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An estimated 70 million people use Pinterest worldwide, making it one of the leading methods for sharing images online, and certainly the globe’s most popular visually driven social platform. Businesses and bloggers alike have been utilising the platform to share their images and content, create and grow their online network and fan base, and drive traffic back to their sites and pages.

Pinterest is essentially an online pin board space, where users can pin, collate and categorise images from around the web, and repin the images of other users. Sharing your images via your own Pinterest board is an excellent means of creating brand awareness and encouraging new readers to visit your blog or website, however, making it easy for your existing readers, fans and customers to pin your images to their own boards is equally important.

Whether you want to make it easy for your readers to pin your images to their Pinterest boards, or you want to encourage users to follow your boards on Pinterest by displaying your most recent pins, there are a number of quality plugins available to fuel your pin-addiction.

Pinterest “Pin It” Button

The Pinterest “Pin It” Button plugin offers free and pro versions, and is designed to make it easy to encourage users to pin your content to their Pinterest boards. You can either let your readers select which image they would like to pin from a popup, or specify the image to pin on each post as a default.

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Pinterest “Pin It” Button has an average user rating of 4.6/5 stars, and has been downloaded more than 161,000 times.

Pinterest Pin It Button For Images

The Pinterest Pin It Button For Images plugin allows users to add images directly to Pinterest simply by clicking on your posted image. A ‘Pin It’ button will appear when users hover over the image. The plugin also enables the pin description to include the name of your post, as well as a backlink.

Pinterest Pin It Button For Images has an average user rating of 3.7/5 stars, and has been downloaded more than 38,000 times.

Pin It On Pinterest

The Pin It On Pinterest plugin places a Pin It button and the end of your blog posts, which will also display the number of times a post has been pinned. This plugin gives you the option, within your post editor, to create your desired description for each pin, and to select which image to associate with your post.

Pin It On Pinterest has an average user rating of 2.7/5 stars, and has been downloaded more than 17,000 times.

Pretty Pinterest Pins

The Pretty Pinterest Pins plugin is designed to help you showcase a selection of your latest pins, or Pinterest activity, within your sidebar as thumbnails. Styled in keeping with Pinterest’s clean and modern look, you can customise it to pull the latest pins from any Pinterest user, display only pins from specific boards, and choose the number of pins to display.

Pretty Pinterest Pins has an average user rating of 4.6/5 stars, and has been downloaded more than 16,000 times.

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Pinterest Pinboard Widget

The Pinterest Pinboard Widget plugin is designed to be simple, and displays thumbnails of your latest pins from Pinterest.

Pinterest Pinboard Widget has an average user rating of 4.4/5 stars, and has been downloaded more than 27,000 times.

Using Pinterest? Which plugins and online tools do you use to encourage users and customers to share your content and online images?

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