10 BEST Places to Buy Monetized YouTube Channels Cheap in 2024

Best Places to Buy Monetized YouTube Channels

If you’re searching for the best places to buy monetized YouTube channels, there are a handful of parameters you should look out for.

This article will provide detailed information on the best websites to buy monetized YouTube channels in 2024 in addition to their particular features.

Best Places to Buy Monetized YouTube Channels in 2024

1. Fameswap

Fameswap - Buy YouTube Channels

Fameswap is a convenient website that allows you to buy YouTube channels with the features you’re looking for with a unique community marketplace and detailed analytics information on every account.

Here, you can buy and sell YouTube channels with ease.

Buy Monetized YouTube Channels

The website also provides a secure messaging system, allowing you to contact sellers about any particular questions before deciding to make a purchase. 

Sellers can set their own price, but it’s also common for these prices to be negotiated.

You can expect top-tier security on this website, and you can also find numerous five-star reviews on Trustpilot about their services.

Currently, there are over 6,000 listings on the platform, ranging from every niche you can think of.

Each channel on Fameswap is vetted for buyer security, and the platform offers 24/7 customer support in the event you run into issues with your order.

All payments are secure through encryption, and each user goes through multiple verification checks before purchases are finalized.

Fameswap provides one of the safest experiences for buyers, as your purchase isn’t processed until you’ve received all of the necessary account information for the YouTube channel.

Features like these are what separates Fameswap from the competition, and they’re only raising the bar for the competition by providing outstanding security for their customers.

The marketplace on Fameswap is vast, so make sure to take your time when looking for a channel that’s right for you.

Once again, the pricing on this platform varies greatly, but don’t hesitate to reach out to sellers to negotiate the price.

With many trusted reviews, thousands of listings, and multi-level buyer protection, Fameswap is an excellent place to buy monetized YouTube channels.

2. UseViral

UseViral Buy Youtube Channels

There are a vast number of websites on the internet where you can buy YouTube channels— but the quality of these channels is extremely important.

UseViral aims to be a leader in this space, as they provide a ton of value with their monetized YouTube channel package.

Get YouTube Channels

The channel you receive will also come with 1000+ subscribers and over 4000 hours of watch time hours, ensuring your new channel has monetization enabled.

Any stock footage or licensed music incorporated in your channel’s videos will be licensed and safe for use on the platform.

YouTube’s algorithm has grown extremely sensitive to changes in account ownership, IP addresses, and AdSense accounts.

Most sellers online will supply you with only an email address and password when you buy a monetized YouTube account.

After you log in, the new IP address will prompt a slew of warnings from Google, ranging from disabling monetization to full account suspension.

You’ll only have to wait a few days for your account to be approved and monetized with UseViral. 

3. SidesMedia

SidesMedia Buy Youtube Channel

With a slightly different approach, yet equally reliable results, SidesMedia has many years of social media marketing experience.

You can buy monetized YouTube accounts individually, and afterward, you can buy more subscribers if you wish.

Get YouTube Channels

With SidesMedia, you’re able to buy an account and that is accepted into the YouTube Partner Program without having to lift a finger.

You won’t find a ton of reviews on their YouTube services, but they don’t hold back on transparency. SidesMedia provides precise details on how their process works and why it works. 

Their website also contains detailed responses in their FAQ section, answering some of the most pertinent questions.

Their YouTube channel and monetization services may come separately, but they also provide any other YouTube marketing service you might need.

So, once your channel is accepted into the YouTube Partner Program, you can work on many engagement factors with SidesMedia. 

Customer service is always on standby if you need them, and the website also comes with a chatbot that can help you with all kinds of inquiries.

The website provides a pretty easy buying experience, in addition to some of the best prices on this list. 

4. Audience Gain

Another place to buy monetized YouTube channels is Audience Gain. They provide many different social media marketing services, and their monetized YouTube channels have an excellent track record.

This website offers a fairly straightforward approach to the buying process yet provides all the information you need to get started.

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Audience Gain also has a great support system that provides fast solutions during your buying process. They also advise that you speak with them one on one before committing to a purchase, as they have the ability to curate your account to your specific needs.

As is always important, you can find many detailed reviews about Audience Gain on their website with nothing but praise from their clients.

Unlike a lot of the competition, they also offer a 100% money-back guarantee if their services don’t work out for you.

Although, you more than likely won’t need to use this, as their accounts are organically grown and won’t be demonetized or suspended.

You’ll also find many different payment methods available for one organically grown and monetized YouTube channel.

Starting off, your channel will have around 1000 subscribers, and of course, enough watch hours for the account to be eligible for the YouTube Partner Program.

The Google AdSense account attached to your YouTube channel will also be specific to your particular country.

Everything about their channels is structured so that the algorithm doesn’t consider any activity suspicious.

Due to Audience Gain’s positive history with their client base, it’s clear that their methods work.

Don’t forget, if for any reason the channel doesn’t work out for you, they’ll provide a 100% refund, no questions asked. 

5. Eazy Viral

With a bit more variety than some others, Eazy Viral provides monetized organic and botted YouTube channels.

Although botted channels aren’t the most sought-after, they can be a quick way to get a head start on your organic growth; there’s just a bit more risk involved.

Aside from that, you can purchase monetized channel’s that range from 1000 to 10,000 subscribers. All channels through Eazy Viral are free of copyright strikes and come with monetization already enabled.

Your channel will also include a high-quality, paired logo and banner, in addition to 24/7 support to ensure your AdSense account is up and running correctly.

The website’s organic YouTube channels range from $580 to $999, and their botted channels cost $290 up to $1100 depending on the package you choose.

When scrolling through their website, you’ll notice that they also provide a lot of helpful information on how safely buy monetized YouTube channels online.

Additionally, they have a detailed FAQ section that should answer any of your immediate questions. Eazy Viral provides a seamless buyer experience with one of the best UIs.

If you’re looking for customer feedback, you can find nothing but positive reviews about the company and its services.

Although they may not have as much of a reputation as some others, they’re quickly making a name for themselves, and it’s apparent that their customers matter to them.

6. EazySMM

If you’re searching for a more affordable option to buy YouTube channels, EazySMM offers monetized YouTube channels at a low price of $439.

Considering this is one of the cheapest prices on this list, it’s hard to ignore, especially considering each account is organically grown.

Furthermore, they have years of experience with growing channels on YouTube, and they know precisely which niches work and which don’t.

More specifically, they have a deep understanding of what types of content can easily get demonetized.

Thankfully, they ensure all of their clients that they’ll receive an account with a healthy, safe, and growing niche that consists of an organic audience.

All of the channel’s views and subscribers in its analytics come from real accounts with active users.

After you’ve made your purchase on EazySMM, your monetized account will be delivered in around 12-48 hours.

Moreover, if your channel’s niche isn’t to your liking, customer support will help you change your content while retaining the same engagement.

In addition, after your account is in your hands, EazySMM provides many different services to aid the organic growth of your channel.

They’re truly a one-stop-shop for YouTube marketing services, and they’re worth a look if you aren’t looking to break the bank.

7. Trustiu

A buy and sell online marketplace based in Spain, Trustiu is another site where you can buy YouTube channels with a safe and secure buying experience.

Here, you can find thousands of YouTube channels, and each one comes with a detailed analytics report included.

Every channel sold on the platform is vetted and comes with an accurate valuation, so each buyer gets a fair price.

They have an excellent customer support team that offers follow-up services after a purchase has been finalized to ensure all of their customers are satisfied.

You can also enjoy payment security along with multiple payment options available. 

Aside from basic analytics information, Trustiu also provides a vast number of screenshots on each account that’s for sale.

You can view current and past earnings on the account, which gives you a good idea of what you’re getting for your money.

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This information is extremely valuable and definitely sets this website apart from the rest. For the most part, you don’t generally find this level of transparency on open markets like this.

Knowing where and how to buy monetized YouTube channels can be a bit confusing for someone’s first time, but Trustiu makes it an easy and trustworthy process.

8. ACCS Market

Another buy and sell marketplace, ACCS Market, is well known for the platform’s security and a wide variety of options for individuals to choose from.

When looking to buy monetized YouTube channels, each buyer wants to know that their purchase is warranted from every aspect.

Only service providers that provide transparency can provide this level of peace of mind. ACCS Market is known for its excellent customer service and secure buying process.

There’s a seemingly endless number of listings to go through, and their website has a unique and detailed search system that allows you to narrow down what you’re looking for.

All payments are securely handled through their platform, and they have a good track record here as there haven’t been any reports of malicious or fraudulent activity on the website.

Whether you’re looking to buy a single account or you want to grow an empire of monetized YouTube channels, ACCS Market has everything you need.

They also have a multitude of verification methods in place to ensure all sellers on the platform are properly vetted.

Before committing to a purchase, you can review a seller’s rating, history on the platform, detailed information on the accounts they sell, and more. 

It’s a reliable platform with a great UI that provides monetized YouTube channels in nearly any niche you can think of.

ACCS Market is an excellent choice if you’re looking to stick with a sole provider, and their listings are continuously updated on a daily basis.

Considering their buy and sell structure, finding a YouTube channel in your desired price range won’t be difficult.

9. PlayerUp

On this website, you can buy monetized YouTube channels in an open market that comes with endless options to choose from.

PlayerUp provides a relatively straightforward experience. For buyers, there are many different search parameters you can utilize to zero in on the type of YouTube channel you’re looking for.

The website offers fast and secure transactions and is hailed as a generally reliable buy and sell platform for social media accounts.

Furthermore, PlayerUp also has many different vetting procedures in place, and every account you see is guaranteed to satisfy.

You can easily find channels with a sizeable organic following, great engagement, and no strikes at a fraction of the cost.

Many other sites that sell YouTube channels only offer a flat fee with minimal information on how their process actually works.

Here, you can work directly with the account seller and find a price range that suits your budget. 

Although the idea of an open market is nice as it provides many different options, PlayerUp doesn’t have the most transparent track record.

It can be somewhat challenging for newcomers to decide if their platform and services are trustworthy. Aside from that, the fact you can work directly with individual sellers somewhat eases this concern. 

10. 123accs

Although this website doesn’t offer monetized YouTube channels, they do provide the simple solution of being able to buy YouTube channels and accounts in bulk.

It’s important to note that 123accs would be a good option as a backup to the other services listed in this article.

They offer five high-quality, phone-verified YouTube accounts for just $12.75. Of course, this sounds highly budget-friendly, but keep in mind that these accounts aren’t monetized, nor are they eligible for the YouTube Partner Program.

Additionally, your order isn’t customizable, so you aren’t able to choose a particular niche or account size. Regardless, this is an excellent choice for those on a budget who are looking to get started.

You can purchase new accounts from this website and then help boost its growth by working with the many reliable YouTube services we’ve listed.

123accs services may be pretty black and white with little customization, but they provide everything you need to know about their services, so you’ll always know what you’re paying for.

In Conclusion

Buying monetized YouTube channels is a fairly common practice, especially in the public buy and sell marketplaces.

Getting accepted into the YouTube Partner program is a challenge in itself, but continuing to grow past this milestone is much more difficult.

Any one of the services described in this article can help you land the YouTube channel of your dreams.

Of course, these benefits will always come at a cost when you buy monetized YouTube channels, but it’s entirely worth it, considering the amount of time you’re saving in the long run.

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