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Tips, Tricks, and How-to's you might just find useful in your quest to build the ultimate WordPress website. vs

WordPress is a hugely popular content management system (CMS) because of the simplicity and flexibility it offers. Getting started with this platform can get a bit tricky when you have to choose between and After all, the two seem almost identical.

To clear up the ambiguity surrounding this topic, we will address the similarities and differences between and We’ll also go over the cost, upgrades, maintenance, and limitations of each solution. But before we begin, let’s briefly look at both options… Continue reading

A Guide to Re-Ordering WordPress Blog Posts

For a high end content management system, WordPress sure makes it difficult to implement seemingly simple functionality every now and then. If you’ve ever tried to change the default order of how blog posts appear on your site then I’m sure you can relate. Continue reading

WP App Bar

WP App Bar is our new plugin to help make your website more useful to mobile visitors. We developed WP App Bar with local businesses in mind specifically, but any site with lots of mobile visitors may find it useful. It's now available for free download from

Here's a quick demo video of the plugin in action…

The plugin will soon be available for free download from the WordPress plugin directory. Continue reading

Searching for an Eco-friendly web host?

eco web hostingArticle Quick-links:

It's funny to think that in less than 20 years the internet has gone from a curiosity used only by academics and hardcore geeks to an indispensable tool that most of us can't imagine living without. I mean honestly, what did we do before there was the internet? There is barely a single business, industry or job that hasn't been transformed by it, and if you are reading this then there's a good chance you even have you own personal website. Continue reading

Rich Snippets Plugins

Rich snippets are those additional elements that make your listing stand out in the search results. You know, the star ratings, prices, and additional details that often show up these days as you search Google. Continue reading