10 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Poll Votes in 2024 (CHEAP & Fake)

Best Sites to Buy Instagram Poll Votes for Stories

Often, it is quite helpful for users to interact with their users so they can be understood more clearly. Sadly, most users tend to ignore Instagram polls.

For this reason alone, it becomes necessary to purchase votes for your Instagram polls, whether you do it on stories or your reels/posts.

With the help of these polls, you can better understand the opinion of your followers and help you gain a clearer vision of your target audience.

For instance, it can help you, as a social media marketer, to carry out studies and surveys. In most cases, you will get more votes if your followers see others voting on the same.

If you do not have a high engagement and natural reach, it is recommended that you purchase votes for your Instagram polls.

Here are some of the best websites from where you can buy Instagram poll votes cheap.

Best Sites to Buy Instagram Poll Votes

1. Media Mister

Media Mister Buy Instagram Story Poll Vote

Media Mister is one of the marketplaces where you can purchase various social signals for your social media websites.

The company is quite an established one and is backed by an experienced and professional team. The site has also been working in this field for roughly a decade, in 2012.

Buy Instagram Poll Votes

This signifies that Media Mister understands everything there is to know about social media growth. Therefore, it strives to provide effective and affordable social media solutions to its customers.

Most customers would agree that Media Mister is the best choice if you are looking for outstanding results and high-quality services.

You can easily purchase various social signals for Instagram, including poll votes for stories and posts.

Apart from Instagram, you can also use Media Mister to improve the numbers of other social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, LinkedIn, etc.

The best thing about Media Mister is that all the engagements you get on your story polls will come from real users with authentic accounts.

This means that your stories or posts will be promoted organically, which will result in more natural growth.

Additionally, you can look for engagements from specific locations to reach a particular niche, thanks to location-based engagement.

Considering all the features that you can get at Media Mister, it is a recommended choice, especially for increasing poll votes for Instagram stories and posts.

  • Buy Instagram story poll votes
  • Provides high-quality engagement
  • A lot of options for major social media websites
  • Has an excellent market reputation
  • Does not provide a free trial period
  • The pricing of the services is expensive

2. GetAFollower

GetAFollower Buy Instagram Story Poll Votes

Initially established as a growth service for Instagram, GetAFollower has grown to become quite a known name in this sector.

You can expect to find all types of Instagram-related services here. This means that you can buy Instagram poll votes for stories and posts on this site.

Get Fake Instagram Poll Votes

All the poll votes will be provided by real users, which means that you will increase the visibility and reach of your stories/posts organically and naturally.

The GetAFollower website is backed by a team of professional social media marketers that have been working behind the scenes individually for more than three decades.

Apart from Instagram follower growing services, GetAFollower also helps you grow other social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. However, this site is best known for its Instagram-related services.

GetAFollower will provide a long list of social signals to any social media platform you selecti. All you need to do is select the package you want and make the payment.

Once the payment is completed, the platform will start delivering the order to your account. You simply have to provide the URL to your account – there is no requirement for a password.

Another great aspect of GetAFollower is that the platform has provided all the pricing on the website. This means that the site is very transparent.

Finally, if you have any questions related to the site, you can get in touch with responsive customer care support via live chat.

  • Has one of the longest retention warranties on the market
  • Affordable services
  • Offers a full refund on all orders
  • No free trial period offered
  • The customer services are available only during office hours

3. Buy Real Media

Buy Real Media Instagram Story Poll Votes

Buy Real Media is quite a popular online marketplace where you can purchase social signals for any social media application.

This means that you can purchase Instagram poll votes for stories and posts at Buy Real Media.

Get Fake Instagram Poll Votes

When you visit the website, you will notice that the site focuses specifically on the needs of its customers. It means that Buy Real Media will only provide the best user experience.

Buy Real Media is a site that can help you purchase poll votes for your Instagram stories and posts. Apart from this, you can purchase other aspects of Instagram as well.

Apart from Instagram services, Buy Real Media also offers likes, views, shares, etc. for other social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.

Everything you see on the site is separated into specific categories so that you can easily find anything you are looking for.

Buy Real Media is backed by a team of professional social media experts that work behind the scenes to deliver the best experience to the customers.

Another great aspect of Buy Real Media is that you can get targeted poll votes for your Instagram stories and markets.

This is particularly useful for businesses where you are looking for votes from specific regions or countries around the world, like the US, France, Spain, Germany, or whatever place you choose.

4. UseViral

UseViral Buy Instagram Poll Votes

UseViral is a social media growth tool that has been working in this niche for several years now. Thanks to its abundant experience, the platform understands what customers are looking for.

The platform is popular for offering the best social media services for various social media sites. For this instance, let’s talk about Instagram poll votes.

When you buy Instagram poll votes from UseViral, the polls will be answered by real users. This is done to ensure that your posts/stories are engaged organically to remain relevant.

UseViral has a network of approximately 5,000 partners. Therefore, you will not have to worry about getting fake engagements on your poll posts/stories.

Apart from Instagram poll votes, UseVial provides different types of bundles for various social media websites, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

All you need to do is select the social media website (Instagram, for this instance), select the service (Instagram poll votes), and make your payment.

All the price packages you see at UseViral are very economical. Alternatively, if you are looking for a customized package, you can get it done by getting in touch with the company representatives.

Another great aspect of UseViral is that you do not have to provide your password or any other personal/financial information to avail of its services.

Overall, UseViral is easily one of the best social media growth platforms that can help get Instagram poll votes or anything else you are looking for.

  • Buy Instagram poll votes
  • Provides regular discounts
  • The site contains all information related to pricing, services, etc.
  • Its services cover a wide range of social media websites
  • Does not offer any free trial period

5. SidesMedia

SidesMedia Buy Instagram Poll votes

SidesMedia is a social media growth company that uses the latest technology to help grow your social media accounts.

This means that the site can easily detect activity when you upload new content on your social media profiles. Once done, the site will send the social signals that you have opted for.

SidesMedia is one of the most obvious choices if you are looking to buy Instagram poll votes for stories or posts.

The platform offers various unique price packages to its customers. This means that you only have to pay for what you use or the amount of engagement you want.

All the votes will be done by real users. This will ensure that your polls have an organic reach and that your Instagram account grows naturally.

Apart from Instagram poll votes on the stories, you can also purchase real, automated likes and followers for your Instagram accounts.

You can also use SidesMedia to grow different social media profiles, like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitch, etc.

Along with the affordable price packages, the site will also deliver your orders quickly. In most cases, you will get your orders within a few hours.

SidesMedia is one of those platforms that will provide you with everything you are looking for in a growth service.

  • The website is secure
  • The platform uses smart technology
  • The retention rate is very high
  • No trial period
  • Limited services available for niche social media sites

6. SocialBoss


SocialBoss is one of the newer social media growth platforms that can help you get more Instagram story poll votes for your Instagram account.

The site will provide you with poll votes from real people from your niche. With the help of these votes, they will be engaging with your content more organically.

In turn, this organic growth can help increase the reach of your Instagram stories or even your profile naturally.

Behind the scenes, SocialBoss has employed a team of expert social media analysts that have been working in this industry for decades.

With the help of the human-powered approach, you will not be even breaking any of Instagram’s terms of use.

Apart from poll votes, you can also purchase various other products like comments, views, reposts, etc. for your Instagram profile as well as other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

One great thing about SocialBoss is that all the growth will be handled by a dedicated manager that will find the right audiences for your brand or profile. These experts are called Growth Managers.

The job of these growth managers is to find accounts that are similar to yours. Once done, they will start engaging with these followers to grow your Instagram account.

Additionally, SocialBoss will provide some key features like analytics and reports, advanced optimization, etc. to help you grow your accounts.

  • Provides votes from targeted and real users
  • You can easily grow your account with SocialBoss
  • One of the safest social growth websites
  • The advertising can be a bit misleading
  • Expensive

7. Buy Top Likes


Buy Top Likes is an amazing online growth platform for social media platforms. While it does provide services for other social media sites, it primarily offers its services for Instagram.

At Buy Top Likes, you will find only high-quality services. All the engagements will come from real users to help you grow your account organically and naturally.

One thing that you would like about Buy Top Likes is that the ordering process is very fast and easy. The registration process is completed in less than a few minutes.

Once done, you simply need to select the price packages from the different options available. All the Instagram story poll votes options start from $2.99.

Next, you simply need to provide the link to your story/profile and you will get the votes that you want.

Since the votes will come from real users, you will not be violating Instagram’s conditions as well.

Similar to other social media growth sites, you can purchase a wide range of services at Buy Top Likes. For instance, you can buy likes, comments, shares, reposts, etc.

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The company has been around for quite some time now. Therefore, you do not have to worry whether the site will get your orders right or not.

Even if you have any questions, you can get in touch with the customer care support team at any time.

  • The pricing of the services is affordable
  • The company understands what the customers are looking for
  • All the engagements you get are organic and come from real people
  • Does not offer any type of free trial
  • While the company has been working in this industry for quite some years, it is not as famous as others

8. Insta Growing

Insta Growing

If you want to purchase Instagram poll votes, Insta Growing is considered one of the top choices. Its main selling point is its affordable pricing.

Since the pricing of the services is very cheap, many users from around the world prefer this platform over others.

Another great thing about Insta Growing is that the site will deliver all your orders well within 12 hours of placing your orders.

When you look at the pricing of the company, you will see that the rates of the services vary from a few dollars to anywhere between $100 and $200.

Based on the price package that you select, you will be provided with natural poll votes on your Instagram stories. Rest assured, all the votes will come from real users with authentic profiles.

All the dealings that you do that Insta Growing are secured and safe. Another great point of the site is that it accepts international customers and various currencies.

Additionally, you will find a wide range of payment methods available, including cryptocurrencies. This provides Insta Growing with an edge over other similar services.

The site also offers a money-back guarantee if your orders are not delivered. You simply need to select a package you want, make the payment, and provide your account link or URL.

All the orders will be delivered to your account well within a few hours. Apart from poll votes, you can also purchase likes, comments, shares, reel views, etc. for your Instagram account.

  • Unlike most other growth sites, Insta Growing offers a free trial period
  • The services are safe and affordable
  • Accepts a wide range of payment methods, including cryptocurrencies
  • Does not have a phone number for contacting
  • The site is quite new as compared to other sites

9. Buy Votes Contest

Buy Votes Contest

Buy Votes Contest is quite a famous platform where you can purchase votes for your Instagram profile. If you are looking for quality and quantity, then Buy Votes Contest is the best choice.

The prices of the services are very affordable, which is the reason why the site has so many customers from all around the world.

Apart from Instagram votes, you can also purchase votes for other social media websites like Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Buy Votes Contest is a dedicated service that provides only votes for your social media profile. As of now, they do not offer anything else.

The website is quite safe and secure. Research has shown that the services are extremely reliable.

Even if you have any questions, you can get in touch with the customer care support team via live chat.

After you have placed your orders, all the votes for your Instagram stories will be delivered to you well within two hours. All the votes will come from real users.

Votes from real users are important because it maintains the integrity of your Instagram account. You can even keep a track of your orders to check the progress.

Buy Votes Contest has gained a lot of reputation because it is the only website that deals with online votes, thereby making them more trustworthy.

  • Services are affordable
  • The orders are delivered in less than two hours
  • You can keep a track of the order process
  • Only live chat is available to get in touch with the customer support team
  • No free trial offered

10. SocLikes Company

SocLikes Company

SocLikes Company is the final entrant on this list of the best websites to purchase Instagram story poll votes. This platform is particularly known to offer one of the top services in the market.

As you can guess, SocLikes does offer poll votes for your Instagram profile. Additionally, it helps with other social media websites like Facebook and Twitter.

One great aspect of SocLikes Company is that the site delivers the votes well within a day or two after placing the orders.

Since the company is a bit new to the market, it does not offer a huge number of votes for your Instagram polls. However, you can still get thousands of votes.

Since the platform is quite new, SocLikes is mostly used by small-scale content creators. However, this does not mean that you should undermine this platform.

You can rest assured knowing that all the voting will be done by real people, not by bots. This way, you can maintain the integrity of the votes as well as grow your account organically.

The site also provides customer service around the clock if you have any problems.

If you are new to the world of social media and want to start learning the ropes of buying votes, then SocLikes Company is the best choice.

  • Affordable services
  • The order delivery process is quite fast
  • All the voting is done by real people
  • Since it is a new site, it does lack some common features
  • Does not offer large-scale votes

Final Thoughts

Buying votes for your Instagram stories is not a thing you need to be ashamed of.

Many people around the world purchase votes, likes, comments, etc. to help grow their Instagram profiles. If you want to do the same, you can simply buy Instagram poll votes from these platforms.

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