5 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers Asia in 2024

Best Sites To Buy Instagram Followers Asia

No matter the size of your company or your specialization, it is crucial that you invest time and effort into improving its Instagram presence.

A stronger and more widespread social media presence benefits any business or influencer.

Possible outcomes include increased subscriber numbers, creative interest, and genuine fan base participation.

You could be ready to give up if you’ve tried increasing the frequency with which you publish and the quality of the content you’ve posted but have seen no improvement in your number of followers.

You might be considering hiring an expensive social media marketer to help you out.

Instead of doing that, you should experiment with buying Instagram followers a few times.

For a small investment over a few months, you can significantly boost the visibility of your Instagram profile by purchasing followers.

Following are some of the most reliable and trustworthy sources from which you may purchase Instagram followers to increase your social media profile’s visibility and popularity.

The trustworthiness and value of a brand can also rise in proportion to the size of its fan base. Listed here are the top five resources where you may buy Instagram followers from Asia.

Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers Asia 2024

  1. UseViral Winner!
  2. Media Mister
  3. GetAFollower
  4. Buy Real Media
  5. SidesMedia

1. UseViral

UseViral Buy Instagram Followers

UseViral is an excellent service for purchasing genuine Instagram followers. Real users may be purchased for reasonable fees, making this a worthwhile venture.

One way to do this is to increase your visibility as an Instagram influencer or ensure your company makes the most of its Instagram account.

Buy Asian Instagram Followers

Unless you place an extremely large order, the turnaround time for delivery from UseViral is often quite quick.

Since they exclusively offer real Instagram users’ followers, you can rest assured that you won’t be a victim of a scam here.

Using their site is risk-free because it is encrypted, and you may pay in any manner you like.

  • Cost-effective pricing
  • Fast and easy service
  • Excellent promotional tool
  • Safe and secure websites
  • No bots
  • Limited customization options

Can We Trust UseViral?

When evaluating new growth products, we place a premium on ensuring they can be used without worry.

It’s not easy to tell if you’re not going to get ripped off when there are so many options.

UseViral is, happily, a trustworthy and protected platform that will not disclose any of your personal information to any outside parties.

UseViral is secure, but you should still be careful. Ideally, you would spread out your payments for their services over time.

It is not a good idea to double the number of your followers in a very short time if you only have a few more large numbers or a few thousand at this point.

Because of this, certain networks’ algorithms, like Instagram’s, may alert your account and result in a ban or a dark ban; therefore, you must ensure that your purchases are spread out over a longer period.

Help For Clients

You don’t have to rely on the internet to prove you’ve made it. As a result of the company’s emphasis on caring for its clientele, UseViral enjoys a relatively low number of critical reviews.

At UseViral, they have a devoted staff of customer care specialists who can assist you with any issue you may have throughout your contract and beyond.

As a respected member of the UseViral network, you can reach out to the service team anytime.

The Promise Of Satisfactory Performance

UseViral’s money-back guarantee proves that the company is confident in the quality of its service.

You should trust an Instagram growth service since they stand by their services and deliver on their promises.

Despite the lack of a risk-free trial period, you can be assured that your investment is protected according to the company’s satisfaction guarantee.

Our experience with UseViral has convinced us that it is the best option for maximizing efficiency and expanding one’s fan base on Instagram.

The thousands of satisfied customers they have are proof of this.


Due to its lower prices, you won’t have to spend an arm and a leg on UseViral.

If you want to expand your social media presence at an affordable price, go no further than UseViral.

Here are some of the prices for purchasing Asian followers. 

  • You will be charged $6.99 for 500 followers.
  • Get $5,000 worth of followers for just $39.99

2. Media Mister

Media Mister Buy Instagram Followers

Without a doubt, Media Mister is now one of the greatest places to buy Instagram followers in Asia.

The scope of their offerings has made them the go-to company for social media marketing solutions.

Undoubtedly, you will only be shown authentic, active Instagram people. 

They are well-connected in the business world and can help you reach the top influencers in any industry with your premium Instagram account.

It is a reliable service to purchase Instagram followers if you want to expand your online presence, customer base, or influencer network.

More Precise Targeting

Location, gender, interests, and age are all factors in the targeting process. It’s unusual to see development services prioritizing genuine interaction over robotic ones.

Help For Customers And Other Support Services

The ease with which one can use this service is remarkable.

The account managers and customer service staff are well-informed and genuinely interested in their clients’ Instagram success.


When compared to similar offerings, this service ranks highly for security.

It abides by the rules of Instagram and other social media platforms. Strong encryption will keep your personal and financial data safe.

Media Mister’s Versatility In Various Forms

No matter what kind of Instagram brand you’re creating, you may enjoy the same sense of security and dependability that we did.

Media Mister caters to its clients, rather than the other way around, whether they need help with personal branding, a specific market, or a business or agency.

In reality, at this time, there are no roadblocks to your joining the group.

Media Mister has various subscription options to meet your specific requirements and budget, and their website features a comprehensive FAQ in case you have any questions before signing up.

Choose the plan that suits your needs, sign up for it, and you’re all set to begin. 

Media Mister Money-Back Guarantee

Media Mister has been around for quite some time, but if that isn’t enough to convince you to use their services, perhaps their unconditional money-back guarantee will.

Media Mister’s services come with a 100% money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

Ask for your money back within 30 days, and you’ll get it. The reimbursement will be issued without further inquiry.


Media Mister’s pricing is competitive with that of its main rivals.

One of the earliest service types in the world, it has been around for a long time and has thousands of happy customers to vouch for it.

Many companies sell Instagram likes, followers, and video views, but very few can make this claim.

Media Mister provides numerous pricing tiers and package selections for Instagram followers.

  • $9 for every 250 followers
  • $37 per 1000 followers
  • For every 5,000 followers, you’ll pay $195

3. GetAFollower

GetAFollower Buy Instagram Followers

If you want to grow your business or influencer account’s Asian Instagram following, GetAFollower is the best place to do it.

If you’re fed up with your low follower count, you don’t have to alter your Instagram profile to attract a larger audience drastically.

Utilize the GetAFollower service to have actual people start following your Instagram account before you do anything else.

The platform is so user-friendly that a purchase can be completed in minutes.

GetAFollower’s pricing is also very reasonable; you won’t find many other places where you can gain a sizable following on one of the most widely used social media networks for such a low price.

  • You will get high-quality followers from real users
  • The pricing of the services is very affordable
  • The company offers a 60-day retention warranty
  • The customer service, while it is amazing, is only available for limited hours
  • The site does not offer any type of trial period

Confidentiality And Safety

When it comes to social media, the days of anarchy are long gone.

Users of social media platforms would be well to consider their privacy and security settings in light of the rise of cyberbullying and hacking.

Though GetAFollower isn’t a replacement for this, the best source to buy Instagram followers includes several tools and features that can assist you in bringing your account up to speed without compromising your protection or privacy.

No information or data is shared or sold by GetAFollower. Your friends and family’s personal information is never sold, traded, or bought.

There is no data transfer or information sharing from Social Pilot’s servers to your company.

In addition, GetAFollower has a zero-tolerance policy regarding confidentiality breaches involving any of their proprietary information.

Not Robots And Computers

These are the main selling factors of GetAFollower. Once your strategy is in motion, you will attract genuine fans actively participating in your posts.

The GetAFollower staff is serious about their work and will spend time and effort to give you genuine followers personally.

Constantly Adjusting Schedules

GetAFollower has two different packages available: Launch and Accelerate. Both options will help your Instagram account gain actual, substantial followers.

In most cases, the Accelerate strategy expedites and perfects the expansion process.

Its increased targeting and other significant capabilities allow it to deliver results ten times as quickly as the Launch strategy.

If you choose the expedited plan, you will receive priority service in case of a problem.


  • Get 100 followers for just $4
  • To get 500 followers for only $18.
  • The price for one thousand likes is a mere $37.

4. Buy Real Media

Buy Real Media Instagram Followers

Buy Real Media, one of the most well-known platforms for expanding one’s Instagram presence, is an excellent choice for doing both.

The team used AI to guarantee you gain authentic Instagram followers.

You’ll notify Buy Real Media who you’re trying to reach, and their system will start communicating with the best possible prospects. 

You will steadily increase your Instagram followers if you keep using their services.

By using Buy Real Media’s guidance, you may get genuine Instagram followers without risking anything happening to your account.

Normal, Healthy, Organic Instagram Expansion

With the help of Buy Real Media, you can quickly increase your number of genuine Instagram followers and the quality of your interactions with them.

Knowing that my account was secure was a top priority, and it was one of the main things we were searching for.

Avoiding the hassle of engaging with bots and phony followers by using Buy Real Media’s account management service was a priority for us.

It’s a huge help that frees me up to concentrate on things like content production and captioning.

The Quickest Instagram Follower Delivery

After placing an order, it will arrive within the hour. As we said before, we think they can pull it off for all their customers.

Ideally, nobody would have to sit around and wait for their engagement to happen. Also, this is a promising sign that they are making commitments they intend to keep.

Promise To Refund Any Canceled Order

This could be a bluff, as there is a good chance they won’t be able to issue refunds to everyone.

Companies that aren’t legitimate can’t refund your money 100% of the time, so you may feel like you’re losing your mind.

Still, we’re relieved to report that our research suggests Buy Real Media is capable of delivering as promised.

Providing Excellent Customer Service

Let’s talk briefly about the quality of their customer service.

Another plus is that clients receive helpful assistance when they have questions or encounter technical difficulties with the company’s services.

We mean that getting in touch with them won’t take long at all, and in some cases, you might even get through right away.

Buy Real Media customer reviews on Trustpilot and other sites also commonly discuss this.

The quickest you’ll be able to get in touch with them is in half a day, and the latest they’ll get back to you is in a couple of days.


  • Get 100 followers for just $4!
  • To get 500 followers for only $18.
  • Get 1000 followers for just $37

5. SidesMedia

SidesMedia Buy Instagram Followers

SidesMedia provides a method for anyone to acquire the optimal Instagram service plan.

Several prestigious tech periodicals have highlighted the platform’s capacity to deliver precise outcomes.

Depending on the preferences of the profile owner, SidesMedia provides both automated and manual expansion options. 

Manual plans give you more agency over the process but also necessitate more frequent monitoring, while automatic plans are ideal for individuals who prefer to arrange and forget it.

Options start for under $20, and pricing depends on the number of additional followers desired.

Aspiring social media stars can save money on fan packages by switching to payment options. 

SidesMedia has quickly emerged as one of the most popular destinations to purchase Instagram followers due to its speedy delivery time, genuine followers, and excellent customer service.

  • True Instagram expansion
  • The most up-to-date targeting instructions
  • Friendly interface
  • Refundable within 14 days
  • There is no need to sign a contract or commit to a certain time.
  • Fast and helpful customer service
  • Providers that work exclusively with Instagram

Audience Specificity

That is, without a doubt, the coolest thing that SidesMedia has ever done.

SidesMedia’s targeting features enable rapid acquisition of genuine, organic followers in as little as 24 hours.

Targeting allows you to select the specific type of followers you seek. The targeting process, moreover, applies to any market or specialty.

You need not worry about followers in unrelated locations accessing your material.

It’s important to note that targeting may be refined by various factors, including age, geography, gender, and even hashtags.

The finance team will then manually add the selected audience to your account. This is a priceless feature that can’t be obtained through software robotization.

Safe To Use

Like everyone else who has used Instagram growth tools, you are concerned that the service won’t like the new users you’ve brought in.

User accounts that have been found to have employed a third-party service to increase their Instagram followers are typically subject to a crackdown by Instagram.

Given the proliferation of available bots and automation software, this is to be expected.

SidesMedia’s tactics, on the other hand, are Instagram-compliant because they do not employ bots; thus, it’s preferable to put your faith in them.

Furthermore, several reviews have mentioned that SidesMedia encrypts the personal information you share on Instagram.


Purchases of 250 Instagram followers cost $4.99, while those of 5,000 cost $39.99. You can gain 10,000 followers for an extra $64.5.

The Final Thoughts

In-depth details regarding where to buy Instagram followers Asia were the centerpiece of this post.

With any luck, the information presented here will be useful to you as you work to expand your Instagram following.

If you’re an Asian Instagram user, your most reliable and secure bet is to promote your account on one of the mentioned sites. 

Finding genuine, engaged Instagram followers in Asia is a terrific strategy.

Any of the internet stores we highlight below are great options for anyone looking to buy genuine Asian audiences.

Using the services offered by these companies can help you gain more genuine, active followers on Instagram, increasing your interaction with other users and your exposure.

This article includes almost all the resources and instructions you’ll need to expand your Instagram account.

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