7 Best Sites to Buy Steam Accounts in 2024 (Bulk Accounts for Sale)

Best Sites to Buy Steam Accounts

Originally a game hosting platform, Steam has evolved into a community for gamers. People discuss gaming news and tips.

They share screenshots, artwork, and broadcast videos. Friendships turn into multiplayer gaming, exchanging game items, and views for your videos.

If you decide to become a video game streamer, you’ll have a following ready from Steam. 

Let’s look at the best sites to buy Steam accounts.

Best Sites to Buy Steam Accounts

  1. UseViral
  2. SidesMedia
  3. Player Auctions
  4. Get-Accs
  5. Accfarm
  6. GGStars
  7. iGV

1. UseViral 

UseViral Buy Steam Account

For a single Steam account, UseViral charges $3. For 25 Steam accounts, you have to pay $64.

Yes, you pay less when you buy more accounts at once. If you buy 150 accounts, you only have to pay $329. 

When you buy Steam accounts from UseViral, you get real Steam accounts. These are regular gamers who have monetized their way Steam account via this method. 

It would benefit your account to associate with them. They’re trying to raise their account authority, too, so they’re quality accounts. 

In the event any of the accounts you bought decide to leave, you have 30-day refill guarantee from UseViral. 

The company also maintains a deliberate pace for how they deliver these accounts.

If you have too many views on your video within an hour, it won’t have any longevity. 

It’s better if your videos get views daily. When some Steam accounts watch your video for the day, more Steam users will get recommendations for it.

You will succeed in building a true organic Steam fanbase. The Steam accounts will appear slowly, the way regular human accounts would. 

Moreover, UseViral doesn’t require you to sign up. You can buy the Steam accounts with your Mastercard, Visa, PayPal, and Apple Pay without logging in. 

You do have to give them your email ID. They use it to send you exciting discount schemes. 

The only other personal information they need is your Steam account username. The accounts you buy will go straight to your videos, as UseViral knows those are the creator’s priority. 

If you have any confusion about the entire process, UseViral has a 24/7 support team ready. 

Overall, if your content is good, the Steam accounts you buy from UseViral can become your true friends and audience.

They will recommend your videos to more people and share your reviews. They will do their best to engage with you in the Steam community. 

2. SidesMedia


SidesMedia has social media promotional tools for every platform you can think of. Their roster includes Audiomack, Snapchat, Reddit, Quora, etc. 

You can buy accounts for Outlook, Quora, Gmail, Discord, Github, and your main focus, Steam on SidesMedia. 

One Steam account costs $3. You have to pay $229 for 100 accounts. The highest you can buy is 150 accounts. You shouldn’t buy more than 150 accounts in a month anyway.

While Steam doesn’t have the same bot detector lots of social media sites have, a surge of accounts in a short period can still be suspicious. 

SidesMedia will keep the arrivals of the account realistic. Your videos will keep on getting views from bought Steam accounts throughout the month. 

If any of the Steam accounts don’t follow through with their end of the deal, SidesMedia has a 30–day refill policy. 

To make the refill process faster, you can contact their support team. They’re available any time of the day, as they account for their customers worldwide. 

For any issues:

  • Head over to Support. 
  • Scroll down to Contact our support team. 
  • Enter your name, email address, the subject of the message, and the issue in the box. 
  • They will need your order ID, too, if the problem arises after buying the Steam accounts. 

You will rarely feel the need to contact their customer representative, though. 

The Steam accounts you will receive are high-quality, dedicated Steamers. They enjoy watching and making gaming videos themselves. 

They will have a fun time engaging with your content. Buying their account will alert them of your presence. 

They may watch your videos out of obligation first, but as your content interests them, they will start sharing it too.

You will soon find yourself playing games together and exchanging game items with SidesMedia Steam account friends. 

All this while, SidesMedia maintains your privacy. Secure transactions are possible with your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover card, credit cards, or PayPal. 

Your entire contact with SidesMedia occurs via email. No need to make an account on the website.

The only bit of information they need to temporarily store about you is your Steam username. 

After all this, if you are not satisfied with their service, you will get your full money back if you contact them within 30–days of purchase. 

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3. Player Auctions 

Player Auctions Buy Steam Accounts

The way Player Auctions offers Steam accounts is a bit different. You don’t buy a bunch of Steam accounts to increase interaction and video views on the website. 

As the name implies, it is a bit of a player auction arena. You can buy old Steam accounts on the website. 

The price of the account depends on the level and account age. For example, a level 3 account may cost $17.50.

The amount of the pay also depends on the base price the seller has set for the account. 

Why would you want to buy an old Steam account? Well, companies upload games on Steam every day. They delete old ones every day too. 

There are games you would never get to play on Steam again unless you saved the game to your Steam library. 

This is where the old accounts have value. When you buy an account from Player Auctions, you get the login credentials for the account. 

You can log in and play all the old games saved in the library of the Steam account. 

There are multiple sellers on this website. Look through their account and buy the Steam account you like the most.

The seller lists all the games they have saved, so you don’t end up buying the wrong account. 

You can contact the seller directly for any other information you need too. Once you complete your purchase, you will receive an email with the details of the Steam account. 

You will have to confirm the delivery. It is only then that Player Auctions pays the seller. So, the seller does not gain anything from duping you. 

You can buy old Steam accounts without worry from Player Auctions.

For payment methods, you have the usual debit and credit card options. You can also use Apple Pay, Skrill, GooglePay, or Coinbase to pay. 

You should get the account information as soon as you make your purchase. 

Additionally, you can check the ratings of the seller. Other buyers leave reviews, so you know if the seller is reliable. 

4. Get-Accs

Get-accs Buy Steam Accounts

The full-service list of Get-Accs is mind-blowing. 

They cover Datpiff, Yelp, Etsy, Dribble, Spotify, and so much more. Letting you buy Steam accounts counts as one of their many offerings. 

You can buy a variety of Steam accounts from Get-Accs, as well as Steam points for your personal account. 

The price for each account is different and depends on the quality of the account.

For example, a Steam account with a random number of paid games costs $19.99. An aged Steam account with no content costs $0.99.

As a video creator, you can find deleted games in the library of the old Steam account.

It is an opportunity for you to make content on the account that other Steam account owners might not be able to. 

There are also new Steam accounts with games. These are accounts at a high level but have owners who don’t want to run the account anymore. 

If you go for a new account that has games, the cost is usually around $1.99. Overall, Get-Accs lets you buy the credentials of an account.

It is not the same as buying accounts with different owners who will interact with your video content or artwork. 

It takes about 48 hours for them to deliver the login info of your account.

While they make instant delivery, if you don’t receive it immediately, it’s the time you’re expected to have patience for. 

If they don’t stick to their promise, you should contact them at [email protected]

Get-Accs also has a referral program if you want some discount from the site in the near future. You will need to create your own referral code and have an account to get the discounts, though. 

5. Accfarm

Accfarm Buy Steam Accounts

Accfarm has a mix of current and old Steam accounts. It has accounts with owners who signed up with Accfarm so they can earn as a Steam player. 

These accounts will interact with you on Steam, become your friend, and give views to your Steam videos. 

The platform also has accounts players no longer use. However, these accounts have great games you can benefit from getting access to. So, you can buy the login information of these accounts. 

Log in as the player and have fun creating content. There are even Steam accounts with Trade and SDA enabled on the platform. 

Additionally, if you want access to some 10,000 Steam points, you only have to pay $30. 

You can reduce the price of the account through an Accfarm discount. To get access to the decreased pricing, you will have to give your email ID to Accfarm.

They will inform you when they have schemes going on you can implement. 

Accfarm also sticks to their promise of instant delivery. No sooner than your payment goes through, you will find Steam accounts swarming to your ID. 

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They ensure their payment process is secure and have 24/7 support for customers. 

A rare feature for Steam accounts on Accfarm is their regional service. They have accounts ready from specific locations.

6. GGStars

GGStars Buy Steam Accounts

GGStars allows you to filter Steam accounts by region and filter the price to a specific range. This makes it easier for you to find the perfect account to purchase. 

It’s possible to find accounts for specific games on GGStars. You can buy old accounts, those with great levels, and have permission to change the data of the account. 

The pricing of each account is different, depending on the value. An account with lots of games is sold at a higher price than a new account with two or three games. 

You shouldn’t buy an account simply because it has more games, though.

Go for the games you think you will enjoy, so you will be able to make video content you will have fun with. 

7. iGV 

iGV  Buy Steam Accounts

It’s clear you can trust iGV when it comes to buying a Steam account from the 4.4 rating it has via Trustpilot. 

You can set the price range within which you want to buy the account. The platform also provides other filters, such as:

  • Choosing the game server. 
  • Age of the account. 
  • Warranty period set by the sellers. 
  • Sellers with good ratings. 
  • Accounts with a long warranty. 
  • Number of starts for a seller. 

You can sort the accounts based on relevance, low to high stars, new listings, or prices starting from lowest to highest. 

There’s a search box for you to find accounts from specific regions or with specific games too. 

It’s possible to find high–level accounts with years of service but low selling prices at iGV. 

Once you find the description of a Steam account which suits your needs, tap on View Details. 

You will find details of the seller, the total price, and the payment method. Usually, there isn’t a payment system you can’t use on the platform. 

Once you make the payment, you should receive an email with the details of your newly bought Steam account. Look for the login information foremost. 

If all the details are correct, go back to the seller page and confirm you got the order.

Leave a review too if you want. It is only when you verify the seller delivered that iGV pays the seller. 

If there’s any issue with the account, you can ask for a refund. You will receive the exact amount you had to pay. 

The Steam account will come with a 30–day warranty in most cases. If the Steam account has fewer benefits than what the seller promised, it is on the seller to deliver you a better account. 

However, if you want your money back instead within 30–days, that’s what iGV will do. 

It is unlikely you will face any issues. Since the seller relies on your good opinion to get paid after selling their account on iGV, they are truthful about the state of their account. 

Still, if you have any last-moment confusion, you have the option to contact the seller directly. 


Is it Illegal to Purchase Steam Accounts?

It is not illegal to purchase Steam accounts. Especially if you are buying high-quality accounts which have the purpose of interacting with your content. 

However, if you buy a Steam account where you buy the login credential of the account, Steam does act.

It’s not illegal, but Steam will penalize your account if they suspect you bought it. 

Why Buy Steam Accounts?

There are two reasons for buying Steam accounts. Some people buy Steam accounts so they can have friends in the community.

They buy accounts of other real Steam users, hoping the user will like their content, watch their videos, and exchange game items with them.  

Other people buy different types of Steam accounts to gain access to deleted games in the library of the Steam account. 

Are Steam Accounts Worth Money?

Yes, Steam accounts have lots of value. If you build a Steam account with amazing games and a reputation in the Steam community, you can later sell the account to a site like Player Auctions. 

The site you are buying Steam accounts from can help you sell your service at a higher price later. 

Final Thoughts

Some sites help you buy bulk Steam accounts, while others help you buy login information from a previous Steam account owner. 

The smart thing to do would be to buy a Steam account with an amazing game library, raise the value of the account with other paid accounts and sell it back at a Steam auction place. 

The whole process is like how people buy and trade domains on the internet. That concludes it. Hope we have helped you find the best sites to buy Steam accounts.

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