BeeProxy Review: The Cheapest Proxies in 2023

The Best and Cheapest Proxy Provider

As technology is made more easily accessible worldwide, the perils of the online world continue to upsurge too.

Everyone desires the perfect defense mechanism; a reliable way to safeguard their private and confidential information from all malicious actors.

One of the best ways to get that extra layer of security against identity thieves and hackers is to sign up for the best proxy provider.

A proxy is essentially an internet access point that serves as a gateway.

A computer server handles all traffic requests to/from a website. This strategy prevents the disclosure of your true identity.

Typically, access to certain websites is blocked in workplaces, educational institutions, and library spaces.

Some websites are also geographically restricted. You can freely access such websites by using a proxy. – The Most Highly Recommended Proxy Service

Known as one of the finest proxy providers around the world, BeeProxy offers a rare combination of affordability and reliability in the world of proxies.

Over the past four years of its existence, this US-based service has expanded and developed a solid reputation by providing top-notch proxy services.

So, if you are looking for cheap proxies with the best quality, you are exactly where you should be.

Main Features

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User Anonymity

The primary function of BeeProxy is to modify the IP address of its clients when they browse or use an application through their proxies, making it look as though the traffic is coming from them rather than the client.


Aiming to enhance the online security of users, BeeProxy boasts the use of SSL certificates; meaning SSL encryption is employed when data is transferred between the client browser and the targeted website.

This adds that extra layer of security that privacy-conscious individuals and businesses desire.

Proxy Options

BeeProxy offers both shared as well as dedicated proxies to its clients, with great speeds and stability.

While its shared proxies (used by two or more clients) are great for users looking for the cheapest option, the dedicated ones (used by only one client) are highly recommended for those who require top-notch security and privacy.

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For greater efficiency, reliability, and control over the management of your online tasks, a slightly greater price is only fair. 

With dedicated proxies, the likelihood of having your IP banned is also very low.

Coverage and IP address pool

Having data centers all across America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania, BeeProxy offers quite a wide coverage with more than 50,000 private (aka dedicated) proxies in its pool of IP addresses.

With such a broad selection of server locations, BeeProxy is rapidly becoming popular for its residential proxies too.

All in all, BeeProxy has some of the finest proxies (private and shared) ideal for daily or professional use, and each of those IPs supports up to 100 requests simultaneously.

Moreover, all these servers giving you proxies are extremely fast, running on 1Gb/s networks, and an uptime of 99% is guaranteed to all users.

So, you are unlikely to feel a difference in connection speed.



To manage the usage of available proxies, Control Panels or Dashboards are one the most sought-after features but are rarely offered by proxy providers.

Here, BeeProxy earns a point for its free-of-cost dashboard too.

As soon as someone signs up for the service, they will have access to their private dashboard where they can buy and switch proxies.

All their proxy activities can be monitored from there and any change in settings can be easily made.

If you have recently been introduced to proxies and your primary concern is not having sufficient technical expertise, BeeProxy is just the right choice for you.

It has an extremely simple user interface so that even beginners having very little knowledge of the technical world can also navigate through it with as much ease as a proxy pro.

Sometimes, users may encounter problems despite its simplicity. On such occasions, BeeProxy’s extremely responsive customer service and support team will have your back.

Plans and Pricing


Another one of the most enticing features of BeeProxy is the large selection of plans it has to offer and its pricing.

With so many options available, you are more than likely to find some proxy packages that can accomplish everything you need, including managing your Instagram account(s), posting advertisements on Craigslist, and getting around geo-restrictions.

Best of all, you can purchase these proxies at unimaginable rates; starting as low as $2/month.

Now you know, BeeProxy has not been voted the #1 cheap proxy provider without good reasons.

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BeeProxy accepts payments through all the main credit cards, with Stipe being their secure payment gateway.

If you are wondering, yes, BeeProxy offers a 30-days money-back guarantee.

However, that refund is conditional, applicable only to users who experienced poor performance, which is highly unlikely.


Are Proxies Illegal?

No. Proxy services may be used for lawful purposes. However, several web resources contain rules that forbid using them.
Do not even attempt it if you come across one. Otherwise, you run the risk of being fined or imprisoned.
Also, some service providers impose restrictions on their terms of use, like BeeProxy, which has clearly stated that their proxies are prohibited for torrents.

Is It Safe to Use Free Proxy Servers?

Actually, no. Proxy servers transmit your data in native format and are trackable.

Additionally, the requisite security encryptions are occasionally unavailable in the free versions.

To ensure online safety and privacy, it is recommended that you use extremely reliable and cheap proxy providers like BeeProxy instead.

What Is the Difference Between a Shared and A Dedicated or Private Proxy?

A dedicated or private proxy is used by one client at a time. A shared proxy, on the contrary, enables simultaneous use by two or more users.

Such proxies, however, are typically blacklisted by the search engine after one use.

Whereas, private proxies are usually only utilized by one individual or business and then discarded once the job is finished.

Because of this, private proxies are typically more useful and secure for businesses trying to collect data online.


Just as the online threats are increasing with each passing day, quality solutions are also springing up to protect you against those threats.

Nowadays, a large number of individuals and businesses prefer to avail proxy services for personal browsing or general cyber security, which is why these services are growing overwhelmingly, making countless options available for buyers.

Out of all those available options, BeeProxy is one of our top recommendations, excelling in terms of affordability as well as the quality of its service.

It offers a wide array of proxy options for you to choose from, depending upon your purpose of use, and each of those plans and packages has prices unrivaled.

So, when we say BeeProxy is the #1 cheap proxy provider, what we really mean is that it offers a great value for the price.

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