9 Best WordPress Membership Plugins (Free & Paid)


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How many online memberships and subscriptions – paid and unpaid – do you think you might have? A dozen? Thirty? More than 100?

Members-only areas are becoming increasingly popular on the web, and can prove invaluable for businesses and bloggers looking to generate more income online, gather more information about their readers, or provide a more valuable experience for their existing customers.

NB: Want to create a client area rather than members area? Check out our post, Client Area Plugins for Your WordPress Website.

Why Create a Members-Only Area?

There are a number of reasons for wanting to create a members-only area on your website or blog. If you’re creating a business website, you might want to offer a value-add to your existing customers and clients by keeping premium content on your website – such as video tutorials – for their eyes only in an extranet which only they can access.

If your website caters to members of a club, sporting group, alumni class or similar organisation, keeping content restricted to members maintains exclusivity. Incidentally Themerex has a great selection of extranet (and intranet) themes to choose from.

On the other hand, if you have an existing website or blog you’re looking to monetise, creating a paid membership option and offering premium content and private member forums to paying subscribers is a popular means of making some serious cash from your online project.

The premium content you offer may be in the form of videos, downloads, presentations, podcasts, documents or eBooks – which you may release teaser content and snippets of as a means of encouraging unpaid members to sign up.

Of course, encouraging your readers to become members might have nothing to do with money at all. If you want to boost your subscriber list and gather more information about your users for product research or development, or for future sales leads, offering free membership is also an excellent option.

Following are the best premium and free WordPress membership plugins to add a membership component to your WordPress website…

Premium Membership Plugins

1. WishList Member

WishList Member

WishList Member is used by more than 50,000 online communities and membership sites around the world, and has the power to transform any existing WordPress website or blog into a powerful membership site.

Key features include:

  • Simple installation and member management
  • Unlimited membership levels and flexible membership options
  • Sequential content delivery, enabling you to automatically upgrade members from a free trial to the next membership option
  • Content control, including the ability to create modular memberships and give content access to segmented membership levels
  • Shopping cart integration with ecommerce systems including ClickBank, PayPal, InfusionSoft and more.

Addition features include subscription length control, partial and sneak peek content display and teasers, custom error messages, secure RSS feeds, login redirection and more.

The WishList Member WordPress membership plugin is available for a one-off payment, at a cost of $97 for a single site license, or $297 for a multi-site license.

2. MemberMouse


Member Mouse WordPress membership plugin enables you to sell products, subscriptions and memberships, set up password protected members areas, manage customers and track metrics, automate customer service, and more.

Key features include:

  • Payment integration with powerful ecommerce platforms including Stripe, Braintree, PayPal, Authorize.net and more
  • International currency integration and overdue payment handling
  • Email integration with MailChimp, AWeber, iContact and GetResponse
  • Group functionality, allowing one member to pay and secure a certain number of spots, such as for consultants and agencies
  • Customer account self-service, so members can update their information

Additional features include 1-click upsells to maximise revenue, trial offers and coupons, gifting functionality, time release and drip-feed content management, extensive shortcode library for dynamic site functionality without complex coding.

MemberMouse is available monthly subscription cost basis, starting from $19.95 per month for their Starter package (for up to 1000 members). There are a number of subscription plans available, right through to their Professional package for unlimited members at a cost of $599 per month.

3. Magic Members

Magic Members

With a focus on simplicity and intuitiveness, Magic Members WordPress membership plugin enables you to use your existing content to build a membership site.

Key features include:

  • Payment gateway integrations with PayPal, eWay, Stripe, and more
  • Pay per post access, which offers the flexibility to allow free subscriptions to purchase content on a per-post basis
  • AutoResponder integration with MailChimp, iContact, AWeber and more
  • Download manager, which protects downloads from being accessed by unauthorized users, and provides the ability to assign different permission levels to different subscribers
  • Sequential course delivery system, which is particularly useful if your members are being served course content on a drip-feed basis (weekly or monthly).
  • Category protection, allowing you to assign membership access to particular categories

Additional features include easy set up and installation, simple member management, custom post type support, coupon creation and management, subscription length control, forum integrations, custom widgets, flexible membership options, partial content display for teasers, and S3 Amazon support.

Magic Members plugin is available for a one-off payment, starting from $97 for a single user. Other options include a 3-user plan for $197, and unlimited users for $207.

4. Restrict Content Pro

Restrict Content Pro

Restrict Content Pro is a complete membership and premium content manager plugin for WordPress, allowing you to create an unlimited number of memberships levels, including free, trial and premium.

Key features include:

  • Member and subscription management
  • Payment tracking
  • The ability to offer discounts with a complete discount code system
  • Members-only content options
  • Unlimited subscription packages

Restrict Content Pro includes support for Stripe, PayPal, and Braintree, for simple integrated payment options, as well as earnings and sign up analytics.

Restrict Content Pro is available with single-site, multi-site and unlimited site access, starting from $42. Specific Restrict Content Plugins are subject to a yearly license for support and updates.

Free WordPress Membership Plugins

There are many tools available via the WordPress plugin directory to help you create restricted member access, and registration and login pages. These are five of the top free member-access / WordPress membership plugins currently available.

1. s2Member


s2Member is a WordPress membership plugin integrating with PayPal, to offer access to designated member-only content, posts and pages to paid members.

s2Member supports up to four primary membership levels, as well as custom capabilities to create membership packages. This plugin has an average user rating of 4.4/5 stars and has been downloaded more than 469,000 times.

2. Maven Member

Maven Member

Maven Member allows you to protect and restrict access to pages, posts and categories on your WordPress website, as well as create your own custom registration form, and customise templates for login and registration.

This plugin has an average user rating of 4/5 stars and has been downloaded more than 12,000 times.

3. WP-Members


WP-Members is a powerful membership management plugin, working to restrict content access to registered users. You can also create some special pages with simple shortcodes, including a user profile page, registration page, and login page.

This plugin has an average user rating of 4.2/5 stars, and has been downloaded more than 322,000 times.

4. WordPress Access Control

WordPress Access Control

WordPress Access Control allows you to restrict pages, posts, custom post types and more to members, as well as customise search pages to hide restricted posts or pages from search results to non-logged in members.

This plugin has an average user rating of 4.5/5 stars and has been downloaded more than 49,000 times.

5. Member Access

Member Access

Member Access allows you to make individual posts and pages on your WordPress website accessible only to logged-in members. This WP members-only plugin has an average user rating of 4.3/5 stars, and has been downloaded more than 100,000 times.

Final Thoughts

Do you currently offer members-only pages and content on your WordPress website or blog? What WordPress membership plugin or tool do you use?

Nikki is a professional freelance writer and story teller with a passion for the web and technology. She writes for WP Dev Shed and amongst a roster of other clients.

235 thoughts on “9 Best WordPress Membership Plugins (Free & Paid)

  1. Chris Putnam says:

    Great article and was wondering if I could ask any advice?

    I am looking at setting up a WordPress site (have previous experience) but adding memberships and perhaps individual page downloads. Just wondering if there are any options that can make it easy to build an app and link with that. I could use Dreamweaver to link to WordPress and then build an app from this. A little like Apppresser.com does.


    1. charles Charles says:

      Hi Chris, I’m not really sure what you mean. There are also plugins like WordPress Mobile App Builder which purport to “turn your website into a native mobile app” much like Apppressor. Is that what you had in mind? I get the feeling you are looking for something else?

      1. Chris Putnam says:


        Sorry for late reply. Yes you got it right. At first we want a membership based website (likely WordPress with a pluigin you have suggested above). We would then like to create an app from our WordPress site. Im ok getting messy with design from scratch but it is linking the membership database of the website to the app I have no idea how to do. Was wondering if any WordPress plugins for membership solve that issue?

        1. charles Charles says:

          Hi Chris, I know that MemberMouse and Restrict Content Pro have APIs to make it easy for developers to integrate with the plugins and while I haven’t looked at this for the other plugins I suspect they too offer hooks to make integration relatively easy.

  2. Easily the best post on the subject. Nice work.

    Quick question, though – instead of setting up a private members area to restrict content, I just want to set one up just to give some of my clients a place to log in and update their business info.

    The fields in WP-Members are pretty close, but ideally I’d want to add some section headings or split it up over multiple pages, since I’m going to need 50+ fields to cover everything. Also, if there was any way to view those fields in bulk for all users, like exporting a CSV, that would be awesome. Do you know if any of the paid plugins are better suited for that?

    1. charles Charles says:

      Hi Joe, have you seen our post on client area plugins? I’m a fan of the WP Customer Area plugin myself. Perhaps you could combine that with Gravity Forms to capture much more detailed information about each client. And maybe use Gravity View to display the submitted company info back to the client in a kind of profile page too?

  3. Marilyn says:

    Hi Charles,
    I’m so impressed that you continue to support this article and that you are so very helpful. I am going to take advantage of your kindness to ask a question.

    We are a search and rescue organization in Washington that wants to have pages specific to our members. In addition, we need to keep track of our members/volunteers qualifications and training in some sort of database that we prefer they maintain.

    We would prefer to have only one login. I can find membership plugins (ie: Membership2) and I can find database plugins (ie: Participants Database). Is there a database that can also act as a membership portal?

    1. charles Charles says:

      Hi Marilyn, thanks. I’m just pleased this post proves useful for people. I think there are a few ways you could approach this. If the extra information you need to capture for each member/volunteer is reasonably straight forward you might actually be able to use one of the membership plugins out of the box. For instance WP Members allows you to incoporate custom fields into the registration and profile admin screens. Perhaps you could use this feature to capture information about qualifications.

      If that doesn’t go far enough you might be able to use one of these membership plugins and enhance the profile information store by adding one of the many profile extension plugins designed to capture more profile information, e.g. Profile Builder or Profile Grid.

      Lastly, there is a volunteer management plugin, Wired Impact Volunteer Management. That might be worth a look to see if it meets your needs.

  4. Linda says:

    Do you have a suggestion for which membership platform I need? I provide personalized information for each member, so they’ll need to access their own membership page when they log in, so they get only their own content.

    Most membership plugins I’m seeing provide access to a member level, but not an individual member page/content. Any ideas?

    1. charles Charles says:

      Hi Linda, have you looked at these client area plugins? They allow you to have “client” pages (or in your case member pages), where you can provide whatever content you like.

  5. Damola says:

    Hi Charles,

    You have a wealth of knowledge. I commend you. I have a question regarding a members only site for my users.

    I have a website that is basically a repository of a bunch of videos that I have filmed and edited over some time. I want these videos to be available to my members who sign up.

    After paying for a subscription, users will be able to manage their account and create a page (only 1 page) that will link to a sub domain. This page will allow them to create minimal content in the form of a page header (The name of their company), a text paragraph (A brief description of what they do) and upload/grab videos I have available on my website to sub sections based on categories.

    The idea is after logging-in to their account, they can browse my website and tag videos they want to add to their own personal page (if not possible they can just select from their page).

    The end result will be a member can go to their sub domain (member.mydomain.com) and they will see their business name, a brief description of what they do, 3 sections (Comedy, Action, Drama) with them being able to add my videos to any one of those sub sections.

    1. charles Charles says:

      Hi Damola, it sounds like your videos are all training videos, yes? I’m not aware of any plugins that do exactly what you describe in terms of creating a sub-domain site for each user and allowing them to tag videos which will appear on their page. I wonder if your site is indeed about users self selecting particular training videos then do you nedcessarily need to have separate sites created or would it be enough that they can favorite particular video posts and then access these from a favorites list? You can do this with the WP Favorite Posts plugin. If that doesn’t meet your needs then I would take a look at the popular WordPress courseware/learning management system plugins like Sensei, Learndash or WP Courseware.

  6. Onuoha says:

    Hi Charles, i am happy to have read this post. i want to design an alumni website. How can i do do that myself with out paying a developer to do that for me?

    1. charles Charles says:

      Hi Onouha, I’d browse around the many theme sites, starting with free themes on WordPress.org and then the premium themes at Themeforest.

  7. Dee says:

    I have a subdomain question…

    The Woocommerce plugins are really heavy and they slow my site down. So, I would like to keep my main site abc.com and then redirect members once they pay on the main site to my.abc.com, which is where my full membership platform will be with woocommerce.

    How do I get the purchase buttons to lead them to the subdomain after the purchase is made?

    Thanks in advance.


    1. charles Charles says:

      Hi Dee, the problem with this approach is getting the two domains to talk to each other, that will be difficult and probably require custom coding which you should try to avoid. I know it isn’t what you asked but I would really suggest instead focusing on how to make your site run fast on the main domain. WooCommerce itself shouldn’t have that much of an effect unless you have very slow hosting. Plenty of WooCommerce sites run nice and fast. Have you checked out our performance reviews of all the main shared hosting companies?

  8. Patrick says:

    i currently in the process of creating my new site and i have got a small problem i´m a photographer and i want to give my clients access to there proof photos i looked into a pw protected page but i want to set up something nicer. i want to create a login page where each user login redirects to a different page with only there photos i don´t need any payments made through the site is there any plugin that can do that for me?

    1. charles Charles says:

      Hi Patrick, I think what you need is a client management plugin. Specifically I would suggest WP Customer Area. It will make it easy to create client specific pages on the site where you can share their proofs (using your favorite gallery plugin). They also have some great extensions for the plugin which might add some nice additional features like notifications and private messaging.

  9. Lammy Maengkom says:


    I’m Lammy Lambertus Maengkom in Indonesia. I would like to ask you if there’s any wp membership plugin that give member opportunity to send post articles ?

    I follow this topic by e-mail .. Thank you!

    1. charles Charles says:

      Hi Lammy, you could use any of these membership plugins and combine with Gravity Forms which allows you to create a front end form that will save submitted data as a draft post.

  10. Paul Webster says:

    Hi there. I currently run a subscription print magazine for collectors of Royal Doulton. With postal problems to South Africa it has been requested that we make the magazine available as a PDF download (for a fee of course) However we are aware that certain currently print copy subscribed members would have no problem in redistributing that content free of charge to any and all… We’re not tied to PDF format, but we are looking for a controllable content and access platform to allow this to happen without risking that. A platform that will only allow paid subscribers to access the content and also make it difficult if not impossible to share that outside of a traceable ‘account’ or other means. I was wondering if anyone would recommend one of these options over another for this purpose.
    Cost isn’t an issue for us as ultimately it would be an investment in order to protect and increase revenue.
    Any suggestions most gratefully received.

    1. charles Charles says:

      Hi Paul, Sorry for the slow response. I’ve not actually dealt with this one before. Have you investigated options like Flipping Book and 3D Issue Flipbooks? These options offer access control as well as providing readre analytics which I imagine would be quite appealing too. Is this the kind of thing you are looking for?

  11. Karen Selman says:

    Charles, thank you so much for your commitment to helping all of us. Your dedication is impressive.

    I am building a site for a small Homeowners Association (18 members) and need to set up members only access so only owners have access to make payments, get account information, bylaws, etc.

    Which plugin would you suggest for this task?

    Thanks so much,

    1. charles Charles says:

      Hi Karen, thanks and you’re welcome 🙂

      I think there are two approaches here which might work better depending on the use case:

      1. The payments you mention, are they subscriptions or recurring Association subs of some sort, or more ad-hoc payments for other services? If they are just Assoc. subs then I think any one of the premium membership plugins would work well. They call handle recurring payments/subs and control access to members only content.
      2. If you are selling other types of products and/or services on more of any ad-hoc basis and don’t charge a subscription for access then I think I might be more inclined to use one of the free membership plugins (I like WP Members) and then use one of the popular payment gateway plugins (like this) to handle any billing/payment needs inside the members only area.

      Hope that helps.

  12. acil kredi says:

    ? am using WP-Members plugin but when i check cpanel using cpu %50 – %70 if i stop to use WP-Members cpu down %10 around where i made misstake? Any one has idea?

    1. charles Charles says:

      Hi Acil, I don’t know what would be causing that. I suggest you reach out the developer of WP Members and ask their advice. You can reach them here: https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/wp-members

  13. Hello Charles,
    I’m really impressed by your ongoing attention to the comment stream from the original post!
    Could I get you recommendation because I find it hard to tell the difference between the above options.
    My requirement is for a membership area for a coaching website using WordPress with Thrive Content Builder over the top. I use SendPepper by Ontraport as my email marketing tool/CRM.
    The main content is just manuals for members to work through at their own pace. However, I also want to record videos of members giving speeches and load them onto the site so that members can view their own videos and/or share them with others. I’m looking up hundreds then later thousands of members with multiple videos to store.
    I’m assuming I will need to have the videos in a separate platform but will need to integrate with the member management system. Not sure if that is in Sendpepper or the membership area pluggin.
    Any recommendations?

    1. charles Charles says:

      Hi Tim, you are totally right that the video hosting is best handled by a third party video hosting service, particularly when you are talking about 1000’s of videos. The ‘integration’ part should be pretty simple in terms of displaying the videos on the membership pages, it is really just like any other embedded content. The challenge is securing the video so that it can’t be shared outside of the membership area. To this end Vimeo Pro seems to be a very popular option as you can lock down access to your own domain which makes it pretty simple. Using a tool like Vimeo Pro then you are free to choose the membership platform that you think will suit your needs the best. The other option is Amazon S3 for storing your video files. Generally this will be cheaper (for large numbers of files), but again securing the files might be harder. I do know that MagicMembers supports S3 pretty well and allows you to secure media files served from S3 so that might be a reason to look closely at MagicMembers specifically. I’m not sure off the top of my head if MemberMouse or Wishlist support it to that extent, but there is another plugin that I’ve only recently become aware of that does also support file storage and protection on Amazon, MemberPress, which is also worth a look. I’m planning to add MemberPress to the article soon.

  14. Clay D. says:

    Hello Charles,

    Our client needs different types of member access control, such as pay for a day, pay for a week or month or pay to see one video or one images gallery.

    Any of the plugins that you mentioned above, can work fine in this project?


    1. charles Charles says:

      Hi Clay, I don’t think any of these plugins will do quite what you need, specifically the granular level of subscription options. I suspect that there are better industry specific solutions developed to serve this need. I’m not familiar with them, but I would search around and I’m sure you’ll find options.

  15. Pavlos says:

    This is a great article! Is there any plugin to restrict access by role to an entire subfolder or to individual php file?


    1. charles Charles says:

      Hi Pavlos, any of these plugins can be used to limit access to a specific set of pages or a category for instance which would be defined by a specific directory. But I’m not sure that is what you are asking. These plugins can only work to limit access to pages controlled by WordPress, they won’t work to control access over other non-WordPress directories or files.

  16. Jen says:

    Hi Charles
    we have recently generated a new website using WordPress. I have to say for a novice such as myself I have found it to be very easy to update etc.

    I am currently building up the site and adding pages. I would like to have a page on the website that is password protected making it only available to members. The rest of the pages will be for public access.

    I also would like to add a paypal button for purchase of CD’s.

    If you could help it would be a big help

    1. charles Charles says:

      Hi Jen,

      Glad to hear you are finding WordPress easy to deal with. In terms of a password protected page for members only, any of the plugins above can achieve this but I would add that WordPress has a very simple password protect feature built in too where you can add a single common password to any page or post. If the content is not especially sensitive and you can trust that members won’t share the common password you could use this to very easily password protect any particular pages you wanted to, though this only works at the page level. If you want to password protect a section or need more robust user access management you’ll need one of the plugins above.

      There are also many plugins for adding a PayPal buy now button for your CDs too. Take a look at these options. It’s been awhile since I used anything like this so I don’t have a special preference. I can only recommend checking out the ratings and reviews and trying the ones that seem to be popular and well reviewed.

      Hope that helps.

  17. Leanne says:

    Im creating a site for a client who wants them to have access to members only pages once they have purchased.

    Is there an option on any of the free plug ins that when they are creating their account that they have to enter in thier order number to be able to sign up and it will get automatically checked to make sure it’s genuine?

    1. charles Charles says:

      Hi Leanne, how and when does the purchase happen, and what kind of functionality is required in the way of members pages? If the purchase is offline with customers subsequently signing up for access to the online members area, then I don’t think you’ll be able to achieve this with any plugin out of the box as the plugin won’t know what is a genuine order number. This is true also if the purchase is online but made through some other platform. If the purchase is made on their website through say WooCommerce then I think you could combine WooCommerce with WP Members so any customer who buys will automatically have access to pages controlled by WP Member. To be clear I’ve not done this myself, but that seems very doable. If the purchase is made using some other system not connected to your clients WordPress website then there will necessarily be some custom development to have all this work.

      1. Leanne says:

        Hi CharIes, thanky you : ) was looking into WooCommerce to use for purchases. The purchases will be made on his site but on Amazon as well. So it will work for the site purchases using WP Members but not for Amazon?

        1. charles Charles says:

          Hi Leanne, yes I think you’ll be able to use WooCommerce and WP Members together to achieve the desired result for purchases made on site. But if a purchase is made on Amazon then the site will have no way to validate the purchase which I gather is a requirement before providing access to the members area (I’m not aware of any membership plugins which integrate with Amazon). Either way there may still be some customization required to achieve exactly what you want but I think WooCommerce and WP Members would be a good starting point.

  18. Dawn Tukuniu says:

    Hi Charles,
    Thank you for all your information.
    I can’t find what I am looking for however.

    I’d like to create 4-6 members only areas. These are to create small communities of people, up to 12 who have signed up for wellness coaching. Within each group I raise topics/questions for them to explore and everyone provides feedback, learning together and creating support.

    They also can post questions and everyone in the group can respond.

    I’d also like to be able to post reference documents (pdf’s) video, images etc.

    And a sort feature would be great for example grouping information within week 1 week 2 etc as well as having a search all content option if they want to go back and review something.

    As a moderator of all groups, I also need to ensure i don’t miss anything that someone posts.

    Any ideas what might fit this for me please?

    Thank you so much, feeling quite lost and confused with it all.

    1. charles Charles says:

      Hi Dawn, there are a few ways I can think you might go about this…

      • Use BuddyPress and set up groups for each of your mini communities. This probably isn’t what you need if you want o charge people for your coaching.
      • Use any of the pro membership plugins to manage subscriptions to your coaching service and handle the sequential delivery of your weekly coaching content. If you enable comments on this content then members will be able to ask questions which you, or any member with access, can answer. This isn’t really like a forum however…
      • Use Magic Members to manage subscriptions and user access to different sections of the site and Simple:Press to run the forums for each section (community). Magic Members explicitly supports Simple:Press, but you could ask the other membership plugin developers if they also support it. I expect they probably do. Each section/community could have a community forum as well as pages to deliver the sequential coaching content.

      Hope that helps.

  19. Susan says:

    Greetings and thank you for your valuable content.

    Once a restricted access member downloads a pdf, is there any way to prevent them from give this link to another non-paying person? How can I make it so that a member can fill in the contents of a pdf file online (education curse) and only access the information online or print pages but not download the pdf?

    Thanks and regards


    1. charles Charles says:

      Hi Susan, what you’ve described is much easier said than done, but I think you know that 🙂

      I think the main issue with PDFs is that the download link isn’t the big problem. This can be solved by making it time sensitive and.or limiting the number of times the download link will work. But of course, once the PDF is downloaded it can be easily forwarded on via email which is the much more likely scenario and afaik there isn’t much you can do about that. Even if you password protect the PDF, if the user has the password they can pass that along too.

      I’m not really sure what you mean by “fill in the contents of a PDF file online”. By this I *think* you are capturing information from the user and then incorporating that information into whatever information you are providing them. In this case the user won’t be filling in a PDF, rather they’ll be filling in an online form (use Gravity Forms for this) and then you’ll have some kind of script to generate a webpage which incorporates the submitted information. If you don’t want it to be easily downloaded and distributed then don’t provide as a pdf, instead just present as a regular webpage.

      I have a feeling that doesn’t exactly answer your question. Happy to have another go if you can explain more clearly the use case you are designing.

  20. Anita says:

    Hi I hope that I might get some help here. We are a home owners association with a large membership and would like to make some of the pages on our website private and some public. We would like to upload our current members and use their 4 digit pin numbers as their password is this possible? If so what is the best plugin to use.

    1. charles Charles says:

      Hi Anita, I’d take a look at Magic Members. It has an member import function so you can import all your existing members.

  21. Barton says:

    Great article that try’s to help others understand the complexity of access control and memberships.

    My problem is that I want to create private photographic galleries for individual users. They must login and only see their specifically created gallery. Any ideas of the best plugins please?

    Thank you and excellent article.

    1. charles Charles says:

      Hi Barton, checkout these client area plugins. They are designed specifically for creating dedicated user areas that only they can access. Do any of those look like they’ll do the trick?

  22. Lori says:

    We already have a wordpress blog website we sell products on. I am looking to add a membership only option customers can purchase a recurring subscription to view videos in a playlist we have created. Any suggestions to a plug in for this?

    1. charles Charles says:

      Hi Lori, any of the premium options listed above would cover the simple use case you describe. Which option is best would be a function in part of what plugin(s) you are using to power your site. I would take a look at the premium options listed above and see if they will integrate nicely with your existing site.

  23. chris says:

    I am in the process of having a website done and mainly need it for members to upload there videos and photos I need them to register then they can upload pictures to our web page through you tube and I need an admin page just for keeping all there details ect I am having such a problem with the web designers that are doing it s they are saying they cant do it but I had a previous website a while ago and that had it all on anyone give me any idea why and if I should use someone else to do my website is it that they just don’t have a program that will allow them to make it this way am so confused


    1. charles Charles says:

      Hi Chris, what you describe sounds possible to me, though I’m not clear about your requirement that “they can upload pictures to our web page through you tube”…pictures through YouTube?

      I suggest you look at something like WP Members which can manage user registrations and the ability for users to maintain their own profile, plus control access to upload pages etc. If the idea is that users upload media which becomes posts on the site I would look at Gravity Forms which has some nice functionality to create forms which will save content uploaded as a post.

  24. Danny Major says:

    Hi Charles,
    I’m relatively new to this whole membership site plugin thing, but I do understand the benefits of owning a membership site. Therefore, I would like to ask your advice about the best plugin to use to create a membership site that will unlock access to sequential training levels every time a monthly payment is made. I am thinking about offering a three to six month training program on my weight loss and body toning site. I am also thinking about offering access to the whole site/program for a one-off payment, so if a plugin is available than can offer both of these functions I’d be very happy if you could point me in it’s general direction! Much obliged, and my apologies if you have already previously provided an answer to a similar question to mine, I have gone through quite a lot of the previous comments but couldn’t find anything that helped me with this.

    1. charles Charles says:

      Hi Danny, based on your description of requirements I’d suggest Member Mouse. You can set up content to be delivered every X days (to correspond with recurring payments), and you can also offer a one of upfront payment option. Hope that helps.

  25. Caroline Stroud says:

    Hey! I am looking for a plug in where I can organize members into groups based on location (specifically academic campuses). Do you know which one would work best for me?

    1. charles Charles says:

      Hi Caroline, in terms of organizing members into groups I don’t think that the basis of the grouping needs to be a determining factor in selecting which plugin to use…unless you need this grouping to be automatically assigned based on IP or email domain or something like that. If you do need such functionality then you’ll need to do some custom development. I don’t think any of the plugins have this capability natively.

      If you expect members to self select their group (campus) then I think you could use any of these plugins as they all have the ability to manage groups. They might call them membership “levels” but it is basically the same thing, and will allow you to deliver specific content to specific groups.

      You don’t mention any other specific requirements so I’d start by looking at the free plugins and see if they will be able to handle your requirements and only look at the premium options if you find you have some specific capability not cater for by the free options.

      Does that help at all?

  26. Deniyi says:

    I am developing a college website that need student to log in with unique username and password to gain access to restricted pages.

    my question is how to generate the unique username and password. which of the plugin will best for this.

    Thank you

    1. charles Charles says:

      Hi Deniyi, any of these plugins will handle the user registration and management functions, that’s the easy part. My advice is to look carefully at all the features each of these plugins offers and decide which one best meets your needs for other functions and features.

  27. Shannon says:

    Wow Charles, you rock.

    Hopefully you can help me too.

    I want to create a website where people register and create pages like a directory website but when logged on there is information only that individual can see and update with the rest being public.

    An example is Joe creates a page A and populates the public information and then populates the private information 1, 2, 3.

    Jane sees page A and becomes a member and populates the private information 1 & 3.

    When Joe logs on he can only see his private information and update it, ditto for Jane.

    I will want to create different types of pages that members can create and to set custom fields for the public and private information available for each page type.

    I looked at the directory plugins you recommended GeoCraft and GeoDirectory and GeoDirectory looks good but I am not sure if it is a good fit for what I am trying to achieve.

    1. charles Charles says:

      Hi Shannon, I’m not sure that any of the directory plugins will do exactly what you describe, which might be a good think if you are looking to launch something new and unique 🙂 I sounds to me like you’ll need some custom development. I’d probably start with one of the premium membership plugins above and then get a developer involved (through Codeable) to work on adding the extra functionality you need for your specific use case.

  28. Jay says:

    Hi Charles

    Thank you so much for the article. Is there anyway I can create different membership levels based on the number of downloads of pdfs created with webmerge. I thank you in advance for any advice you are able to provide.

    1. charles Charles says:

      Hi Jay, sorry for the slow reply…I’m not 100% clear on the use case here. When you say you want different memebership levels based on the number of PDF downloads do you mean you want a user to signup and as they download more PDFs their membership level is upgraded? I think that would require some custom development.

  29. Prashant Naik says:

    Hello Everyone,
    I am developing project which is having following procedure and it’s giving me a trouble while implementing it.
    Combination of Course + Membership, basically onsite course registration.
    User Register -> buy membership(silver, golden, platinum etc.) -> Membership amount converted into training credits(lets say 1$ = 1 Training Credit) -> Buy courses ->Courses amount deduct from training credits and remaining amount payable.

    Please help me to suggest the better wordpress plugin for implementing this procedure.

    1. charles Charles says:

      Hi Prashant, I’m not aware of any plugins that work that way. It sounds like a custom development job to me.

  30. Matthew says:

    Hey Charles, in your experience with these member plugins: is there one you would recommend for redirecting upon login, different users to unique member landing pages.

    The use case is for a very limited number of members without public registration to have access to a support portal

    1. charles Charles says:

      Hi Matthew, I’d look at WishList Members. They have a redirect feature which I think is close to what you are look for.

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