33 Best Sites to Buy Facebook Likes & Followers 2024 (Real & Cheap)

Best Sites to Buy Facebook Likes and Followers

What are the best sites to buy Facebook likes and followers in 2024?

Even years since social media was first introduced, Facebook still shines above the rest with nearly 3 billion active monthly users.

It would take a huge event to end it.

This means that Facebook holds vast potential for social media marketers to boost their engagement and revenue.

Nowadays, the trick is to know where to find the top places to buy Facebook likes and followers in 2024.

After all, that is how the most successful profiles, pages, and groups get theirs.

Why not you?

You can use the same services used by these professionals who constantly go viral with their content.

That is why this list is here.

We strive to help others achieve what many believe is only possible for big brands, top influencers, and big businesses.

Small businesses, potential influencers, and small brands need the same chance to thrive like the rest.

If you’re struggling with getting the exposure you need to gain the edge over your competitors, you can do so by outsourcing your followers and engagement on the Facebook platform.

While you need followers, they must be active and relevant. This requires getting likes, comments, and other Facebook engagement on your content.

It’s this engagement that boosts your rankings on social platforms and helps more relevant followers find you.

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Best Sites to Buy Facebook Likes & Followers 2024

1. UseViral

UseViral Facebook Promotion Service

If you’re seeking out the ability to buy real Facebook likes and followers, UseViral is widely regarded as one of the best in the industry.

The likes that you get from UseViral are real, and they are delivered fast to your account within safe and risk-free guidelines.

This company has built a vast network of users that provide you with these real likes without using bots, spam, or fake engagement.

Buy Facebook Likes

Buy Facebook Page Likes

Buy Facebook Followers

Because you need to get the best quality when you buy Facebook likes and followers, the fact that UseViral has developed their services with their users in mind is a good indication that they’re able to provide desired results.

This service also caters to other sites like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and others if you want to use it for all your social media marketing needs.

This can be a great way to expand your cross-platform marketing efforts and become even more reputable across all networks.

There are 7 packaged plans from which you can choose. They range in terms of of followers from 250 to 20,000 and have varying price points depending on the quantity that you select.

These packages each provide you with real followers real fast, plus a refill guarantee just in case. When the goal is to stay on top of Facebook’s algorithm, we like this service provider.

2. Media Mister

Media Mister Buy Facebook Likes

Media Mister is one of the oldest and most trusted social media marketing engagement services online, and really is the best place to buy Facebook likes and followers in 2024.

Media Mister is in it for the long haul and have proven that with their dedication to their clients.

The offerings for services on this website are vast and detailed for Facebook, and across other social sites like Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and others.

Buy Facebook Likes

Buy Facebook Followers

As far as Facebook likes are concerned, you will choose from the dropdown menu which type of likes you want. The list includes posts, pages, comments, albums, and website likes.

Then you simply input your Facebook URL, click ‘Add to Cart’, make your secure payment, and let the likes get delivered in an appropriate amount of time.

When your goal is to do more than just get likes to your content, this service takes it to the next level with specific solutions for likes.

3. GetAFollower

GetAFollower Facebook Likes

GetAFollower is definitely one of a kind when it comes to being able to help you buy Facebook likes and followers that are real and safe.

They say that they believe that the people should have the power, not the big corporations that have endless budgets to spend on social media marketing.

This is why everything that they offer their customers is 100% safe, and 100% authentic.

In fact, they have a professional team of social media experts behind each feature, so you know that you are getting the best deal possible when you work with a company like this.

As a result, they have one of the best reputations in the industry, and we believe that considering how hard they work for their clients, they’re going to make sure that you have all of your needs met.

4. Buy Real Media

Buy Real Media Facebook Likes

Buy Real Media has become a popular place to buy Facebook followers and page likes.

You can also get followers and engagement across social sites like Twitter, Clubhouse, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and others.

The people behind Buy Real Media are experts in the social media marketing business, so they know how to help you improve your presence and interactions with people. Facebook likes from Buy Real Media are delivered fast and are real.

Facebook likes plans on this site range from 500 to 20,000 Facebook likes. These are all top-quality, worldwide likes. You also get 24/7 support, 24- to 72-hour delivery, and there is no need to share your password.

The guarantees of 100% safe delivery, premium quality engagements, and 100% safe payments make this site a safe and reliable resource for your social engagement needs. Buy Real Media is a nice option if you want to buy Facebook likes easily.

5. SidesMedia

SidesMedia Facebook Likes

SidesMedia, like UseViral, has been around for a few years and has extended their offerings to include most major social media platforms.

This means they can provide services for not only Facebook, but also for Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, and others. Of course, they can help you buy Facebook likes and followers.

This company also has a solid and vast network of clients that provide you with real Facebook likes.

That is how they steer clear of spam, bots, and fake accounts. With 7 number-based packages, you should be able to fine one that fits your goals and budget.

You can select from between 250 and 20,000 likes on the website. Each package includes fast delivery within 1-2 days, 24/7 customer support, and real active high-quality likes.

One of the reasons you want this kind of engagement is to protect your account and keep it looking balanced for the algorithm.

When you choose real engagement, you garner more real and organic engagement from relevant Facebook users.

6. StormLikes

Stormlikes Facebook Page Likes

StormLikes is another great site to buy Facebook likes, followers and live views. You can also choose engagement or followers across social media sites such as TikTok and Instagram.

When you use this site for real Facebook likes, you are getting 100% real likes from real people. They do not engage with fakes, bots, or spam.

This website makes it easy to navigate to the social media platform for which you need engagement. For Facebook likes, you have the option of getting from between 100 to 10,000 post likes.

Each package provides you with real likes from real people, fast delivery, 24/7 live support, and an instant delivery guarantee. No password sharing is necessary to use these services.

You will also benefit from secure browsing and secure payment processing when you choose StormLikes.

7. SocialViral

SocialViral - Buy Facebook Likes & Followers

If you’re looking to buy Facebook followers and likes for your quality content, SocialViral will provide that.

Their well-developed platform helps you achieve real engagement for Facebook, as well as several other social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

This company has built a reliable reputation over the years that shows how dedicated it is to delivering safe, quick, and real results to its customers. The likes packages on the website include likes for posts and/or for pages.

So, if you need to boost your pages or posts, this service can help with real likes.

The website offers packages ranging from 50 to 2,500 post likes, or from 50 to 3,000 Facebook page likes, depending on which service you choose.

All of their likes are real and of high quality. Packages offer fast delivery and 24/7 support. Did we mention that no password is required?

8. Followersup


Followersup is a winning site that is really great for helping you buy Facebook page likes in a way that is real and safe, and one of the things that we appreciate the most about this company is that they have been doing the rounds for a long time now.

In fact, they have been in this business for years at this point and have a really good idea of what their clients are looking for when it comes to Facebook likes, in a way that is actually going to add to the credibility of their Facebook page.

They don’t beat around the bush when it comes to their features, all they are committed to is making sure that their clients have access to safe Facebook engagement that is going to have a big impact on your existing reputation.

We also suggest that you get in touch with them about their tiered pricing system and see how they can help you save even more.

9. Social Packages

Social Packages is known for its vast number of plans it offers to social media users across multiple platforms, and its ability to help you buy Facebook likes.

The plans are separate for page likes, followers, views and comments, so you can get as specific as necessary with your engagement. The downside is that if you want multiple forms of engagement, you’ll need to buy separate plans.

As for Facebook page likes plans, there are 7 that range from 250 to 20,000 Facebook page likes.

With each plan comes fast delivery (1-2 days), worldwide likes, a refill guarantee, and you don’t need your password to use their plans. You can also choose to buy Facebook followers when you need a boost in followers.

Like the other sites on this list, Social Packages is diligent about keeping up with the ever-changing algorithms of Facebook to keep your account safe from issues.

The experts behind this service are well-versed in audience targeting, which is helpful when buying followers and likes.

10. Views Expert

Views Expert is known for being a reliable and effective service for social media marketing engagement and followers. It has been giving all the older companies some big competition due to their devotion to their work.

The team behind the service is creative, innovative, and they stay on top of things to protect and provide for their clients.

You can buy Facebook likes from this website ranging from 500 to 20,000 Facebook likes across 7 packages.

Every package gives you 24/7 support, a refill guarantee, high-quality active and real likes, fast delivery, and you don’t have to share your password with them.

Because the team behind the scenes has expertise in social media marketing and engagement, they understand the importance of properly interacting with your audience and converting them into loyal followers.

The site, the payment process, and the services are all safe, secure, and efficient in our opinion. Views Expert has given many people a place to buy Facebook likes effectively and safely.

11. GetViral

GetViral is well-known for delivering safe and real followers and likes across several social media networks like Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and of course, Facebook.

The very name of this company gives you the impression that they are able to help your content go viral with the appropriate type of engagement.

You will find their packaged deals to be similar to the others on this list, but it’s worth mentioning so you know what each one offers.

If you want to buy Facebook likes, there are 7 packages of quantity-based likes ranging from 500 to 20,000 Facebook likes. Just underneath the packages, you will find a method for reaching out if you need a custom package.

The main reasons that their customers trust them to deliver include how they expand your reach, build a solid fan base, and allow you to go viral and get popular. On social media, popularity equals credibility.

The people behind this company are quite skilled at what they do, and they understand how vital organic traffic is to the social media industry.

They can help you boost your presence and go viral when you buy Facebook likes and other engagements from them.

12. Fastlikes

Fastlikes is known to help you gain the edge over your competitors on social media. Face it, if you are competing on social media, you need the help and there is nothing wrong with seeking help.

You will get real and organic Facebook likes through this website. If you so choose, you may also get engagement for your other social media accounts like Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and others.

You can expect similar packages as most of the companies on this list with quantity-based Facebook likes ranging from 500 to 20,000.

Every one of the packages features fast delivery, a refill guarantee, orders starting within 0-8 hours, worldwide real likes, and you don’t need to share your password.

Creativity and dedication are two things you will get from the people behind Fastlikes. They are dedicated to your Facebook success.

13. Follower Packages

Follower Packages may be a bit lesser-known, but not any less effective and safe than the other sites on this list. You can buy real Facebook likes that are real, and get instant results through this service.

Facebook’s platform has more than 1.8 billion active monthly users and more than 16 million businesses using pages, which results in high competition.

Because Facebook (also Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube) is so competitive, you need a way to get on top and stay there with the right engagement.

That is what Follower Packages provides; packaged engagement services suited to your social media marketing needs.

The “buy Facebook likes” packages on this website are bit different than the others. They provide 4 options ranging from 500 to 3,000 real Facebook likes.

Each comes with a one-time payment, delivery within 2-7 days (depending on the package chosen), 24/7 live chat support, PPC campaign likes, and this is all guaranteed.

14. Famups

Famups is a veteran social media engagement and growth service that provides high-quality likes for Facebook and more. Other sites they cater to include Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and others.

Technically, you could use this service across all your social media growth and engagement needs.

You can buy Facebook likes from Famups in different quantities that range from 500 to 20,000 Facebook page likes.

Another Facebooks likes service includes 100 USA to 1,000 USA Facebook likes. The likes package you choose are determined by your needs and goals.

When you buy Facebook likes from Famups, you will improve your popularity through a solid user base. Each of the packages comes with fast delivery that varies according to the quantity you choose, 24/7 support, and you don’t need to follow others or share your password.

15. Venium

Venium has a quick-loading, responsive, and easy-to-navigate website that we really like. It also makes it easy to buy Facebook likes by choosing your package and payment options without a lot of distractions.

This site lets you choose from Facebook page or post likes.

Fan page likes include a minimum order of 500 likes and maximum order of 10,000 likes, live tracking, instant start, a lifetime guarantee, ranking improvement, high-quality likes, safe for Facebook engagement, 100% active and real likes, and no-compromise client confidentiality.

Photo/Post likes have the same features except the minimum order is 50 and the maximum order is 10,000.

When your main concern is prime, real, relevant, active engagement, Venium is a top option to buy Facebook likes. The engagement you buy from this site will result in more natural and organic engagement from your target audience.

16. Get Real Boost

Get Real Boost is a good place to buy genuine Facebook likes. Its very name implies that you get real, natural growth when you use this website.

The people behind this service are dedicated to creating a superior experience for their clients and real, organic engagement without bots, fakes, or spam.

This website has 12 packages for Facebook likes and 9 packages for USA Facebook likes. So, there are more packages from which to choose.

Facebook likes range from 200 to 25,000, while USA Facebook likes range from 500 to 15,000. All the packages come with 24/7 support and fast delivery.

The reviews show that this website delivers as promised, keeping their clients happy with the results they get on Facebook and across social media.

You can increase your exposure on Facebook and beyond with the likes you get from this service.  

17. FBSkip

FBSkip brings years of experience to the table in Facebook engagement. The advanced website is a perk, but the services are what make this company’s appeal.

One of the things that stick out about them is the lifetime warranty they provide for all their services.

The Facebook services offer post/photo likes for cover pictures, videos, real USA photo likes, 100% manual likes, live agent support, and no bots that drop off within days.

Maybe it would help if you knew that FBSkip has been on the top of Google ratings for six years running. That means the people behind this service know their stuff.

There are 6 packages on the website that offer post and photo likes as well as emoticons for posts/pictures. ‘Love’, ‘Ha-Ha’, and ‘Wow’ are the 3 emoticons offered. The system is easy to use, and everything is real.

18. Buzz Voice 

Buzz Voice is a social media growth service that can help you buy Facebook Likes in addition to other types of engagement and followers for social media. They offer packages for Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and SoundCloud in addition to Facebook. 

You can buy Facebook page likes as well as post likes when you use Buzz Voice, so you can choose exactly what you need with their packages.

The range of likes you can buy is quite robust, so you’ll be able to get something that’s suited to your needs. 

They say that the likes are worldwide and they can be delivered with a quick turnaround of only 24 hours. The website is secure and they also offer different additional packages for engagement and other social media benefits. 

Buzz Voice has information about how their service works, and they also offer a range of payment options including major cards and bitcoin, although their PayPal gateway is currently unavailable.

They also provide you reasons why they’re the best company to work with, some customer reviews, as well as some tips for how to increase your number of Facebook likes, fans, and more.

They’re a pretty good choice if you need to buy Facebook likes quickly.

19. InstaFollowers

InstaFollowers, while it would seem that the company is named specifically for Instagram growth only, offers an expansive offering of services for all different types of social media platforms.

You can find packages for TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Spotify, Twitch, LinkedIn, and so much more. 

Their Facebook services include the chance to buy Facebook page likes, post likes, views, followers, 5-star ratings, comments, group members, event attendees, comment likes, post shares, and live viewers. This means you can completely round out your Facebook popularity and social proof. 

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For Facebook page likes, you can get anywhere from 50 up to 100,000, and they let you choose between regular likes or real likes. You can get up to 50,000 real Facebook likes according to the InstaFollowers website. 

They also use drip delivery to keep your likes coming in at a natural rate that won’t raise any red flags with Facebook or get your account in trouble.

They claim to have good retention rates as well, alongside their refund guarantee based on delivery time. 

20. I Buy Fans 

I Buy Fans is a company that will also offer you plenty of packages to help you grow your social media channels, and you can buy Facebook likes from them in what they call the “cheapest rates” around. 

Not only that, you can target your Facebook likes, so you can buy worldwide likes, or even USA likes. The pricing depends on which you choose.

You can also get post likes, followers/subscribers, comments, video views, and a bunch of other services for Facebook, among other social platforms. 

You’ll be charged in Euros, so if you are based in the US or another country, you may be subject to a foreign transaction fee when making your purchase, so keep that in mind.

21. Woorke

Woorke is another diverse company that offers a plethora of social media services as well as website and development help.

When you visit their website to buy Facebook likes, you can choose between three options: targeted, worldwide, or drip feed. 

Drip feed helps you to keep your profile safe when you buy Facebook followers, so it’s a good option.

Woorke claims their packages can improve your page reach, improve your credibility, help your Facebook page rank, and are also 100% safe and private.

22. Soclikes

The unique thing about Soclikes is that their packages aren’t on a one-time purchase basis; the plans are recurring and you can choose different packages that will deliver your growth on a routine basis.

There are packages for Facebook, for instance, that offer you 100 FB likes, 500 postal ikes, and 50 comments every week. 

If you don’t like this, you can also choose from a one-time package purchase, and you can buy Facebook likes starting at just 50 likes all the way up to 50,000.

You can also buy Facebook followers from them and they have many different types of packages, so check them out and see if they have what you’re looking for.

23. SocialRush

SocialRush is a company that is going to have you believing that they can help you just with the Instagram, because this is what they talk about the most on their homepage.

However, trust us when we say that they can help you with your Facebook likes at the same time, and as you probably have guessed already at this point, their Facebook likes are real and safe.

The great news is that you can receive your Facebook likes through instant delivery, which is ideal if you’re someone who doesn’t have a lot of time on their hands to wait around for your Facebook engagement, and the best part is that they aren’t going to ask for your Facebook password in order to deliver them.

All that they need is your username, and then you can go through the checkout process, and receive the right engagement for your needs.

24. Famoid

Famoid is a deceptively simple company, that you are going to think can just help you with the most basic features when it comes to your Instagram engagement and Facebook engagement.

However, we think that this service is great for being able to buy Facebook likes in a manner that is safe and secure, and we also think that the fact that they can help you on other social media sites at the same time says a lot about their existing reputation. You can also buy Facebook followers from them, too.

There are lots of companies that take on this mantle, and offer their clients too many features, but then there are also some companies that choose to do this, because they know that they are capable of providing high-quality engagement across the board.

They also believe that their engagement can help you become famous on some level, so if this is what you were aiming for when it comes to your Facebook page, definitely check them out.

We also really appreciate that they have a variety of different ways for you to pay, so that you can pay through the likes of PayPal, which is the safest way to pay on the Internet these days.

25. Socioblend

Socioblend has a knack of being able to work with almost any client in the industry, and work with almost any personal preferences that you might have.

Yes, they are definitely the kind of company that can help you buy real Facebook likes, but they can also help you with every other aspect too, and you will see when you visit their home page for the first time that they have a long list of social media sites that they can help you with beyond Facebook.

Say for example you’ve got your brand over on TikTok, or you might even have it on Reddit as well, and you know that you’ve got a lot of features that need covering, but you need a wide range in order to make it happen.

Another thing that we noticed about this company is that they have a chat box on their homepage, meaning that you are going to be able to get in touch with them about any initial issues, but you will be also be able to get in touch with him if you have any technical problems further down the track.

26. Social Boss

Social Boss might not be one of those companies that has been in the industry for a long time, but what they lack in experience, they certainly make up for in expertise.

They are the kind of social media marketplace that you want to have on your side, no matter what you are trying to do when it comes to your social media sites including your Facebook page, and they naturally can help you with get more likes and ensure that they are both real and safe.

One of the first things you’ll notice when you visit their site is that they have many different ways for you to pay, from Google Pay, to Bitcoin, and they say that they have a money-back policy, so there’s no love lost if things don’t end up working out with them.

We love that they have all of their features laid out neatly and a well-organized fashion on their website, and they ensure the discretion of their processes, which means that your personal information isn’t going to be shared to third parties as a result of them collecting it.

27. Red Social

Red Social is the perfect solution for all of your Facebook engagement needs, including your Facebook likes, especially if you are someone who is on a super tight budget.

We all know what it’s like to be in the beginning stages of growing a brand online and having next to nothing to be able to work with in terms of finances.

The good news is that these guys are social experts that can help you build a following not just on Facebook, but on Pinterest, and YouTube as well.

Whether you are trying to buy Facebook page likes that are safe and secure, or you are trying to gain a larger audience in general, these guys are a great choice.

They have been doing their thing for more than five years at this point, so we have a funny feeling that they’re going to be able to help you with literally everything when it comes to your Facebook page’s growth.

As we mentioned at the beginning of this review, you don’t have to have a lot of money to be able to afford them, which is always nice.

28. Build My Plays

The next place on our list that can help you buy Facebook post likes, page likes, and followers that are real and genuine can help you take your social channels to the next level, and they say that they are passionate about helping their clients kickstart not only their Facebook growth, but their YouTube growth, and even their Instagram growth as well.

They believe that they are a top-rated social media marketing company, and they have a lot of information on their website about how they work, including top three reasons why you should choose to work with them.

They promise fast delivery and high-quality features, and they also have a retention guarantee.

This means that if you buy real Facebook likes from them, and they don’t stick to your Facebook content and your Facebook page, then you can ask for a refund, and they will give it to you, no questions asked.

There aren’t too many companies out there like this that are committed to the cause as much as these guys are, so definitely jump on this opportunity.

29. Social King

Social King has years of experience in service in the industry, and they are also going to be one of the safest marketing companies when it comes to being able to buy real Facebook followers, likes and views.

The great news about these guys is that they do everything manually, which means that you can guarantee that you’re going to receive manual Facebook likes for your page.

There’s no chance of being connected with fake people that aren’t actually going to interact with your content.

Another thing that we love the most is that they can help you either with worldwide likes or they can help you get really specific, so if your brand is local, they can stick to just one specific area.

Another aspect to this company that makes them super credible is that they promise 100% privacy when it comes to your personal information.

30. Social Wick

The next company on our list that is capable of helping you buy Facebook followers, likes & views that are safe and secure can help you make a personal account, so that you can log into their dashboard, and then you can even make the most of their trial plan, so that you can understand them better as a company, and how they can give you a better chance of doing well with your Facebook page.

The quicker you order your plan, the faster you are going to receive your Facebook growth, and they even offer their clients a 24/7 chat system, so that you can get assistance at every stage of the journey.

31. Fan Slave

Fan Slave is helpful for a number of different reasons, and obviously one of these reasons is the fact that they can help you with your Facebook likes, but we also like that they combine their plans for cheaper rates.

They have some of the most competitive pricing in the industry, so these guys are great choice if you are someone who is just starting out and has a really tight budget to work with.

It’s not often that you come across a company that still has a commitment to high quality with their features, but has pricing that is as good as this, so definitely make the most of these guys.

32. Share Supplier

The next company on our list is one of our favourites, because they send out their services through order information.

They say they can help you get Facebook likes that are real and secure, and they can also help you increase your credibility on Facebook in general.

There are a lot of other companies that will just send you Facebook likes, followers and views, and call it a day, but these guys actually think about how they can improve your social proof and will leave you thankful that you discovered them in the first place.

33. Fastlykke

Fastlykke has a knack for knowing what its clients’ needs are, and we think the fact that they can help you not only with real Facebook followers and likes but with every other part of your Facebook means that they have your best interests at heart, and want to ensure that you are getting the results that you need, when you need them.

They can help you target your regular audience, and of course they’re going to send you likes that are targeted, and relevant to your industry and niche, so you don’t have to worry about them not advancing your credibility on Facebook.

How to Buy Facebook Likes Safely 

When you use third party companies to buy Facebook likes, you should always make sure that the company offers reliable and reputable services.

Facebook has been around for years and years, so they are no stranger to companies trying to earn some money by selling engagements for the platform. 

That said, Facebook may take action against you if you don’t follow their terms of use and if you use a company that violates their policies. 

The services we listed above are well-known companies that provide different types of social media engagement, so they are generally safe to use and will protect your account from being in harm’s way.

If you are considering outside companies not included on this list, always make sure you keep the following things in mind before you buy Facebook likes or other packages. 


The most important thing you can do is protect your security and safety when you buy Facebook likes, so looking for the right qualities in a company is important, as well as understanding what they do to protect the integrity of your account. 

You should first always ensure that the website uses SSL security encryption and that there is a little lock on the left side of the address bar.

In addition, verify their payment methods and make sure they are secure, offering sufficient options and procedures. 

Another way you need to protect your security is pay close attention to how the service operates. If you buy Facebook likes from a company that delivers them in quantities, they won’t need your password.

Don’t give out your Facebook password unless the service is going to help you with manual engagements or offer a recurring service to boost engagement.  

To deliver likes, companies don’t need your password. Keep your personal and financial data safe as well as all of your devices by choosing a company that takes your safety seriously and works in line with Facebook’s terms. 

Real Likes 

Real likes from real users are going to be the most beneficial for your Facebook page and posts because if you have a lot of fake likes, it’s not going to help your reputation and can actually do more harm than good.

Users are very apt these days and can easily tell when you have fake followers and fake likes on Facebook and other platforms. If you have a bunch of fake likes, your ratios will be skewed and people will wonder what you’re up to.

If you get thousands of likes on posts but have hardly any fans, or if you have thousands of fans but hardly any engagements, it’s easy to see that something isn’t right. 

They can then easily look through your fans and see that there are a lot of fake or bot profiles— accounts with little to no content, weird usernames, no profile photos, and no users following them. 

The same thing is possible for likes, and even more accessible; if a user decides to see who has liked your content and sees a bunch of weird accounts, you’ll be perceived as less credible as well as very spammy.

When you buy Facebook likes, your reputation remains in good standing and you also boost your performance on Facebook in terms of the algorithm and getting more reach for your content. 

FAQs and Information 

If a company and its website doesn’t include clear, substantial, and logical information about how the service works, it’s probably not going to deliver the reliable results you need for long-term Facebook growth..

Remember, a lot of companies out there are just trying to line their pockets, so you have to be thorough in checking out what they claim to provide. 

If they’re a trustworthy company, they’ll always have a thorough FAQ section that helps you to understand their service, what to expect, and any questions that most of their clients may have.

This is a good sign that the company is upfront and backs up their services based on real criteria. 

If you can’t find a lot of information about the service or it’s unnecessarily confusing, it’s best not to risk using the service.

Another thing that many companies resort to is overusing buzzwords to make their services sound attractive and unique, when they really don’t give you any information about what the service will really do. 

Be wary of any company that makes lofty claims about the results and always double check any promises made in the terms of service section on the website.

All companies that you can buy Facebook followers and likes from should have an available terms of service page where they outline your rights and their responsibilities. 

If the information there contradicts what you find on their website or you can’t find a terms of service page at all, you should think twice about trusting them with your Facebook growth.


Pricing should be readily available and easy to understand on any company’s website that you can buy Facebook likes from.

When looking at the company website, you need to be able to see all of their pricing and packages without having to register or give any information to access them. 

If you have to register or give information in order to see any pricing, it’s best to skip their service as they clearly intend to spam you or get something from you before telling you details about pricing or service offerings, which is a dishonest business practice. 

Good companies from which to buy Facebook likes from will also have reasonable prices, which are not too low, but not too high.

If the service offers extremely low pricing options, it’s probable that they don’t offer high quality likes or services. 

Remember, “you get what you pay for” does come into play here, but that doesn’t always mean you have to choose the most expensive service.

Really look into the service being provided and weigh it against the price points to truly understand if it’s priced aptly for you to gain a return on your investment and sufficient value.

Why You Need to Buy Real Facebook Likes

Facebook Likes 

Having the right type of Facebook likes is vital; without this, there’s no way that you can have a successful profile that builds your reputation and real-world results.

You’ll simply end up looking desperate and less of an authority in your niche, and people will be able to tell that you buy fake Facebook likes to try and look more popular.

In this section we’ll discuss the true benefits you’ll receive when you buy Facebook likes that are real and active. 


Your Facebook likes have a huge impact on your reputation, and they can completely change how people view you.

Your Facebook likes show that users care about your content, engage with you, support you, and even recommend your account to others if they so choose. 

This can work for either Facebook page likes, or post likes. Both are very important to your success, so you need to understand which one you want to fortify when you buy real Facebook likes, and look carefully at what the company is offering.  

They can make or break your Facebook page, and it’s no secret. You need to have a strong overall quantity of likes in both areas. 

Imagine if you have tons of fake Facebook likes. None of these “people” are ever going to engage with your content again, making people wonder why nobody responds to your content when you have thousands and thousands of followers.

It causes a lot of concern and makes you look like your content isn’t well received or that you’ve paid to have followers. It’s easy for users to see, as well as potential brand partners or customers. 

This can hurt you because users will find your account to be fortified and not authentic. It will also cause potential brand partners to turn away from you, losing your status if you want to work as an influencer or are trying to promote B2B revenue streams.

Better Reach 

Facebook, just like Instagram, used to operate according to a chronological algorithm, meaning that the platform routinely showed users content in the order that it was added to the platform.

When people started to realize that users might not want to see just what people post based on when they post it, in order to provide a better user experience and get content to the right users when they want it, Facebook changed the algorithm to reflect the performance of the content.

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This means that post engagement became a key indicator of which content is most attractive to which users. 

Now, Facebook content is showed to users based on their interests and what they’ve engaged with in the past. If you have fake Facebook page likes or post likes, you’re not going to see any additional benefit at all in terms of reach. 

You need to have high levels of engagement if you want to get your content to the top of your followers’ feeds or be promoted in the trending topic sections.

Both of these things means your content will be seen more frequently, allowing you to produce real-world results that lead to revenue generation or ROI through your Facebook efforts. 

This is really important considering you can also create shoppable posts on the platform and funnel traffic to your outside websites. 

If your page likes or post likes are fake, you won’t be generating interest from a real person, and a fake like isn’t going to lead to more engagement with your content, help your content get seen by anyone else; you won’t get any word-of-mouth type of recommendations, either. 

Business Results 

Finally, you need real Facebook likes because you likely want to see tangible business results from your investment.

If you have a lot of fake followers, your account simply appears to others that it might be popular, but it’s not. You won’t get any results from this type of strategy. 

While people usually use services to buy Facebook likes in hopes it will bring in any kind of growth and then keep going, it’s not likely to happen if the likes aren’t real and genuine.

You should absolutely look for a service that will work with real engagement strategies or send you likes from real people.

Not only that, a lot of companies that sell fake likes don’t even back up their services, and you’ll be left with disappearing likes that eventually cancel out your initial investment altogether. It’s basically like throwing money away. 

Facebook routinely clears out fake likes, comments, and profiles, which is why they disappear so quickly after you get the order from the company, if you get it at all.

How to Get More Real Facebook Likes 

Now that we know why you need real Facebook likes instead of a bunch of fake and inactive ones, we’re going to look at some additional things you can do to help yourself get more likes on your own and double the results you’re seeing from the company. 

No matter where you choose to buy Facebook likes from, you have to remain active in your own efforts and continue pushing forward if you want to see success. This is where people sometimes trip up.  

It’s all too common that people think they can buy Facebook likes and just take the easy way out, thinking that they’ll enjoy some sort of miracle which will allow them to take a permanent vacation and not deal with the difficulties and wordload of social media again.

This is a huge misconception and can lead to your complete failure. 

Any type of organic Facebook growth in the long term will require you to dedicate more time than ever into creating the best page that you can, and you should at the very minimum be thinking of the following strategies to implement along the way. 

Engage with Others on Facebook 

Social media is a place where users want to connect with others, so it only makes sense that doing so will help your overall Facebook growth.

Because of this, one of the best ways that you can get more Facebook likes is to be an active part of conversations and communities on Facebook.

You may have seen this happen on popular pages; sometimes a user will pop up and you’ll see that they commented on a post or liked it. 

This is done so that you get more visibility for your Facebook page name and people will be more likely to visit your page and like it.

You can also post comments and get people liking your comments; they may then head over to your page and like your own posts. 

If you are a part of a Facebook group, you can post content there and also generate more visibility in your content and your profile page.

This shows that you’re active on Facebook and that you have something to contribute to the community, which builds a lot of value and fortifies relationships on Facebook.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags, while not directly connected to a Facebook growth service, can help you to expand the number of people who are actually going to come into contact with your content. When you use targeted hashtags on your Facebook posts, your content will be categorized by those tags. 

Then, anyone who searches that hashtag on Facebook will be able to see your content, giving you the chance to get more Facebook likes and engagements.

This is really important because many times, there are trending topics on Facebook, so you should always try to stay relevant and engaged with these topics through posts that use the relevant hashtags. 

You’ll be able to see much higher levels of growth and get more reach. When you work with a successful Facebook growth service, the results can be tenfold. Don’t let that opportunity pass you by simply because you thought that hashtags don’t matter on Facebook!

Create an Attractive Page 

Aside from engagement and hashtags, one of the first things you need to do is audit your Facebook page and make sure that all elements of your page are user-friendly and encourage people to like your page and spend more time on it. 

You can buy Facebook likes, but to get them on your own, people need to enjoy your page.

Your page should be eye-catching through your profile image as well as cover photo image; it should also be appealing as people scroll down through it.

Consider that people can see a lot of who you follow and what you post, so your photo albums should be tailored perfectly to your target audience and make sure you don’t like any pages that are off-brand.  

In addition, you need to consider why people might be visiting your profile and ensure that the information is available to them.

For instance, if you’re a local restaurant, people may be coming to your page to see the menu, photos of the food, recent posts from the day to know what’s going on, reviews, hours and directions, and perhaps even phone numbers. 

Facebook is kind of like a one-stop shop as a directory and users might even reach out to you via DMs, requiring you to use your page as a type of CRM. 

Make sure all of that information is readily available for your Facebook fans and also ensure that someone is available to respond to them in a timely manner, as this is also increasingly important. 

If your page looks professional and well developed, people will be more prone to liking it whether you buy Facebook likes or not.

Create Content that Shines

Content is the most vital element of your Facebook strategy, and if you don’t have content that attracts your target audience and captures their attention, you’re not going to have any luck no matter your strategy, even if you buy Facebook likes.

Focus on who you are and what type of content your target audience wants to see and it will help you in the long term not only to get followers but also to retain them.

Always think about the needs and wants of your audience, as well as the potential problems that they have in their life. 

You can use Facebook posts that include videos, images, or just text, so consider all of the diverse content formats you can take advantage of and keep your users engaged through content. 

Also, take advantage of Facebook stories — because Facebook is integrated heavily with Instagram, it’s not uncommon for content to be shared across both platforms.

This is great, but also make sure that your Facebook has something unique about it that people need to come back to check out once in a while. 

This will increase both your page likes and post likes.


Can I Actually Buy More Likes and Followers for Facebook?

Yes, the great news is that you can buy Facebook page likes, and as you can see from the companies above it’s pretty simple to do so.

If you want your Facebook profile to have more credibility and come across as more authentic for your followers, then we highly recommend that you consider purchasing Facebook likes, as well as followers.

How Much Will Facebook Likes and Followers Cost Me?

Another thing that you will be able to tell from reading the reviews above is that when it comes to how much Facebook likes and followers are going to cost you, this can vary greatly depending on the company.

This means that some companies will have really affordable pricing, while others will be on the expensive side.

We think that it’s worth finding a good balance between the two – someone who can offer you reasonable rates, without compromising on the quality of their likes.

You definitely don’t want to pay too little for your Facebook likes and followers, because most of the time they will be low quality. You also don’t want to shell out too much, either, especially if you have a limited budget right now.

Is It Illegal to Buy Facebook Likes and Followers?

The great news is that no, it’s not illegal to buy Facebook likes and followers.

This means that it’s not a crime to buy Facebook post likes and followers, and what you might find surprising is that it’s not even against Facebook’s terms and conditions to do so, either.

However, you will get red-flagged and warned if you purchase likes and followers for your Facebook page that are low quality, and that are going to lower your engagement rate.

Facebook will even remove likes off of people’s pages if they think that they are fake, so you have to make sure that the company you are working with has promised high quality likes and followers that are genuine.

The key here is to remain low lying so that you don’t bring any attention to your account.

We suggest that you slowly purchase more Facebook likes and followers for your page over time, and not all at once.

If you go from next to no likes and followers to thousands a day, then this is going to look suspicious and Facebook will wonder what you are doing to get them.

Is it Safe to Buy Facebook Likes and Followers?

Again, like we mentioned above, it’s safe to buy Facebook likes and followers as long as you are making sure you work with a company that is committed to offering their clients high quality engagement.

If you aren’t careful about this and you go for the first company that you find on Google, then you could end up compromising not only your Facebook page’s reputation, but your personal information as well.

There are a lot of black hat companies out there that will take personal information from their clients and then sell it on to a third party. For the best results and the safest options, stick to lists like the one above.

Can I Get Suspended or Banned for Buying Facebook Followers and Likes?

Remember, you will not get restricted by Facebook for buying Facebook likes and followers. However, you will get a warning if they think that you are purchasing fake engagement that is making your account appear to be too good to be true.

Why Would I Buy Facebook Likes and Followers?

This is a really common question that a lot of people ask who are trying to gain a bit of attention and hype around their Facebook page.

One of the first ways to answer this question is to say that buying Facebook likes and followers can help you boost your Facebook page’s growth.

You’ve also got to ask yourself: what is your end goal with your Facebook page? Are you hoping to have more people looking at your content, so that you can ultimately grow your brand online through social media in general?

When you have a clear objective in your mind about why you want to purchase Facebook likes and followers, then it will be easier to do so.

Unfortunately, a lot of people buy Facebook likes to take the shortcut, and experience overnight success with their Facebook page. This is all well and good, but it’s not going to sustain their page long-term.

There is a really good chance that they will get this engagement from a low-quality company, which means that soon enough that engagement will fall off again.

This will leave the account looking worse off than it did before they made the purchase, so while this is one of the main reasons that people purchase Facebook likes, it doesn’t have to be your reason.

The best reason to purchase Facebook likes and followers for your page is to give it a boost in the beginning when you are struggling to get if off the ground.

Think about it – are you more likely to interact with a Facebook page that has a lot of people engaged with it already, or one that has very little interest? We’re willing to be that it is the former.

To be able to build hype around your Facebook page, you’ve got to start with some already. It’s a catch-22, but it’s how it works, so the best way to do this is to invest your marketing budget in high-quality Facebook likes and followers.

As long as they are sent to you gradually, and keep your engagement rate up, there’s no reason why this can’t help you in the beginning before you’ve managed to develop a solid community around your Facebook page.

How Important are Likes and Followers for Your Facebook Page?

The number of likes and followers that you have on your Facebook page is going to help draw people in that are considering checking out your profile.

We suggest that you use buying Facebook likes as one of the many tools in your social media marketing growth arsenal, so that you can combine them all to create a great Facebook growth strategy.

We don’t suggest that you just rely on this alone, otherwise you won’t get very far.

Buying Facebook likes and followers is not the end all and be all, but it can have a positive effect on your page if you use it in conjunction with other methods of growing your Facebook page.

Try not to rely too heavily on it, so that you can maintain an authentic look for your page.

Why Should You Rely on This List for Facebook Likes and Followers?

One of the biggest reasons to trust the list that you see above is that we’ve put a lot of time and effort into our research, which means that the companies you see above for your Facebook likes and followers are high quality, and care about their client’s ongoing needs in relation to Facebook.

This means that we don’t randomly include the names of sites just for the sake of it. This is because we know that the majority of the people who visit our website are looking for informed opinions that can be backed up by real research.

We only choose the companies that we think are going to take care of you and give you high quality Facebook likes and followers that will sustain your page for a long time.

We have a strong team that are always on the lookout for new companies in the market as well, to make sure that we’ve always got the best to offer you.

However, this is not to say that you won’t have a bad experience – nobody is perfect. This is why it’s worth checking out more than one option, and going with the one that you think is best suited to your needs.

How Long Will it Take to Get My Order?

Just like with pricing, this is going to vary depending on the company that you choose to go with. If you have read the reviews above then you will notice that almost every company have a different delivery time, but generally speaking there are certain factors that will decide what this is.

One of the biggest determining factors around delivery time is the number of likes and followers that you have ordered for your page. If you have bought a small number of Facebook likes and followers, then you can expect to receive them in a really short amount of time.

However, if you have decided to purchase a lot of Facebook likes at once, then it’s going to take a bit of time to have them delivered.

You order could begin within an hour of purchase, but if you have ordered a lot you might end up waiting for a couple of days, and sometimes it might take an entire week to get to you.

Another thing to consider when thinking about delivery time is how much you have paid for them.

There are a lot of companies on the list above that will set their delivery time based on how much you have paid for your likes. If you want your Facebook likes and followers to be delivered quickly, then you can expect to pay a little bit more.

However, if you choose normal delivery, then you might have to wait a bit, but you won’t have to pay as much.

Additionally, there are some companies out there that offer their clients a drip feed option, which means that they will gradually send your engagement out to you over a matter of days, weeks or even months.

This is one of the best approaches in our opinion, as it makes your profile appear authentic and genuine. Mimicking organic growth like this is a great way to grow your Facebook page.

How Can I Buy Facebook Page Likes and Followers?

Of course, being able to buy Facebook likes and followers is going to vary from company to company as well.

Most companies will offer their clients multiple ways to pay, and most of the time these methods will be encrypted so that you don’t have to worry about sharing your personal information, like credit card details.

Additionally, a lot of companies will make sure that they offer their clients virtual ways to pay as well, including PayPal and Bitcoin, so that you can do so safely without having to share almost any personal information.

Once you have decided on the company that you want to purchase Facebook likes and followers from, then you will need to decide on the right package for your needs.

One feature that a lot of the companies above offer is the ability to only purchase followers and likes based on how much you’ve got to spend.

This means that you can just buy as little or as many as you need, and not get additional features that you won’t end up using.

Do I Have to Share My Facebook Password?

Most companies out there will ask you to register through their website by creating an account before you commit to any of their services.

There are some companies out there that let you purchase their services without signing in, but generally speaking the only thing that you will need to share is your post link or Facebook page URL.

This is so the company can know where they are delivering your content. Most companies like the ones above will explain that they don’t require your password, and they also recommend that you don’t share this kind of information with anyone out there.

This is a good rule to abide by when it comes to doing everything online – if you can help it, try to avoid sharing any of your personal information, especially if the website isn’t encrypted with HTTPS.

Final Thoughts

Choosing to buy real Facebook followers, page likes, comments, views, and other forms of engagement leaves you the time to focus on your content creation.

Remember to do your own research to learn what you can about any service that sells engagement for Facebook.

You will be glad you took the time to do this!

When your goal is to have the time to create amazing content for your Facebook profile, page, or group, this list of the best places to buy Facebook likes and followers in 2024 will come in handy.

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