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We designed this theme with law firms and attorneys in mind, but it would be great for anyone who wants a simple, elegant and responsive theme for a business site or even a personal blog if you like this style. Check out the demo video…

The theme features a couple of alternative home page layouts, one for static content and another with a slider for the latest posts. The blog also makes use of featured images and we’ve applied styles to all the usual on page elements including image galleries and video embeds.

If you are setting up a new site you will be needing hosting. Check out our WordPress hosting comparisons here.

Via the customization menu you can easily upload you own logo, set the theme colors, slider behaviour and select which social media channels you link to.

Home Page Slider Setup

Since releasing this theme we have had some requests for a tutorial on how to set up the home page as on this demo site. Here is a simple step by step which I hope will help those unfamiliar with WordPress through the process…

By default the theme installs with a traditional blog style layout on the home page, but it is quite easy to change this. Here’s how to apply the alternative home page templates:

  1. Login to WP and create a new static page (call it “Home” or something similar), and in the right hand column of the page edit interface you will see an option to select from a drop down list of templates. Select the template you want to apply to the page. These templates are only available to be applied to static pages (not posts). You can choose from the static page template with sliding images and widgets, the latest posts slider with widgets, or the latest posts and plain content template. If you choose the options with the widgets (as in the demo home page) then you can edit the content of the widgets under Appearance > Widgets.
  2. Create another static page called Blog. You don’t need to select any templates or add any content to this, it is just a page that will be assigned as the new blog page.
  3. Once these two pages are created, go to Settings > Reading where you can choose to set a static page as the home page, and another static page to be your blog page. Make these changes and save the updated settings. Now your “Home” page will appear as the sites home and the “Blog” page will be where any posts you write appear. You don’t have to have a blog, but this is where the posts go if you do write them.

A couple of additional notes about images…

  • If you choose the home page template which uses static page content then you must embed a regular WordPress gallery of images in the homepage content and the template will use these in the slider. How good your images look will depend alot on the quality of the images you upload. Crop your images to 1000 x 640 and they’ll work well.
  • If you choose either of the home page templates which slide the latest posts then the images will be the images you set as “featured” for each of those posts. The featured image for each post is also what is used on the blog page itself.

This demo site was set up with a completely standard install of WordPress and it is entirely possible to replicate the layout of all pages with the stock theme install.

Hope this helps ?

If you are a new webmaster you might like to check out our new tutorial, How to Create a Website, and our hosting reviews for popular hosts like Siteground and Bluehost.

Charlie has been building WordPress themes, reviewing web hosts and utilizing social media since their respective inceptions.

162 thoughts on “Attorney Theme

  1. Avatar Janet says:

    Is there a way to increase the size of images to fill the post page?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Janet, you just need to upload an image big enough to occupy that space and it will be full width for the post. If you upload an image slightly bigger it will actually scale it down to fit.

      1. Avatar Janet says:

        Thanks Charles! One more question, is there a way to completely remove the sidebar on posts?

        1. Charles Charles says:

          Hi Janet, only by customizing the post template. That goes beyond the level of support we can provide here in the comments but if you’d like some professional help with this please email us at and we’ll provide an estimate on making any such changes.

  2. Avatar Paul says:

    Thanks for this nice and simple theme.

    But i have a big problem. I want to add some adsense ads between the content on the pages. But there only appears a box in different sizes. (And thats not the box of the ad which is not activated.)

    Here is a picture of it

    The ads are working in the right sidebar. Only between the content its a problem.

    Please help me!!
    Thank you!

    Kind regards,

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Paul, how are you putting your adsense code into your posts/pages? Are you using one of the popular plugins for this or did you add the code to the template? If the latter I suggest removing that and looking for one of the many adsense plugins in the plugin directory to try. If you are using a plugin perhaps try some different ones.

      1. Avatar Paul says:

        Hi Charles,

        thanks for fast reply.
        I have tried both opportunities.
        If i use a plugin (i tried 3 different) it appears this

        I am really desperate of it 🙁


        1. Avatar Ryan S says:

          So it display the ads but it just didn’t display well, it seems like an iframe or ins tag, use Firebug to check element.

          1. Avatar Paul says:

            Found the problem!
            Have to delete

            ins {
            background: #FF9;
            color: black;
            text-decoration: none;

            in the css!


            .commentlist li.comment article[id*=comment-] iframe, .post_content iframe

            of the following part in the css

            .commentlist li.comment article[id*=comment-] video, .post_content video,
            .commentlist li.comment article[id*=comment-] object, .post_content object,
            .commentlist li.comment article[id*=comment-] embed, .post_content embed,
            .commentlist li.comment article[id*=comment-] iframe, .post_content iframe

            display: block;
            margin: 1.5rem 0;
            max-width: 100%;
            padding: 8px;
            background: #fafafa;
            border: 1px solid #e2e2e2;
            box-shadow: 0 0 5px #e7e7e7;
            min-width: 100%;
            height: auto;
            min-height: 340px;

            Now it works!!! Yuhuu

  3. Avatar Jeroen says:

    Can you tell me how to remove Date By and bokmark and permalink from Post

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Jeroen, this will require some theme customization, beyond the level of support we can provide here in the comments. Also making this change you should be sure to set up your theme as a child theme first so that future theme updates don’t overwrite your local changes. If you would like our help with this please email us at and we can provide an estimate. Thanks.

  4. Avatar Malek mehaouchi says:

    what is the suggested size of the images in the elder?

  5. Avatar Malek mehaouchi says:

    Sorry, I meant the slider

    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      Hi @malek,

      Thanks for using our theme

      It should at least 1000 x 640 in pixel size

      Hope that helps

  6. Sorry to bother you again Charles,

    On the Attorney template:

    Why aren’t the slides in order of creation?

    Why are the slides created in the post panel?

    Since categories are under post, can we turn off the posts?

    When you click on a slide title, it takes you to a post. How do we turn that off?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Malek, I’m not sure I follow all your questions:

      • There are two slider options, one which slides recent posts and one which slides images from a gallery added to that template. I gather you are using the former. The slider slides the latest posts in reverse chronology just like a blog presents them. You can re-order this just by changing the post dates.
      • As above the slider is designed purposefully to display the latest posts. If you don’t want to display the latest posts, use the other home page template and instead simply add a regular wordpress gallery to the page and the template will slide the images in the gallery (with no link anywhere).
      • I don’t understand your question about turning off posts. But I think the answer is no, you can’t turn off posts.
      • You can’t turn off links to the post from the slider. I think what you actually want to do is use the other home page template which will slide a gallery of images without linking to the recent posts.
  7. Avatar Malek Mehaouchi says:

    Thank you. Really appreciate your prompt responses.

  8. Avatar Kevin Miller says:

    Is there a way to have the social media links open in a new window?

    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      Hi @Kevin,

      Thanks for using our theme

      If you mean via theme settings no, but if you prefer do it by hand or manually yeah there is, social code is added at header.php file start from line #29-84, just add target="_blank" in the anchor.

      Hope that helps

  9. Avatar Trish says:

    Have removed the Searchform from the navigation bar and want to add the 25px reserved for the searchform to the nav bar. How do I do this?

    NOTE: I have a child theme installed. in which to make my css adjustments on.

    Thank YOU in advance.

    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      Hi @trish,

      Thanks for using our theme

      Just overwrite > ul margin-right to only 25px, you can find the original code in style.css at line #870

      Hope that helps

      1. Avatar Trish says:

        It WORKED Ryan… THANK YOU {{{HUGS!}}}

  10. Avatar Jim says:

    I love this theme for my intranet. One problem, though. When viewed in Firefox and Chrome, the layout is perfect. When viewed in IE 9, the layout is a mess with bad spacing and weird image sizing. Any ideas what’s causing this (other than IE)? Thank you in advance.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Jim, can you provide a screenshot of what the theme looks like in IE9 for you please. In truth we don’t tend to worry about older versions of IE, but my own testing suggests that IE9 does work ok.

      1. Avatar Jim says:

        Charles — thanks for the reply. How do I go about getting you a screenshot? I don’t seem to have an option in this form. BTW — I did test the theme in IE 11 and it looks great.

        1. Charles Charles says:

          Hi Jim, you can post it to one of the free image hosting sites like and link it here or email it to me at

  11. Avatar David says:

    Hi. The font for my website title is smaller than the font for my webpage title. I’ve created a child theme and tried changing the font size to several different lines of code without success. Could you help me? Many thanks.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi David, I don’t follow sorry. Can you provide an annotated screenshot or a link to your page so we can see the issue. Cheers.

  12. Avatar Rebeca Avila says:

    I loved this theme. I would like to limit the number of posts in the slider. Can you help me?
    Thank you!

    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      Hi @rebeca,

      Thanks for using our theme

      You can update the value in alt_homepage_blog_slider.php file and at line #15, just make sure you’re using a child-theme.

      Hope that helps

      1. Avatar Kevin says:


        I am also trying to change the post slider slightly by altering – alt_homepage_blog_slider.php

        The effect I am after is to have the homepage slider based off a specific category rather than most recent posts.

        I’m fine with all posts in said category, I would just put the posts I want up on the homepage at any given time into the category and move them out when I needed them to come down.

        Thank you!

        1. Avatar Ryan S says:

          Hi @kevin,

          Thanks for using our theme

          You can visit this page for more parameters available, if you found this a bit techy we can help you with that, just send us an email at, thanks

  13. Avatar Angela says:

    I like the look of your theme for my web site. As I add pages though the search bar overlaps and hides the last page tab. How can I remove the search bar? (or hide it?)

    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      Hi Angela,

      Thanks for using our theme

      You can remove or hide the search bar in header.php at line #94, just make sure you’re using child-theme so new theme update won’t overwrite your theme changes.

      Hope that helps

  14. Avatar TomO says:

    I am having a hard time getting the images to display on the home page. I tried to include an image with the size (945×290) as a featured image and nothing seems to work. I watched your video also. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      TomO, I see you have a static page set as the home page. You just need to assign the Alt_homepage w/static gallery template to this page and then embed a regular WordPress gallery in the page content. The theme will use this gallery to power the slider on the page. You can also chose to use the Alt_homepage w/posts slider template which will instead slide the latest posts.

  15. Avatar Dave says:

    Hi. I would like to add the title page name to the posts page, i.e. I want to add a title to the post page called “News”. How would I do that? Would I do something in the index.php? Cheers.

    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      Hi Dave,

      Thanks for using our theme

      No, in WordPress you can use single.php for single posts page so if the file is present in the current theme you can use it instead.

      Hope that helps

  16. Avatar Dean and David says:

    Hi. We’re using your Attorney theme with a static homepage that has 3 widgets.

    Each of the widgets contains only text. One widget has a lot of text and the other two widgets only have a few lines of text.

    As a consequence, the height of each of the widget boxes is different. Is there a way to make the widget boxes of equal height?

    Best to you!!

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Dean and David, the hard way to do this is play with the CSS to ensure a minimum height for the widgets, through that gets more complicated if you don’t want that being applied to widgets on all pages (eg. I doubt you want this on the sidebar). A simple ‘hack’ might be to add some line breaks to the short content on those home page text widgets so that the widgets are the same height.

    2. Avatar Ryan S says:

      Hi @dean

      Thanks for using our theme

      // try this code
      #sidebar-home .widget{ min-height: 200px; } // you can play the height to suite your need

      Hope that helps

      1. Avatar Dean says:

        Hi @RyanS.

        Thanks very much. Unfortunately, no luck.

        I think Charles is right, we’re going to have to play with the CSS for a bit. Only problem is that adding line breaks does not work across browser platforms, e.g., while it might look aligned on IE it doesn’t appear aligned on Safari.

        I’ll let you all know if we encounter an easier solution. Cheers, Dean.

  17. Avatar Knight says:


    Really loving working with your theme for a friend’s website, and appreciate you having this article here for help!

    I’m using the static homepage slider, and we’ve decided we just want different images sliding by there without any text on them. I was able to remove the original text we had on the homepage, however I’m still getting the word “HOME” showing up in the lower left corner of the slider. How would I remove that without removing the page title? Thanks for any help!

    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      Hi @knight

      Thanks for using our theme

      The easiest solution is by using CSS, simply add display: none; in style.css at line #2569 or in .slide-content selector

      Hope that helps

  18. Avatar Dan says:

    Hi Charles — I wanted to add a phone number & address in the upper right of the website (I suppose on the background, though the foreground can be OK). Is there a simple way to do that without knowing much code?

    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      Hi @Dan,

      Thanks for using our theme

      You can modify header.php file and add your HTML code before the icons closing tag or in line #84

      Hope that helps

  19. Avatar Maurice Green says:

    Using the Attorney theme for a non-profit group and loving it.
    Using the Alt_home w/slider and content for home page. Couple of questions:
    1. Can I control the content of the teaser info on the slider?
    2. Can I add a ‘Read more’ link to the teaser on the slider image?
    3. Can I add ‘previous/next’ controls to the slides?
    And most important of all –
    4. I want to display just a teaser with a ‘Read more…’ link on pages like ‘Categories’ and ‘Archives’ but neither the ‘More’ break point or the Excerpt seem to work. All I seem to get is the full content. What am I missing?

    Can’t wait to find a good project for the Advocate theme. It’s awesome! Thanks.


    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Maurice,

      In answer to your questions:

      1. There are two Alt_homepage templates. One slides the latest posts and the other displays static content over the top of sliding images. If you are using the latter then yes you can control the content which is simply the content of the page you created and assign with the Alt-homepage template.
      2. No, not on the static content version of the Alt_homepage. The latest posts do of course link to the post in question, but the static version of the home page doesn’t use the read more function. That said you can add a regular link to the end of your content and link that to any page you want.
      3. You could, but that will require some template customization and associated styling, certainly more than I can get into here. If you need help with this you could try Elto.
      4. Hmm, that is curious. The archive pages and categories etc absolutely support the native WordPress “read more” functionality. See our Demo blog by way of example. You’ve added the ‘more’ code like this yes?

      Hope that helps.

  20. Avatar Maurice Green says:

    Crikey, 5:51AM? Hope you’re just getting up, not just finishing up.
    Anyway, slight misunderstanding – I am using the Alt_HomePage, Slider and Content, No Widgets template, not the static one. ALSO, I am using a child theme with only style.css and screenshot.png in the folder.
    Actually questions #1 and #4 are sort of related in that in both cases the teaser is not working. Neither the or the separate Excerpt are recognized. On the post slider I get some set number of words and no ‘Read more…’. On the Archives and Categories pages (selected from the widgets) I get the full text.
    The site is not public yet so I don’t want to list it here. I’ll email you the link. I

    1. Avatar Maurice Green says:

      Of course I meant to say “Neither the ‘more’ break code or the separate Excerpt are recognized.

    2. Avatar Maurice Green says:

      MY BAD!. It must have been “cockpit error”.
      The “more” link IS working in the Archive and Categories pages. But still not on the post slider text. Is there a way to control what is displayed there?

      1. Charles Charles says:

        Hey Maurice, per my email, no there is no way to control this. The template pulls the first part of the content and that’s it. You could customize the template to use the excerpt, but that is more involved than I can get into here. If you need help with such customizations I suggest Elto.

  21. Avatar Roger Herbaugh says:

    I am trying to remove the title of the page from the top of the page. How do i go about that?

    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      Hi @Roger,

      Thanks for using our theme

      The easiest solution is to use CSS h1.entry-title{ display: none; }

      Hope that helps

  22. Avatar Ariana says:


    First time building a site and I have found yours and the help you offer very easy to use, so thank you.

    A few questions:

    -on Alt Home – how do I customize the 3 boxes below the image slider? The sample homepage you have says site set up service, contact, etc., but mine has latest posts, category, and archive. I want to customize the headers to what I want, and obviously content too.

    -Do you have other page templates besides these offered here? I want to add a contact form. Is this doable within your template?

    -Can the footer be customized to include address, phone, etc.?

    Thank you again!

    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      Hi @Ariana,

      Thanks for using our theme

      1. It’s a widget you can update and change it in Appearance -> Widgets
      2. No, but you can create your own (
      3. Yes, you can change text in footer.php file, just make sure you’re using child-theme

      Hope that helps

  23. Avatar pete says:

    After working on this theme for a couple of weeks now, I noticed it doesn’t work in IE 10. Any suggestions?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Pete, can you be more specific? Maybe a link to your site in dev? The theme works pretty well in IE9 and 10 for me.

  24. Avatar Marco says:

    Hello! Thank you for the great theme. I just have a question. How can I upload more than one image for the slider in the home page?
    I put a “featured image” for the page and it works. But where should I upload the other images for the slider?
    Thank you in advance for any help!!

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Marco, which version of the home page template are you using? If you use the version which slides the latest posts then of course you simply add new posts and set the featured image for each and that will appear in the slider (you can also use the sticky posts feature of WP to control which posts appear in the slider). If you use the version with static page content and gallery slider then you just need to add a regular WordPress image gallery to the home page content. The template will use the pics in this gallery in the slider.

  25. Avatar Marco says:

    Thank you very much, problem solved. I am using the static page version, and I have to admin that I have never created a regular image gallery before! 🙂

    If anyone else needs help, take a look here:

    As Charles said, you just need to put the image in the content.

    Thanks again! Amazing theme 🙂

  26. Help! WordPress did an automatic update and now I just get a blank screen. The error message reads: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file in **/public_html/notes/wp-content/themes/attorney/functions.php on line 688

    I can’t even log into the dashboard to disable the theme.
    How do I proceed? How to disable the theme and how do I fix it?

    I CAN log into my CPanel and the File Manager.


    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Darcy,

      Couple of things to try

      1. Contact your host and see if they can roll back you site to a previous version from backup (assuming you don’t have your own backup)
      2. Via FTP or your file manager upload a complete version of the functions.php theme replacing the one which appears to have the problem.

      But before you do anything please first take a complete back up of all files.

      If you don’t already have a local copy of the theme you can download it here:



  27. Avatar Darcy Pattison says:

    Thanks. Replacing the function.php file worked.
    How does it get corrupted? Or what was the conflict with the new version of WordPress? Thanks for the correct answer the first time! Love the theme.


    1. Charles Charles says:

      It’s not a conflict with the theme or anything like that. I suspect that your update simply failed part way through so the functions.php file wasn’t fully updated on your server, so causing the error.

  28. Avatar jaime says:


    First of all thanks for the theme, we are using it four our ngo (

    My doubth is about the homepage, as you can see there are four widget at the bottom and the last one is about news. In order to give more visibility to the important news we would like to have another widget just below the main slidder and above the current widgets but this time with the full width size instead of the third part size like the other four… is this possible? Could you help us on this issue?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      Hi @jaime,

      Thanks for using our theme

      This require touching the theme file so I suggest create child-theme first, then next copy sidebar-home.php file into new created theme, second step is to add your stuff or new widget, add it at before line #8 or in the IF condition.

      Hope that helps

  29. Avatar Darcy Pattison says:

    It happened again!
    Here’s the error message.
    public_html/notes/wp-content/themes/attorney/functions.php on line 703

    From my cPanel it looks like someone replaced that file. How do I prevent that from happening again?


    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Darcy, I have no idea how this could happen. You should contact your hosting company about this.

  30. Avatar Darcy Pattison says:

    Something is going on with the Attorney theme and the functions.php file. I have the theme installed on two blogs because I like it so much. But the functions.php file is updating by itself on both sites. I have changed my passwords and notified my host. I checked other themes and nothing else is doing this, only Attorney-functions.php. I wouldn’t know it was happening, except that the sites have gone down twice because of this. I manually downloaded the files from your site, unzipped it and re-loaded just that one file. And it’s still happening.

    The host is checking to see if there’s unauthorized access to the account. But this is really weird.


    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Darcy, when you say you downloaded it from our site I presume you mean you downloaded it from WordPress here: – Correct?

      I suggest you log in to your site, delete the theme altogether and reinstall it from within the WordPress admin (rather than using FTP). Something is up with your installation and as long as you downloaded the theme form the official WordPress directory it isn’t anything to do with the download.

  31. My hosting Support says that there is a Cron Job built into WordPress: the “wp-cron.php” task runs when somebody visits your site after 5-20 clicks on site links.

    When that runs, sometimes it introduces an error into the function.php.

    And of course, I don’t want to totally reinstall because I’ve customized! I will lose all of that.

    Can I disable the cron?


    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Darcy, that sounds very unusual, and it is getting well beyond the level of free support I can provide here. My only suggestions are:

      • Review all your plugins. You may need to deactivate them to see if that fixes the problem.
      • Implement your theme as a child theme. This is important so that you can upgrade the theme with future releases and not lose any local customizations.
      • If you need professional help you can Try something like Elto or WP Curve.

      The problem you are reporting is almost certainly not related to the theme. It is much more likely a result of some local customization gone wrong or a wayward plugin. Sprry I can’t be more helpful.

  32. Avatar Hanley says:

    I added a disclaimer page, and I do not want Comments on this page. How do I hide the Leave a Reply block on this page?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Hanley,

      You can of course enable/disable comments at the site level under Settings > Discussion.

      WordPress also let’s you turn comments on/off for any given page or post. You may need to adjust your Screen Options to see this setting on the page/post edit screen. Screen Options can be viewed top right hand corner of the admin.

      Hope that helps.

  33. Avatar Michael says:

    hello, thanks for the theme. I’m having an issue trying to upload a logo to this theme. I’m under the customization section>Site logo>Upload new> choose file> and there is no upload action. Can you help me out please?


    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Michael, I don’t know why there would be no upload. If you don’t see the following option then there may be something awry with you installation of WordPress…

      upload logo

  34. Avatar Samantha says:

    For some reason, I am not able to “see” the slider on my website at all (I am now using another theme because I got too frustrated with this one). There is absolutely no slider present at the top of the home page (or any widgets below – like the ones shown on your picture above, and I cannot seem to “turn it on” no matter which widgets I use, or pictures I upload, etc. I have changed the settings to “latest post” and still do not see a slider. Can you please help me with this issue? I have worked with lots of themes in the past and have never had this issue. I really like this theme, but I can’t use it without the slider option. Thanks!

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Samantha, here’s a blog post describing how to enable the slider option:

  35. Avatar Samantha says:


    Thanks for the information. I finally got the slider to work after reviewing the demo video. I don’t know how I missed the “template” option in the page view! Duh!

    Anyway, my issue is now completely resolved, and I am loving the new theme and slider! Thanks again for the info. and for your help!

  36. Avatar Maurice Green says:

    Hi Charles,
    One quick followup on Samantha’s question.
    Is there a way to restrict the slider posts by category?
    That way I can set a special category for the posts I want in the slider on the home page and use the ‘blog’ page for all the posts.


    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      Hi @maurice,

      Thanks for using our theme

      Yeah there’s a way for that so since you’re using page template for your homepage open alt_homepage_no_widget.php file and at line start from #14-17(these lines contains our Query arguments) so what we need to do is add category parameter e.g. ( ‘cat’ => 10 // where 10 is the category ID ), you can found more at

      Hope that helps

  37. Avatar Bob R says:

    Hi Charles,

    Is there a way to remove the Page Title for all pages and remove the Page title white space?


    1. Avatar Kris says:

      Hello bob,

      You can remove the page title for all pages by doing this custom css…
      /* This will remove the page title */
      /* This will remove the white space */


  38. Avatar Dan says:

    Having problems with hatom-feed errors in my rich snippets using this theme. I see the author, entry-title and updated date classes that should be used but I am still having errors on most of my pages. This is what the error looks like:

    name: Permalink to XXXXX
    rel: bookmark
    url: XXXXX
    Error: Missing required field “entry-title”.
    Error: Missing required field “updated”.
    Error: Missing required hCard “author”.

    Is this specific to the bookmarks on the page? Does anyone know how to fix this?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Dan, the theme doesn’t have hCard support. Agree it would be nice, but it doesn’t currently. I think you can find plugins to add support.

      1. Avatar Bryan says:

        I’m having the same issue with the Google Webmaster tools. I installed an hcard plugin but can’t seem to get rid of the error. Any advice?

        1. Charles Charles says:

          Hi Bryan, the theme itself doesn’t support microformats and I’m not familiar with any of the plugins which add such support. Have you tried reaching out to the plugin developer? If you need help with some theme customization you could try Codeable.

  39. Avatar Scottie says:

    How do I prevent the author name from appearing in posts? I would like the date to appear, but not the author’s name.

    1. Avatar Kris says:

      Hello Scottie,

      If you want to remove the author’s name from appearing in posts, you can add this custom css,


      You can download the simple custom css, this is a wordpress plugin and place the code in there.

  40. Avatar Blake says:

    Hi, how do I make the header image logo be centered instead of aligned left?

    Thank you!

    1. Avatar Kris says:

      Create a child theme or Download this plugin Simple Custom CSS then add this css code,
      #site-heading{float:none;width:300px;margin:0 auto;text-align:center;}

      If you want to make the social icons be centered also, add this code,

  41. Avatar Shawna says:

    Phone numbers throughout our website appear in blue making it obvious someone can click to dial if they are using their smart phone. However, phone numbers we have inserted into a widget do not make it obvious you can click to dial. Is there a way to change the way a phone number is displayed in a widget?

    1. Avatar Kris says:

      How did you add the phone number on the widget area? Usually it goes like this,

    2. Charles Charles says:

      HI Shawna, if you can share a link to your site we can check it out and see how the phone numbers appear across the site.

  42. Avatar david says:

    hallo, i love the theme, but how do i remove the white section with the writings on the homepage slider?, am using the alt homepage static slider.

    1. Avatar Kris says:

      Download Simple Custom CSS wordpress plugin then activate it. Then go to Appearance -> Custom CSS and add this CSS code, .slide-content{display:none;}

      1. Avatar David says:

        It worked, thank you so much.

  43. Avatar david says:

    hi, i want to change the color of the body of the website from the default bright white to a faded shade of blue, where can i change that?, please help.

    1. Avatar Kris says:

      You can download Simple Custom CSS and activate it, then on your wordpress admin, go to Appearance -> Custom CSS and add your css code. You can use css gradient to have a faded effect. To change the background color of the body, just add body{/*insert your css gradient here*/}. You can use gradient generator, just follow this link for that,Gradient CSS Generator.

  44. Avatar Jason says:

    I am having trouble with the photos in the home page slider; they are getting cut off a little bit off the top. What should the proper size be so that this doesn’t happen? Or is there another solution? Thank you.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Jason, try cropping your images to 1000 x 640. That dimension will work nicely in the slider.

  45. Avatar Walt says:

    Why does the template look like crap on mobile?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Walt, can you be a bit more specific? “Crap” doesn’t really help. Thanks.

  46. Avatar Rafal says:


    I’m building a blog using Attorney theme, which is simple and great – thank you for that. I got few questions about customization:

    1. How can I delete author (I want to leave the date) and where can I change “Continue reading” into some other (website is Polish)?

    screen of what am I asking about:

    2. Inside each post… how can I delete author again and “BOOKMARK THE permalink.” (i want to delete it too)?

    I would really appreciate your help. Thans in advance!

    1. Avatar Kris says:

      Download Simple Custom CSS wordpress plugin and activate it then go to Appearance -> Custom CSS and add this code,
      .entry-meta .att-meta:nth-child(2){display:none;}.
      Then for “Continue Reading”, add this code in function.php before the PHP closing tag,
      add_filter( 'the_content_more_link', 'modify_read_more_link' );
      function modify_read_more_link() {
      return '<a class="more-link" href="' . get_permalink() . '">Your Read More Link Text</a>';

  47. Avatar Rafal says:

    I got one more question about the spaces above and under the title on the list of the posts on the blogpage, as shown here on the print screen:

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Rafal, I’m going to let Kris have a look at your other questions, but on this count I am not sure why this is happening as I can’t replicate this. Check out our demo site: – Have you customized the theme in any way? You may have inadvertantly broken some CSS.

      1. Avatar Rafal says:

        Yes, seems like I have make a little mess in CSS. I have just fixed it now!;)

  48. Avatar Janet says:

    is there a way to have a different set of widgets (footer sidebar) displayed on a page that is not the home page?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Janet, you can use the Widget Logic plugin to control what plugins appear on where.

      1. Avatar Janet says:

        Thanks Charles. For some reason, I don’t seem to be configuring or understanding correctly. What I need is for the homepage with slider to be used on another page but with different widgets than the home page.

        1. Charles Charles says:

          Right. You can apply the home page template to another (inner) static page, and then use the Widget Login plugin to control which widgets appear on which pages, because there is only one widget area on that home page template (called “Sidebar for Alt_Homepage”), you need to use the Widget Logic plugin to limit some widgets to the actual home page and others to your other inner page that uses the same template. For instructions on how to use Widget Logic you will need to refer to their supporting docs.

  49. Avatar Janet says:

    Charles, thanks so much!

  50. Avatar Janet says:

    On the website listed above, the hull mission page, the third footer widget is underlined, both title and content. I have no idea how that happened. Do you?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Janet, check out the content of that widget…sure you havn’t wrapped the widget title in underline tags?

  51. Avatar Gabriel says:

    Hello there !

    I need some help with a widget that is alligned wrong on the home page where the archive, recent posts supposed to be.
    The facebook widget needs to be a little bit lower so that it aligns with the others. Hod do I do that ?
    Thanks !

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Gabriel, in that screenshot it looks like you’ve added the Facebook code to the template itself rather than a widget? I would recommend adding the facebook code inside a plain text widget. You’ll need to adjust the width of the Facebook widget itself to fit the layout (no more than 220px wide).

  52. Avatar Janet says:

    I think that must be it, but have no idea how…;)
    If I look at the text, it looks like its wrapped in nothing

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hmm, maybe an unclosed underline tag in the previous widget?

      1. Avatar Janet says:

        That did it Charles!! Thanks so much.
        You’re the best.

  53. Avatar Tony says:

    I installed your theme and the main page is the blog and i can’t make it look like you have it set on the screen here. I am not too technical but just a general knowledge of wordpress. What am i doing wrong? How much would you charge to set it up to look like the main screen as you have it here? Thanks!

    1. Avatar Kris says:

      If you want to display just the excerpt in your blog page, then just add “more link” in each post. You can follow this tutorial on how to add this, Add read more. Then to set up home page, just create a page home and set a template on it and then make it as static page.

    2. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Tony, I think this how-to post might help…explains how to set up the home page as it is on the demo:

  54. Avatar Tony says:

    Thank you all, I got a big part of it done. Now, how do i do the bottom three boxes. I would like to do one box 1) recent posts 2) General Contact info box with some text 3) Find us box like you have it in your sample.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Tony, if you go to Appearance > Widgets you will find a widget area for the Alt_homepage template. Drop your three widgets in there and you are away.

  55. Avatar Eric says:

    I’d like to add a large phone number below the social media icons that stays below the icons when the page width changes. Is that possible?

    1. Avatar Kris says:

      Yes, it is possible but only by customizing the header template. You can place your phone number below line #81 in header.php file.

      1. Avatar Eric says:

        I did that, but the alignment was goofy. Any way to match the alignment of the icons? (I.e., when they’re aligned right on a full-width page or centered on a narrower page?)

        1. Avatar Kris says:

          Did you try to place the phone number inside p tag? For example, <p>000-0000-000</p>.

          1. Avatar Eric says:

            Thanks! Easy fix!

  56. Avatar Bryan says:

    Is there an easy way to change the background colour of the main menu?

    1. Avatar Kris says:

      Download Simple Custom CSS wordpress plugin and activate it then go to Appearance -> Custom CSS and add this code, nav[role="navigation"]{background: /*insert color here*/ ;}

  57. Avatar Ken says:

    How do I change the wp attorney theme to be full screen and use the sliders like the demo shows? Thanks for are help

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Ken, the theme isn’t designed to go full width so you’d need to do a fair bit of customization to make that happen. Here’s some instructions on using the sliders as in the demo:

  58. Avatar Constance says:

    Downloaded attorney wordpress theme 4-5x and Zip file doesn’t have tany of the stuff that this site, reflects.

    I downloaded the theme from wordpress:

    Did I do something wrong?

    1. Avatar Kris says:

      Create a Page then assign a Template on it then go to Settings -> Reading and set that page as a front page.

      For more info about selecting a page template, you can check this link,

      For more info about setting a page as front page, you can check this link,

  59. Avatar Meme says:

    First of all i LOVE your theme!
    I have a question how to change “Menu” to different name when the theme is in responsive design when browsing on my mobile phone for example.


    I would like to change Menu to something else.

    1. Avatar Kris says:

      Inside the attorney theme folder, go to library -> js then open scripts.js file and on line #23, change Menu to something else.

      1. Avatar Meme says:

        Kris, thank you.. thank you.. thank you! I would never figure it out myself! Big thanks!

  60. Avatar marko says:

    about the picture in static slide: is it possible that I can insert it smaller (not full width)? At present it is shows to big. Thanks, marko

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Marko, there is no setting to display the slider smaller. The trick is to crop your images to suit the space.

  61. Avatar Scott says:

    How do I change the fonts for H1 through H6 and also for the body text and menu text?


    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Scott, you’ll need to dive into the CSS and make your changes there. If you do this then you should be sure to set up the theme as a Child theme first so that any future updates don’t overwrite your local customizations. Alternatively you could install something like and add your custom CSS there.

      If you need help with the CSS I recommend Codeable.

    2. Avatar Kris says:

      Download Simple Custom CSS then go to Appearance -> Custom CSS and this code,

      @import url(;
      h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6,body,p,a,.entry-meta, .category-archive-meta{font-family: 'Raleway', sans-serif!important;}

      Note: You can choose fonts in Google Fonts and change this code, @import url(;

  62. Avatar Bruce says:

    I’m trying to use “Attorney” but what I get on activation is a blog page. I’d like to have a static first page that looks like yout theme samole pages, i.e. Info and three bottom panels. What am I missing?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Bruce, we cover the set up in the intro video above. There is also a how-to on setting up the home page here: – Hope that helps.

      1. Avatar Bruce Hafner says:

        Thanks for the info. Are the images shown in on the sample available? If so, I may have inadvertently deleted them, can they be recaptured?

        1. Charles Charles says:

          Hi Bruce, sadly no. The images on the demo site are not bundled with the theme. They are all commercial images for which we have paid a license to use on the demo site. You can find more of the same for your own use at

  63. Avatar Sarah says:

    Left you a question about changing the copyright. I finally got it to work in footer.php!

    I wanted to let you know before you had to deal with my question. You are very responsive!

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Thanks Sarah, responding to all new comments was on the list of to-do’s today. Glad you got it working.

  64. Avatar Bruce says:

    I can’t seem to scale/crop a downloaded shutterstock image to fit the slider. My image is of two women (mother/daughter) and is too tall (cuts across forehead) and half the image appears beneath the slider, cutting mom’s face in half. What are the appropriate aspect ratio and pixel settings?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Bruce, crop your images for the slider to 945×300 and they should work pretty nicely. You can use a free tool like for doing this and it will also optimize the file size for the web too (direct download from Shutterstock is almost certainly going to be too big a file to load quickly. Hope that helps.

  65. Avatar Taylor says:

    Words are getting cut off on the homepage how do I fix it

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Taylor, can you be more specific? Are you using the deault home page or one of the alternative home page templates with a slider? If the latter then the space for text on the slider is purposefully limited and changing that would require you make some template code changes.

  66. How do you delete the search box on the main menu? I don’t need it and it takes up space where I could add page links. Thanks.

    1. Avatar Kris says:

      Download Simple Custom CSS WordPress plugin then go to Appearance -> Custom CSS and add this code, > ul{margin-right:0;}
      header[role="banner"] #searchform{display:none;}

  67. Avatar Jeff Erskine says:

    Why does my website look like this? I’m using your theme. Please help

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Jeff, I can’t load your site right now so I can’t be sure what has happened (seems to be offline). I suspect that the theme wasn’t fully installed or something like that. In such cases the best bet is to delete the partially installed theme and reinstall from scratch.

    2. Charles Charles says:

      I can access your site now and it seems to be working as expected.

      1. Avatar Jeff says:

        Why doesn’t it look like the template? I’m confused…

        1. Charles Charles says:

          That’s because you havn’t set it up yet. Out of the box the theme displays all your latest posts on the home page like a traditional blog.

          Here’s a how-to on setting up the home page like the demo:

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