10 Best Places to Buy Podcast Listeners in 2024

Best Places to Buy Podcast Listeners

How many podcast listeners have made up a large part of your podcast’s performance? The more listeners you have, the more your podcast grows in popularity.

Research suggests that the top 50% of all podcasts get around 29 views per episode. And the top 1% get an incredible 3,974 views. 

So how do you buy podcast listeners online while also getting the best outcome from your budget? Well, I’ve collected the best places to buy podcast listeners in 2024.

These are all trustworthy websites that will make the most of your budget and help you boost your podcasts. 

So let’s dive right in!

Best Places to Buy Podcast Listeners 2024

1. Media Mister


You have probably already heard of Media Mister. If not, it’s one of the oldest social media marketing tools on the internet.

And as such, it has the most experience. With its expert team of social media marketers and years’ worth of experience, it continues to deliver the best outcomes. 

To begin with, Media Mister currently only lets you buy Podcast listeners from the USA and UK.

Buy Podcast Listeners

However, you get more quantity options than any other website. You can choose anywhere from 100 to 100,000 Podcast listeners. 

All packages start to disseminate within a few hours of placing the orders. And the 100-listen package will be completed within 2 days. The 100,000-listener order, on the other hand, can take up to 75 days.

We love the most about Media Mister because there is not a single bot in its network. All the listeners that it adds to your podcast are 100% genuine. These are real people running Podcast accounts and actively listening to your music.

This creates the potential for future growth and ensures you stay undetected by Podcast ban bots. 

And the best part is that you don’t even have to put your privacy at risk when you sign up for Media Mister.

All the site requires is the URL to your iTunes Podcast, and it will take care of the rest. 

2. GetAFollower


GetAFollower is another major player when it comes to buying Podcast listeners.

This is the best platform for people who like a simple and intuitive interface backed by the best cybersecurity. 

GetAFollower lets you buy authentic podcast listeners. The accounts that listen to your podcasts are real people who will help your network expand.

When they listen to your podcasts, your podcast may appear searching for other people who aren’t following you. This means you get future permanent growth. 

One thing that sets GetAFollower aside from the rest of the sites is that it focuses more on targeted growth. You get to target your audience based on many factors, including location.

In this way, you’re in complete control of what type of fan base you want. The geo-targeting feature is excellent as it allows you to grow more popular locally. 

GetAFollower does not ask for any of your sensitive login credentials, such as your password or email.

Instead, all it asks for is the URL to your iTunes Podcast. This ensures your safety and shows that you can trust GetAFollower. 

And what if you don’t like their services or don’t get your order delivered in time? Then GetAFollower offers you a full money-back guarantee. 

3. Buy Real Media

Buy Real Media

Buy Real Media is one of the best choices for people who want to get podcast listeners quickly. This website allows you to order podcast listeners without worrying about timely delivery. 

For one thing, Buy Real media has a lot of experience in the field. It employs a team of social media marketing experts that know how to extract the most results from your budget.

As of yet, Buy Real Media has satisfied over 50,000 customers worldwide. 

What’s so great about Buy Real Media is that it provides you with targeted services. This means that it doesn’t pick out anyone to be your audience.

Rather, you can choose to target your audience based on their location and interests. This makes for a much better fanbase that is unique to your podcast style. 

All of the listeners that Buy Real Media offers are real accounts of the fanbase. You won’t get bots bombarding you with streams.

Instead, you’ll get genuine accounts that will only improve the credibility of your podcast. 

And what if you’re not satisfied with Buy Real Media’s services? Then you get a money-back guarantee!

And if you ever get stuck on a step or need to ask a question, feel free to contact their 24/7 customer support. 

4. AppSally


AppSally is another great option for people who want to buy podcast listeners. This website is dedicated to people who need a simple user interface with an even simpler order process. 

Although you can’t buy Spotify streams directly from AppSally, you can buy podcast subscribers. This will boost your podcast account. You can either buy 18 or 40 subscribers for your Apple iTunes Podcast. 

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There is a lack of options. However, the quality of the subscribers and the delivery time make up for that. 

AppSally is unlike other websites in that it provides you with drop protection. You get a free drop replacement if any part of the order is dropped within 15 days.

There is a condition: you mustn’t buy subscribers from other sites concurrently. It will help AppSally identify where the drop is coming from. 

What’s more, AppSally only employs real accounts to subscribe to your podcast. It means you grow more organically than inorganically.

And your account isn’t bombarded by bots that only ruin the credibility of your podcasts. 

But wait, there’s more. This is a curated marketplace where all sellers must go through heavy screening and testing before being allowed to do business.

As a result, you’re only met with genuine people who will give you the promised order in no time. 

5. Best Cheap Likes

Best Cheap Likes

Want podcast listeners at affordable rates? Then Best Cheap Likes should be your service of choice.

You can buy anywhere from 2,000 to 64,000 US/UK mix iTunes podcast streams through this website.

Unfortunately, you can’t target a worldwide audience, meaning the best cheap likes is only for those in the US or UK. 

However, what is great is that Best Cheap Likes has the fastest delivery time among other competitors. This website will start to deliver your order within 24 to 48 hours of placing it.

And if that wasn’t enough, Best Cheap Likes prioritizes your safety over anything. It never asks for any of your login credentials, such as your username or password. And it never shares your information with any irrelevant third party. 

Moreover, all transactions made through Best Cheap Likes are protected by the best cyber security. So you can rest easy knowing that Best Cheap Likes is trustworthy and reliable. 

This is a good choice if you want to get streams for all your episodes. The number of streams you buy gets split across all the episodes of your podcast.

So if you buy 2,000 streams and have 10 podcasts, each podcast gets 200 streams. 

6. The Lord of the Panels

Need to gain rapid growth on your podcasts through podcast listeners? Then you’ll love the Lord of the Panels. 

Lord of the Panels is not an SMM service on its own. Rather, it’s an SMM panel.

It provides you with all the necessary tools that you need to kickstart your podcast. And it also lets you get podcast listeners directly to your podcast account. 

The way it works is that you must first log in to the website using your credentials. Then, you’ll need to deposit funds into your account so that you can continue with buying any of their services.

Next, you can pick out any package from their packages, including the podcast listeners package. Finally, you’ll get your order delivered within 24 hours of placement. 

What’s more, the Lord of the Panels has 24/7 customer support that is always there to solve your queries.

So if you’re stuck on a step or need help with anything, then drop them a line, and they’ll be with you. 

Another great thing about Lord of the Panels is the quick delivery time. It delivers the order within a few hours.

But when the order gets completed depends on how many listeners you opted for. If you bought more podcast listeners, it could take up to 75 days to deliver. 

7. SMM Networks

SMM Networks is one of the best choices for people who want to order podcast listeners without paying a lot. This is a complete Social Media Marketing (SMM) tool ideal for all types of podcasters. 

When you go onto their website, you will find a very simple and easy-to-use interface. The podcast buying procedure is straightforward.

Choose the number of streams you want to buy and add them to your cart.

The lower limit to the number of streams is 500, but you can set the upper limit as high as you want. You are always in charge of how much engagement you get. 

What sets this website apart from others is that it doesn’t use bots to fulfill your orders.

Instead, these are real people that have been outsourced and who will willingly stream your podcast. So you get more organic podcast listeners in a shorter amount of time. 

And that’s not where it ends. All of the orders that you buy from SMM Networks are drop-protected.

If part of the order drops, you get a free replacement order at any time. This ensures that you’re always satisfied with the amount of engagement you’re getting. 

However, you only have the option of buying streams for the latest 5 episodes of your podcast. So you’re pretty much restricted when it comes to that. 

8. Best of Panel

Best of Panel is another social media marketing tool to buy podcast listeners. It lets you buy podcast streams and other social media engagement through its SMM panel. 

This SMM panel has been in the industry for over 8 years, meaning it has more experience than its competitors.

In addition to that, Best of Panel has completed up to 13,400,990 orders of SMM worldwide.

And every 0.12 seconds, a new order is placed. This shows the level of satisfaction that customers have with the panel. 

What’s more, Best of Panel uses a very simple user interface that is easy to navigate and use.

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So you’re not caught up trying to find the right option or working around the menus. Additionally, the signup and order placement procedure is very simple. 

You must first sign up on the website and then log in. Then, you must transfer funds to your account and proceed to pick out the right package for yourself.

Finally, once you’re done paying for it, you will receive your order in no time flat. 

Best of Panel has some of the fastest delivery times, starting from within 24 hours. And that’s not all.

If you ever get stuck, Best of Panel has 24/7 customer support that is there to help you out. 

9. Cheap Subscribers

Hoping to purchase Podcast listeners rapidly yet don’t have the faintest idea where to begin? Then Cheap Subscribers is the best decision for you.

This is a web-based media promoting platform. It allows you to purchase authentic digital podcast listeners.

Cheap Subscribers is one of the very few SMM tools that lets you buy podcast listeners that are geo-targeted. You can either choose to get listeners from the USA, UK, or worldwide.

This gives you more options and allows you to grow locally more than globally. This is the best option for small-time podcasters who want to get recognition in their community. 

Another great thing about Cheap Subscribers is that all of the podcast plays that you get 100% authentic.

Every account that plays your podcast is a real account that is not run by a bot. Instead, these accounts are run by people looking to get paid to stream your podcasts. 

Cheap Subscribers make it easy for you to gain fast podcast listeners. It offers real-time delivery of your order within 24 hours of placement.

And your order will get completed within a few days. But larger orders will take more time to complete. 

What’s more, Cheap Subscribers offer drop protection. So if at any time any part of your order drops, you get a replacement free of cost. 

10. You Win Frame

If you’re looking for the best option to buy podcast listeners, then You Win Frame should be your ultimate choice.

You Win Frame is an SMM platform that lets you buy anywhere from 1,000 to 25,000 iTunes Podcast streams. And it’s very simple and easy to use. 

You Win Frame promises drop protection. If any part of the order gets dropped anywhere in between, you get a free replacement order. It’s to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction. 

And that’s not all. To ensure your information is always safe and you always trust the site, You Win Frame never asks for your login credentials.

It simply asks for the URL to the podcast you want to promote, and that’s it. 

You Win Frame also has another trick up its sleeve. It allows you to pay through secure methods such as credit card and crypto.

The option to pay with crypto is much needed in this day and age of digitization. 

And to top that off, You Win Frame delivers your order within a few hours of you placing it. In this way, you’re always getting quality services and never having to wait for your order. 


What Is the Best Place to Buy Podcast Listeners?

One of the best places to buy Podcast listeners has got to be Media Mister.

We love the level of expertise and reliability that the company has. Furthermore, it provides real authentic listeners will only add organic value to your podcast account. 

Other sites that you can try include GetAFollower and Buy Real Media. These two websites are great for their extreme level of confidentiality and quick delivery times.

They’re also great for their drop-protection, which protects you in case your order drops.

What Is the Cheapest Place to Buy Podcast Listeners?

If you prefer to keep a tighter budget when buying podcast listeners, then try AppSally.

Not only does this have a very simple user interface, but it also has some of the most affordable rates.

The only real downside is that you can only buy 18 or 40 subscribers. It doesn’t give you the option of more.

But the quick delivery times and cheap affordable rates are enough to make up for that.

How Many Podcast Listeners Are Good Enough?

The number of listeners on your podcast is crucial to gauge how successful your podcasts are.

To put it into perspective, the top 50% of podcasts get around 29 views per episode. But the top 5% get around 731 views per episode.

And the top 1% get a whopping 3,974 streams per episode. As you can see, the more, the merrier.

But even 29 listens are enough to get you into the top 50%.


Finding the right podcast listeners’ buying site is quite tricky. With so many shady websites out there that only want to get their hands on your credentials, it’s quite hard to find the right one. 

Luckily, I have scavenged for the best places to buy podcast listeners in 2022. And all of them were chosen based on individual factors like delivery time and prices. 

So, what’s the wait for? Go out there and boost your podcast by buying podcast listeners today!

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