12 Best Sites to Buy TikTok Followers, Views, & Likes (2021)

12 Best Sites to Buy TikTok Followers, Views, & Likes in 2021 + How to Guide

How do you grow on TikTok? It is the world’s youngest and quickest-growing major social media, but alongside the benefits of that there’s one big hurdle: new users just keep coming in. The result? One of the harshest markets out there, with tough competition and aggressive campaigning.

TikTok is hilarious, innovative, and plain crazy. It vibes with wackiness and freedom that other social media might seem to lack. Why wouldn’t you grow it yourself? There are a couple of reasons that go strongly against that.

Yes, TikTok is new and growing bigger by the day. There are big names on top who’ve clung to their positions since the start and there are flocks of new users who fight for scraps that get left and vie for the algorithm’s favor. In a sea of content, yours is extremely unlikely to manage to get through.

That is, without a little help. In this list we’ll present you with sites that offer TikTok growth services that can give you just the push in the back that will set you off. 

How so? Humans, as well as promotion software, love popular content. When we see someone big, we strive to look them up and check out their content. It’s unfair, but that’s how it is. The algorithm isn’t much different. It tracks the curve of your growth and looks for spikes in your followers, views, or likes counts.  If the curve is too flat (or a straight line), it deems you unworthy of promotion.

Exactly. That’s doubly unfair for you.

We’ll give you names that will provide you with a base to encourage users to see you and the algorithm to put you in the spotlight. With followers, views, and likes influxes from these guys, you’ll substantially increase your chances of going big. Dare we say it’s guaranteed?

Best Sites to Buy TikTok Followers

Without further ado, here’s the list of the best sites to buy TikTok followers from. Read closely!

TokUpgrade – Buy TikTok Followers That Are Real

TokUpgrade - Buy TikTok Followers
#1 Place to Buy TikTok Followers!

It might seem odd for the first entry on the list, but with TokUpgrade you don’t really buy anything directly. Instead of getting a fixed number of goodies in a bundle, you hire an expert team to optimize and promote your content.

But, oh, what kind of promotion! The TokUpgrade team is proudly made of experts in the domain of social media promotion and marketing, and they have years of experience in the industry.

By specializing in enhancing the targeting, workflow, and campaigns of your account, they manage to drive extra growth and produce those delicious spikes that look like pings on the promotional software radar. Oh, and they’ll catch the eyes of nearby onlookers as well!

How important do you think targeting of your content is? If you opt for TokUpgrade account managers, you’ll find out exactly how hitting the ideal follower approximation racks in hundreds of followers in a matter of days.

By being, well, human, your dedicated account manager will intuitively go with your workflow and avoid the spam traps and unnatural engagement that are bound to happen with automation software. Natural, organic growth is the driving goal of everyone working with TokUpgrade.

At no point will you lose control of your account. With guarantees set in place to protect your data and info, you’ll never feel unsafe or threatened in any way either. And having a manager handle your account doesn’t go against TikTok’s terms of agreement, so yeah. Pretty much zero downsides!

Toksocial – Buy Real TikTok Followers

Toksocial - buy real TikTok followers
Buy Real TikTok Followers

We continue with social promotion via dedicated account management with Toksocial, another contender for the top digital promotion agency on this list. Are you looking for organic and authentic growth, without a precise followers count but rather spontaneous spikes of expansion that can propel your TikTok presence? Toksocial might just be the thing that fits your needs!

The winning formula is the same. Experts in the field of social media promotion step in, conduct detailed analysis of your account, content, and campaign strategy, and improve just about everything to its full potential.

Toksocial account managers are dedicated to targeting optimal growth channels. What does this mean? This means that they’ll hit the right spots of your ideal follower for maximum responsiveness.

Your TikTok videos will put a smile on more faces than ever before! However, Toksocial also provides advanced filtering, allowing you to handpick the audiences you wish to reach out to, target specific niches, or simply blacklist those accounts and groups you don’t want to meddle with. 

The perks of Toksocial are more engaging content than ever before, an ever-growing audience of real, manually achieved followers, and bulletproof-safe use of legal services that never go against TikTok rules. 

Getting started is easy-peasy, and going viral is a greater possibility than you ever had before! At the very least, you will have amazing exposure. But that leads to virality in the first place, don’t you think so?

UseViral – Buy TikTok Followers Instantly

UseViral - Buy TikTok Followers
Buy Instant TikTok Followers

TikTok is all the rage right now, especially with the youngsters. A young audience means a relatively secure future for your content. The only issue? Going big fast! And that’s not even an issue if you decide to go with UseViral.

What’s UseViral? Well, if you haven’t heard of UseViral, you must be pretty new on the whole social media scene. UseViral is one of the oldest and most seasoned companies among the selected few who occupy the relevant spots on “best sites to buy TikTok followers, likes, and views” lists. Their glorious reputation is more than earned, trust us on this.

What do they do? They offer top-quality, organically procured and authentic followers and interactions just waiting to decorate and engage with your TikTok content. The reason they have the power to provide that is an extensive network of affiliates and partners that they’ve grown for more than a decade over a wide array of sites and social media.

Because they care more about their customers than about profits, they leave behind them a trail of satisfied clients who are more than willing to return the favor.

Buying views, followers, and likes for TikTok can sometimes be a risky and volatile business. With UseViral, however, it’s a solid investment that you never need to question. With money-back guarantees and quick delivery, the chances of you leaving them unsatisfied are virtually non-existent. 

We dare you to find a flaw in their system.

Because you won’t.

They are that good. 


SidesMedia TikTok

Being at home with a dozen different major social media, SidesMedia simply has all that it takes to make your TikTok an engagement powerhouse. Just as with UseViral, SidesMedia is proud of having years of experience in making way for newcomers on social media, from Twitter back in the day all the way to TikTok nowadays. 

What’s the deal with them? SidesMedia’s bundles of promotion come in custom-picked sizes, all made of (and made by) real, authentic, organically-grown accounts and users. No bot accounts, zero scams, nothing of those false accounts.

Due to the nature of real people becoming inactive and/or losing interest, instances can happen where the total number of your order declines over time, but that’s exactly the reason why you always get a little bit extra with them. Now that’s talking good service!

In any case, the quality of followers, likes, and views you get in SidesMedia packages gives you the edge over your TikTok competition. It is your videos that will make you grow, but it is the effort of SidesMedia that will enable you to grow in the first place.

Get yourself picked out of the crowd by a professional service that has been tested and verified by many. Watching your numbers climb live sounds like a promising offer? Then SidesMedia is what you’re looking for. 

Each and every order that SidesMedia provides comes risk-less and harm-free. After all, would they survive until today with such a glamorous reputation if they allowed any sort of danger to come to their clients? Of course not. Click the link above, you won’t regret it.



Ready for a cruise on the sea of followers, views, and likes? Aye, aye, TokCaptain!

Is your TikTok account sailing in the right direction? Are you struggling to break out of obscurity? Give the steering wheel to digital promotion experts and get your TikTok plans for as low as $2.99!

Beware of outlaws and no-goods that seek to scam you out of your treasure: TokCaptain is only legit users and only real interactions. Pick your crew carefully, let TokCaptain select only the best for you! Sail away!

Nautical role-playing aside, TokCaptain really does offer superb service. On top of provoking the algorithm to pay attention to your content, they promise not to breach any clause in the terms of agreement you made with TikTok. While they are not officially endorsed, of course, they’re the second best thing to that. 

Oh, and we really do need to mention fast delivery. Take an order and take a look: you should notice an immediate increase. When TokCaptain say fast, they mean fast. 

And if you ever stumble upon any issue whatsoever, their supportive customer service will be more than glad to help you overcome them.

With someone available for you 24/7, you’ll never have to fear being left on the spot. A key aspect of a successful marketing agency is a satisfied customer, and TokCaptain team sure have mastered that lesson.

What are you waiting for? Sail through!


SocialViral - Buy Tiktok Followers

After 2020, the word “viral” seems to have lost some of the appeal it had before, isn’t that so? Too bad that SocialViral’s success predates 2020 by far!

Bringing back the light into “viral” and restoring hope in the tomorrow of your TikTok, SocialViral will ensure you take your deserved place in the TikTok hall of fame. Buying TikTok followers, likes, and views from them means getting organic growth, actual users, and engagement that counts toward your snowballing through the “ForYou” pages of your potential followers. It will bring your content and exposure to the next level!

SocialViral delivers your order within 12 hours. No, that is not a joke, we’re dead serious. Not only do you get a quality boosting service, you also get it immediately upon ordering it. This way, you can achieve months or even years of manual growth in one dazzling flash of optimized, super-efficient spike of growth. Viral doesn’t even begin to describe the worth of SocialViral’s promotional services!

Above all, SocialViral is affordable. How about as low as $2.19 for 50 followers, $2.19 for 50 likes, and $3 for 5000 views? Perhaps you’ll find something cheaper, but you surely won’t find anything more affordable. What’s the difference, you might ask? The difference is that cheap means scam, or fake, or simply low quality. For this level of service, SocialViral has no competition whatsoever.

Genuine growth, affordable services, safety & privacy upheld, swift delivery. Who on Earth wouldn’t be satisfied? Because we’re mind-blown, and so will you be. 

Media Mister

Media Mister-Tiktok

If you want us to talk about the vast freedom of choice and versatility when it comes to increasing your online presence, we would talk about Media Mister. Why is that? That’s because this mister has footholds in all of them. Literally.

We’ll, maybe not all, but every major social media knows about Mr. Media’s influence. After all, mastering more than 24 social media outlets is by no means a mean feat. And all of them up to standards! Incredible!

And when it comes to standards, they’re not stretched thin across those websites. As on Facebook, so on TikTok, likewise on Spotify. The reputation their team has for growing small- to medium-sized accounts lies upon decades of experience and the level of dedication that is rarely, if ever, surpassed on the scene.

If you want to enhance your social media presence, these might just as well be the guys to look for. Pick them and your TikTok videos will reach the biggest number of people you’ve managed to get so far!

Yes, people! No bots, coding lines, fakes, scams, troubles of any sort. Temporary solutions? Not at this company! People who work at Media Misters are maestros of social media and they’ll never let their fame get tarnished.

This is why you can rest assured that nothing will ever go wrong with your safety, your privacy, or your TikTok terms of agreement concords. More than fifty thousand clients and not a single TikTok account lockdown. 

Mind if we tell you more about your safety and the reliability of their service? Well, if you don’t, then hear about a 30-days money-back guarantee in any case of service dissatisfaction. If Media Mister don’t manage to evoke confidence in their service, the chances are that no one in the industry will.

Give them a shot. You’ll be glad you took our advice


FollowersUp - purchase TikTok followers

Bringing your number of followers up was never easier with Followersup. That one’s a no brainer right there. Of course, it’s not the only thing they have to offer. Besides TikTok followers, you can buy TikTok followers, shares, views, likes, and comments!

How does it work? By careful recruitment across their web of affiliates they procure real people with real accounts to commit to real interaction and real engagement. All very real, really. If you go to their site right now, however, you won’t see any of that.

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You’ll see a neat slider that customizes literally everything in your package, from price and number of e.g. followers to required time of delivery. It’s quite transparent as Followersup values being open with their clients.

What sets Followersup apart from the rest of their competition is the free trial option. Not all ads that promise free goodies lead to phishing and data theft–Followersup honestly offers sampling their services, because they are that good. ‘Try before you buy’ is a business philosophy we can stand behind!

That’s not all. Every order that you take from Followersup comes with a lifetime warranty. This means that not only are you guaranteed majestic service, you also get to replace whatever loss due to the attrition of the organic growth and passing of time you experience.

Your Followersup followers won’t abandon you as soon as the dust settles: and even if some of them do, you get free refills. And we really like that!

Feed Pixel

Feed Pixel TikTok Followers

We just love pixel art and cute animated animals. One look at Feed Pixel and we fell in love. The second look at Feed Pixel revealed that not everything they have to offer lies in looks as there’s much to get from their bundles of TikTok promotional joys as well!

The adorable unicorn delivers TikTok followers, views, and likes at affordable prices. Naturally & organically earned accounts and interactions are a necessity to get on this list, so you might expect that from Feed Pixel, but what you might not expect but still get to receive are free promotional packages for your TikTok.

Yes, you read that right, Feed Pixel gives freebies in the form of free followers, likes, shares, views, and fans. The logic behind this is that by sampling their quality service they get to show you how seriously they take their business.

And they do. In fact, they promise you access to TikTok stardom in no time. Judging by the quality of their service, they might even be able to do that.

So, to sum up, what can you expect from Feed Pixel? Cuteness overload, followers overload, engagement overload, exposure overload, and unprecedented growth of your TikTok presence.

Perhaps they seem whacky, but don’t we all look whacky on TikTok? The level of service is what matters, and the level you meet this unicorn is the final boss. 

TikTok complete, you won & new high score!



With all these fine companies, growing your TikTok is easier than ever. To this collection of professionals we’re proud to add TokGrowth, the automation growth service that you can trust.

What’s the setup? TokGrowth isn’t selling numbers but generating followers via optimized campaigns and boosting the efficiency of your content.

Making fun content is one thing, but getting through the barrier of obscurity is a completely different chapter. These people have recognized it so they’re giving their best (and managing!) to help you out on this.

In fact, they’re so successful that they’re proud to present you some amazing stats: 12.7k active users, 1.2k 5-star reviews, 2.4M followers delivered, and 12.7M likes acquired!

Amazing, right?

TokGrowth is quite easy to set up and even easier to cancel if you find anything unsatisfactory. Just pick a package, adjust the targeting of their software, and let the advanced algorithm operate on your account.

With thousands of accounts managed at the same time, the learning pool for the software matrices is huge, and it really has learned much. After all, those stats we mentioned haven’t been earning by themselves, right?

Everything is completely safe. 100% privacy and data information guaranteed. More visibility and exposure, less dangers and risks. Pretty much no downsides at all if you ask us. Thumbs up for TokGrowth. 


PlentyGram TikTok Followers and Views

PlentyGram sounds too much like Instagram, but don’t be easily fooled, PlentyGram may be a legacy software, but they’ve made a smart move and transferred a bit of their social media proficiency into TikTok. Diversifying your business pays off, just ask PlentyGram!

Safety boost the exposure of your TikTok content to eagerly-awaiting masses by ordering authentic, one hundred percent real followers and views (sadly, no likes offered here).

What goes for all those major contenders mentioned above goes for PlentyGram as well: high quality service is a must, and by proving that they’ve made it on our list. Congrats!

PlentyGram doesn’t need much to get started. In fact, it doesn’t even need to access your account! PlentyGram asks for no passwords, just send them a link and they’ll whisk away them likes and followers right towards your TikTok content! How fast, you might ask?

Safely within the 12 hours deadline! We have to admit, this is really on par with the quickest companies on this list. A very nice job, indeed.

The ultimate guarantee of their dedication towards satisfying their clients? Free follower refills for 30 days! The natural tear and wear of orders of authentic followers plagues some service providers, but not PlentyGram.

With a guarantee like that, enforced by their amiable customer support who’ll readily accept all your complaints, you can only end up pleased by the way you were served.

Plenty of praise to PlentyGram!



Wanna try your chances with a relatively new, but promising company? Bouxtie has been around for a bit over two years now, but has still managed to carve up a name for itself in the market. After all, TikTok is new, right? And look at how big it has grown!

Bouxtie is a TikTok exclusive, which helps them focus on what really matters for TikTokers. By specializing in a narrow domain, they’ve managed to grasp the tricks of the trade more than some sites that aimed wide, but shallow.

From comments and likes to views and followers, Bouxtie has got you covered. Just authentic people and actual engagement, nothing fluffy, superficial, or spammy.

They themselves have carved a TikTok empire from scratch, so they’re more than capable and willing to help you set off. They’ve felt the emptiness of being on the bottom, as well as the surge of popularity and pride when you reach the top. By specializing in bringing fame to the unknowns, they’ve left behind their work heaps of pleased customers.

Thinking about being one of those? Then be ready for cheap costs, delivery in a flash, complete safety, preserved privacy, and more. Could we really think that’s not enough from a newcomer on the stage? Well done Bouxtie, we wish you all the best in your future work!


Why use social media growth services?

For those who lack social media experience, buying followers or using a dedicated account manager might seem to be a waste of money.

Why would you pay for something that you can do yourself? After all, you don’t need a degree in social media management, right?
The truth is far from being as simple as this.

While it is true that managing social media does not equal creating content instead of someone, this neglects the whole system behind promotion, algorithm, social aspect of human behavior, and countless other factors that an average content creator simply lacks resources and time to track.

First of all, your direct competition on TikTok is made of well-established names with a growing audience, an already-high follower count, and lots of positive engagement. How do you compete with that when you create a TikTok account with zero followers?

Secondly, the promotional software built into TikTok tends to favor already big brands or rising stars with certain peaks and sharp growing curves. How do you get promoted if being promoted requires, well, already being popular?

And the third factor is as equally important – people love popularity and crowds gather around crowds. Even if we manage to somehow stumble upon a new content creator, we scroll over when we see it’s poor engagement rate. It’s just human nature and the nature of social media.

Optimizing your growth in order to form growth spikes or buying followers and engagement to artificially create one games the platform in your favor.

By observing the influx of real accounts and real engagement to your account, the algorithm sees you’ve become popular and immediately pushes you further. This is how most big TikTokers got their favorable positions as of now.

Is It Safe to Buy TikTok followers?

Buying TikTok followers is 100% safe.

That is, it’s safe if you stick with approved sites. There are hordes of scam sites and false software, bot farms, or just malicious individuals who seek to rob you of your cash or inadvertently get your account banned.

By going with one (or more) of the services mentioned above, you ensure total safety for your account and keep your data & privacy secure. These agencies have been selected because they offer authentic, natural growth and real users.

It cannot be stated too many times. We insist on this because playing by the rules can’t get you banned, while even a tiny slip-up can render all your efforts wasted.

Real people do not breach terms of agreement you’ve signed by creating a TikTok page. Farmed accounts, false profiles, and bots not only ruin your reputation, but they also sometimes jeopardize your very presence on these social platforms.

And finally, TikTok is an innocent place where we vent off, post crazy stuff, and laugh our hearts out. Keeping the culture alive and free of malicious intentions helps make the place as we know it today.

What’s the difference between buying TikTok followers and getting a dedicated account manager?

The goal of both types of social promotions is precisely that, to promote your TikTok and achieve the level of growth that you would otherwise hardly or never get. The only major difference is in the way it’s accomplished.

Buying TikTok followers (views, likes, etc.) creates a short burst of growth that can serve to propel you upwards, both in the eyes of the platform’s software and the rest of TikTok. Depending on the size you hope to achieve, you’ll get different sizes of packages.

The goal is not to fill your page with an ordered audience, but to give you the edge to go beyond limitations imposed on you by the social media service. When done by professionals, it can be extremely efficient.
Having a dedicated social manager, on the other hand, goes the other way around.

Instead of getting a hard influx of concrete numbers, you get an expert who optimizes your targeting, fixes any potential flaws in your campaign, and otherwise commits to tried-and-true strategies that attract people, make them engage, and thus create that precious growth that throws you upwards.

Again, having a random person do that achieves nothing, but having seasoned veterans of social media apply their expertise yields fantastic results.

So you see, it’s only the methods that differ. There’s one goal in both of these ways of promotion. 

Is this enough to get me to the top?

While it does give you more than a fighting chance, getting big on TikTok still depends mostly on the quality of your content. If you produce lackluster videos, make lukewarm effort, or refuse to constantly adapt to TikTok fluctuations, you won’t get very far.

As with all other types of social media that are dedicated to content creation, the key to success is to be original. Do things others haven’t done yet. Make a persona that’s funny, entertaining, positively crazy, vibrant, colorful, original. In other words, create videos that you yourself would love to watch.

It’s also important to observe the trends in your niche. Social media is unpredictable because our interests are unpredictable. One of the most popular TikTok videos of 2020 is a guy riding a skate and drinking grape soda while vibing to an 80’s pop hit.

There’s not a single expert out there who would have been able to predict that. The key, once again, is to let your creativity do the work, and you do the filming. You’ll be big in no time.

TikTok is no ordinary social media, and that’s why we love it. So, do your TikToking on TikTok itself, but feel free to link it with your other profiles on different social media. TikTok is made to be integrated with the rest of the Internet. This way, teaming up has never been as easy as today.

Speaking of teams, don’t be selfish and hostile to others. Collabs are essential to growth, and work similarly to buying TikTok followers and having dedicated account managers.

By having a fellow content creator featured in your work, you’ll open your community to the members of your colleague, while they get entry to the hearts of your followers. TikTok is not a zero-sum game: if we have fun, we’re all winners. 

And finally, which is the goal of this whole text, don’t hesitate to look for professional assistance in the form of various software, tools, blog posts, etc.

Track your metrics, customize your schedule, measure your performance, and in general commit to TikTok if you want it to contribute to your business or personal brand.

With lots of people moving their entire careers to TikTok, it’s obvious that it’s possible. Commit to TikTok and it will reward the effort. Trust us.

Wrap Up

This is where we consider our job to be done. We shared what wisdom we have gathered over the years, as well as some of the best sites to buy TikTok followers from, that we’ve had positive experiences with.

There might be more out there, and there will be more as TikTok grows ever-larger, but keep in mind that safety comes first and efficiency immediately after.

While there might be cheaper options out there, don’t get tricked by absurdly low prices–it is almost always a scam. With these entries, you should never be afraid of scams, forgeries, and theft.

It pays to have a clear mind, especially when you have to create wonderful content. Be curious, but stay safe. 

Charlie has been building WordPress themes, reviewing web hosts and utilizing social media since their respective inceptions.

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