7 Types of Video You Need On Your Website

Improve Your Website with Video

Whether you’re looking to boost engagement, lift purchase intent, or just raise brand awareness of your company and what you do, using video is crucial in your marketing efforts. Video marketing is a $135 billion industry in the U.S. alone and companies everywhere are using video to increase their sales and customer retention.

And when it comes to your website, publishing video can have a major impact on your key metrics. Take a look at just a few of our favorite stats:

That’s why we’re breaking down how and where you can use video on your website. With the right WordPress theme and fully functional website, embedding video is not only easy, but can directly contribute to your bottom line.

Let’s get started!

1. Homepage Video

Adding video to your homepage is a great way to engage visitors who land on your website without much information. They might not know much about you, or your brand, or what you do, or what you sell – but with video, you’re more likely to capture their attention and communicate what your brand is known for.

You can have almost any video on your homepage, but brand videos work best, since they tell your story in a concise way and do a great job showing your brand in action. You can also feature any of the videos styles below on your homepage, just be sure they’re introductory enough to spur further action, like continued browsing or on-site clicks.

Example home page video…

2. About Us/Team Video

Team videos are a great way to show off the people behind your company. The goal of team videos is not necessarily to directly convert a sale, but to help engage your visitors, boost your recruiting efforts, and give your company a little personality.

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A team video can show your employees together having fun at a company-sponsored event, it can be more of an interview-style video where individual employees answer questions or talk about their experiences, or it can be a more scripted affair, where your employees put on a skit or show. The opportunities are endless, just be sure to embed this video on a relevant site page where it makes sense, like your Meet the Team page or About Us page.

Example team introduction video…

3. How-To Video

How do you use your product or service?

If you’re bringing a brand new product to market, if you provide a complex service, or if anything about what you sell isn’t naturally intuitive, a how-to video could help guide your visitors and make the learning process easier.

How-to videos are great in two different places on your website: on your product pages, so users can learn how to use your product before purchasing it, and on any purchase confirmation pages or blog pages, so you can reach your customers post-sale and help simplify the onboarding or beginner stages. With these videos, you really want to provide excellent user experience, so make sure your video is clear and shows each necessary step in great detail.

Example how-to video…

Pro Tip: If you’ve got a How It Works page that explains how your product or service works, this page is a perfect home for this video.

4. Product Video

Your number one goal on product or shop pages should be to convert your user into a paying customer. Adding a product video next to your product specs or features list could be an excellent way to do just that.

But remember: you don’t want a product video that will distract the user from pressing that “Add to Cart” button. Make sure your product video is short, direct, and only shows your product in a way the user will want to see it. Make the user interface natural and don’t let the video detract from your goal. Instead, make a marketing video that highlights your product’s best features and shows it in its best light, so the user can see themselves using your product.

Example product video…

5. Case Study Video

A case study video is a great nurturing tool that helps convince users who may not be sure about your company to take the plunge.

They provide data-backed information that proves how and why your product or service is right for them. It usually comes in the form of showing another partner’s or client’s success and studies what they did to succeed. Not only are these videos engaging, since the viewer should relate to the information on a personal level, but they’re also a great way to close a sale.

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Example case study video…

6. Testimonial Video

Testimonial videos are also a great nurturing tool that can help convince an unsure user to purchase your product or service. Unlike case study videos, testimonials are much more emotional in nature and usually appeal to the viewer’s reservations. They confirm a positive experience and let them know just how great working with you actually is, helping take away any uncertainty the viewer might have.

Not only that, but testimonials also add credibility to your brand. A recent study found 84 percent of people trust online reviews as much as friends, so having a testimonial video that gives you a glowing review can not only get people to convert, but give you that added backing your brand needs from real, regular people.

Example testimonial video…

7. Tips and Tricks Video

A tips and tricks video is one of the few multipurpose videos – it can be used at any stage of the buyer’s journey, it can be fun or serious, it can be used internally or externally; your opportunities are endless! The only requirement in these videos is that you provide useful information in a quick and easy-to-digest format (hint: tips and/or tricks!)

Whether you’re providing tips on how to get the most out of your product or providing educational tips about how to navigate your industry niche, a tips and tricks video should engage your audience and teach them something of value. The information you provide should be memorable so the viewer walks away remembering not just the information itself, but your brand, as well. Keep in mind that these videos can be 100 percent straight to camera, or can rely heavily on animation or graphics. Be open to trying something new.

Example tips and tricks video…

Wrapping Up

There are tons of other places you can use video online, including your social media pages, your email marketing, your sales funnels, and more. All of these platforms can be huge drivers of ROI, but make sure you’ve got the basics down first. Your website is essential when it comes to people finding you online, so make sure you’re sending the right message.

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