Best mobile apps for bloggers

Best mobile apps for bloggers

The rise of smartphones and connectivity and productivity on the go has been the driving force behind the slew of amazing mobile Apple and Android applications designed recently to make life easier.

Think of almost any problem to be solved and there’s bound to be an app for it. So what are the best apps for bloggers, designed to help you be productive and creative on the go?

Here are a handful of the most popular apps for bloggers, including a couple of my personal favourites.


Obviously the first app to have among your resources is WordPress’ own app, which is available for iPhone and iPad, and for Android users. Like WordPress, this app is simple in its design yet features everything you need – making it easy to manage every aspect of your WP blog or site, including the ability to create and edit posts and pages, moderate comments and view statistics. Compatible with blogs and sites running 3.1 and higher.


Available only for iPad, but popular with bloggers thanks to its simple and elegantly intuitive interface, Blogsy is a great app to have on hand if you often find yourself blogging on the go.

Blogsy supports WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, MovableType, Drupal, Joomla, Squarespace, Flickr, Picassa, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and Instagram – making it the ideal app for bloggers who engage via a range of platforms.

  • Available on iPad only, $4.99
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Evernote is a personal favourite of mine – not only due to its attractive and easy to use interface, but also because it’s smart enough to sync between my iPhone and iMac apps so I always have all of my notes and clippings when I want them, where I want them.

Designed to help you stay organized and save your ideas, Evernote allows you to take notes, create to-do lists, and much more, and make all of your notes searchable, so you can find them when you need them.


Wunderlist 2 is credited as the easiest way to manage and share your daily to-do lists – and is another of my favourite apps. I have to admit, when I first downloaded Wunderlist for iPhone I thought it was little more than a pretty, slick-looking to-do list. However, after seeing Wunderlist 2 featured some impressive new offerings, downloading the iMac version and really taking the time to test out its capabilities, I’m a convert.

Like Evernote, Wunderlist syncs your lists between your devices, and allows you to set deadlines and reminders which are emailed to your primary address, and popup as a reminder on your mobile device. You can even include your Facebook friends on individual to-do lists with a quick invitation, or curate lists together so you’re all on the same page.

I use Wunderlist to keep tabs on upcoming post ideas and editorial calendars for multiple clients, and it hasn’t failed me yet.

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Taking your blogging topics with you to work on and flesh out on the go can be great for the creative process – but trying to keep on top of all the files you’ve emailed to yourself over the course of a week can be a nightmare.

Enter Dropbox – a popular productivity app that lets you access all of your documents, files, photos and videos anywhere, and share them easily with friends, colleagues, and additional authors of your blog. Access all of the files you save to your Dropbox from all of your computers, devices and even the Dropbox website.

Fast Analytics

Professional bloggers and businesses running their websites on WordPress will love Fast Analytics, which harnesses the power of Google Analytics and delivers it in a minimal, at-a-glance-style app.

Designed with simplicity in mind and compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, Fast Analytics can provide fast and easy insights into how your blog performs, and the preferences of your readers.

What apps do you find particularly useful for blogging and productivity? Share your favourites in the comments section below.

Nikki is a professional freelance writer and story teller with a passion for the web and technology. She writes for WP Dev Shed and amongst a roster of other clients.

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  1. Mohit says:

    Thanks for sharing this great article. I found two new apps that I should also try – Wunderlist & Fast Analytics.

  2. Zwodnik says:

    My Top 5 apps for Bloggers:

    1. Google Keep
    2. Google Analytics
    3. WordPress
    4. Dropbox
    5. gReader

  3. Mickey Mixon says:

    Thank you so much for the list. It is so complete.

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