14 Best Binance Trading Bots in 2024 (Free & Paid)

Best Binance Trading Bots

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The best Binance trading bot in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is Pionex!

These days, there are a ton of cryptocurrency trading platforms out there that you can make the most of so that you can choose the right investments for your cryptocurrency, and make a serious profit.

Whatever crypto trading strategy you have decided on, it is always wise to make the most of a crypto trading bot, so that you can ensure that your trades are made automatically, and they are made when the market is in the right place.

Binance is one of the most popular crypto trading platforms right now, but the thing is that not all trading bots out there are compatible with the platform.

If you want to be able to trade on Binance, and you want to better use a Binance trading bot to do so, then let’s talk about it.

Best Binance Trading Bots 2024

Let’s review the best Binance trading bots in 2024, so that you can do really well with your future cryptocurrency investments.

1. Pionex – Best Binance Trading bot


Pionex is easily one of the top options if you’re looking for a Binance bot that is going to take care of your every need.

One of the things that we really appreciate about this Binance bot is that they are committed to helping their clients for free.

Get Pionex FREE

If you have been in this industry for a long time, then you might be jaded on the idea that things are free but trust us when we say that you can literally use their Binance bot for free.

They have 16 trading bots that they have built into their system that you can access simply by sharing your email address with them, and as you can expect, they have different bots for different trading strategies.

For example, if you’re wanting to implement arbitrage trading, you can do so, but if you’re wanting to implement grid trading, you can make the most of this as well.

There is no minimum deposit that you have to make, which means that you can start out with whatever you’ve got in your budget.

It is clear that when it comes to being a Binance bot, this is the kind of bot that can help you if you are somebody who is literally just starting out in the world of cryptocurrency investments, and you don’t have a ton of money to spend.

2. Bitsgap


Bitsgap is helpful if you want to find a robust Binance bot and they are actually known for being unique when it comes to being an automated trading bot.

There are thousands of people in the world of cryptocurrency that make the most of this Binance bot, and the best part is that they all come to the table with a different set of skills and experience, so you certainly don’t need to be an expert in the field of cryptocurrency in order to use this trading bot.

These guys are able to help their clients implement grid trading, and the algorithm is designed to help their clients maximize their profits.

When it comes to their Binance bot, they come with all the risk control features, including take profit and stop loss, so you don’t have to take too big of a risk when investing in cryptocurrency.

One thing that we love about these guys is that they are cloud-based, which means that you don’t need to download anything to make the most of them, and they base their trading bots on efficient and transparent logic.

They also offer a bot trading simulator in demo mode, which means that you can check out how their trading bots work before you implement them in the real world.

They also have a free trial, so if you’re someone who wants to be able to get to know them a little bit before you commit, this is going to be really helpful.

The best part is that their free trial lasts for two weeks.

3. Coinrule


Coinrule is next on our list when it comes to being a Binance bot, and what’s really cool about these guys that you can actually customize your own trading bot, if you’re somebody who has a little bit of know-how in this area.

Despite the fact that you can customize your own trading bot, they still tout themselves as a Binance bot for beginners, which means that you are going to be able to make the most of their cryptocurrency trading strategies really easily, and the fact that they have a user-friendly interface makes it really easy for you to not only implement the right trading bot your needs but build it yourself.

As far as their template library goes, this includes 150 preset rules, so that you can come up with the right trading system for your needs.

As a result, you can literally come up with the perfect Binance bot for what you’re trying to achieve online.

You can even test your trading system in a safe environment so that you don’t have to lose any money through the testing process.

4. Shrimpy


Shrimpy is a cryptocurrency trading bot that is really good when it comes to rebalancing.

In fact, it is this unique feature that makes them different from other Binance trading bots out there, because they can help you easily automate your portfolio, and even rebalance it to a particular ratio.

It is a Binance trading bot that is designed specifically for things like rebalancing, management, and back testing.

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5. Quadency


Quadency is very famous in the world of Binance trading bots, and one of their standout features is their back testing feature, which lets you backtest your strategies based on numbers and data, instead of just going for it, and hoping for the best.

This is a really important feature when implementing a crypto bot for trading Bitcoin, because you need to be able to compare your current performance against historical data, before you invest your money.

They also provide their clients an in-depth range of features, so we have no doubt that these guys are going to be one of the best Binance trading bots out there for you to make the most of.

6. TradeSanta


TradeSanta is not only one of those Binance trading bots that wants to make your life easier, but they can also help you with exchanges beyond Binance as well.

In fact, they can help their clients with a number of major exchanges in the industry, so if you have your cryptocurrency wealth spread across a variety of different platforms, this is probably going to be a really good choice for you.

According to their price points, you are going to pay anywhere between $14.00 and $70 a month, and so it all comes down to what your needs are, and what you have got in your budget.

You can either just opt for their bot trading features, or you can sign up for a package that incorporates everything.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you how you want to implement your cryptocurrency trades.

7. CryptoHopper


The next Binance bot on our list can help you not only trade Bitcoin on Binance, but trade other cryptocurrencies as well.

Before you jump into a subscription with them, they say that you can make the most of their free trial, which lasts for seven days.

These guys are one of the better-known trading bots when it comes to Binance and other popular platforms out there, and they like to focus primarily on grid bot trading.

They also provide their clients with a marketplace, where you can vouch for a third-party service including staging strategies, templates, apps, and more.

When it comes to their bot, you can make the most of a demo trading account, as well as the social trading platform, strategy designer, and even a market arbitrage tool.

They consider themselves world-class when it comes to being a Binance bot, and we have no doubt that they are going to be able to carry you all the way through.

8. 3Commas


3Commas really takes care of its clients as far as being a Binance bot, and they are actually one of the better known trading bots in the industry.

What’s really interesting is that a huge number of the people that use this Binance bot are professionals, which is why they are constantly working behind the scenes to develop their features to keep up with them.

If you are somebody who’s already had a lot of experience in the world of cryptocurrency trading, then you’ll definitely want to make the most of a Binance trading bot like this.

However, don’t think that just because you are a beginner, you can’t be part of the party. They have two subscription options, their basic option, and their pro option.

Their basic option is going to cost you $25 a month, while their pro option is going to cost you $84 a month.

As you can expect, their pro option comes with a lot more features. With their cryptocurrency trading bot, you can execute multiple trading strategies for Bitcoin, based on technical indicators.

We also think that their community is pretty good as well, and you can even purchase online courses, so that you can really make the most of this Binance trading bot.

9. HaasOnline


HaasOnline is arguably one of the most advanced Binance trading bots in the industry, which means that again, if you’re someone who has had a lot of experience already in the world of cryptocurrency trading, these guys are probably going to be a good choice.

They offer their clients standard prebuilt trading bot, for strategies like market making, and arbitrage.

They have also recently released their own scripting language, which means that you can develop incredibly complex trading bots, which means that they have some of the best trading software in the industry.

You can also backtest your strategies, before you execute your live trades, and as well as helping their clients with Binance, they can also help you invest your cryptocurrency on 25 other exchanges.

As far as their Bitcoin trading software goes, it is locally hosted, and it offers complete privacy and discretion, so that you don’t have to worry about people looking at your strategies and trade data.

They also say that they plan in the future to launch a cloud version, that retail traders make the most of it.

They don’t have a free trial so that you can get to know them, but they do have a 14-day trial license, that is discounted.

10. Mudrex


Mudrex makes it really easy for you to invest in cryptocurrency bots, and find a Binance bot that is going to be suited to your needs.

They are super upfront and honest about their information, and they have a number of different Bitcoin bots that you can make the most of.

They also have a pricing model that is super affordable and reasonable, so it’s going to be difficult to go past a Binance trading bot like these guys.

They have more than 7000 clients currently, and they are backed up by well-connected Angel investors, and as a result have a very engaging, active community.

They are connected to eight of the top exchanges, and they are also one of those Binance trading bots that can support American customers as well.

They don’t build their own cryptocurrency bot, but instead have a marketplace of bots, that had been developed by pro cryptocurrency traders.

The best thing about this platform is all the information around the performance of a crypto bot is public, and really easy for you to understand.

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Another thing that makes them such a great Binance trading bot is that if your investment doesn’t yield any returns, you can get your money back.

11. Napbots


Napbots is a Binance bot that is passionate about democratizing quantitative trading, so that you can access highly advanced cryptocurrency trading strategies, so you don’t have to worry about needing to spend years learning how to code to invest in cryptocurrency.

You can also choose from a number of different cryptocurrency trading strategies, based on how often you like to trade, and they diversify between a number of different strategies to reduce risk.

A Binance trading bot like this can make it really easy for you to trade like a professional, so if you’re someone who doesn’t really want to have to spend too much time learning the ropes when it comes to cryptocurrency investing, and you just want to start making money straight away, we think that you’re going to like these guys.

12. CryptoHero


CryptoHero is another Binance bot that can help you automate your trades easily from your mobile phone, so if you’re someone who is always on the go, and you want to be able to check in and invest your cryptocurrency wherever you are in the world, this is going to be a really good option.

The best part is that they don’t require you to have any previous coding experience, and you can trade all of the popular crypto currencies including Ethereum and Bitcoin.

They offer technical indicators that are available 24/7, and they support a multitude of exchanges, including of course Binance.

They let you easily track all of your cryptocurrency trading performance either individually, or across all of the platforms that you are investing in.

With their technical indicators you can easily configure your bots, and you can also backtest your bots, before you implement them.

This is definitely one of the safest ways to go about investing your cryptocurrency.

13. Botsfolio


Botsfolio is a Binance bot that can help you automate your trading strategies, and they also suggest to their clients that they take a risk assessment quiz, so that you can easily automate your cryptocurrency trades, based on the kind of risk that you want to take.

As far as their trading bots go, they are prebuilt, and they recommend their strategies based on things like risk appetite, your financial goals, and your current financial condition.

This makes it a lot easier for you to trade cryptocurrency without any previous trading or coding experience.

They offer their clients Binance trading bots for a number of different investment styles, including Futures Trading, and value investing.

Their automated investment styles are used by professional investment banks, and hedge funds.

The great news is that the setup process is super easy, because all you need to do is link your Binance account, and the rest is going to be done automatically on their end.

They even offer a free trial for a month, and as far as their bots go, these are going to cost between $1, and $85 a month.

14. Botcrypto


Botcrypto is another really good Binance bot option if you want to be able to personalize your trading bots.

They have an interface that incorporates drag and drop, so that you can bring together more than 20 technical indicators to build up your strategy successfully.

The best part is that you don’t need to know how to code.

As far as their real-time simulations and backtesting goes, these are both free for you to use, and when you are ready to implement your trades using their Binance trading bot, it is going to cost you $12 a month.

Sometimes in the world of cryptocurrency investing, we believe that less is more, so opting for something that is simple, yet effective is going to make all the difference.


What is a Trading Bot?

A trading bot is a piece of automated software that has been designed primarily for automating your investments online.

There are many different types of trading bots, that are compatible with different platforms, and different strategies.

You can make the most of grid trading bots, arbitrage bots, and bots that are specifically for certain cryptocurrency platforms, like Binance.

What is Binance?

Binance is a cryptocurrency trading platform that can help you trade over 600 different cryptocurrencies.

They offer some of the lowest transaction fees in the market, at less than 0.10%.

They also have more than 90 million people who are registered with them.

How do I Find a Reliable Trading Bot for Binance?

There are a couple of things that you need to think about when choosing the right Binance bot.

One of these is backtesting. You need to always make sure that you can backtest your trading strategy, before it goes live.

You will need access to historical crypto pricing data, which you’re going to be able to get with Binance.

Another thing to consider is whether you want a self-hosted solution, or a cloud-based solution.

A self-hosted solution is good when it comes to security, but it is better suited to people that have resources.

If you want the best experience, then we recommend that you go for a cloud-based option.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are quite a few Binance trading bots in the industry to choose from at this point, which means that you are spoiled for choice.

You are definitely going to be able to connect with a Binance bot that is going to take care of your needs, and automate your trades on one of the most popular platforms in the world right now when it comes to investing in cryptocurrency, so that you can make sure that all of your trades are going through successfully and you are taking a safe but calculated risk.

Good luck trading on Binance with a Binance trading bot!

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