6 Hand-Picked WordPress Themes for Student Photographers

6 Hand-Picked WordPress Themes for Student Photographers

Photographers always yearn to share their best images. Today, technology plays a significant role in ensuring efficient photo sharing. There are numerous channels that photographers can use to boost their startups. 

Social networks and blogs are popular avenues that most photographers use to display their best pieces online.

With so many tasks you might need to do as a student photographer, paper writer on PaperWriter has experts willing to tackle your assignments while you concentrate on your startup.

If you opt to use the blogging platforms, WordPress is the perfect solution. It is an impressive platform with creative site templates and excellent themes.

You can design an appealing photography website and present your quality images.

WordPress has numerous exciting themes. You might get confused when selecting a suitable one for your photo business.

Thus, you must consider multiple galleries, easy navigation, and detailed customization settings when searching for a functional theme.

This article discusses the top-rated WordPress themes to guide student photographers in their quest to display their work online.

Below are the winning options hand-picked by experts to jumpstart your business on the right track:


Students are always on the lookout for business ventures, and freelance photography is among the many options.

Hence, Sydney is a suitable theme made with specific features to meet your needs. Freelancers can set up an excellent portfolio site using this theme and achieve a striking first impression.

Moreover, you can list the services you provide and display your best photos in categorized galleries. What’s more exciting is the choice to include customer reviews.

Sydney is among the top-rated themes with a variety of options. The unique customizer allows you to tailor your site with different elements.

Besides, the site has an advanced page builder that lets you incorporate different styles. It also has social network links that allow clients and interested users to follow your work.

Therefore, student photographers aspiring to build an impressive portfolio can try the Sydney theme and experience excellent functionality. 

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Photographers searching for a lightweight site can use the Neve theme. You can tailor it for several purposes. Moreover, the theme is designed for high-performance websites because professional photos are usually high-resolution. 

Neve has an advanced customizer that permits you to tailor your portfolio to perfection. Besides, it functions impeccably with numerous plugins suited for building web pages.

You can change any page component to suit your photography needs and lure prospective clients to your site. It is an outstanding option for beginners in the industry.

This theme is available for free and also as a premium version. You will find various appealing designs appropriate for a professional photography design, which are easy to set up.

Conversely, the paid version has an elegant template for photographers who want a stylish website.

It is known as Neve Pro, which comprises numerous theme designs. It is compatible with Woo e-commerce site that lets you sell your images online.


Student photographers do not have complicated requirements. Thus, Divi is a versatile theme since you can use it to create various sites.

Most users prefer Divi since it has a plugin for designing pages, customizable according to your needs. Though it is complicated and challenging, it has numerous advanced options.

Students on a budget can use Divi since the operating license begins from $89 yearly. The strengths include the theme library and comprehensive customization options.


Student photographers starting up their businesses can rely on Airi, a suitable option due to its multi-purpose theme.

Since it is designed for a unique portfolio website, Airi is an easy-to-use theme with in-built demos. Hence, you can initiate the theme and launch your site within a short time.

When it comes to customization, Airi maintains a simplistic impression. There are numerous options to choose from in the in-built customizer.

Moreover, this theme is compatible with e-commerce sites and Elementor page builders.

This option will put your business on a pedestal, and you can sell your high-resolution digital images online at reasonable prices.  

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Ohio is an excellent solution for an individual launching a photography startup. It is an appealing theme that works well for creating impressive collections and comprises more than 20 templates ready for set-up.

Besides, it is more appealing on smartphones, and you will attract many prospective clients in college.

Why choose the Ohio theme? You can tailor it to your preference, regardless of the images. The site has a customization panel to pick the one you prefer and set it up accordingly.

It is possible to tailor this site and make it more appealing. You can create an authentic style that reflects your attitude and genre.

Furthermore, Ohio provides an option where you can develop your pages afresh. It comprises more than 300 codes to help in building your site. 


Many freelancers prefer a theme they can use for various occasions. Uncode theme is among the commonly preferred options. It is designed for professionals who are looking for a simple yet appealing website. 

Uncode theme boasts of a substantial collection of ready designs, including 30 authentic options you can use to design a superb portfolio site.

When it comes to style and sophistication, Uncode has the best designs. However, there are excessive effects that cause navigation issues.

Moreover, the theme has a front-end page builder. With it, photographers can design their portfolios with precision and professionalism.

However, the page builder is not comprehensive and flexible. Still, Uncode is a WordPress theme worth a try.

Numerous photography themes offer an exceptional design, flexible customization, and impressive functionality.

You have to pick one that works well for your photography needs as a student. Do not be in a rush in picking any theme. Take your time to peruse several options and find one that reflects your personality in your business.

An appropriate theme balances style and function to offer an authentic site. Therefore, weigh the preferences above and go for one that will boost your startup online.

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