10 Best Bitcoin Trading Bots in 2024 (Free & Paid)


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The best Bitcoin trading bot in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is Pionex!

Bitcoin has single-handedly kickstarted today’s status of renown of cryptocurrency, which shows just how big of a legacy it has behind it. However, besides the glorious past, Bitcoin has an even more glorious future.

In other words, trading and investing in Bitcoin remains a pretty lucrative business. However, to do it successfully and make a profit, you’ll need help.

And Bitcoin trading bot is just the type of help you need.

Yes, earning money by trading Bitcoin is very much possible in 2024. However, the Bitcoin market is highly dynamic, unpredictable, and at times changing rapidly.

A swift response can be all that stands between a big profit and a big loss.

Does that mean that you have to be monitoring the stats around the clock, seven days a week? That surely doesn’t sound like a desirable career!

No, you don’t have to sacrifice your life in order to trade Bitcoin. You need to obtain some crypto bots.

Having no human flaws such as needs for sleep and leisure, lack of concentration, and psychological influences, crypto bots do not only replace you at keeping watch over prices, but they do that better than any humans can.

Only the good bots, though. There are many near-useless pieces of software that won’t get you in the black.

Hence we present you with today’s list of best Bitcoin trading bots in 2024! Keep on reading for a summary of the best in the field and skip the tiring trial-and-error methods that you’d have to rely on otherwise.

Without further ado, here they are:

Best Bitcoin Trading Bots in 2024

1. Pionex

Pionex Review

If you’ve been around during the earliest days of Bitcoin the chances are that you have already heard about Pionex.

Among the vanguard of companies that have spearheaded the then-whacky, nerdy, and innovative project of Bitcoin, Pionex has since grown to become one of the most recognizable names in the cryptocoin trading industry.

And not without reasons. Years spent honing the craft and mastering the Bitcoin trade have made the members of their team into seasoned traders with priceless amounts of experience.

Get Pionex Now for FREE

These guys have channeled their skills into making 16 completely free Bitcoin trading bots that range from reverse grid and margin grid to regular grid and leverage grid.

This covers pretty much every popular trading approach and strategy currently in use on the market, so there is pretty little possibility of you not having enough tools to develop your approach with Pionex Bitcoin trading bots only.

How come the bots are free if they are that good?

The fact is that Pionex has established its own cryptocurrency exchange which you can use to buy or sell Bitcoin, and in this particular case a Pionex trading bot can be understood as an integral part of the exchange’s interface.

Using Pionex bots is safe, effective, and free, for amateurs and experienced day traders alike. Invest your trust with Pionex and you’ll be amassing Bitcoin in no time.

2. Bitsgap


Designed to help the underdog day traders take their share from the profit pools of the big names, Bitsgap is one of those companies that help the complex Bitcoin trading process be reduced to automated and streamlined operations executable by a piece of software.

Can you use Bitsgap? Yes, everyone can!

It is made for pro results with beginner input of skills required. The premise is simple:

Bitsgap’s Bitcoin bot works as a cross-platform grid bot that benefits from virtually any shift in prices on any of the linked exchanges and markets.

You can customize the bot by selecting from a range of rules and options, but tinkering with the program is optional as pretty much everything works by default. And it works splendidly.

Fluctuating markets are particularly lucrative opportunities for bots such as Bitsgap, and the Bitcoin can be a pretty unstable place most of the time.

Just set the limits of what you are willing to dedicate to the trading operation at hand and let the script go with the flow.

You yourself are left with the rest of your time to have fun, travel, spend time with friends and family, or whatever you please. Bitsgap is doing the heavy lifting while you get to reap the benefits of its labor.

Oh, one more thing, Bitsgap is cloud-based, so do not worry about setups, installations, and dedicating entire devices just for a Bitcoin bot. Bitsgap is available wherever you go.

Transparent, profitable, and predictive, in addition to being risk-free. Asking for more would be more than greedy.

After all, sign up for the 14-day trial version and get a taste of it yourself.

3. Quadency


A one-stop platform for fresh day trading recruits and grandmasters of Bitcoin markets alike, Quadency is the next-gen trading hub that allows users to accomplish immense feats in just a few clicks with scripts and bots made with superb understanding of crypto market mechanics.

First of all, Quadency as a trading hub provides a unified access to several major cryptocurrency exchanges.

In fact, the user interface integrates various markets so effectively that you will not even notice that the markets exist completely separately from each other. Balancing Bitcoin in all these has never been easier.

Quadency gives you the opportunity to build your own Bitcoin bot from a set of pre-built rules and strategies.

These have been simplified, overpowered, tested and proven to work for the given market conditions.

Pick the popular strategy, customize it if you wish, and launch your trading within minutes. And these people do not let you go blind into the market.

Nothing with Quadency is done without proper planning, research, and extensive analyses, which is precisely what makes them one of the best Bitcoin trading bots available.

They have already digested every possible hint, info, and signal out there to provide you with clear, workable instructions.

You do not need to know any of this, though: the end result is a short rule that you can implement without any trouble on your part.

Backtesting is important, planning is crucial, a sound strategy is vital. Automation at its best!

4. Coinrule


One of the newer additions to the Bitcoin trading market, Coinrule nevertheless aims towards the top of many “best Bitcoin trading bots” lists out there. Including this one.

How come?

First of all, Coinrule offers killer solutions to automated Bitcoin day trading, for newcomers to the business and for the wizened pros alike.

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With trading bots provided by Coinrule, even beginners have a chance for the slice of pie usually reserved for hedge funds and big players.

Coinrule allows traders to make their own approaches, Bitcoin trading bots, and scripts from scratch. No coding required!

Based on the basic logic principle if-this-then-that, it allows you to combine from the list of given rules (+150 including stop loss, rebalancing, etc.) and even allows making some of your own and adding them into the mix.

This gives way to powerful synergies and sound strategies that allow you to fully automate your Bitcoin trading and yet never be caught in a dip again.

Coinrule also provides you fresh signals on a monthly basis, free of charge.

The company goes as far as to provide you with accurate predictions of expected profits based on the amount of money that you are willing to invest in and the time period over which your Bitcoins are going to be traded in.

Everything for transparency, trust, and reliability!

Minimize the risks, maximize the gains, all this in a single software that binds multiple exchanges within its domain (including Binance, Coinbase, OKEX, etc.) and requires little previous experience in trading?

Yes, that’s Coinrule, and it’s awesome. Take the free sampling version and try it out now.

5. TradeSanta


With TradeSanta, it’s Christmas every day, and TradeSanta is the type of Santa who brings the presents much more frequently than once per year.

And you don’t have to be a romantic at heart to believe in it.

As every Christmas-ish deliverer of presents, TradeSanta also comes from the clouds. Not on sleigh, though, but via cloud-technology.

This means no dedicated devices, tiring setups, and inconvenient burdens of having to physically maintain your trading presence. 

TradeSanta’s Bitcoin trading bot allows you to set pairs across all relevant major crypto exchanges, within a couple of minutes.

Select the settings that you want from a list of pre-determined strategies and you are good to go!

Whether you seek long trade or short trade solutions, TradeSanta has it all, from grid bots and filters to profit margin and large-volume trading.

The user interface comes in a form of terminal that conveniently brings everything together in a single space, which is always useful. Ultimately, you can download the app and carry it within your phone at all times.

TradeSanta comes in three different pricing plans which progressively unlock more features and push the limits of the service more and more with each plan.

However, you can opt for a 3-day free trial of the ultimate, “Maximum” package and sample all that TradeSanta has to offer before committing. 

TradeSanta comes bearing Bitcoin! Which you can turn into dollars and vice-versa. Every day of the year! Oh, joy and merry day trading to you all!

6. Cryptohopper


We have already mentioned how Bitcoin trading bots do their job much more effectively than humans.

Replacing yourself with a Bitcoin trading bot has many benefits, but two stand out as the most obvious ones.

The first one is that Cryptohopper’s Bitcoin trading bot has 3x more working hours than what the run-of-the-mill human job usually has.

The bot has no weekends off, no pause for sleep and/or leisure. It works around the clock, with 100% the focus all the time.

The second is that you get to do your own job while the bot sweats and toils for you.

While the Cryptohopper bot amasses your Bitcoin heap, you get to do what you did before, or scrap that old job and spend your life as you want to.

Cryptohopper sounds like a dream come true. To couple that sweet, sweet theory with good practice, Cryptohopper has an integrated support from more than 10 major crypto exchanges.

Additionally, this neat piece of software gathers all its users in a single social media-like platform that fosters exchange of ideas, communication, and encouragement that every budding entrepreneur desires.

Cryptohopper is both a community and a powerful trading tool.

A plethora of rules and strategies is available for you to implement, along with anything that comes from the buzzing minds of your fellow traders.

Do not worry, you can throw your ideas around in paper trading spaces and community forums.

With Cryptohopper, you will get two kinds of support, the software one and the human one. And let’s not forget, more profits from Bitcoin trading than ever before!

7. HaasOnline


A company dedicated to advanced automation and Bitcoin trading, HaasOnline has invented some genius solutions to the ever-growing need for faster, better, and more profitable trading of Bitcoin and other cryptocoins.

So, what separates HaasOnline from its competition?

HaasOnline has developed its own script-builder, HaasScript, which is the most advanced crypto scripting language in the world, as they say.

With enough punch packed in it, it can be used to craft the most complex algorithms for trading automation and technical indicators, to generate and analyze signals, and many other general and niche settings that accompany every major Bitcoin trading bot.

And you don’t need to know any coding to operate in it, as it has a drag-and-drop mode with an intelligent system of sticky-coupling features together. 

HaasOnline’s bot works with minimum risks as every setting first passes extensive backtesting and paper testing before being let loose onto the market.

You can monitor everything in real-time or decide to put your script through exhaustive predictive mechanisms to try and find flaws or weak spots in your approach. Your choice.

And HaasOnline is filled with options that you can either tweak or let run by default.

As soon as you’re satisfied with what you ended up with, you can release it to more than 25 major crypto exchanges and start raking in profits.

Ultimately, HaasOnline also has basic, pre-made options, but opting for one of those would be a waste of HaasOnline’s potential.

Consider exploring its more exotic side!

8. 3Commas


You have spent some time around Bitcoin day trading and think you know what you are doing?

Ultimately, you have decided that templates and pre-made settings just do not cut it for what you need? Cue 3Commas.

This software is made by professionals, for professionals. The advanced level service offers an UI designed for efficiency, not pretty looks or ease of use.

Although the whole thing seems too much to handle at times, once it settles in you will see the efficiency at work.

3Commas is complex but lifts the weight of several simpler Bitcoin bots at once.

Dollar-cost averaging, grid bots, smart trading terminals, paper trading, backtrading, options trading, deep analyses and even deeper research processes… You name it, 3Commas provides it.

On top of that, the basic package they offer is free. When it comes to cost-efficiency ratio, nothing beats 3Commas.

The only obvious con in the whole pros list is that you’ll need a course or two in handling crypto bots and day trading in Bitcoin before trying to chew what 3Commas has to offer.

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The first stop? The community around 3Commas themselves, as they offer extensive courses to help you ease into the fold.

9. Trality


A mix of best from both worlds, Trality fuses the advanced approach to coding your own Bitcoin trading bot with the beginner’s tendency to have things pre-packed and ready to launch immediately.

Trality offers many customizable options for your own Bitcoin bot, so much so that it causes envy even among some more dedicated script generator tools.

The entire bot crafting process has been streamlined and optimized for your own level of understanding how coding works.

You can decide for yourself the amount of details you want to put into your code and the complexity of the coding language, or even if you want to rely on coding at all or just use the drag-and-drop method.

Whatever the case, the direct consequence of this dedication to the process is a much better Bitcoin trading bot than the average contender’s product.

Top this off with a plethora of supported exchanges and precise backtracking options and you get a top-grade Bitcoin trading bot.

Kudos, Trality, for being one of the best Bitcoin trading bots in 2024!

10. Gunbot


Whether they believe that the Internet is neither as safe nor as private a place as we think or if they just don’t feel that comfortable with their data being stored in a place outside of their reach, some people just don’t prefer cloud-based technologies.

For those people, Gunbot is a service made in heaven. Gunbot values your safety and privacy.

Instead of being a cloud-based Bitcoin bot, Gunbot comes in the form of a zero-data collecting, light-on-installation type of software that automates your day trading of Bitcoin and other types of digital currency.

Some of the perks that Gunbot provides to its users is consistent and stable trading (as long as you maintain your device, that is), automated analysis of market circumstances and prices, advanced signals and strategies, and all-operating systems compatibility.

Free updates, without subscription on a monthly basis is the permanent part of the package.

Gunbot is the one who adapts, not you. Whether you want to make your own bot from scratch or use a plug-and-trade option that is available to you, Gunbot has got you covered.

No limits, always available, forever updated and supported. Can we even ask for more? Thank you, Gunbot!


Why Should I Use a Bitcoin Trading Bot?

If you are trying to be serious about your Bitcoin trades, but you want to do everything in a manner that is efficient, then you will want to make the most of a Bitcoin trading bot.

The thing about trading Bitcoin is that unless you have all the time in the world to sit in front of your computer, you aren’t going to be able to make the most of the market when it’s in the right position.

However, a Bitcoin trading bot can.

When you use a Bitcoin trading bot, it is going to help you save time. It is also going to take the emotion out of trading.

Is There a Free Bitcoin Trading Bot I Can Use?

There will be plenty of free Bitcoin trading bots out there that you can use – and we have talked about a couple on this list.

However, you have to know that the vast majority of Bitcoin trading bots that are free can’t be trusted, because there is a reason that they are free.

They are usually free because they have limited features, and you aren’t going to be able to make a huge amount of money out of your trades.

Is It Safe to Use a Bitcoin Trading Bot?

If you are sourcing your Bitcoin trading bot from a service that has a good reputation, then you are going to be in good hands and your Bitcoin trading bot is going to be safe for you to use.

However, we don’t suggest that you just go ahead and use any bot that you come across.

Stick to the bots above, or make sure that you do a lot of research first, because there are plenty of options out there that don’t have good reputations, and are going to require much more of your personal information than you had hoped to give away.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned in the introductory part of this list, Bitcoin is the alpha and the omega of cryptocurrency. It is its past, and most likely its future.

Trading in Bitcoin has never been more profitable than today.

As more and more companies embrace Bitcoin, and even some governments over the world (like El Salvador), fewer and fewer critical voices can be heard from the public and experts alike.

Bitcoin is here to stay. So better start trading, right?

But how do you decide which Bitcoin bot is good and which one is bad?

This is a tough one, especially if you lack experience to make the right call.

After all, it all looks the same to the untrained eye.

But the difference is huge and it separates useless bots from useful bots. The key is in balance between simplicity and capabilities of a bot.

Take the simplest Bitcoin bot that anyone can use. By design it has barebone features that are easy to figure out and field on the market.

It has rudimentary rules which it blindly follows.

Two scenarios can come out of this, either it does not earn any money since more sophisticated software reaches the offer before it or it loses everything due to not having enough rules to back out in case of unfavorable conditions.

On the other hand, complex bots are contradictory in their nature.

Having a Bitcoin trading bot that is supposed to save you time but requires a degree in computer science and a decade of experience in trading to properly navigate and operate kind of beats the purpose, right?

With that amount of knowledge, enroll in a NASA project or something.

In any case, you get the point. Every Bitcoin bot on this list perfectly strikes the balance that is required for success.

Just simple enough to be used by many, just complex enough to be able to perform well on the market and bring in that juicy profit.

One fact is clear, though. You won’t make it far in this industry without the help of Bitcoin trading bots.

The pressure is too high, time involvement too great, and potential rewards not likely enough to be left to the incompetent human 8-hour working cycle.

Stick with the ones we have listed as the best Bitcoin trading bots in 2024 and give yourself not only a fighting chance, but a chance at having a fully-fledged career out of automated trading. 

Sounds good, doesn’t it? That’s because It is.

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