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Check out our latest theme, Noteworthy. It’s a magazine style theme with a heavy focus on the featured images, and is heavily inspired by the design of, infact you could call it an homage.

It supports all the usual WP features like custom menus and widgets, and also has a nice reveal/hide search box and some handy social links top of the sidebar. Couple of other things to note about this theme:

  • You must define featured images for your posts if you want an image to display on the home page or archive pages.
  • By default the home page featured article and the list of featured articles just displays the most recent posts, but the theme is coded so that you can define what exactly appears here using the built in sticky posts feature of WordPress. The latest sticky post will be the main feature with the big image while older sticky posts will be list to the right of this. That won’t be to everyone’s taste, but we did it like this because we wanted to be able to control what was featured at the top of the page. The tiled posts will always just be the latest.

UPDATE 12/02/15 – Just updated the theme with much better handling/resizing of thumbnails. Also, we’ve just published our comprehensive guide on how to create a blog (using WordPress of course).



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Learn how to start your own website.

Here’s our latest theme. It is kinda retro in its color and font choices., but is otherwise a straight up blog theme with a handy stick post style which you can use to feature any post at the top of the home page.

Do you like the retro styling? I do, and I’m inclined to do more, but will only do that if the response is good. Cheers.

Citizen Journal


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Citizen Journal is a clean and colorful blogging theme ideally suited for personal or local blogs. Built on a responsive framework it will respond to browser resolutions, supports all the usual WP features like custom menus and widgets. It also has a handy sticky post template and a full width static page template making it pretty versatile.

If you need help creating your own blog check out our new tutorial. If you are just setting up your site and are looking for a good WordPress host we have you covered there too.

UPDATE: Lukas Vana (fabian) kindly made a Czech translation of the theme which you can download here.

Newsworthy Theme


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Newsworthy is a colorful and light blog style theme, perfect for a personal blog or local news site. It supports all the usual features including widgets and custom menus, and has a handy full width template for static page content. Download at the link above from the theme directory.

UPDATE: As of May 2nd, Newsworthy is also available for users here. We’re also recommending what we think is the best WordPress hosting.

PinBlue Theme


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A variation on the popular PinBlack theme, this one in blue!

Like PinBlack this is totally inspired by Pinterest, and features home and archive pages laid out in that familiar pinterest style. To ensure each post has a thumbnail for the home page just make sure you upload a featured image for each post.

When you set up your site for the first time, you’re going to want some good WordPress hosting. We’ve done the research and our recommendations will see you right.

Media Maven Theme


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The Media Maven theme is a very clean and straight up blog theme. Inspired in part by the design of, Media Maven has all the usual features you would expect from one of our WP themes including support for custom menus and widgets etc.

Thanks to Jirí Borový for the Czech theme translation. Download here.

Major Media Theme


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This is a very simple blog style theme featuring plenty of whitespace, colorful highlites and some nice typography choices. It has a full width template like all our themes so can be used for more static style sites, but it is really intended as a theme for blogs more than anything else. Like any good theme it supports all the usual features like custom menus and widgets etc.

PinBlack Theme


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Unashamedly inspired by Pinterest, PinBlack is a new theme which is perfect for photo and product style bogs where the posts are represented on the home and archive pages as thumbnails. The theme is responsive to browser size and will adjust accordingly. Of course it also supports custom menus and all the usual core WordPress features. Posts and static pages have a right aligned sidebar.

UPDATE 26/6/12 – An update to PinBlack was just accepted to the WordPress directory. The update fixes a problem the theme had with resizing in IE and on the iPad.

Blogist Theme


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NB: This is an older theme that is no longer being regularly updated.

The Blogist theme is a personal blog theme for the blogger who likes to present a professional face. Like all our themes it is widget ready and supports custom menus. It also has a featured post slot on the home page which can be used for promoting sticky posts, or by default it will just display the latest post…a great way to ensure people see the content you really want to promote.

Archive page feature thumbnails generated automagically and the full width page template is useful for more static websites.

Newsbeat Theme


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NB: This is an older theme that is no longer being regularly updated.

NewsBeat is a straight up two column blog theme with an old school newspaper aesthetic. Obviously it is widget ready, supports custom themes and has a full width template so it is still pretty flexible and can be used for static web sites as well as blogs, or combine the two. It’s free so download it and give it a whirl.

Frantic Theme


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NB: This is an older theme that is no longer being regular updated.

The Frantic theme is a straight up blog style theme, with a red and grey color scheme. Like all our themes it is widget ready, supports custom menus, and comes with a full width page template. All that means it can also be used quite easily for simple static sites as well as a blog.

The home page and archive pages on the Frantic theme can also display  a featured image for each post with automatic thumb-nailing so there is no fiddly image resizing to do.

Box of Boom


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NB: This is an older theme that is no longer being regular updated.

The Box of Boom WordPress theme is a 3 column ‘blog’ style theme with a strong music inspiration. We designed it orginally for a music blog called Box of Boom. The main content column is centered, the template comes with a full width template for static content pages and of course it supports custom menus, is widget ready, and you can swap out the header image for something to suit your own site, or just get rid of it altogether. Entirely up to you.