12 Best Sites to Buy SoundCloud Plays & Followers in 2022

Best Sites to Buy SoundCloud Plays & Followers

In the guide, we are bringing to you the best sites to buy SoundCloud plays and followers from in 2022.

If you are an up-and-coming musician, then SoundCloud is going to be one of the best ways to get your music in front of the people that will love it.

The thing about the Internet these days is that there are plenty of music streaming services online that you can use to get noticed by the right people, and potentially get signed to an agency.

However, this doesn’t mean that these streaming services come without their competition.

In fact, considering how crowded SoundCloud is these days, it can actually be really tough getting your name out there and having an edge over the competition.

This is why so many people are now choosing to outsource their engagement and buy SoundCloud play and followers from companies that know what they’re doing.

However, you can’t trust them all, and some of them are just downright scams that are going to take advantage of you and steal your personal information.

With this in mind, let’s review what we think are the best sites to buy SoundCloud plays and followers from in 2022, so that you can put your best foot forward, and stay safe online.

First Look

Best of the Best: Media Mister

“I will never go past a tried and true method like Media Mister – they are just too good to pass up on. I love that they can help me no matter what, and they have a tiered pricing system which makes it easy to stick to my budget when I buy SoundCloud plays.”

Second Best: GetAFollower

GetAFollower knows a thing or two about growing my SoundCloud for me, and the biggest advantage of this is that I get to spend more time on my music. My engagement was consuming all my time, so it’s nice to have my schedule free up.”

Third Best: Buy Real Media

Buy Real Media is one of those companies that has been around for so long, they know the SoundCloud platform like the backs of their hands. I love that they are competent, personable, and know what I need when I need it.”

Fourth Best: UseViral

“It goes without saying that I have only had a positive experience with UseViral so far, and I think the rest of their clients can agree with me. UseViral knows what their clients needs, and they are prepared to go the extra mile for them.”

Best for Budget: SidesMedia

“I love that I have only been with SidesMedia for a little while, yet they have since been able to prove themselves tenfold. As a result, I get my SoundCloud content in front of the right people, and I have more time to dedicate to my music.”

Best for Reputation: Followersup

“There’s nothing like being able to rely on established companies to buy SoundCloud plays and followers from, and this is what I have been able to do with Followersup. They are the kind of company that keeps things real, yet are effective.”

Best for Efficiency: Get Real Boost

“You could be forgiven for thinking that Get Real Boost looks a little bit on the simple side, but they are anything but. I love that their features are easy to understand and apply, so that I can get on with the job without getting too technical.”

Best for Viral Strategies: Views Expert

“There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that Views Expert is one of the leading sites to buy SoundCloud followers and plays from – ever since I signed up with them they have been able to make a real difference to my growth.”

Best for Specificity: PlaymyCloud

“One of the things that I look for the most in  the SoundCloud growth industry is simplicity. I don’t want additional features, and I don’t want to get too technical. I think that PlaymyCloud has been able to pull this off amazingly.”

Best for Safety: Music-growth

“I like Music-growth because they have a well-established list of clients that will attest to their competency. This means that they have everything I need to grow my SoundCloud platform, and I know from past experience that they’re trustworthy.”

Best for High Turnout: BuildMyPlays

“One of the things that I like about BuildMyPlays is that they have a lot of engagement for my SoundCloud platform, but this doesn’t mean that they skimp on quality. They make sure that each action they take for me is worth it, and safe.”

Best for Delivery: Social Media Daily

“I love that Social Media Daily has been around for a long time now, which means that they know pretty much everything there is to know about growing your SoundCloud account. Honestly, I haven’t found a better option since.”

Best Sites to Buy SoundCloud Plays & Followers in 2022

Best of the Best: Media Mister

Media Mister - Buy SoundCloud Plays

Media Mister – there is so much to say about this company when it comes to your engagement for SoundCloud.

This company has been in the industry for a long time now, which means that they are easily one of the most established and respected.

They have an excellent reputation among their clients, and a lot of positive reviews on their website to corroborate this.

Buy SoundCloud Plays

Buy SoundCloud Followers

We also love that they have divided their features into different categories depending on which platforms you want help with, so that you can either get it all done at once or focus on one platform at a time.

They have excellent customer service, as well as a tiered pricing structure so that you get to choose how much you want to spend when you buy SoundCloud plays and followers and plays without having to go over your budget.

Second Best: GetAFollower

GetAFollower SoundCloud Plays

GetAFollower is one of those companies where you can buy SoundCloud plays and followers that knows that you need results fast.

This is why they say their services provide their clients with high-quality results in less time, so that you can spend more of your limited schedule creating the music that your fans love.

They are also confident that their prices are some of the best in the industry, and they think that their results are rock solid, which means that you can grow your SoundCloud profile safely, securely, and effectively.

If you are someone who loves to prioritize efficiency and thinks that all companies should get the job done faster, then you are going to like this company.

Third Best: Buy Real Media

Buy Real Media Buy SoundCloud Plays

Buy Real Media says that they can help their clients buy SoundCloud plays that are attained organically, as well as the rest of their social media accounts.

They say that it is only going to take a couple of minutes to establish your reputation in the market with them, and they pride themselves on having some of the best delivery times in the industry.

They also say that they prioritize the safety and privacy of their client’s SoundCloud platforms, which is why their service is reliable and has a satisfaction guarantee.

Again, like most of the companies on this list, Buy Real Media also promises some of the most affordable prices, as well as customer support that you can access whenever you need it.

Fourth Best: UseViral

UseViral SoundCloud Plays

UseViral is one of those sites where you can buy SoundCloud plays and followers that can assist you with other social media channels out there as well.

This means that you can boost your social media through their expansive network, and you can do it all at once, so that nobody is left behind.

One of the things that we love about this company is that they have a lot of people within their network that they use to grow their clients’ accounts, so that you can feel confident that all of your SoundCloud engagement is real and genuine.

They have an in-depth description on their website about how they work, so that you can get to know them a bit better before you sign up for anything.

Best for Budget: SidesMedia


When making a list about the best sites for you to buy SoundCloud plays from, it’s difficult to go past SidesMedia, because they are just so good.

This company is an anomaly because they haven’t been in the SoundCloud industry for a long time, yet they have been able to establish a reputation really quickly.

This is a great testament to the quality of their features, which means that there is very little risk of being suspended or banned for using them.

Of course, they can assist you with your plays and followers for SoundCloud, but they can also help you on other social media sites as well, so that you can get it all done at once.

They promise that their high-quality engagement is sent out to each and every one of their clients within just three days, which is an excellent turnaround time when compared to other companies in the industry.

Best for Reputation: Followersup


If you liked what you read about Media Mister up there, then we have a feeling you’re going to like the sound of Followersup as well.

This is because these two companies are very similar, which is great if you are someone who likes to switch between a couple of options.

We love that they have a really simple system on their website where you can choose your service, and then choose your pricing depending on how much you have in the budget.

Of course, they have excellent customer support, which includes a message box on their home page so that you can get in touch with a customer service rep even before you have signed up for anything.

They can assist you with those followers and plays for SoundCloud, but they can also help you with other social media channels as well.

Best for Efficiency: Get Real Boost

Get Real Boost is a company where you can buy Soundcloud followers and plays from that doesn’t like to complicate things.

They think that getting more engagement on your SoundCloud profile and the rest of your social media profiles needs to be a simple, streamlined process.

This is why they have made their website really user-friendly and have divided their features into different categories based on the social media account you need help with the most.

They say that all you need to do to get started with them is to share your social profile, and they will help you build it up.

This is a great way to sit back, relax, and spend more time with your music while a company like this grows the engagement side of things.

They have a message box on their homepage, so that you can get in touch with someone straight away if you have any preliminary questions.

Best for Viral Strategies: ViewsExpert

ViewsExpert is another competent site where you can purchase your plays and followers for SoundCloud from that have made everything super simple and effective, so that you don’t have to spend a lot of time figuring out how to do it.

They said that the first thing you need to do when you visit their website is to choose the social media platform that you need help with, which can include Spotify, YouTube, or SoundCloud.

Once you’ve done this, they ask you to choose the nature of your service, which in your case will be followers and plays for SoundCloud.

Once you have chosen the best plan for your needs, you will complete the checkout process and pay through PayPal, which is by far the safest way to pay.

If you need to get in touch with them at any point, there is an email address on their home page.

Best for Specificity: PlaymyCloud

There are a lot of companies on this list that can assist you with all kinds of different social platforms out there, but what makes PlaymyCloud different is that they are specialised.

This means that they are dedicated to helping their clients with just their SoundCloud profiles, which we think is definitely an advantage.

It is nice to find companies that can assist you with it all, but it is also nice to find companies that make sure their services are specialized, which means that you will get higher quality when it comes to their features.

They say that their seamless process is going to make sure that you don’t have to spend too much time on your engagement for SoundCloud anymore, and their organic flow ensures that you will receive a steady stream of diverse traffic from worldwide locations.

You can even pay as you go, so that there is no long-term commitment.

Best for Safety: Music-growth

Music-growth, as you might have been able to already guess, does have features that specialize in SoundCloud, but what is interesting is that they can assist you with other platforms out there as well.

They can assist you with YouTube, Instagram, SoundCloud, TikTok, and Facebook.

From what we can tell, they offer their clients some pretty reasonable prices for their engagement, and the best part is that they won’t ask for your password, so there’s no need to put your personal information at risk.

They have a 60-day guarantee on their engagement, which means that you can expect a full refund if things don’t work out within this time frame.

They also have the option to split up your engagement, so that you don’t get it all at once.

Best for High Turnout: BuildMyPlays

BuilMyPlays say that they are a top-rated social media marketing company that can help their clients get more plays and followers for their SoundCloud profile without any effort on their end whatsoever.

They say that they want to help their clients kickstart their social media presence, so that they can increase their credibility and exposure with the right people.

They say that they provide their clients not only with fast delivery and high-quality features, but a retention guarantee as well, which means that if your SoundCloud engagement doesn’t stick to your profile, they will refill it for free.

Their delivery time is just 24 hours, and they have a customer support team that is available to you whenever you need it as well.

Best for Delivery: Social Media Daily

Social Media Daily say that they are the fast lane for purchasing your SoundCloud engagement, so that you can do better than the competition.

One of the first things that you will notice about their website is that they have divided their features into different categories based on social media channels, so that you can decide to either grow them all at once, or one at a time.

All you have to give them is your SoundCloud URL, and you will be able to start seeing effective, efficient growth almost straight away.

They are definitely dedicated to their clients and think long-term when it comes to their SoundCloud profiles, which means that this definitely isn’t a quick fix.


Why Should I Buy SoundCloud Plays and Followers?

So, the million-dollar question: why should you buy SoundCloud plays and followers? Well, the reality is that when you upload a new track or song to your SoundCloud profile, it is going to begin with zero likes and plays.

Of course, if you already have a huge following, then your music will get a few plays. However, most artists have to wait for a long time to get just a few plays on their music.

It is also possible that your song might not even get seen at all even a week after you’ve uploaded it.

This is why purchasing SoundCloud plays and followers for your music is so important, especially in the early days when you don’t have a lot of followers. It’s a great way to boost your credibility initially, until you are big enough for it to happen on its own.

Think about it; when you see other people on SoundCloud, are you more likely to listen to their music if they have a lot of engagement on it, or a little?

We have a feeling that you will have chosen the former, and this is a big reason why a lot of people are turning to third-party companies to help with their engagement.

The more help you get initially, the better you’ll do in the long run.

Is It Safe to Buy SoundCloud Plays?

As long as you are purchasing it from a company that has a lot of credibility and is well established in the market, then you can feel confident that your SoundCloud engagement is safe and going to add to your reputation online.

However, as we mentioned above, there are a lot of companies out there that are just in the market for a quick fix, and don’t actually care about their clients.

This is why it’s so important to stick to lists like this, where you know that the companies already have a good reputation and are accountable to their clients.

How Do I Promote More Than One Song at a Time?

Don’t worry, the majority of the companies on our list above can help you promote more than one song at the same time.

All you have to do is select the multiple track option, and you will be able to promote all of the music that you have recently uploaded.

If you can’t see this option anywhere on the company’s website, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with them about it.

Our Review Process

When we review companies like the ones on the list above, we make sure to do our homework.

This is why we look through at least 210 sites where you can buy SoundCloud plays and followers for your profile and read through upwards of 3800 customer reviews.

We look for both good and bad things about the companies so that we can give you an impartial, authentic look at what we truly think of the best providers out there. If you use this list of the best sites to buy SoundCloud plays and followers from in 2022, you can avoid the scams, and ensure that all of the engagement you are purchasing for your SoundCloud profile is genuine, efficient, and going to add to your reputation.

Make sure to try out any free trials you come across, and good luck!

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