11 Best Instagram Likes Apps to Gain More Likes (2021)

11 Best Instagram Apps & Tools to Gain More Likes in 2021

In life it doesn’t always matter whether someone likes you or not, but on Instagram it’s what matters the most. Heaps of likes attract even more likes, while few likes deter even those couple of users that manage to stumble upon your content somehow. With these neat pieces of software, however, you’ll get more likes than you could have hoped for otherwise!

Humans are social animals. We seek social recognition, as we have done since we came into existence. Whether it’s in the form of nods of approval, kind words, or likes on Instagram, signs of social recognition give you a boost in social standing and reputation.

What does this mean to a young Instagram content creator? This means that, in the eyes of your audience, you won’t be worth following unless you manage to gather a sufficient number of likes. Needing likes in order to get likes might seem to be a paradox, and you would be right.

It’s a major obstacle that countless users haven’t managed to overcome. Between cutthroat competition and a promotional mechanism that boosts everyone but those who need it the most, most of the rookies fade into obscurity just about immediately.

This is why we made this list. You don’t have to take that road. There are apps and tools to help you gain more likes and give you more than a fighting chance at achieving Instagram success. Wanna learn more? Then go through the article and see if you can learn anything you hadn’t known before (and we bet you can!) 

Best Instagram Likes Apps



Did you ever feel like placing your account into the hands of someone who has mastered the craft of Instagram and who’ll optimize your growth in ways you probably never knew were possible?

This is exactly what Growthoid has to offer. Growthoid houses teams composed of experts from all around the world who have one thing in common: they are the grandmasters of Instagram expansion. For quite an affordable price if you ask us, you can get one such team to become your dedicated account managers.

The benefits? You keep full control of your account and the content it hosts. On the other hand, quite literally every segment of the management of your account will be boosted and improved. From overhauled targeting to perfectly customized popularity campaigns, dedicated managers will turn your profile into a beacon that attracts many more people over time.

Authentic, organic growth is Growthoid’s domain. Instead of getting a bundle of likes at a fixed price and with a fixed amount, you’ll grow up to ten times faster completely naturally. 

And you’ll grow, or your money back. Because at each initial step of the process you can cancel and get your investment returned to you. Growthoid crew is that confident!

Growthoid is a living proof that live and kicking humans still beat software. Well, at least when it comes to organic growth and account management on Instagram!

More Likes

More Likes

Is there a more fitting candidate to bring you more likes on Instagram than More Likes?

In fact, More Likes does not provide only likes, but also followers and views. They offer custom-sized packages of followers and engagements that can rapidly increase your like count and other metrics. A bit more conventional method than having a dedicated account manager, buying likes delivers the same result, just via different methods.

With More Likes, you’ll manage to convince both the algorithm and potential audience that your content merits further attention.

What can you expect from More Likes? Quality service with real likes and real followers. Your likes start arriving minutes after your order, so you won’t need to wait enormous amounts of time until you start seeing the results–you’ll witness growth of your profile immediately.

Oh, and the delivery follows a natural pattern of expansion, so you have higher chances of attracting the attention of Instagram promotional services.

And there’s this thing called automatic likes that they offer. More Likes detects when you post something within 60 seconds and starts automatically delivering likes to your content. Why place an order whenever you post something? That thing is so last year!

More Likes offers dynamic delivery, increased exposure, and more likes. Because they care about customers with their policies, you can cancel any time. Oh, and also refund within 3 days. Awesome!


How I Grew My Instagram 10 Times Faster with Growthsilo: A Quick Review

The second entry on our list that relies on organically-sourced engagement for your Instagram, Growthsilo is another dedicated account management provider.

Growthsilo represents a repository of professional experts that have specialized in helping small- and medium-sized content creators gain maximum number of likes. With their guiding hand, you can expect to get several times more likes on your Instagram posts than without their guidance.

And it takes minutes to get growing. All you need to do is contact them, provide a couple of answers related to the way you want your popularity campaigns to be managed, and that’s it. No private data, sensitive information, or anything like that needed. 

What about their quality of service? Expect only real likes, real followers, and real engagement. There’s no fake metrics and farmed accounts when you operate with Growthsilo. Caring for their reputation means they’ll never succumb to cheap tricks.

To give you some breathing room, Growthsilo allows for a full-refund policy within 14 days if anything goes against your initial requirements. That’s right, you can simply cancel and get a refund if you think you’re getting subpar service. You won’t be getting that, of course, but simply knowing you can back away fosters trust between them and their clients.

Way to go, Growthsilo!


Grablikes is that kind of service that delivers what you ordered and more! With reliable service they provide packages of high-quality engagement and real followers. No fakes, zero scams, fully supportive, and completely safe social media growth service? Exactly!

Oh, and would you mind some automatic delivery with that? Grablikes employs accurate analysis of your content in order to be able to deliver likes automatically under a minute from the moment when you post a pic or a video! Their team has honed the software to detect spots from which the likes you ordered can make the most difference and pack the biggest punch.

Think about the time saved and the invested spared to be put elsewhere! Grablikes people indeed think about everything, and that’s exactly why with their supreme service you get guarantees of exact delivery, full safety warrants, and a caring customer support that is available for you 24/7!

Could you ask for more from an Instagram marketing service? Technically you could, but you could hardly find anything better. Yes, they are that good. Our wholehearted support to Grablikes, and keep on rocking!



Stormlikes stands as another candidate for good ol’ packages of promotional joy, but they come with a twist that sets them apart. Are you ready? Here it goes – Stormlikes gives a free trial of their services.

Whoa! How do you perform free trials with packages of likes?

Stormlikes grabs their clients like a storm with a free trial of 10 likes, no questions asked. That’s right, you don’t need to provide credit card info, personal data, no sorts of registering, you don’t even have to give your name. Say hi, get your 10 likes, and rest assured that their whole service comes as quickly and efficiently as that.

All the advanced features that you can expect in an Instagram promotional service stand at your disposal here. From automated delivery of likes to each and every now post to full control over how many likes each of your post gets, Stormlikes has it all.

And let’s not forget geographically separated likes! If you care about where your likes come from, you might as well use Stormlikes feature of location-tied likes that can diversify or narrow down your provided metrics for additional authenticity of your order.

They really are a storm that sweeps off the competition. Stormlikes, pro likes–we guarantee!



Likes.io for likes.Instagram; it’s crystal clear what you can expect from them. High standard of quality packages of followers, views, and of course, likes, with real users, authentically-sourced engagement, and organic followers that actually use Instagram in their spare time. Looking for a little push in the right way when it comes to Instagram metrics? Then look no further.

With authentic approach and growth that simulates natural expansion, you can expect likes.io crew to deliver their goods in a way that will guarantee to draw the attention of the algorithm back to your content. With the right approach that Likes.io employs, you’ll break the soft cap that is imposed on fresh starters on Instagram and turn up recommended on more pages than ever before.

Add to this top-notch customer service that solves all your issues around the clock and a bullet-proof security that preserves the privacy of your data at all times, and the result is Likes.io. We couldn’t ask for a better result, really!

Task Ant

Task Ant Review - Changing the Instagram Hashtag Game

Let us ask you right before we dive into the specifics of Task Ant–what do you know about hashtags and Instagram insights and surveys?

Surveys sound important, and they are. But what about hashtags? You might say that they are nothing but a bit crazy descriptive patchwork of text, and you’d be wrong.

You might say that they are labels that tag photos into groups for more convenient search, and you’d be on the right track, but still wrong. Actually, hashtags are strong bonds that connect both content and the audiences together, both for users and for codes that run Instagram as a platform. 

In other words, doing hashtags right can allow you to tap into audiences previously unavailable to you. Doing hashtags wrong can severely limit your otherwise limited reach due to better optimization of your competition.

So now you know. Hashtags matter. And if you slacken your standards or perform poorly, you might lose the edge or outright fail miserably. You don’t have to wrap your brain around it, though. Task Ant can do that for you, and probably better.

By relying on access to powerful hashtag libraries, scanning your competition’s hashtag strategies, and covering metrics from a broad spectrum of data, Task Ant optimizes your Instagram performance for a massive influx of likes.

A bit unconventional, but progressive and, most importantly, effective. Give it a go, you won’t regret it.



Viral on social media? That’s exactly what we’re looking for!

But are they any good? Betcha they are!

The abundant SocialViral offer is composed of custom-sized packages of Instagram likes, followers, comments, views, and autolikes, each and every one organically sourced from real and active users. 

Beware of fake users since they can mess up your account badly, up to a point where you get permabanned from your beloved social media. With SocialViral, however, you can let down your guard as they never had a single case of malversation and shenanigans when it comes to client safety and satisfaction. 

From SocialViral you can expect top quality service only, with all the addons of 24/7 customer support and security protocols that will never leak your private data or sensitive information. Because these experts rely on reputation, you can easily check user reviews around the web that hold nothing but praise for SocialViral.

The judgement is pretty easy for this. Ten out of ten, would go SocialViral again. Kudos!

Media Mister

Media Mister

Do you know this mister? It’s Media Mister, and if you don’t, it’s high time you found out about him!

Serving new content creators on over 20 social media platforms, Mr. Social Media Promotion deems his personal domain of expertise to be upgrading the presence of those who think they deserve more likes, but are suffocated by the amount of competition and oppressive Instagram promotional policies.

Why would you need to be limited by arbitrary factors when agencies such as this one can alleviate all your issues in a flash? And by being everywhere relevant, they can put combined effort and promote you on multiple platforms!

Their Instagram-exclusive offers come as a beast on themselves. Listen to this: followers, views, likes, impressions, mentions, saves, comments, comment replies, post reach, profile visits, and story poll votes. Is it even possible to ask for something that they don’t offer already? Hardly so!

On top of it all, they are affordable, they provide fast delivery, and they remain loyal to customers before profits. For example, how generous do you think a 3-days refund policy is? Well, multiply that by 10 and you get what Media Mister offers. Yes, 30 days money-back guarantee!

As you can see, these guys take their job seriously. Skipping them means skipping something extraordinary. And why would you skip something extraordinary? Our thoughts exactly.



The last conventional vendor for bundles of promotional goodies on our list, Followersup lacks nothing that previous entries have.

Here as well you can get followers, likes, and views for your nascent Instagram account. Think of Followersup packages as direct injections of popularity into your account. Sure, you may potentially be able to get there without it, but is it really worth the hassle and ludicrous amounts of time spent waiting and redoubling your efforts? Hell no!

And because the likes you’ll get here are from real users, there’s effectively no difference. You can invest the time you’d otherwise spend on Instagram yourself on vacation, with friends and family, or focusing on more important aspects of your brand. Convenient, right?

A cherry on top comes as free trials of Instagram likes and views. A token amount, really, but enough to show their prowess in social marketing. Rely on their strength and you’ll become big in no time.



Artisans in Instagram promotion, the Nitreo team can help your brand explode with the number of likes–organically and naturally!

Having 5k+ clients monthly on average, Nitreo has quite a reputation to uphold. Much is at stake, and because of that they will never let their standards drop. After all, their stance towards client satisfaction has landed them on this list in the first place!

Nitreo takes literally two minutes to set up, register, and start growing. With a dedicated account manager from their expert teams, you’ll achieve your fullest potential, optimized to Instagramesque perfection. The growth is organic, authentic, quick, and entirely real. All the while you might be drinking cocktails laid back somewhere on a sandy beach. For example.

And don’t mind us praising their safety policy, because amassing likes on Instagram means nothing if your safety comes into question right? Well, Nitreo does keep you safe as the whole crew remains in service of the privacy of your data, the safety of your account, and the security of your transactions. Zero chance of data leaks, account bans, or any sort of shady deals with Nitreo. As it should be.

Couldn’t find a fault with them, honestly. Let’s bet you won’t either!

Final Thoughts

In 2021, the biggest factor of your popularity still remains having a big following and a hefty amount of likes. However, rapid growth that gets concentrated on big players leaves less and less space for you to get your slice of the Instagram pie.

We’ve talked about this. It’s though. But we’ve offered solutions that can fix this. The above-mentioned services will kickstart your brand.

However, as a final though, remember that, in the end, it’s your content that makes or breaks you. Use these boosts wisely and you’ll rapidly grow, but only if you play on that success to evolve into the mentality of a good content creator will you truly prosper.

Go with your metrics, brand sense, and guts, and we’re sure you’ll make it. Good luck on the trip to greatness!

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