Best Pricing Table Plugins for WordPress

Best Pricing Table Plugins for WordPress

If you’re running an ecommerce site, or your website or blog’s function is to support your online business, it’s more than likely that including pricing for your products and services is important to you.

In last week’s post we examined The Best WordPress Table Plugins to help you easily include data and tabled content on your WordPress site. For many business owners, the kind of data they most want to display relates to their pricing, and there are some fantastic plugins available – developed specifically to allow you to add pricing information easily and effectively.

We’ve already touched on Pricing Table Ready! in the previous post, but there are a number of great alternative plugins to help you manage your specific pricing data and display requirements.

Easy Pricing Tables by fatcat apps

Designed to be compatible with any WordPress theme and offering an intuitive user interface, Easy Pricing Tables by fatcat apps helps you create attractive and responsive pricing tables to be displayed on your site, no coding knowledge required. The plugin even includes tips on the best practices for conversion rate optimization, guiding you through the process of creating a pricing table that converts browsers into buyers.

Offering design, font, color and border customization, a drag and drop interface and unlimited columns and up to 10 rows, Easy Pricing Tables by fatcat apps has been downloaded more than 41,000 times and has an average user rating of 4.2 stars.

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Olevmedia Shortcodes

If you like multifaceted plugins, Olevmedia Shortcodes is a great option to help you insert pricing tables, as well as a ton of additional features. The Olevmedia Shortcodes plugin adds one button to your editor, providing a simple shortcut to retrieve shortcodes without having to navigate in and out of your plugins.

As well as a responsive pricing tables shortcode, you’ll also have access to shortcodes for tabs, buttons, toggles, columns, dividers, infoboxes, maps, lists, blockquotes and more. Olevmedia Shortcodes has been downloaded 13,000 times and has an average user rating of 5 stars.

Pricing Table

Pricing Table is one of the most downloaded dedicated pricing table plugins available, and includes all of the basic features you’ll need to create a pricing table for your products and services. The plugin is responsive and features drag and drop capabilities for arranging columns and rows, as well as four different table templates.

Generated with a simple shortcode, you can display your pricing tables on pages or within post content. Pricing Table has been downloaded more than 175,000 times, and has an average user rating of 3.3 stars.

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