6 Easy Ways To Make Your WordPress Site Load Faster

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WordPress must be among the most useful tools that are available for you on the Internet. It is surely the most simple application through which you can create your own content and post it on the web, so making sure it works fine should be your top priority.

There are instances where WordPress sometimes performs a little bit poorly and you have to do something in order to fix it up so that it would not fail you again. The most crucial thing must be its speed since time is money.

Therefore, you have to know every trick in the book you can pull to make your WordPress site load faster. Follow this article to see everything you need to know about this.

How Do You Make Your WordPress Site Load Faster?

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Nowadays, especially because of the competition, time is one of the most valuable resources you have and do not ever let it go to waste. Having that in mind, using WordPress can be really time-consuming if you don’t know how to fix this problem up.

Imagine if you are running an online news outlet and have an exclusive story that nobody covered before, but because of some malfunction, you are now the second or third site to post it.

You do not want that to happen to you, so look at these tips on how to speed up your WordPress site.

Get a Better Page Builder

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The way things work out really depends on how you start your website, and the best way is to get a good page builder.

Finding the best among all of the WordPress Page Builders is not an easy job, but you always have to look for the things that you personally need.

This means that you look for the page builders that best suit the type of content you are going to post. It can depend on multiple things like for example:

  • Whether or not you have video content
  • what kind and how many photos you want to add to your posts
  • what is the average size of your articles
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After finding the perfect page builder, the rest should be easy. However, there are always other things you can do in order to speed up your WordPress site.

Use a Lightweight Theme

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Using a lighter framework will not overload your processor as much as heavier ones so opting towards this option is always a good idea no matter what you do.

Themes with a lot of dynamic elements like social icons and sliders can surely be eye candy, but having too many of them will slow the loading process way down.

A better idea is to choose a theme from the default WordPress themes because they are all lightweight while also performing really precisely because, well, the same company made them.

So, these sorts of solutions are always the smartest ones when you take both efficiency and aesthetics into account.

Reduce the Size of Your Images

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One of the largest contributors to the size increment of any webpage is surely images, which means that they can also potentially slow it down. The best way to fix this problem is to reduce the size of the images without affecting their quality.

Remember that manual optimization of images using Photoshop or the Chrome PageSpeed Insights extension, or any other tool like that takes a very long time that you probably do not have.

However, your savior in this situation are plugins that are available for any command you can possibly think of, so there are ones that can be used when reducing image size and other optimizations with them.

Here are some that you could use:

  • WP Smush
  • EWWW Image Optimizer
  • Optimole

Any of the aforementioned plugins will help you to drastically reduce the size of your images without affecting their quality, which is exactly what you want. They do all that while also improving the speed of your WordPress website.

Use a Content Delivery Networks

 Content Delivery Networks

Visitors to your website come from all around the world, always remember that. This means that not everyone will have the same luck when it comes to the speed at which your site will load them because some of them will be located far away from the place from where it is hosted.

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What you can do to fix this is to start using Content Delivery Networks (CDN) that will help you keep the time of the loading to a minimum regardless of where the user is trying to connect from.

CDNs function in a way that they keep a copy of your websites in many datacenters around the world meaning that the visitor will always connect through the one it is currently closest to. The most popular of these are Cloudflare and MaxCDN.

Lose the Unnecessary Plugins

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There is no use in keeping unwanted plugins on your WordPress site because they tend to add a lot of junk to your files that later slow down your websites’ performance.

Apart from this, another problem it will cause is that it will increase the size of your backup creating an overload of data on your server whenever you are generating backup files.

The smartest move for you is getting rid of the plugins you have no need for by uninstalling or deactivating them. After you have done that, you should start looking for alternate methods of using third-party services for the means of scheduling tasks or automating them.

Your best options in this regard are IFTTT or Zapier that automate these tasks while also reducing the weight on your website and the resources on your server.

External Scripts Should Be Kept to a Minimum

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These scripts add a lot of data that are included in the loading time, so getting rid of the ones you do not need is always a good move. The best way to do this is to sort out the essential ones like tracking tools and losing the rest. Your users will be thankful.

As you can see, there are a lot of things you can do to improve the loading speed of your WordPress site and it is always a good idea to do so in order to keep your visitors. These tricks will do you a lot of favors because no one likes to get stuck on the loading page.

Time is money, and you should always look at it as such because your readers surely do. Start creating a better website today with the things you’ve just learned.

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