9 Best Sites to Buy Spotify Monthly Listeners in 2024

Best Sites to Buy Spotify Monthly Listeners

If you’re a musician struggling to get listeners on Spotify, it’s not your fault. Don’t get discouraged about your music, voice, or lyrics.

You have an audience, but you need to find it. Organic methods only take you so far on Spotify, but with a little boost in listeners will help you. 

If you’re an artist and want to boost your monthly listeners count, we have compiled a reliable and reputable list of sites where you can buy Spotify monthly listeners safely and securely. 

Best Sites to Buy Spotify Monthly Listeners 2024

This guide is intended to deliver dependable, safe, and effective ways to buy Spotify monthly listeners for their musical content.

Since there are sites out there that are out to take your money and run without delivering as promised, we want to help you get what you need for Spotify listeners. 

Here’s the list we compiled for you.

1. Media Mister – Our #1 Pick for Buying Spotify Listeners

Media Mister Buy Spotify Monthly Listeners

Next on our list of the best sites for getting Spotify monthly listeners is Media Mister.

Media Mister has been around for quite some time and has built a good reputation among its users. In fact, it’s one of the oldest services of its kind online today. 

You can quickly and easily boost your Spotify presence using this service.

Additionally, this service caters to 20 more social media networks you can use to further grow your online presence. 

Media Mister is considered a trustworthy solution for buying engagement, including buying Spotify monthly listeners. You get a 30-day money-back guarantee with this service.

You can choose your target country to get started, and then pick a package for listeners.

We’ll use “Worldwide” as an example to briefly cover what you get and the costs. 

You can buy 1,000 monthly listeners for your Spotify account for $7.00.

You can get up to 50,000 from this service, which costs $269.00. Remember, there are quantities that fall in between these two listener counts. 

Likewise, you can choose France, the United States, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Canada, and Germany if you want to target specific audiences in these countries. 

When you buy Spotify monthly listeners from Media Mister you can enjoy the benefits of being able to cross-promote your content.

This company values its customers and provides superior support, according to the positive reviews

If for whatever reason this service doesn’t meet your expectations, you can use the 30-day money-back guarantee option. However, not many users do this.

Media Mister is on our list of reliable and reputable sites for buying monthly Spotify listeners for good reason.

2. GetAFollower – Buy Spotify Monthly Listeners Securely

GetAFollower Buy Spotify Monthly Listeners

When you need good monthly Spotify listeners, GetAFollower is our next recommendation.

This service also caters to multiple social media platforms, which can help you cross-promote your Spotify content. 

When you choose this platform to buy Spotify monthly listeners, you’re going to enjoy the budget-friendly, yet quality listeners.

You will get what you pay for and more with the real results this service delivers.

Real users, multiple Spotify services, secure payment, and no-risk to your account are just a few things you get from GetAFollower.

To get the process rolling, you start by choosing where you want your listeners.

You can choose listeners from a Worldwide audience, or from the USA, UK, Germany, France, Brazil, or Canada.

After you choose your target country, you will see packages and pricing appear in a dropdown menu. We will show you the prices and options from the Worldwide section.

If you want listeners from across the world, you can start with 1,000 at $7.00 and go up to 50,000 for $269.00.

To show a contrast in the offerings, when you select the USA monthly listeners option, you can start with 50 Spotify monthly listeners for $2.00 and go all the way up to 50,000 for $279.00.

The country you choose will determine the amounts and pricing of the packages.

Keep in mind that the more targeted listeners will come with a slightly higher cost, but it’s well worth it when you want to target a specific region. 

GetAFollower has a good reputation for delivering consistent Spotify monthly listeners for its clients. 

3. Buy Real Media – Get Worldwide or Targeted Country Spotify Listeners

Buy Real Media Spotify Monthly Listeners

Number 5 on our list of the best sites to buy Spotify monthly listeners is Buy Real Media.

Just like the last few sites, this service also allows you to choose to get listeners from across the globe or targeted from a specific country.

Let’s start by discussing the targeted county options.

Worldwide, USA, UK, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, and Germany are found in the dropdown menu for country selection. 

Once you make that choice, the prices and packages will generate. We will cover that in a moment.

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Before we discuss packages and pricing, you need to understand that Buy Real Media is home to an expert team of social media professionals who are adept at growing Spotify with quality monthly listeners.

Also, with each package, you get superior customer support, options for multiple social media promotions, fast and safe delivery, money-back guarantee, secure checkout, and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. 

Now we will briefly provide what to expect from a couple of packages and pricing options. 

Let’s say you choose USA Spotify monthly listeners. You can choose from 50 for $2.00 up to 50,000 for $279.00. 

For Australia, you can choose 500 listeners for $7.00 or 1,000 for $13.00. 

Worldwide, Spotify monthly listeners start at 1,000 for $10.00 and go up to 50,000 for $279.00. 

The location determines how many you can buy and how much they cost. Remember, specific countries will be a bit higher in cost.

Overall, we recommend Buy Real Media. You won’t need to share your password, and most of the packages are delivered within 5 to 7 days. 

4. UseViral – Targeted Spotify Monthly Listeners

UseViral Buy Spotify Monthly Listeners

We have chosen UseViral as our top pick to buy Spotify monthly listeners.

This growth service caters to multiple social media outlets, including Spotify. UseViral has a solid and satisfied base of users from across the globe.

Its users believe that it’s the best tool for increasing their engagement and following.

Therefore, it can help you grow your Spotify presence safely and securely with just a few mouse clicks. 

This company delivers more than just monthly listeners for Spotify. It also helps to build your artist followers, plays, and playlist followers.

We like it since it offers more than just a single service for Spotify and other social networks. 

The UseViral system uses various algorithms to explore and find new Spotify followers and listeners across its different packages. 

As for monthly Spotify listeners, you can buy 1,000 for $6.00, up to 10,000 listeners for $42.00.

These packages come with high-quality listeners, guaranteed safe and secure delivery, and 30-day refills.

Naturally, there are specialty packages for artist and playlist followers and plays to look at as well as listeners packages. 

More good things about UseViral include its 24/7 customer support, secure transactions, safe and fast delivery of orders, and there’s no need to offer up your personal information.

The 30-day refill option is great for refreshing any inactive followers with new and fresh followers. 

You can see why we chose this one as our number one service. UseViral is definitely a site you should consider.

5. SidesMedia – Buy Spotify Monthly Listeners with Quick Delivery

SidesMedia Buy Spotify Monthly Listeners

SidesMedia offers quick delivery along with its real monthly listeners. That’s one of the reasons this service is at the top of our list.

Plus, you can also get plays, artist and playlist followers, and plays. 

We like services that offer multiple packages and cater to multiple platforms. That’s exactly what SidesMedia does.

Also, you can depend on the service to be dependable and reputable for buying Spotify monthly listeners securely and safely.

It’s worth mentioning that SidesMedia has been around for several years, so it’s got expertise and experience behind it. 

This service has built a good reputation, which is why its users find it to be a trustworthy source for getting Spotify followers and more. 

You can buy high-quality, real Spotify monthly listeners for between $6.00 for 1,000 listeners to 10,000 for $42.00.

Like UseViral, you also get 30-day refills to refresh your engagement and guaranteed safe and secure delivery of orders.

If you like a service that gives you more than you bargained for in a one-stop style solution, SidesMedia is that service. 

Besides all of the above, this company makes its customers a main priority while providing them with enhanced exposure on Spotify.

It’s another service we highly recommend, especially if you’re an artist/musician in need of some listeners. 

6. Followersup – Enjoy 5 Years of Social Media Experience

Followersup Buy Spotify Monthly Listeners

Followersup is next on our list because this site brings 5 years of experience to the table.

The Spotify monthly listeners option is just one of the social media offerings from this company. 

When it comes to Spotify, you can get your monthly listeners, plays, followers, playlist plays, playlist followers, and podcast plays.

So, virtually no stone is unturned for Spotify’s growth. 

Things are simple on Followersup, with the Spotify monthly listeners page offering packages with 5,000 listeners for $69 up to 50,000 for $350. 

Followersup comes with a higher cost, but it’s still worth it for the quality you get. You also get a lifetime warranty and fast delivery with this growth service. 

Most orders are completed within 72 hours. This service is safe, and transactions are secure.

Also, you get multiple methods for reaching out to customer support or to contact them. There is a website form, a support email, and a chat option.

We recommend this service if you have the budget for the higher cost. 

7. Plays on Fire – Non-Drop Guaranteed Monthly Listeners

Plays on Fire Buy Spotify Monthly Listeners

Our next recommendation for buying Spotify monthly listeners is Plays on Fire. This promotional service offers multiple ways to promote your Spotify account. 

Besides monthly listeners, you can also buy play, playlist followers, and artist followers. 

It’s essentially a well-rounded option for Spotify, Tidal streams, and Apple Music. For this article, we are discussing Spotify promotions.

Plays on Fire packages come with safe and secure transactions and order deliveries. Also, they offer a solid refund policy and a non-drop guarantee. 

The website says this service offers high-quality Spotify listeners and dedicated support. 

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Therefore, you can feel confident when you buy Spotify monthly listeners from Plays on Fire.

8. Get Music Plays – Spotify Listeners and More

Get Music Plays Buy Spotify Monthly Listeners

Get Music Plays is next on the list. This service also offers multiple Spotify promotions like plays, premium plays, followers, playlist plays, saves, likes, and podcast plays. 

Besides Spotify, Get Music Plays also supports SoundCloud, Audiomack, Tidal, Mixcloud, and YouTube. 

How do you get started with getting Spotify monthly listeners from Get Music Plays? First, navigate to the Spotify page from the top menu. A dropdown will appear when you hover over “Spotify”.

From there, select “Buy Monthly Listeners” to explore the packages and pricing options.

The most popular package is for 3,500 monthly listeners for $8.95 (one-time fee) where you get high-quality listeners delivered within 12 to 36 hours. 

The Premium package is the lowest tier at $4.90 for 2,000 monthly listeners with 1- to 2-day delivery.

The high-end Super Star package, you get 25,000 monthly listeners for $48.90 with 9-to 15-day delivery.

This promotional service caters to musicians and artists who want to get their music and content seen and heard across platforms. 

9. PromoSound – Music Promotions for Musicians by Musicians

PromoSound Buy Spotify Monthly Listeners

When you use PromoSound music promotions to buy Spotify monthly listeners, you are working with musicians who know the ropes. 

The concept behind this promotional site is organic promotion. For Spotify, you can buy playlist placement, monthly listeners, followers, plays, and saves. 

As for the packages and pricing for monthly listeners, you can get 500 listeners for $5.00 up to 40,000 for $190.00. So, their promotional services are affordable. 

Also, this website offers streaming promotions for Tidal, Pandora, Amazon, Napster, Audiomake, and Deezer. 

Musicians on Spotify need exposure to get heard.

Without some help from a promotional service, the challenges from competition are overwhelming. There’s nothing wrong with getting some help to promote your music. 

Additionally, you can explore their Music and SMM promotions on other platforms. 

Why Buy Spotify Monthly Listeners?

Now that we’ve covered the list of the best sites to buy Spotify monthly listeners, we will discuss why to do it.

If you’re a musician or music lover, you already know that Spotify is a wildly popular music streaming service. 

As with any online platform today, the more followers and listeners you have, the better your reputation grows.

When pursuing music as a career, the competition is fierce, so it’s wise to get help. While you need regular “plays” on Spotify, there’s more to it than just that.

When you boost your monthly listeners, your plays are also higher, which works hand-in-hand to gain exposure.

Buying Spotify monthly listeners offers the following benefits:

  • Enhanced social proof with more consistent listeners
  • More exposure to your content
  • More time to spend on music composition over promotion
  • Increased engagement through saves, shares, and plays
  • Building a solid reputation that makes you an authority in your niche

There are more benefits to increasing your monthly listeners, but these are the primary advantages. 

Also, it’s not about getting any old Spotify monthly listeners. It’s about using the best sites to get them. 


Let’s answer a few frequently asked questions about buying Spotify monthly listeners. 

Is It Illegal to Buy Spotify Monthly Listeners?

There is no law against buying monthly listeners, plays, or any Spotify engagement.

However, be careful about the service you use since some less reputable services can take your money and run.

You don’t want to get flagged by Spotify for fake listeners. 

What Should You Look for In a Spotify Promotional Service?

You can buy monthly listeners for your Spotify content when you know what to look for in the best sites to buy Spotify listeners.

Look for:

• High-quality listeners – Real listeners for long-term growth.
• Value and pricing – Not too costly, but not too cheap either.
• Terms of use – Any site without a “Terms of Use” on it is considered suspicious at best. 
• A secure website – Secure sites protect your personal information and data.
• Proper delivery speed – Growth needs to look natural, which means not too fast. Avoid “instant delivery”.

Without these elements, you could put your account at risk of getting flagged or worse.

Should You Buy Spotify Monthly Listeners?

If you want to increase your exposure for your Spotify account and your music, yes, you should try buying monthly listeners to get started.

Buying listeners can help your account grow organically and naturally.

You shouldn’t need to buy listeners all the time, but it’s a good way to get a boost to build your presence. 


There you have it. Our list of the best sites to buy monthly listeners for Spotify accounts and content. The realm of music is difficult enough to break into, so why not get some help? 

It takes time and effort to promote yourself, which impacts the time you have to create more music and content.

It’s wise to buy monthly visitors when you are using the most credible services.

Before engaging with any Spotify promotional growth service, read their FAQs section, reviews, and learn as much as possible before spending a dime. 

It’s up to you to make sure you’re getting what you want from a service like this. We always recommend this to our readers.

So, before you buy Spotify monthly listeners, be sure to be an informed consumer.

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