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Say hello to our newest theme, Blogzine! It is the little brother of the popular Magazino theme, featuring many of the same stylings and customization options but reflecting a more traditional blog layout.

You can easily upload your own logo or background image, choose any primary theme color and it has a really flexible home page slider. With the slider you can feature the latest posts (default) or control which posts to feature using the sticky posts feature of WordPress. Overall a really nice, clean and flexible theme.

Charles has been building and promoting websites and services in New Zealand, Australia, the United States and China for nearly 20 years.

2 thoughts on “Blogzine

  1. Rousi says:

    Since I left a comment, I receive some trackback s on the post . Then I receive a qüestion form my approval.
    I don3t rpermet comments, and less I do’t want publicity on my web.
    How can I rmake to dissappear theese trackbacks?

    Have I to change of template to make them dissapear? or is there a easy way?
    Can you give me a solution?

    1. Charles says:

      Go to Settings > Discussion and disable trackbacks and/or comments there. Once you have changed this you will still need to change the setting for existing pages. Here’s a how to:

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