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The Best Free Hand Lettering Fonts

It’s hard to beat a handwritten letter. You get it in the mail, open it up and smell the paper as you read the words between each blue line.

But…who writes letters anymore?

It’s the digital age – a time when everyone texts, emails and voice chats on their phones and computers. Not many people take the time to pick up a pen and write letters to one another.

If you miss the days when handwriting was the cool thing, don’t give up just yet. There’s still a way to enjoy the look of hand lettering without having to use a pen.

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ClickFunnels vs Leadpages

clickfunnels vs leadpages

Landing pages are designed to fulfill the sole objective of converting prospects into customers. And if you’re running an online business then you’re going to need a landing page for it sooner or later. Continue reading

8 Metrics You Must Track in Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an incredibly useful platform that tells how your website performs over time. Thanks to the information it provides, you don’t need to rely on guesswork to figure out essential things about your site and how people interact with it.

Here are eight metrics you really should be tracking in Google Analytics today to help improve your site performance.

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14 Best Photo Gallery Plugins for WordPress

Photos can make your WordPress site more engaging, increasing the chances that people will linger on it and look at the content for longer periods. And, a WordPress photo gallery plugin is an excellent way to keep the photos organized and make it easy for people to browse through them.

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