Best Photo Gallery Plugins for WordPress

If you’re looking for the best WordPress gallery plugin to help you display your images for maximum effect on your blog or website, the premium and free options below have you covered…

NextGEN Gallery


NextGEN is hands down the most widely used gallery plugin. With more than 16.5 million downloads and an average star rating of 3.3/5 it is a great choice for just about all use cases. The thing I really like about NextGEN is that it is under active development. Because the Pro version is so popular the developers are able to afford to invest in ongoing development so the free version also gets regular updates and new features like:

UPDATE: Nextgen now offers a range of Pro plugin pricing options, including gallery, lightbox and eCommerce extensions so photographers can easily sell their work directly from their WordPress powered site. This is a massive step forward for Nextgen, positioning them well out in front as the ultimate premium gallery plugin. Even if you don’t want to sell your images right now, if you think you might want to in the future then the Nextgen Plus plugin would be an excellent option so you have the upgrade path later on should you decide you do want eCommerce.

The free version of Nextgen is available here.

Envira Gallery

envira gallery pluginEnvira is a new premium WordPress gallery plugin which is fast gaining a following for it’s good looks and really well thought out workflow which makes it super easy to manage and deploy galleries across your site. We’ve not seen anything ground breaking in terms of gallery layout or UX, but there is a lot to be said for modern, clean code which runs fast, is very compatible across browsers and devices (it is of course fully responsive). We also like their modular approach to ‘addon’ features which extend the functions of the core plugin application. You can add PinIt! buttons, enable protection against downloaders, enable full screen mode and deep linking to specific images in the lightbox mode. Very clever. To get the most out of Envira we recommend the Silver license at a minimum which includes all the basic addon features.

Portfolio Gallery

Designed with designers and artists in mind this is a great plugin to display a portfolio style gallery of your work for customers and prospects to view.

  • Unlimited images
  • Unlimited categories
  • Easy to use and with multiple layout templates

Check the demo here.

Social Gallery


If social sharing and community engagement is an important part of your promotional strategy, Social Gallery should go straight to the top of your plugin wishlist. With a focus on making it easy for visitors to like and comment on your photos – and share them across their social networks – this fast and responsive lightbox plugin offers a vast array of quality features, including:

  • An easy-install wizard
  • NextGen support and compatibility
  • 40+ CSS 3 animations and transitions
  • Custom URLs and descriptions for SEO
  • Color, link, margin and image size customization
  • Facebook and Disqus integration for comments

Social Gallery supports multiple browsers and works with 90% of WordPress themes. The plugin’s compressed jQuery and CSS ensures fast loading times, and is Google AdSense compatible for those looking to create additional revenue through their images. Social Gallery is available via CodeCanyon for $24 for a regular license.

Fancy Gallery


Looking for a WordPress gallery plugin that offers thousands of layout and hovereffect variations, and tons of options for customization control? Fancy Gallery enables you to create your own image galley with ease via a user-friendly AJAX-driven admin system, or simple drag and drop interface. Create unlimited galleries and albums to display in posts, pages and widget areas, and save yourself time with the plugin’s auto-thumbnail feature.

Available for just $25 with a regular license, Fancy Gallery also offers:

  • Multiple navigation and theme color options
  • Compatibility with a range of media
  • An HTML Generator to use galleries on external websites
  • The ability to upload multiple images at a time
  • A variety of hover effects, including fades, slides, scales and overlays

Thumbnail Gallery


For a responsive and customizable gallery plugin that offers great value for money, check out Thumbnail Gallery, which is just $18 for a regular license via CodeCanyon. Compatible with all browsers and devices, this AJAX admin-powered plugin allows you to insert unlimited galleries to pages and posts with a simple-to-use, inbuilt short code generator.

Key feature include a responsive layout, social sharing integration, lightbox customization, HTML and Flash compatibility, and the option to add YouTube and Vimeo video embeds. Additional features include:

  • Custom navigation button support
  • Unlimited images
  • Slideshow integration
  • Background color, image and transparency customization
  • Thumbnail and image size, border, spacing, and transparency options
  • Drag and drop sorting

Justified Image Grid


Want to pull the images you have scattered throughout the web into sleek galleries on your own website or blog? Justified Image Grid enables you to create beautiful, responsive photo grids from sources you already use, while allowing you complete control over row height, appearance, special effects like desaturation, color overlay with magnifier icon, borders, multiple captions, mouse activated animation and more.

Designed to make your galleries eye-catching and tidy, this cleverly developed gallery plugin aligns your thumbnails into a justified grid using jQuery, while pulling images from Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, 500px, Pinterest, deviantART, Stumbleupon, Imgur, Tumblr and more. You can even include videos from YouTube and Vimeo, and use or use NextGEN as an image manager or source.

Justified Image Grid features include:

  • Super-simple setup and installation
  • Incredible customization with no coding required
  • Automatic alignment, while retaining each image’s original aspect ratio
  • Recent posts homepage banner support
  • Tag cloud or button filtering
  • Infinite scroll and load more paginations
  • Special effects such as cross-browser desaturation, glow, blur, sepia, and edge detection effects

You’ll also have access to 87 pages of PDF documentation with full settings reference, troubleshooting guide and clickable bookmarks to guide you through every step of the process. As the number-one selling gallery plugins available via CodeCanyon, Justified Image Grid is a steal at just $29 for a regular license. It is regularly maintained, and was last updated in February 2017.


Final Tiles Grid Gallery

This is a relatively new plugin to me. The developer reached out to let me know about it and I’m really glad he did. The thing that grabbed my attention right away is the neat approach to more sophisticated masonry style galleries with support for different sized thumbnails. This allows for more variety in your layouts…plus they look really cool. Definitely worth checking out. Available from Codecanyon for $22.

Essential Grid

Essential Grid is Codecanyon’s top selling grid gallery plugin, featuring more than 30 example skins, and limitless opportunities for customized skins, to display images, YouTube and Vimeo videos, HTML5 self-hosted video, and iFrame content.

Key features include:

  • Boxed, full-width, and full-screen layouts
  • Adjustable row, column and spacings options
  • Various animation types and preloaders
  • WooCommerce integration

Essential Grid has been purchased by more than 23,000 users and has an average user rating of 4.76/5 stars. It is available to purchase for just $26 for a regular license from Codecanyon and was last updated in August 2016.


Want to create a 100 percent responsive photo gallery in minutes? Gallery is an advanced free plugin that’s optimized for responsive viewing on different devices. Featuring unlimited galleries and albums, a simple lightbox, five different views, and social media embed and more, it supports a range of photo types and allows for tons of customization.

Gallery has 300,000+ active installs, an average user rating of 4.6/5 stars, and is regularly maintained, having been updated this month.

WP Photo Album Plus

Designed to easily manage and display your photo albums and slideshows, WP Photo Album Plus offers a wide array of features, including unlimited photos and albums, sub albums, order specification and display customisation, and much more.

This plugin has an average user rating of 4.6/5 stars, has 40,000+ active installs, and was last updated this month.

Gallery Bank

Gallery Bank is designed to assist WordPress users in creating visually striking grid albums, list albums, masonry layouts, thumbnail layouts and more. Available in 36 languages and designed to be responsive, it offers unlimited images in each album, bulk photo uploading, special effects and animations, social sharing and much more.

Gallery Bank has 30,000+ active installs, an average user rating of 4.5/5 stars, and is regularly maintained, having last been updated this month.

Simplest Gallery Plugin

Simple by name and nature this is a very popular free option with excellent reviews on the plugin directory. coverflow image gallery The beauty of the Simplest Gallery Plugin is in the way it works so seamlessly with the regular core gallery functionality. Just install and activate and you will see the benefits with a really nice jQuery fancy box effect on your existing galleries. The plugin also offers a range of other gallery styles such as lightboxes, coverflow style (as above) and side scrolling thumbnails. Definitely worth a look.

Simplest Gallery has 6000+ active installs, an average user rating of 4.1/5 stars, and is reasonably well maintained having been last updated in December 2016.

Gmedia Gallery

Designed to be the ultimate responsive photo-managing tool, Gmedia Gallery offers loads of features and flexible options for creating slideshow galleries, including drag and drop sorting, tag and category sorting, and image editing and filters.

Gmedia Gallery has 20,000+ active installs, an average user rating of 4.6/5 stars, and is regularly maintained, having last been updated this month.

Awesome Flickr Gallery

flickr wordpress gallery pluginThis Flickr-focused gallery tool is a simple, fast and effective plugin to create a gallery using your Flickr photos, providing a simple yet customisable way to create clean and professional looking Flickr galleries. Featuring support for both public and private photos, multiple sorting options, intuitive menus, SEO capabilities and more.

Awesome Flickr Gallery has an average user rating of 4/5 stars, and has 10,000+ active installs. It was last updated in June 2016.

Responsive Photo Gallery

Based on a bootstrap framework and designed to allow you to add unlimited images to photo galleries optimized for responsive viewing, Responsive Photo Gallery features fade animations, light box previews, shortcode integrations, and more.

Responsive Photo Gallery has 10,000+ active installs, an average user rating of 4.1/5 stars, and is regularly maintained, having last been updated this month.

WP Easy Gallery

WP Easy Gallery is an easy to use gallery plugin, allowing users to create and manage multiple image galleries through a simple admin interface. Features include enhanced social sharing capabilities for images, WordPress ShortCodes for easy content integration and more.

WP Easy Gallery has an average user rating of 3.6/5 stars, has 10,000+ active installs, and was last updated in December 2016.

Unite Gallery Lite

Unite Gallery Lite is a responsive, all in one image and video gallery for WordPress, based on the Unite Gallery javscript version. Choose from columns, justified, nested and grid tile displays, or a range of slider and carousel views.

Unite Gallery Lite has 10,000+ active installs and an average user rating of 4.6/5 stars. It is regularly maintained, having been last updated in January. Check out the Unite Gallery Lite live demos to get a feel for this free plugin for yourself.

Huge-IT Gallery

Create a beautiful gallery in minutes with Huge-IT Gallery – a fully responsive and mobile-friendly plugin that even allows your visitors to rate and ‘like’ your images with a built in heart button. Simply copy and paste the shortcode of the gallery directly into any WordPress post or page.

Huge-IT Gallery is compatible with YouTube and Vimeo, has more than 80,000 active installs, and an average user rating of 4.4/5. It was updated this month.

Gallery Grand Flagallery

Looking for a powerful media and image gallery plugin to handle everything from photos to audio and video? With Gallery Grand Flagallery, you’ll not only be able to create attractive image galleries – you’ll also have the power to add music and video playlists that will display perfectly on any device.

One of Gallery Grand Flagaller’s key points of difference is its own iOS app – allowing you to upload and manager your photos from anywhere. This plugin has 30,000+ active installs and an average user rating of 4.1/5 stars. It was last updated in November 2016.

Instagram Feed

Do you use Instagram as much as your fancy DSLR? Want to encourage your website visitors to follow and engage with you on the world’s biggest photo-sharing social platform?

Instagram Feed is a user-friendly tool for displaying user or hashtag-based feeds and galleries on your website in only few clicks. The plugin has 60,000 active installs, an average user rating of 4.8/5 stars, and is regularly maintained, with a recent update in January 2017. View the live demo to see if Instagram Feed is right for you.


*This post was updated February 2017. Ratings, active install stats and last update information correct at the time of publishing.

127 comments on “Best Photo Gallery Plugins for WordPress
  1. +1 for Shareprints. We use Shareprints and the galleries on tablet and mobile are awesome. The engagement rate with our images definitely improved after installing it.

    • Shareprints update is now a year behind almost and they keep promising an update. There are some main common sense things this plugin cannot do and that effect what would otherwise be possible the best gallery plugin.

      • I think Shareprints is close to being the best gallery plugin I’ve tried. The visual shortcodes are great and once used, make everything else seem clunky.

        It is fast and easy to use but…

        Shareprints does not have good handling of image captions. Only 1 of the 7 gallery types supports captions (Blog). And the lightbox does not show image captions by default. And when you turn click to show captions/descriptions, the image in the lightbox gets tiny. On mobile, you cannot show the image and caption at the same time.

        Also, the developers have not responded to support requests for the past month. I sent half a dozen requests via their support form or directly via email and nothing but silence. I am concerned that something is wrong with their company or they are going out of business.

        • Hi Deva, thanks for your comment. I’ve reached out to the developer myself and pointed him to this comment. I hope you hear back soon.

          • Hi Charles,

            Thanks for your effort. I never heard back from the Shareprints Devs.

            I consider the Shareprints plugin no longer developed and have stopped using it on my own site and the sites I maintain for others.

            It’s a shame as it has much promise.

    • So far, no complaints, as a matter of fact- very glad to have found this plugin (shareprint) as it’s built on bootstrap, so very responsive friendly. Love the sharing functionality and ux.

  2. I am very disappointed in the open source community. I contributed for years and did it as academic advancement. Now it has become just another PBS where the commercials are longer than the ones on network/cable tv. This is not a community anymore, this is a bunch of fishermen giving you bait so that you will buy something that may or may not work. I am appalled and deeply saddened to the group I helped form and spent so much of my shared time and experience. Zero stars to all these supposedly free programs.

    • Hi John, I’m interested in your comments. I’ve heard similar things from others who been round long enough to remember things back in the day. I’m curious though what specifically you don’t like about people making more advanced commercial versions of plugins?

      Personally I think I’d rather that than not have many of the free versions of great plugins available at all. Take Nextgen for instance. Many many happy users of the free version, myself included, but for some projects I have been happy to pay for the commercial version with more features. Doesn’t that seem like a fair way for the developer to make a living?

      I should point out that we currently make $0 from any of our themes which we’ve spent a considerable amount of time developing. We’ve release more than a dozen to date and they are used on 10’s of 1000’s of sites around the world, all open source and free (as-in-beer). People ask us all the time when there will be a Pro version available with more features and we have been considering this as a way to keep doing what we are doing.

      • Yeh, I kinda know what he means. You have to endlessly plough through plugins, install them, start using them, and then discover that some necessary functionality (such as CAPTCHA in a form plugin) is only available in the premium version. The sheer amount of time it takes to actually find a free plugin that isn’t gimped in some way means you just give in and fork out cash.

        It is imo completely against the spirit of open source, as yeh, these freebies are just adverts for the sold versions. Nothing wrong with devs making premium plugins, but tbh I would rather see the official plugin repository free of these types of bait and switch plugins to make it easier for people to find useful actual free stuff.

  3. Hey Nikki, definitely a great collection of gallery plugins here, but I’ve always found the available gallery plugins to be more than I’ve required for my clients.

    For this reason, I’ve actually gone and launched my own, Rocket Galleries which is available for free. It’s extremely simple – it provides an admin panel for creating & managing your galleries. Then, display them using a shortcode (as usual).

    The CSS is minimal, and I’ve included a template loader so theme’s can override the front-end with their own gallery templates. Essentially, I’ve designed it to fit into WordPress and the theme like a glove!

    It’s only new, so be nice, haha! However, I’m excited for it’s future and it’d be awesome if people could check it out 🙂

    • Hey Matthew, looks cool. Will definitely check it out. We’re all in favor of minimalism in themes and plugins.

  4. Does any one know of a or which Gallery Plugin for WordPress has Albums and Sub-Albums or Categories and Sub-Categories. I was hoping the Albums would show a Thumbnail and text which you could click and then reveal the full set of pictures in. Thanks…

  5. Light box plugin is one of my most favorite plugin, thanks for sharing huge list of awesome plugins 🙂

  6. Justified image grid. Ive never tried a more flexible gallery plugin before.

    And it can fetch images from facebook, instagram, flickr, 500px, rss feeds.

    I even use it for showing my blog posts.

  7. Thanks for the list. I’m currently looking for a free wordpress gallery plugin for a clients website which allows you to include a caption for each image. I’m currently using next gen but with no luck. It allows you to put a description in but it never shows as a caption. It just seems to show each gallieries title on the first image of each gallery. Any body got any ideas? Many thanks.

  8. Hi, For NextGEN Gallery Plugin you have mentioned that “Pro version is so popular the developers are able to afford to invest in ongoing development so the free version also gets regular updates and new features like (Social sharing)”…

    However, social sharing is a part of pro version only and not available in free version.

    These are my findings just now. Basis on your inputs i installed the plugin but failed to find the facility..

    • Hi Wilton, I’ve never looked at this aspect of these plugins as it has never been a concern so I can’t provide a good answer. Let us know if you find any good research on this.

      • ok..thanks.. i just traying not to have consume the memory in the hosting..thansk.

  9. I used to be a big fan of NextGen Gallery until their 2.0 release. They made a huge change which broke many existing galleries. Check the comments on WordPress plugins directory and you’ll discover a large # of “1” ratings most of which happened after the 2.0 release. It broke my existing site in multiple ways including: (1) leaking database entries which slowly caused the site to use more and more memory (2) having shortcodes that never quite worked again (3) rapid fire releases which fixed some things and then broke others. The support forum tried to be helpful but eventually I had enough issues that I gave up and went back to the 1.9.13 version (last one before 2.0). Since then, I also found “Nextcellent Gallery” which is based on the earlier 1.9.x functionality for NextGen gallery. I still recommend them over the newer NextGen gallery editions.

  10. Hi all, of these photo gallery plugins. What would you suggest for a newbie like me to use. Something that a content manager like me that does not know shortcodes or html.


    • Hi Jat, I’ve just purchased a license for SharePrints to use on a client project for precisely these reasons. It is easy to use and requires no HTML knowledge. I talked with the developer the other day and they also have some cool features in the pipeline so I think it is a great choice.

  11. Which is the best plug-in to allow for a mouseover effect (i.e., when you hover over a vertical row of thumbnails, it displays enlarged images to the right or left)? I don’t want the viewer to have to click the thumbnails to expand the larger image, just to be able to hover with their mouse. Thanks!

    • Hi Erin, off the top of my head I can’t think of any gallery plugins that offer this feature. That’s not to say none do, just that I am not aware of any with that feature. It’s been awhile since we took a close look at all the options we covered here, and since then I’ve continued to use SharePrints and Nextgen Gallery for my own projects and I don’t think either of these offer a mouse over feature.

  12. I use NextGEN, and no change. Truly one of the best and most complete in the market.

  13. I would like to share with you and your readers 1 other tool you may find useful.

    It’s called Enjoy Instagram, and we let you display any instagram photos into your wordpress website.

    You will be able to autoreload and moderate photos to publish.
    You will see:

    NEW Polaroid View
    NEW Album View
    NEW Badge View
    Autoreload Stream of Photos
    Moderation Control: you can choose which photos show.
    Possibility to choose what link on the photo: Lightbox, Instagram, Custom URL or nothing.
    Custom CSS: edit CSS, set border, margin, background and much more
    Custom Transition Effect
    Custom JS: set time to autoplay and speed, set name of prev and next buttons and much more.
    Possibility to choose if show photo’s author, caption and likes number.

    Feel free to check it out for more information:


  14. I cannot believe people are still recommending NextGen Gallery, which is a lesson in bad coding. Just go to their support page to see how many people are having problems with this plugin, and the lack of support from the developers. Unfortunately, I have this plugin for more than 100+ galleries on my website, and most galleries are now unviewable due to various errors regarding the scripts. Anyone who knows anything about coding can look at NextGen and see just how poorly it was written. When I started using it, it was a dream, but since being taken over by Photocrati it has become an albatross to my website. I wish websites would stop recommending them!!

    • Thanks for the feedback. I’m curious which plugin you think is the best now? I imagine with 100+ galleries changing plugins would be a real challenge, but if they are unviewable I guess you are planning to move to another product?

      • For someone basically stuck with NextGEN 1.9.x who cannot upgrade to 2.x for reasons of add-on incompatibility but also doesn’t want to have to try to port the galleries to something new (since NextGEN didn’t do things “the WordPress way” and instead stores its gallery images in its own subfolders and its data in its own database tables, you’re pretty much locked in barring something like Envira or Foo which have NGG importers), may I recommend the free “NextCellent Gallery (NextGEN Legacy)”?

        It’s actually the legacy NextGEN 1.9.x code from before Photocrati took it over, being maintained and kept reasonably up-to-date. While NextGEN 1.x ended updates with 1.9.13, NextCellent is at 1.9.31 as I write this, and tested compatible with WP 4.4.4 (should work okay with 4.5.x and the new 4.6). Any add-ons, themes, styles, etc. you had for NextGEN 1.9.x should work as-is with NextCellent — simply move them into the appropriate subfolder under NextCellent’s plugin folder from NextGEN’s.

        It’s smart enough to disable itself if any version of NextGEN is active, so you can keep NextGEN installed while you set up NextCellent and copy over any extras needed, then activate NextCellent, then de-activate NextGEN, and no downtime. The existing albums and galleries and shortcodes and thus pages and widgets will keep right on working just as they did before.

    • Hi Rachida, that’s a great looking site alright. It is built on Drupal (not WordPress) though which I’m not familiar with, but it appears the slider is done with jQuery. I don’t know if this is a off the shelf Drupal module or custom code.

    • Hi Rachida

      Did you manage to find out if there is a slider like that available in WordPress. It’s quite nice. Your sire also looks really good. Saw you have Ads on the site. Are they generating you any income?

    • Hi Aaliya, what gallery plugin are you using? Or are you using the standard WordPress gallery features?

  15. Hi,

    Thanks for the article. Do any of the wordpress galleries support migrating/converting from Photopost?

  16. Try Mosaic gallery as well, I think it’s on themeForest. I am still searching for the best one though…

    • Hi Ahmad, what do you mean by multi-category gallery? I’m not sure what this means in terms of how the gallery is displayed.

  17. Anyone know of an easy gallery plugin where you can download different sizes of the photo? (e.g. 1 low-res and 1 high-res image)

    I think i’ll have to add some php to lightbox where a 1st link downloads the thumbnail and a 2nd link downloads the full size image

    Not sure how though.

      • Hi Kiki, this isn’t a baked feature I’ve seen in any gallery plugin. WordPress will generate different sizes on upload, so it is totally doable, either by manually adding links to the display captions or could be coded to display dyanmically. Though in the latter case you are going to need to get a developer to help. If that is an option you’d consider then I would try Codeable.

  18. Thank you for the suggestions on WordPress photo gallery plugins!
    It was a helpful article.

  19. Thanks for the interesting review. I have tried some different gallery plugins, and stopped on Gmedia Gallery so far. It’s powerful yet user-friendly. You can show image galleries, photo slideshows, play music and videos. 14 modules will help you customize media content the way you like. Responsive on all devices. And it’s FREE.

  20. thanks for sharing i need photo gallery plugin for my site. your article is very helpful for me or all new members of wordpress.

  21. Hello, I love this blog post. I’ve read each one and have looked into each one but haven’t worked with them as much as you have. I currently have a site I designed for a client but it is so slow because it loads all the images at once that it makes the experience miserable. I’m using currently GoPortfolio.

    All I need is a gallery that displays all the images with infinite scroll not to bog down load time, a filter to sort each category of photos, and a Lightbox.

    It just needs to be simple as possible, tiled gallery or masonry gallery (preferred)… Any recommendations?

    • Hi Alex, I’m a big fan of Shareprints. It is very simple to use and offers a range of gallery styles including the masonry layout. I’d give that a go.

    • That is exactly what I am looking for as well.

      Just want to be able to filter my gallery based on different tags.

      Can’t seem to find a good reliable plugin that can do that simply.

      • Hi Nabeel, I’m not sure I understand the use case exactly. Do you mean you want to be able to tag images in your media library so that visitors can filter a gallery by tag? Or you want to be able to create different galleries around different keyword tags?

    • Alex, did you ever find what you were looking for? I’m looking for pretty much the same thing, with the addition of being able to turn off image titles/captions/descriptions, etc…, and it’s giving me an ulcer….

  22. i have been looking for an image gallery for my blog picture gallery
    i got the solution from that problem in your blog
    thanks a lot for this

  23. Hi,

    I hope somebody could help me. I’m using NGG but I’m tired about his performance and I have decided to change. I have two questions
    1. which gallery plugin is the best performant?
    2. Which is the easiest for migrating from NGG?

    If somebody could help I will be very grateful.

    • Hi Fernando, I think Envira Gallery is your best option. Envira is fast and they have a free NGG importer addon which I havn’t used, but I understand does a good job.

  24. Hi all,

    I came across this post doing a little research on people linking to our plugins (FooBox listed above) and wanted to chime in to make a small correction and also invite you to try our free gallery plugin named FooGallery.

    FooBox is listed as a gallery plugin above, but it’s actually not a gallery plugin, it’s a responsive lightbox plugin that works with several galleries including WP galleries, NextGen, Envira, Justified Image Grid, etc.

    FooBox has been around for more than three years and we still actively develop and support it, but I also wanted you to know that we developed FooGallery as free plugin (found on the .org repo and also here: )

    FooBox works with FooGallery of course and FooGallery was built to be extensible by developers so there are several extensions to choose from if you need them.

    I hope you all will take some time to check out FooGallery and see how it works for you. Our goal was to build it with tight integration into the Media Library and to keep it light and fast while still providing some great built-in features.

  25. Looking for a photo plugin that handles comments nicely. Also – I’d really like to be able to allow tagging on the photos to help identify individuals or objects. Anyone have a suggestion?

  26. Seems I always have to buy the paid version to figure out whether it can do what I need, and I waste money.

    I need a plugin that will show a single preview image, around which text can wrap like a regular JPG, then only when clicked does the single image open to a lightbox or image viewer.

    I can’t see whether this is possible for anything until I install it, configure it, plow through all the settings, then MAYBE guess as to whether the paid version will work, and wait 24-48 hours for response to a pre-sales question. Meanwhile, client is waiting…… waiting….

  27. Very nice overview of the available software. I am the author of Simplest Gallery so I was definitely happy to see it reviewed here.

  28. Thank you for the comprehensive review of the various galleries. My client list varies, from sculptors to learning centers to authors, and each is very unique in what they want for a gallery. Your list helped immensely, and we’ve chosen SharePrints for it’s diverse options. Thank you again, SP

    • Suzanne – I’m very interested in SharePrints – but a little hesitant due to the lack of developer response to inquiries – a quite a few negative posts on their FB page. Can you provide some links to sites using SharePrints for me to visit? I need some encouragement to go with them . . .

  29. I want a plugin that will help nesting and backing the Thumbnail Gallery . anyone who knows would help me please. I will appreciate so much

    • Hi David, can you elaborate a little more on your requirements. I’m not sure what you mean by “nesting and backing the Thumbnail Gallery”.

  30. Love this post, I’ve learned so much but still don’t see what I need. Site I’m currently building needs the ability for visitors of the site to be able to load their own images. Client wants also wants ability to review their images before she tags and categorizes them appropriately. Any ideas?

    • Hi Karen, yeah these plugins are all about displaying images on your site rather than managing user submissions. Have you looked at Frontend Loader.

    • Hi Raf, I’ve not used this one myself so I can’t comment. The demo certainly looks interesting.

  31. Great list, thanks a lot! I’m a photographer from Germany and I’m using some of the listed plugins, too 🙂
    But I think there is one brilliant WP-plugin missing.
    One year ago I needed a plugin for my WP-portfolio to organize my clients and provide their photos in a secure way. I found the plugin “Photograhy Management”. It is exactly what I was looking for. I’m so glad I found it and my clients love it, too.:

    • Hi Kim, that looks like a great client work management solution for professional photographers.

  32. This site/thread is a great exchange of ideas and information.
    Hope you can help me.
    I am developing a social networking site that will have a lot of users (hopefully) and I am looking for a plugin that will allow each of my users to be able to create their own library and add photos to that library. Similar to the Facebook model.
    Any suggestions?

    Thank you!!!

    • Hi David, are you are planning to use to power your social network? I’m not a BuddyPress expert myself, but it would be to be the obvious choice if you are starting a social network with WordPress. There are many 3rd party BuddyPress plugins and I feel sure you could find something that would support your use case there.

      • Thanks Charles, I guess I should have added that detail.
        Yes, I am using WordPress, with Ultimate Member instead of Buddypress. But, basically both are similar, but the UM has out of the box the features I wanted.
        I looked many times at the gallery plugins, but none indicated the ability to allow each registered user of the site to have the ability to create their own library.
        I was thinking that Nextgen would do this, but playing with the setup, it too seems to only support the galleries for the owner of the site. This is where I am stuck.

    • Hi David, thanks for the followup WP Photo Album Plus is definitely feature rich, but I wasn’t actually aware it could handle albums per user, nice! I’ll be really interested to know how you get on with this project. It’s not a scenario I’ve thought of before, but given this possibility it’s not hard to imagine lots of use cases.

      • Getting close to being finished:

        + Incredible support. I don’t think better support is possible.
        + Versatile
        + CSS classes and easy to find with Chrome inspector. Seems not much is hidden.

        – Complex
        – Developer is clearly a great coder, but surely lacks design skills as the layout needs a lot css work.

  33. I’m looking for a new on-line gallery system and will checkout your recommendations.
    Thanks for the info.

  34. Hello, I’m having a website on fashion and I want a better gallery look. Currently, I’m using wp photo gallery and I want to change plugin because that plugin doesn’t have many designs. So can anyone help me in choosing the better plugin from the list? Thanks for sharing the list.

    • Hi Rajan, for what you describe I’d probably go with Envira, but you might also checkout a new one I’ve just become aware of, Lemon Grid, it looks like a great option too.

  35. I am currently using the gallery bank plugin for my businesses website. Do you know if it’s possible to caption my pictures on the free version? Or do I need to upgrade? Cheers.

    • Hi Louis, I’ve not tried Gallery Bank, but it seems you need to upgrade to get the full set of features.

  36. i am having a galley in wp where i have 500 images and i want to keep a next page and per page 30 image than how should i do ??

    • Hi Harsh, good question. I know that Envira has pagination functionality for their galleries so that would be a good option.

  37. I’m just starting to learn WordPress in order to create a website to showcase 2,000+ photos and videos aimed at international film location managers. The images are in a variety of aspect ratios, which must be retained.

    I’m seeking a program that will a) not change the aspect ratio and b) offer a simple interface that will allow a user to hover/click on a “main image” to reveal its sub-images.

    There seem to be so many products out there and I am totally confused.

    Upfront? Envira? Justified Image? Photo Gallery? Awesome Gallery?


    • Hi Karen, I would be inclined to use either Envira or Nextgen, both are very capable plugins. In terms of the UI, I think what you describe is basically a series of galleries which are accessed from a single index page, yes? This shouldn’t be hard to achieve with either of these plugins.

  38. Hi!
    if there is a plug that allows you to create a gallery where each picture has a different url?

    • Hi Kami, Have you taken a look at some of the great photography themes out there? There are lots of free and premium photography themes which might suit your needs.

      I suggest looking at these because they have great post formats for photos so you can upload each photo as a post (with an individual permalink URL), and in many cases they have category templates which can act as galleries.

  39. Does anyone have a recommendation for a plugin that does nested albums? We have our images on Amazon S3 so it would need to play nice with that. Essentially if we cover an event say comic con we want albums with the main comic con album broken down by artists, cosplay etc. I tried Envira and unfortunately, it did not meet my needs.

    • Hi Rich, I’m not aware of a gallery plugin with that functionality off the top of my head. My immediate thought is why not arrange your coverage of an event as a category, and then have different galleries as separate posts in that category…but I guess you’ve already considered that.

  40. I’d love to see a WordPress plugin that brings in Flickr photos as native WordPress posts.

  41. The thumbnail gallery is exactly what I’m looking for. I just don’t like that there is no support and it hasn’t been updated in over 3 years.

    Is there anything else that has the same style of filmstrip style gallery?

  42. Hi
    Thanks for the post. It is really a great information and effective for the beginners. All these plugin setups are quite simple. Can you tell me among the listed plugins which plugin seems to be the best?

    • Hi Prabhu, I’ve become a big fan of Envira, but they all have their pros and cons. I think the best one really depends on the specific requirements of a particular project.

  43. Hi Guys
    I was searching for the best gallery plugins. Your article helped me. It’s a clean and clear article. Keep updating posts like this.

  44. Any suggestions for the best gallery for user’s submitting their own photos/layouts using our products? Each user would have their own ID/PW and create their own album. Our old websites used Coppermine Gallery and Photo Sharing Gallery by PhotoPost, but those are not being updated anymore.

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