Once you get to know that, form your schedule around that time slot and stick to it. It goes without saying that you should stream often: Twitch streaming is a career, after all, and it requires investments of time that you have to be ready to make.

Cooperate With Other Content Creators

Quite a bunch of people have made their fame by exposing their channel to audiences of other people. Such collaborations have zero negative sides, as the only outcome of this is a shared audience, and this boosts the followings of all who participate.

This works best in shared niches. If you find a content creator with similar inclinings, don’t hesitate to reach out and make a joint effort. You can even try to reach your idols, and if they see that you’re good enough or if they like you, who knows, maybe they’ll respond. Such uplifts can be the best promotional moves you can make.

Monetize Your Twitch Account


The ultimate goal of buying Twitch viewers is to become big enough to monetize your streaming. You might not immediately get millions of dollars monthly, but every (Twitch) bit counts. The more you get from Twitch, the more you can dedicate yourself to streaming full-time.

There are two “reliable” ways to earn money on Twitch. You can set up a donation box, or you can become a Twitch Affiliate/Partner and earn money from “emotes”. Both means rely on people loving your content enough to support you, both financially and emotionally.

Wraping Up

This you won’t get from paid viewers, but paid viewers can get you to reach more actual people. Combine the algorithm-breaking viewers purchase with the tips we gave you here on growing your community (and growing in the eyes of your community) and you’ll be on the right track in no time.

It goes without saying that love and dedication, both to games, streaming, and your community, should pervade everything you do on Twitch. Doing it just for the money won’t cut. You have to provide fun. You have to have fun.

This is what we wish you once you decide to join us on Twitch. We wish you to have fun and provide fun. GL&HF!

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