Awesome WooCommerce Themes


Thinking of setting up your e-store with WooCommerce? You’ll need a WooCommerce theme to go with that to leverage all the platform’s features.

There’s a large selection of available themes to pick from and choosing one out of the bunch can be daunting. In this article, we’ll show you some of the best WooCommerce themes and introduce you to a never before seen, brand new theme at the end.

Before You Start

There are two things you need to know before you go about shopping for WooCommerce themes.

  1. Design Element. The theme you select must be usable above all else; after all, it’s for an e-store. If your site’s customers have difficulty searching for a product, adding items to their cart or going through check out then your theme is no good. Morville’s usability honeycomb can be used to evaluate themes.morville's usability honeycomb
  2. Theme of the theme. Another factor you need to consider is the theme of your e-store. Are you looking for a general theme or a niche-specific theme? WooCommerce has a wide range of themes to pick from in both categories – free and premium.



Storefront by WooThemes is a neat and tidy theme for a WooCommerce-based e-store that presents an intuitive and flexible interface – and it’s free! It features a fully responsive layout that is flexible to the core and comes with a nestable grid system for finer control over customization.

With this elegant solution, you won’t have to worry about installing additional plugins because its schema markup enhances SEO performance right out of the box.

One of the best features behind this theme is that it integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce and WooCommerce extensions. This essentially means that the theme is exceptionally light-weight and enables users to add-on to it as they see fit. Not only can you customize the appearance and functionality of your site but you can also customize the features your theme provides.

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Price: Free



Makery is full of all those little features you always wanted in your e-store – multiple shopping carts, shop commissions, and an order editor. This premium WooCommerce theme is a full out application functioning as a theme.

This theme introduces multiple shop functionality and enables users to fully customize everything from the appearance of their theme to the underlying functionality behind it. Makery features a responsive layout and is translation ready.

It also enables users to set up individual editors for the shop, your products, and the customer’s order to increase its usability. The theme integrates with Google Analytics and enables users to set Facebook login with their site. Since Makery is a premium theme, you’ll always have a support staff ready to help you out if you ever need assistance.

Price: $59



Buler is a captivating WooCommerce theme designed for users who want to bring a bold and rugged yet classy look to their e-store. The theme features a classic e-commerce design with daring typography and a minimalistic effect.

The theme has Aqua Page Builder inbuilt which makes it easier to design exquisite web pages that are responsive and do well against any usability criteria.

Perhaps the best feature about this theme is that it runs on AJAX technology in the backend making it blazingly fast.

Price: $59



As you’ve probably already gathered from its name, Magfolio is a portfolio style WooCommerce theme that runs on a solid Bootstrap 3.0 foundation and runs HTML5/CSS3 codes in the backend which makes it lightweight and easy to customize.

If you’d like to set up a fully functional e-store with minimal designing effort then Magfolio is the best way to go. It offers 7 custom page templates and pricing table elements to get you started right away. It enables users to add animation effects and all sorts of media elements to spice up your e-store.

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Magfolio is a premium WooCommerce plugin which means that you’ll get a lifetime of support and updates with its license along with a detailed documentation. It integrates with Google Fonts and is social media friendly.

Price: $58



Exist is a multipurpose theme that is designed with Bootstrap 3.0 for a fully responsive theme that looks just as amazing on a mobile device as it looks on a desktop computer.

Those of you who would like to offer a multilingual e-store would do best with the Exist theme and its seamless compatibility with WPML. Exist features a layer slider and a quick view product which makes any ordinary e-store far more visually appealing.

It integrates with Contact Form 7 and comes with Visual Composer and Slider Revolution.

Price: $59

And one more for the road…

Scrn-responsive-retailer-smBefore we wrap it up, we’d like to give you a first look at the new Retailer theme by us. It is a child theme of the excellent Storefront, and supports all the Storefront features including reviews markup to display a star rating with every product (my favorite feature). Retailer’s downloadable version is coming soon and until then you can check out its demo!


WooCommerce has hundreds of themes that are not only beautiful but do well in the usability department. We picked out a few themes in this post that will surely provide an unforgettable shopping experience and have your customers coming back for more.

Which WooCommerce theme are you currently using for your e-store? Let us know in the comments section below.

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